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Effect of immediate implant placement and loading on soft tissue management  [PDF]
Erdem ?zdemir, Yener Oguz
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2013.37066

The recent article describes immediate implant placement and loading in the anterior segment. The main aim of this treatment option was to deliver provisional prosthesis to the patient in the same day of surgery, form papilla contours, and eliminate waiting of osseointegration time and the second surgery.

Teachers` Use of the Internet in Teaching: A Case Study in Turkey on Certain Variables
Mukaddes Erdem
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate some causal relations in the teachers` use of the Internet in teaching. With this aim, teachers were asked open-ended questions as to whether they use the Internet for instructional purposes, which benefits and drawbacks the Internet has for teachers etc. The study participants were teachers working at four different private schools at primary and secondary levels. The descriptive and correlational analyses of the responses show that there is a proportional increase in teachers` use of the Internet in teaching. The variable which is most highly correlated with the use of the Internet in teaching, is the self-perception of teachers concerning their competence regarding Internet skills. The second variable is the ages of teachers (Gamma value = .50), which are again highly correlated with the use of the Internet in teaching.
Finite number of Kaluza-Klein modes, all with zero masses
Erdem, Recai
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008, DOI: 10.1142/S0217732310032378
Abstract: Kaluza-Klein modes of fermions in a 5-dimensional toy model are considered. The number of Kaluza-Klein modes that survive after integration over extra dimensions is finite in this space. Moreover the extra dimensional piece of the kinetic term induces no mass for the higher Kaluza-Klein modes on contrary to the standard lore.
On the divan of the mentor or the physical analysis of a place= Hoca’n n Divan nda ya da Bir Yerin Fizikanalizi
Erdem Ceylan
tasar?m + kuram , 2011,
Abstract: Norberg-Schulz’dan beri modern mimarl k kuram n n merkezinde yer alan genius loci (yerin ruhu) kavram , yerin fiziksel bir varl k olarak ele al nmas n n tesinde, ruh sahibi bir g rüngü olarak irdelenmesini gerektirmektedir. Ruhu bir arkeolojik alan olarak ele alan Freudyen psikanaliz ise modern bireyin ruhunu katmanlar na ayr t rarak incelemektedir. Bu ba lamda, genius loci de ancak kendisine sahip olan “beden”in, veya yerin co raf ,tarihsel ve kültürel katmanlar n n fiziksel zümlemeleri arac l yla kavranabilir.S z konusu i lemin mimarl ktaki etik ve pedagojik boyutu küreselle meye ba l kimliksizle menin giderek yay ld günümüzde daha fazla nem kazanmaktad r. Bu metin, Güzel Sanatlar Akademisi’nin mimarl k e itimi gelene inde zgül bir yere sahip olan Prof. Muammer Onat’ n mimari bilincin olu um sürecine odakl mimari pedagojisinin merkezinde bulunan “yerin fiziksel zümlemesi”ni Freudyen psikanaliz kuram ile ba nt land rma giri imidir. The concept of genius loci occupying the center of modern architectural theory since Norberg-Schulz requires the examination of place not only as a physical existence, but also as a phenomenon which has a psyche. The Freudian psychoanalysis considering the psyche as an archeological site examines the psyche of the modern individual analyzing its strata. In this context, the genius loci is only conceivable by means of the physical analysis of geographical, historical and cultural strata of its own “body” named place. Today, while identity crisis dependent on globalisation increases, the ethical and pedagogical side of this operation in architecture is more important. This text is an attempt of relating “the physical analysis of place” occupying the center of Prof. Muammer Onat’s architectural pedagogy focused on the constitution process of architectural conscience which is specific in the tradition of architectural education ofthe Academy of Fine Arts with the Freudian psychoanalysis theory.
Medical Doctor and Herbal Medicine; to Know or not!
Erdem Yesilada
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin , 2009,
Abstract: One of the frequent issues observed by medical doctors is the inclining of patients to applications other than allopathic therapies. The most common method among these applications is the usage of herbs for the purpose of therapy by patients and public. People who try to provide benefit from this incline of public, try to keep this kind of applications on agenda by the way of media and advertisements and this is a very common issue worldwide. It is impossible to be uninfluenced from these attempts. How should be the attitude of medical doctors for herbal therapeutic applications? The answer for this question is searched in this review. [TAF Prev Med Bull. 2009; 8(3): 259-262]
Konu ma Dili A s ndan Arap a ve Fars a Al nt Kelimelerin Bugünkü Durumu
?lhan Erdem
Ana Dili E?itimi Dergisi , 2013,
Abstract: Tarihi süre i erisinde Fars a ve Arap adan pek ok kelime Türk eye girmi tir. Y llarca kullan lan bu kelimeler art k yaz l ve s yleyi iyle Türk eye mal olmu tur. Al nt kelimeler; bünyesindeki seslerin dü me, türeme, de i me gibi birtak m ses olaylar na maruz kalarak Türk e s yleyi e uygun hale gelmi tir. Bazen de o dile zgü yap lar n sürdürmü tür. Mesela Türk ede al nt kelimelerde uzun s yleyi ler yayg nd r. Bu ve benzeri baz sorunlar konu ma dili a s ndan incelenmelidir. Standart konu ma dili bu incelemelere g re olu turulmal d r. al mam z da bu sorunlara cevap vermek amac yla haz rlanm t r. Al nt kelimeler; fonetik ve morfolojik zellikleri esas al narak s n fland r lm ve konu ma dili a s ndan zellikleri belirtilmi tir.
Exploring Metadiscourse in Master’s Dissertation Abstracts: Cultural and Linguistic Variations across Postgraduate Writers
Erdem Akbas
International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature , 2012, DOI: 10.7575/ijalel.v.1n.1p.12
Abstract: This study investigates metadiscourse in the dissertation abstracts written by Native Speakers of Turkish (NST), Turkish Speakers of English (TSE) and Native Speakers of English (NSE) in the Social Sciences to determine how they make use of metadiscourse devices. It attempts to determine whether student writers from a shared cultural background (Turkish) tend to use similar rhetorical features to those of their mother tongue or harmonise themselves with the language (English) in which they are writing. Metadiscourse as a rhetorical device for the effective use of language facilitates writers in guiding their readers, conveying their ideas, establishing and determining the social distance of the reader-writer relationship, and creating an involved style of writer persona or a more remote stance. In that sense, interactive resources employed by writers help readers to find the information needed and interactional resources convey to readers the personality of the writers and their assertions. In addition, using ‘more personal’ resources is a way of keeping readers more intentionally within the text to interpret what is proposed by the writers personally and to judge them. The overall aim of the study is to compare and contrast 90 abstracts of dissertations produced by native Turkish speakers (30), native English speakers (30) and Turkish speakers of English (30) in the Social Sciences and to consider how writing in English (L2) deviates from writing in Turkish (L1) and becomes closer to the target language in terms of the metadiscourse elements, that is, interactive resources (transitions, frame markers, endophoric markers, evidentials and code glosses) and interactional resources (hedges, boosters, attitude markers, engagement markers and self-mentions).1
The Reform of The Eastern Anatolia From The Pen of Ahmet A ao lu (1913 – 1914)
Erdem Karaca
Journal of Gazi Academic View , 2010,
Abstract: Ahmet A ao lu (Agayef), a politician and a philosopher, played an active role in the Turkism movement. He defended the rights of Turks in the articles he wrote in various newspapers in Azarbaijan. After he settled down in stanbul, in 1909, he was appointed as Minister of Education Inspectorate. He worked in several different newspapers, then he became the editorial writer of “ Tercüman- Hakikat” newspaper. A ao lu, who is among the founders of “Türk Derne i” (The Association of Turks) and “Türk Oca ” (The Organization of Turks), was selected as deputy from Afyon. During the time he was the editorial writer of Tercüman- Hakikat, he emphasized the necessity of this and compared this notion with the reform of Balkans, in the articles about the reform of the Eastern Anatolia. Furthermore, he tried to define the attitudes and intentions of great powers (states) towards reforming. Referring to the eagerness and determination of Ottoman Goverment, he also pointed out that the expected contribution was not carried out by the Armenians, neither inside nor outside the country.
Hüseyin Cahit Yal n’ n Kaleminden arki Anadolu Islahat (1913 – 1914)
Erdem Karaca
Journal of Gazi Academic View , 2010,
Abstract: Hüseyin Cahit Yal n has been elected as the Istanbul parliamentarian in 1908 from the “ ttihat ve Terakki” party. He has attracted attentions also with his articles that he wrote in the “Tanin” newspaper. He has been employed in the“Düyun-u Umumiye” administration (1911-1922) and he has been exiled by the British to Malta. He has been electedin 1939 as a parliamentarian from the CHP party and he dealt with journalism and politics until he died (1957). He wrote articles on Eastern Anatolian Reform that came into the agenda after the Balkan War; he emphasized the necessity of thisand apart from this, he has compared this notion with the Balkan reformation. He has criticized the Western countries that tried to give direction to the matter and that were the interveners, where Russia and England were at the forefronts. Yal n, who was also against the approaches of the Armenians who were causing invitation to external intervention on continuous basis, has exhibited care in supporting the decisive approaches of the Ottoman Government.
Türk Bas n nda Alman Askeri Islahat Heyeti Meselesi (1913-1914)
Erdem Karaca
Journal of Gazi Academic View , 2011,
Abstract: The state of Ottoman administration, after the Balkan war, considering the tension between the Alliance and Entente countries, wanted to have German support for the land forces and England assistance for the navy. But,after the arrival of German army committee at Istanbul and appointment of Liman von Sanders to the commander of the first army, Russia converted it to an international problem because of its sensitivity about the problem of the straits. The Ottoman administration keeping its’ determined attitude and having partial assignment revisions, kept reform improvements in spite of everything. The course of this issue is followed from the newspapers Tercüman- Hakikat, Tanin, kdam, Tasfir-i Efkar, Peyam and Sabah.
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