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Controlled removal of a dislodged stent causing myocardial ischemia 1 year after stent placement
Ercan Erdo?an,Mehmet Akif Vatankulu,Mehmet Akkaya,Ahmet Bacaks?z
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2013,
The effect of hemodialysis on right ventricular functions in patients with end-stage renal failure
Mehmet Akkaya,Ercan Erdo?an,Saim Sa?,Hasan Ar?
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of hemodialysis (HD) on right ventricular echocardiographic parameters in patients with end-stage renal failure (ESRF). Methods: Forty-three uremic patients who underwent echocardiography before and 30 minutes after dialysis included in this prospective observational study. Right ventricular systolic function was evaluated using tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion (TAPSE) by M-mode echocardiography and tricuspid lateral annular systolic velocity (Sa) by tissue Doppler echocardiography whereas diastolic function was evaluated using tricuspid early (E) and late (A) diastolic flow velocities by conventional and tricuspid lateral annular early (Ea) and late (Aa) diastolic velocities by tissue Doppler echocardiography. Myocardial performance index was taken as an indicator of global functions. Paired t test or Wilcoxon test were used for statistical analysis where appropriate.Results: E decreased significantly (68±13 cm/s and 56±12 cm/s before and after HD, respectively; p<0.0001) but A did not (p=0.797).TAPSE was 1.84±0.34 cm before HD and showed a significant increase to 2.03±0.20 cm after HD (p=0.006). Right ventricular MPI, Sa and Aa did not change significantly by dialysis (p=0.504; p=0.118 and p=0.150 respectively) whereas Ea decreased to 8.8±2.5 cm/s from 11.3±3.4 cm/s (p<0.001). Ea/Aa ratio also decreased significantly to 0.69±0.35 from 0.84±0.44 with HD (p=0.007).Conclusion: The results of this study indicates that parameters of right ventricular systolic function such as Sa and MPI are independent of preload whereas the conventional and tissue Doppler parameters of right ventricular diastolic function are preload dependent in patients with end-stage renal failure who undergo regular hemodialysis.
An Inequality for Second Order Differential Equation with Retarded Argument  [PDF]
Erdo?an ?en
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2011.14043
Abstract: Applications of differential equations with retarded argument can be encountered in the theory of automatic control, in the theory of self-oscillatory systems, in the study of problems connected with combustion in rocket engines, in a number of problems in economics, biophysics. The problems in this areas can be solved reducing differential equations with retarded argument. In this work an important inequality for second order differential equation with retarded argument is obtained.
Examination of Entrepreneurship from Humanistic Values Perspective  [PDF]
Ercan Yilmaz
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2013.33027

This study attempts to examine the influence of humanistic values people prefer on their entrepreneurship. The study is a qualitative study and the data were collected and analyzed using this method. Besides, relational screening model was used. The study group is composed of 482 students who were selected with random sampling method among students who attended various faculties at Selcuk University in 2012. In the study, Schwartz List of Values was used to measure individuals’ value preferences in their lives. Entrepreneurship Scale, which was developed by Yilmaz and Sünbül (2009), was used to measure their entrepreneurship tendency. In the study, it was revealed that there is a significant relation between humanistic values people prefer and entrepreneurship and, humanistic values explain entrepreneurship tendency.

New Oscillation Results for Forced Second Order Differential Equations with Mixed Nonlinearities  [PDF]
Ercan Tun?, Adil Kaymaz
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.32023
Abstract: Some new oscillation criteria are given for forced second order differential equations with mixed nonlinearities by using the generalized variational principle and Riccati technique. Our results generalize and extend some known oscillation results in the literature.
Analysis of Teachers’ Attitude towards Internet Use: Example of Chemistry Teachers  [PDF]
Mehmet Tekerek, Orhan Ercan
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.33047
Abstract: Web technology is changing rapidly every day and the Internet has become a lifestyle for people all over the world. It is obvious that the life style of societies is in a process of change, as new habits are acquired. Even though Internet use is one of the new social habits, it is one of the most important factors that induce this change as regards the convenience it brings to communication and other areas. The widespread use of Internet implies the idea that it can also be more widely used for educational purpose. Since chemistry teachers have a very important function in education, the determination of teachers’ attitude towards Internet use is also important. In the literature it is possible to see many studies on teacher candidates’ attitude towards Internet use; however studies on appointed teachers’ attitude are not very common. In our study, which aims to determine the attitude of appointed chemistry teachers according to different variables, we used the Internet use attitude scale. Participant teacher’s attitude towards Internet use was analyzed and interpreted according to the variables of gender, years on the job, type of school at which they are teaching, and duration of their weekly Internet use. It was seen that a vast majority of the teachers have personal computers, they connect to Internet at home and have positive attitude towards Internet use. It was also seen that female teachers have more positive attitude than male teachers in use of Internet for social interaction and communication.
The Study of Teachers’ General Cynicism Inclinations in Terms of Life Satisfaction and Other Variables  [PDF]
Hüseyin Aslan, Ercan Yilmaz
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.49084

This research aims to examine teachers’ general cynicism inclinations in respect to some variables and life satisfaction level and the relevance of these inclinations with gender, relationship status and membership of a union. Research is carried out using relational inquiry module and the study group of it constituted of 395 primary school teachers who are working in Ankara during academic year of 2012-2013 and selected with the help of modeling of inordinate set. The data are collected with “The Scale of Life Satisfaction” and tested by making use of multiple regression technique. Whether the differentiation levels of teachers’ general cynicism inclinations are related with their genders, relationship status and their membership of a union are analyzed using T test. As a result, male teachers have higher degree of cynicism in cognitive dimension than female teachers. Moreover, these general cynicism inclinations in cognitive, affective and behavioral dimensions do not differ greatly according to teachers’ membership of a union and relationship status. It is observed that the cognitive and affective dimensions of general cynicism inclinations have negative-sided relation with teachers’ life satisfaction rates.

Hamit Erdo?an
Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara?t?rmalar? Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: zetBu al man n amac , i itildi inde korku salan karma a (kaos) kavram n n ger ekten korkmaya de er olup olmad n tart makt r. al mada 1999 y l nda Türkiye’de meydana gelen ve binlerce insan n lümüne, ekonomik y nden y k m na sebep olan deprem felaketinden de yola k larak karma a, karma kl k kavramlar a klanmaya, e itimin deprem sonucu olu an karma a ve karma kl k ile ili kisi irdelenmeye al lm t r. Bu ger ekle tirilirken de k r lgan yap daha do rusu fraktal yap incelenmi , benzersizlik ve yeganelik vurgulanm t r. AbstractThe purpos of this study is to discuss the concept of chaos as for whether or not it is really worth fearing. This study focuses upon the 1999 earthquake, which brought about the death of thousands of people, created crisis in the economy of both people and country, and eventually resulted in a sense of chaos. Secondly, the study also examines the relationship between the earthquake and education.In the research, this fragile structure has been investigated, and a special attention has been given to uniqueness. RésuméL’un des objectifs de cette étude est de discuter si le concept de chaos mérite d’être un sujet de peur. Dans cette étude, sur la base du tremblement de terre qui a eu lieu en 1999 en Turquie, qui a provoqué des milliers de morts et qui a entra né le chaos économique, nous avons essayé d’expliquer les concepts de chaos et de désordre et d’analyser la relation entre l’éducation, le chaos et le désordre apparus après le tremblement de terre. En réalisant cela, nous avons analysé cette structure fragile et plus précisément la structure fractale et avons souligné la singularité et le fait d’être dissemblable. En effet, l’auteur ne savait pas qu’il avait une proximité entre l’ordre et le désordre, et que l’ordre provoquait le désordre et ce dernier se transformait en ordre par la suite. ( ) . . . . .
evre Duyarl l Ba lam nda Seyahat Acentelerinin Web Siteleri üzerine Bir De erlendirme
Nazmiye ERDO?AN
Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara?t?rmalar? Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: zetSeyahat acentelerinin web siteleri, acentelerin evre konusundaki ilgi ve duyarl l n yans tan ileti im ara lar ndan birisidir. Bu al ma, acentelerin web sitelerinde evre ile ilgili anlat lar n bulunup bulunmad n incelemek, acentelerin evreyle ilgili y nelimlerini tespit etmek ve bu y nelimin sürdürülebilirlik ve ekoturizm ilkeleri ba lam nda de erlendirmesini yapmak üzere haz rlanm t r. Analiz i in gerekli verileri toplamak amac yla, Türkiye Seyahat Acenteleri Birli i’nin (TüRSAB) web sayfas nda eri ilen 5362 acenteden web sitesi olan 1382 acente se ilmi ve bu acentelerin web sayfalar n n i erik analizi yap lm t r. Analizin ilk a amas nda, web sitelerinin sadece %2,7 gibi kü ük bir k sm nda, evre ile ilgili anlat lar bulundu u tespit edilmi tir. kinci a amas nda, sürdürülebilirlik ve ekoturizm ba lam nda belirlenen 12 evresel g stergenin web sayfalar ndaki anlat larda varl ara t r lm ve web sitelerinin %2,4’ünde evre/do a koruma kavram n n ge ti i, bunu, s ras yla, y re halk na sayg , alternatif turizm, ekoturizm, sürdürülebilir turizmin takip etti i g rülmü tür. Do a/ evre koruma, evresel e itim, yerel kalk nma ve kat l mc l k, sürdürülebilir kullan m gibi g stergelerle ilgili anlat lar n sürdürülebilir turizm ve ekoturizm ilkeleri ile bütünle ti i, ancak yetersiz oldu u saptanm t r. Bulgular acentelerin sürdürülebilir turizm ba lam nda faaliyetlerde bulunmalar ve evreye verdikleri nemi ve evresel faaliyetlerini acente web sitesi gibi nemli bir ileti im kanal nda yans tmalar gerekti ine i aret etmektedir ve sadece kendilerini de il ayn zamanda turistleri de evresel ba lamda geli tirmeleri gerekti ini g stermektedir. AbstractThe travel agency web site is one of the means of communication that shows the nature of environmental sensitivity and concern of an agency. This study was designed to assess the existence of environmental narratives in the travel agency web sites and to determine the environmental orientations of the agencies and evaluate their orientation in terms of sustainability and ecotourism. 1382 agencies that have web sites were selected for the investigation. The necessary data was extracted from the agency websites and evaluated by means of content analysis. At the first stage of analysis, the study found that only 2.7 percent of agencies have some narrations about environment. At the second stage, it was found that only 2.4 percent mentions “environmental/nature protection, followed respect to local people, alternative tourism, ecotourism and sustainable tourism. It was found that narrations about indi
Comparing teacher candidates’ computer achievements and attitudes towards computer based education according to their learning modality
Yavuz Erdo?an
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: In this study, teacher candidates’ computer achievements and attitudes towards computer based education were compared with respect to their learning modalities. To determine learning modality, B G 16 Learning Modality Inventory was used. Firstly, an attitude scale towards computer based education (BDE-T ) was used for pretest. Then, basic computer topics were taught during three months, and BDE-T was used again for posttest. Also, a test was given to teacher candidates’ after the courses to determine their computer achievements. At the end of the study it was revealed that visual learners’ posttest attitudes are significantly higher than pretest scores (z=2.029, p<.05). In addition, there was positive correlation between teacher candidates’ computer achievements and the attitudes of computer based education (0.646, p<.05).
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