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Monitoraggio del benessere animale e della tracciabilità del bestiame durante il trasporto
Adriano Di Pasquale,Enzo Isocrono,Luigi Possenti,Cesare Di Francesco
Veterinaria Italiana , 2009,
Abstract: Il documento presenta un progetto sperimentale il cui scopo è quello di realizzare un sistema di navigazione sul benessere animale durante il trasporto in armonia con il regolamento europeo (EC) 1/2005. Il prototipo realizzato è costituito da componenti hardware e software. Una unità a bordo installata sui camion raccoglie e trasmette informazioni sul trasporto animale in tempo reale ad un database ricevente remoto. Per mezzo di una applicazione Web-Gis è possibile analizzare e monitorare le informazioni ricevute. Le architetture hardware e software sono illustrate sottolineando le caratteristiche dell'applicazione WEB-GIS.
Animal welfare monitoring and livestock traceability during transport
Adriano Di Pasquale,Enzo Isocrono,Luigi Possenti,Cesare Di Francesco
Veterinaria Italiana , 2009,
Abstract: The authors present an experimental project that aims to establish an effective navigation system in accordance with European Council Regulation 1/2005 concerning animal welfare during transport. The prototype created during the project consists of both hardware and software components. An onboard unit is installed at truck level. It collects and transmits real-time information of the animal transport to a remote receiver database. A Web/geographic information system (GIS) application is used to analyse and monitor the information received. The architecture of the hardware and software of the project is presented, focusing on the features of the Web-GIS application.
Central Bank Communication, Ambiguity and Market Interest Rates: A Case Study  [PDF]
Carlo Di Giorgio, Enzo Rossi
Modern Economy (ME) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/me.2012.33039
Abstract: We asked a representative sample of European banks to judge messages released by ECB members (from February 1999 to February 2000) in terms of their ambiguity. In this paper, we use our survey to derive a definition of ambiguity and to evaluate ECB communication. A Structural Vector Autoregression model is estimated and the results show that ambiguous messages were able to affect agents’ expectations for a limited period after a speech by ECB members; moreover, they show that ambiguity had temporary effects also on volatility and moved rates away from the policy rate.
Medical concepts related to individual risk are better explained with "plausibility" rather than "probability"
Enzo Grossi
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2261-5-31
Abstract: The author has reviewed the conceptual framework which has led to the use of probability theory in the medical field in a time when the principal causes of death were represented by acute disease often of infective origin.In the present scenario, in which chronic degenerative disease dominate and there are smooth transitions between health and disease the use of fuzzy logic rather than binary logic would be more appropriate. The use of fuzzy logic in which more than two possible truth-value assignments are allowed overcomes the trap of probability theory when dealing with uncertain outcomes, thereby making the meaning of a certain prognostic statement easier to understand by the patient.At individual subject level the recourse to the term plausibility, related to fuzzy logic, would help the physician to communicate to the patient more efficiently in comparison with the term probability, related to binary logic. This would represent an evident advantage for the transfer of medical evidences to individual subjects.The concept of risk has pervaded medical literature in the last decades and has become a familiar topic. Few articles by the way have tried to focus the concept of "risk" at the individual subject level rather than at population level [1]. The concept of medical risk for the single individual from a mathematical point of view opens an interesting philosophical debate on the appropriate use of the term probability.As I will try to explain, the recourse to the term plausibility, related to fuzzy logic, would help the physician to communicate to the patient more efficiently in comparison with the term probability, related to binary logic.The dictionaries tell us that risk is "the possibility of loss or injury". This definition is familiar to most of us when we think of the possibility of being involved in a crash when driving a car or when flying in a plane.In medicine like in many other contexts the assessment of a particular risk related to the occurrence of
How artificial intelligence tools can be used to assess individual patient risk in cardiovascular disease: problems with the current methods
Enzo Grossi
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2261-6-20
Abstract: The author has identified three major pitfalls of these algorithms, linked to the limitation of the classical statistical approach in dealing with this kind of non linear and complex information. The pitfalls are the inability to capture the disease complexity, the inability to capture process dynamics, and the wide confidence interval of individual risk assessment.Artificial Intelligence tools can provide potential advantage in trying to overcome these limitations. The theoretical background and some application examples related to artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic have been reviewed and discussed.The use of predictive algorithms to assess individual absolute risk of cardiovascular future events is currently hampered by methodological and mathematical flaws. The use of newer approaches, such as fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks, linked to artificial intelligence, seems to better address both the challenge of increasing complexity resulting from a correlation between predisposing factors, data on the occurrence of cardiovascular events, and the prediction of future events on an individual level.In the past few years a number of algorithms for cardiovascular risk assessment has been proposed to the medical community [1-6]. Their purpose is to assist physicians in defining the risk level of an individual patient with regard to developing major cardiovascular events in the following years.These algorithms have been drawn from statistical analyses performed on longitudinal study cohorts. These analyses have taken into account events occurring in general populations undergoing adequate follow-up for a sufficient length of time. These algorithms consider a number of variables and express their results as the percentage risk of developing a major fatal or non-fatal cardiovascular event in the following 10 to 20 years. For example, if the algorithm gives origin to a 10% value, it means that 10 out of100 subjects in the reference population at a given time
Extreme messianism: the Chabad movement and the impasse of the charisma
Pace, Enzo;
Horizontes Antropológicos , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-71832007000100003
Abstract: the article deals with the social construction of the charisma of the seventh leader (rebbe) of the jewish chabad movement, menachem mendel schneerson (19021994). the comprehensive analysis of the charismatic carrier of the leader shows the process by which the spiritual power of schneerson moved from a classical (according to weber) interaction between charisma and a community that recognizes this power to a identification of his figure with the messiah. schneerson and the chabad movement actually represent an effort to modernize one of the two tendencies present in the chassidic tradition concerning the figure of messiah: in contrast with the idea that considers not predictable the arrival of messiah, chabad, particularly because of the schneerson's charisma, believe the advent of messiah imminent. the task of the leader consequently is to pay attention on the premonitory signs of the forthcoming event. the identification between charisma and messiah in chabad movement represents a case study of extreme messianism that means a real impasse to solve and rule the question of succession of charisma after the death of the rebbe.
Numerical study of resistivity scaling in pi junction granular superconductors
Granato, Enzo;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332003000400005
Abstract: numerical simulations based on monte carlo dynamics are used to investigate the resistivity behavior of granular superconductors containing a random distribution of p junctions, as in superconducting materials with d-wave symmetry. the presence of p junctions leads to quenched in circulating currents (chiralities) and to chiral glass behavior at low temperatures, even without an external magnetic field. an xy spin glass model in the phase representation is used to determine the current-voltage characteristics and critical exponents of the resistivity transition. in two dimensions, the linear resistivity is nonzero at finite temperatures and the dynamic scaling analysis of the nonlinear resistivity is consistent with a phase transition at zero temperature. in three dimensions, we find a transition at finite temperatures below which the linear resistivity vanishes and the corresponding critical exponents are determined from the scaling analysis. the results are in good agreement with langevin simulations in the phase representation. the dynamic exponent z is significantly different from previous results obtained in the vortex representation.
Zero-temperature superconducting transition in frustrated Josephson-junction arrays
Granato, Enzo;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332002000400006
Abstract: the critical behavior of zero-temperature superconducting transitions which can occur in disordered two-dimensional josephson-junction arrays are investigated by monte carlo calculation of ground-state excitation energies and dynamical simulation of the current-voltage characteristics at nonzero temperatures. two models of arrays in an applied magnetic field are considered: random dilution of junctions and random couplings with half-ux quantum per plaquette f = 1/2. abovea critical value of disorder, finite-size scaling of the excitation energies indicates a zero-temperature transition and allows an estimate of the critical disorder and the thermal correlation length exponent characterizing the transition. current-voltage scaling is consistent with the zero-temperature transition. the linear resistance is nonzero at finite temperatures but nonlinear behavior sets in at a characteristic current density determined by the thermal critical exponent. the zero-temperature transition provides an explanation of the washing out of structure for increasing disorder at f = 1/2 while it remains for f = 0, observed experimentally in supercondoucting wire networks.
Narrar a Deus: a religi?o como meio de comunica??o
Pace, Enzo;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69092009000200001
Abstract: this paper aims at dealing with religion as both a system and as a communication power and, from another point of view, rebuilding the connections between symbolic-religious universes and social environments that change both in time and space. tracking down descendance lines in order to find irreducible similarities between distinct religious traditions, brought up and established diachronically in either the same or far away socio-cultural environments, does not wear out the undertaking of a compared sociology of religions. by such formula we comprehend the search for structural components in the relation between foundation process and construction processes of a religious belief system, between an initial creation experience and the successive systematization of a set of beliefs and ritualistic practices.
Revista de filosofía , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-43602009000100008
Abstract: we expound zubiri s argument for the plausible existence of god, based on the structure of the universe. this argument, which displays a not very well known aspect of zubiri "s philosophy of religion, tackles one of the thorniest subjects in the history of philosophy. it resorts specifically to the standard model of the universe developed in 20th century astrophysics, while applying many of the categories which are characteristic of zubiri s metaphysics.
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