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'L’Ineffable': sensibilidad y apertura; en torno a Paul Valéry y Walter Benjamin
Emmanuel Taub
Revista Observaciones Filosóficas , 2011,
Abstract: From the biblical revelation to the philosophy of our day, l'Ineffable is the source of the immemorial mystery of being and the relationship between God and men. Since the inability to see the face of God when Moses asks him on Mount Sinai, to the modern stipulations who Paul Valéry, Emmanuel Levinas and Giorgio Agamben have recovered, the ineffable think begs the question of the being, the existence of man and the possibility of thinking about the problem of messianic time.That is why, here we are looking for a reflection on what they might call l'Ineffable and from there, the possibility to think the Messianic time.
Naltrexone and Scopolamine Rapidly Reduce Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): A Double Blinded Randomized Controlled Pilot Study  [PDF]
N. Taub
Open Journal of Depression (OJD) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojd.2019.81001
Abstract: Background: Scopolamine and naltrexone are FDA approved medications that have been utilized off label for the indication of major depressive disorder (MDD). We examined the efficacy of the 2 medications in combination for major depression. Methods: 14 adults (7 female and 7 males) with current major depressive disorder were randomized by coin flip to 0.15 mg BID of scopolamine and 1 mg BID naltrexone or placebo for a total of 4 weeks. Modified MDRS questionnaires were utilized to monitor progress in depression symptomatology. The placebo patients were crossed over to the active medications subsequent to the 4 week trial period. Results: 2 subjects dropped out of the trial as a result of side effects. A total of 12 subjects completed the trial. The average reduction in Modified MDRS scores over the 4 weeks for the active medications was 12.5. The average reduction noted in control patients was 3.5. This difference was statistically significant with P = 0.03, less than 0.05 for a greater than 95% confidence interval utilizing Student’s T test analysis. Of the 4 patients that crossed over to the active medications three additional patients noted a partial or complete response to the medications with an average reduction and Modified MDRS scores of 8. No washout periods were utilized before the trial or for the crossover period. Conclusion: The combination of scopolamine and naltrexone demonstrated significant benefit for MDD.
Nuevos aportes en neurociencias y psicoanálisis
Francis Krivoy de Taub
Gaceta Médica de Caracas , 2009,
Almost Lossless Analog Compression without Phase Information
Erwin Riegler,Georg Taub?ck
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We propose an information-theoretic framework for phase retrieval. Specifically, we consider the problem of recovering an unknown n-dimensional vector x up to an overall sign factor from m=Rn phaseless measurements with compression rate R and derive a general achievability bound for R. Surprisingly, it turns out that this bound on the compression rate is the same as the one for almost lossless analog compression obtained by Wu and Verd\'u (2010): Phaseless linear measurements are as good as linear measurements with full phase information in the sense that ignoring the sign of m measurements only leaves us with an ambiguity with respect to an overall sign factor of x.
Pierre Mendès France, French Security Politics, and the European Defense Community  [PDF]
Emmanuel Konde
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2013.31004

This paper examines the role of Pierre Mendès France in the decision of the French National Assembly to reject the European Defense Community (EDC) proposed by René Pleven in October 1950 and signed by the [Antoine] Pinay government in 1952. Since the signing of the EDC treaty in 1952, successive governments of the Fourth Republic delayed action on ratification of the treaty until 1954 when Mendès France assumed the office of prime minister and, acting against conventional wisdom, forced the National Assembly to vote on it. The EDC was a collective attempt by western European powers, with the full support of the United States, to counterbalance the overwhelming conventional military ascendancy of the Soviet Union in Europe by forming a supranational European army. This collective security plan had its origins in the French government of René Pleven in 1950. Why the French signed the treaty establishing the EDC two years later in 1952, and then rejected it in 1954 after four years of debate, is of central concern to this paper, which explores the intersection and interplay of various factors that contributed to the negative French vote.

Rethinking Leadership Theories  [PDF]
Emmanuel Mango
Open Journal of Leadership (OJL) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojl.2018.71005
Leadership is governed by over 66 theories which leaves many leaders and leadership scholars searching for an inclusive leadership theory. The existence of too many leadership theories obstructs progressive practice and research of leadership, hence there is need for leadership theory consolidation. This paper is an attempt to integrate leadership theories. The integration efforts are based on representative leadership theories and the review of the wider relevant leader-ship literature. Initially, the integration was to be built around 66 leadership theories but with further study 44 theories were eliminated to avoid either repetition or miniature issues and it was established that the 22 leadership theories are a good representation of the concepts captured in leadership theories. The review of the 22 leadership theories was enriched with insights from the wider leadership literature. The review and synthesis of leadership theories and the wider relevant leadership literature revealed that leadership is built on six (6) foundational domains, namely: character, characteristics, people practices, institutional practices, context and outcomes (CCPICO). The six domains occasioned the development of an integrative leadership model: ethical and effective leadership (EEL). As a consequence of the EEL model, one, the EEL subdomains are highlighted, two, leadership development based on EEL model is proposed, three, leadership definition that is in line with EEL model is suggested.
Beyond Leadership  [PDF]
Emmanuel Mango
Open Journal of Leadership (OJL) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojl.2018.71007
The crisis of leadership, like other crises in most critical human endeavours, is not occasioned by lack of definitive theories or knowledge, it is elicited by failure to put the existing theories and knowledge into practice. Besides, the assumption advanced by most of the proponents of leadership theories, that by revealing to leaders what leadership is and what leaders should do, then inevitably the leaders will utilize the acquired knowledge and skills to impact their followers and the society, does not stand the test of scrutiny. There is a gap between leadership knowledge and practice, meaning that there are missing elements which translate leadership theories, knowledge and skills into impact. This paper (beyond leadership) seeks to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice. Beyond leadership answers the question, why are some people (leaders) more ethical and effective than other? The paper proposes and discusses 7 elements (purpose, conviction, moral authority, passion, commitment, courage and learning) which distinguish impactful leaders from the rest. Many more elements may be needed on the leadership journey but without the 7 elements of beyond leadership, any other additional element may not matter much.
Capital Flows, Trade and the Role of the Financial System  [PDF]
Emmanuel Amissah
Modern Economy (ME) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/me.2018.99099
Abstract: In this study, we examine the crucial role played by financial development in the relationship between trade and capital flows. We examine this relationship for 130 countries from 1980 to 2005 for different types of capital flows. We show that the relationship depends on the type of capital flows and the level of financial development. We observe a positive interaction between trade liberalisation and financial development for portfolio flows. In the case of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), we observe an insignificant relationship. The FDI flows bypass the financial system as it flows into such countries because of other factors as side the level of the financial development.
Implications of CI therapy for visual deficit training
Edward Taub,Victor W. Mark,Gitendra Uswatte
Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fnint.2014.00078
Abstract: We address here the question of whether the techniques of Constraint Induced (CI) therapy, a family of treatments that has been employed in the rehabilitation of movement and language after brain damage might apply to the rehabilitation of such visual deficits as unilateral spatial neglect and visual field deficits. CI therapy has been used successfully for the upper and lower extremities after chronic stroke, cerebral palsy (CP), multiple sclerosis (MS), other central nervous system (CNS) degenerative conditions, resection of motor areas of the brain, focal hand dystonia, and aphasia. Treatments making use of similar methods have proven efficacious for amblyopia. The CI therapy approach consists of four major components: intensive training, training by shaping, a “transfer package” to facilitate the transfer of gains from the treatment setting to everyday activities, and strong discouragement of compensatory strategies. CI therapy is said to be effective because it overcomes learned nonuse, a learned inhibition of movement that follows injury to the CNS. In addition, CI therapy produces substantial increases in the gray matter of motor areas on both sides of the brain. We propose here that these mechanisms are examples of more general processes: learned nonuse being considered parallel to sensory nonuse following damage to sensory areas of the brain, with both having in common diminished neural connections (DNCs) in the nervous system as an underlying mechanism. CI therapy would achieve its therapeutic effect by strengthening the DNCs. Use-dependent cortical reorganization is considered to be an example of the more general neuroplastic mechanism of brain structure repurposing. If the mechanisms involved in these broader categories are involved in each of the deficits being considered, then it may be the principles underlying efficacious treatment in each case may be similar. The lessons learned during CI therapy research might then prove useful for the treatment of visual deficits.
Compressive Spectral Estimation for Nonstationary Random Processes
Alexander Jung,Georg Taub?ck,Franz Hlawatsch
Statistics , 2012,
Abstract: Estimating the spectral characteristics of a nonstationary random process is an important but challenging task, which can be facilitated by exploiting structural properties of the process. In certain applications, the observed processes are underspread, i.e., their time and frequency correlations exhibit a reasonably fast decay, and approximately time-frequency sparse, i.e., a reasonably large percentage of the spectral values is small. For this class of processes, we propose a compressive estimator of the discrete Rihaczek spectrum (RS). This estimator combines a minimum variance unbiased estimator of the RS (which is a smoothed Rihaczek distribution using an appropriately designed smoothing kernel) with a compressed sensing technique that exploits the approximate time-frequency sparsity. As a result of the compression stage, the number of measurements required for good estimation performance can be significantly reduced. The measurements are values of the discrete ambiguity function of the observed signal at randomly chosen time and frequency lag positions. We provide bounds on the mean-square estimation error of both the minimum variance unbiased RS estimator and the compressive RS estimator, and we demonstrate the performance of the compressive estimator by means of simulation results. The proposed compressive RS estimator can also be used for estimating other time-dependent spectra (e.g., the Wigner-Ville spectrum) since for an underspread process most spectra are almost equal.
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