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Effectiveness of Musculoskeletal Emergency Physiotherapy Practitioners  [PDF]
Emma Salt
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2016.43013
Abstract: Relevance and Method: The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Emergency Physiotherapy Practitioner (EPP) service against quality care indicators identified as part of the “gold standard” for emergency care in England. The study was prospective and evaluated time to initial assessment, total time in the emergency department and un-planned re-attendance rate within a seven-day period for all patients seen by the EPP’s over a period of one year. Outcomes: One thousand and seven patients were seen by EPPs in the emergency department. The median wait time for treatment by an EPP was 34.5 minutes (95th percentile = 122). Regional median wait time was 45 minutes (95th percentile = 138). National median wait time was 55 minutes (95th percentile = 192). Median total time spent in ED for patients seen by EPPs was 99 minutes (95th percentile = 224). Regional median total time in ED was 223 (95th percentile = 239). Nationally median total time in ED was 136 minutes (95th percentile = 336). Three percent of patients seen by an EPP returned to the ED, compared to 6% regionally and 7.5% nationally. Conclusions: EPPs excelled in all three indicators and exceeded regional and national figures. The re-return rate met the current standard of being less than 5%. It could be justified that the addition of the EPPs to the emergency department was an efficient and effective service development.
Randomised Controlled Trial for the Efficacy of Cervical Lateral Glide Mobilisation in the Management of Cervicobrachial Pain  [PDF]
Emma Salt, Sue Kelly, Andrew Soundy
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2016.43012
Abstract: Objectives: To investigate the long-term efficacy of lateral glide mobilisation for patients with chronic Cervicobrachial Pain (CP). Methods: A randomised controlled trial which involved ninety- nine participants with chronic CP. Participants were randomised to receive either the lateral glide with self-management (n = 49) or self-management alone (n = 50). Four assessments were made (at baseline and 6, 26 and 52 weeks post intervention). The primary outcome measure was the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) for pain. Patient perceived recovery used the Global Rating of Change score (GROC). Functional outcomes included the Neck and Upper Limb Index score (NULI) and the Short-From 36 (SF36). Costs and reported number of harmful effects in response to intervention were evaluated. An intention to treat approach was followed for data analysis. Results: No statistically significant between-group differences were found for pain (using VAS) in the short-term at six weeks (p = 0.52; 95% CI -14.72 to 7.44) or long-term at one year (p = 0.37; 95% CI -17.76 to 6.61) post-intervention. The VAS outcomes correlated well with GROC scores (p < 0.001). There was a statistically significant difference in NULI scores favouring self-management alone (p = 0.03), but no between-group differences for SF36 (p = 0.07). The cost of providing lateral glide and self-management was twice that of providing self-management alone. Minor harm was reported in both groups, with 11% more harm being associated with the lateral glide. Conclusion: In patients with chronic CP, the addition of a lateral-glide mobilization to a self-management program did not produce improved outcomes and resulted in higher health-care costs.
Information Content Inclusion Relation and its Use in Database Queries  [PDF]
Junkang Feng, Douglas Salt
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2010.33031
Abstract: A database stores data in order to provide the user with information. However, how a database may achieve this is not always clear. The main reason for this seems that we, who are in the database community, have not fully understood and therefore clearly defined the notion of “the information that data in a database carry”, in other words, “the information content of data”. As a result, databases’ capability is limited in terms of answering queries, especially, when users explore information beyond the scope of data stored in a database, the database normally cannot provide it. The underlying reason of the problem is that queries are answered based on a direct match between a query and data (up to aggregations of the data). We observe that this is because the information that data carry is seen as exactly the data per se. To tackle this problem, we propose the notion of information content inclusion relation, and show that it formulates the intuitive notion of the “information content of data” and then show how this notion may be used for the derivation of information from data in a database.
Notes on the Strepsiptera and Their Hymenopterous Hosts
George Salt
Psyche , 1927, DOI: 10.1155/1927/25470
Notes on the Life History of Pelecium Sulca Tum Guérin
George Salt
Psyche , 1928, DOI: 10.1155/1928/96276
An analysis of astronomical alignments of Greek Sicilian Temples
Alun Salt
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: In the eighth century BC something peculiar seems to happen on Sicily. The archaeological record starts to show the arrival of Greek material culture. By the fifth century BC the island is effectively 'Hellenised' and ancient historians record the political and military action of poleis, Greek city-states. Each polis has traditionally been seen as the offshoot of a city elsewhere. Genealogies of cities ultimately end in cities found in the cities of the Peloponnese and the Aegean. The 'Greek' identity of the Sicilian cities is part of a wider debate on the concept of Identity in the ancient world. This paper considers if there is a contribution archaeoastronomers can make to such discussions by considering the alignments of Greek temples. Greek religion was intimately related to notions of civic identity and what it meant to be 'Greek'. I propose a method of studying small samples of temples, which combines both alignment analysis and historical context. Therefore it may be possible that a study of the temples may yield useful information about collective identities. However, as this method shows, the more ambiguous the cultural data the less certain any astronomical patterns may be.
Reduced Ventral Cingulum Integrity and Increased Behavioral Problems in Children with Isolated Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and Mild to Moderate or No Visual Impairment
Emma A. Webb, Michelle A. O’Reilly, Jonathan D. Clayden, Kiran K. Seunarine, Naomi Dale, Alison Salt, Chris A. Clark, Mehul T. Dattani
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0059048
Abstract: Objectives To assess the prevalence of behavioral problems in children with isolated optic nerve hypoplasia, mild to moderate or no visual impairment, and no developmental delay. To identify white matter abnormalities that may provide neural correlates for any behavioral abnormalities identified. Patients and Methods Eleven children with isolated optic nerve hypoplasia (mean age 5.9 years) underwent behavioral assessment and brain diffusion tensor imaging, Twenty four controls with isolated short stature (mean age 6.4 years) underwent MRI, 11 of whom also completed behavioral assessments. Fractional anisotropy images were processed using tract-based spatial statistics. Partial correlation between ventral cingulum, corpus callosum and optic radiation fractional anisotropy, and child behavioral checklist scores (controlled for age at scan and sex) was performed. Results Children with optic nerve hypoplasia had significantly higher scores on the child behavioral checklist (p<0.05) than controls (4 had scores in the clinically significant range). Ventral cingulum, corpus callosum and optic radiation fractional anisotropy were significantly reduced in children with optic nerve hypoplasia. Right ventral cingulum fractional anisotropy correlated with total and externalising child behavioral checklist scores (r = ?0.52, p<0.02, r = ?0.46, p<0.049 respectively). There were no significant correlations between left ventral cingulum, corpus callosum or optic radiation fractional anisotropy and behavioral scores. Conclusions Our findings suggest that children with optic nerve hypoplasia and mild to moderate or no visual impairment require behavioral assessment to determine the presence of clinically significant behavioral problems. Reduced structural integrity of the ventral cingulum correlated with behavioral scores, suggesting that these white matter abnormalities may be clinically significant. The presence of reduced fractional anisotropy in the optic radiations of children with mild to moderate or no visual impairment raises questions as to the pathogenesis of these changes which will need to be addressed by future studies.
The Astronomical Orientation of Ancient Greek Temples
Alun M. Salt
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0007903
Abstract: Despite its appearing to be a simple question to answer, there has been no consensus as to whether or not the alignments of ancient Greek temples reflect astronomical intentions. Here I present the results of a survey of archaic and classical Greek temples in Sicily and compare them with temples in Greece. Using a binomial test I show strong evidence that there is a preference for solar orientations. I then speculate that differences in alignment patterns between Sicily and Greece reflect differing pressures in the expression of ethnic identity.
Using Logic Programming to Represent Information Content Inclusion Relations
Doug Salt,Junkang Feng
International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Datalog is a widely recognised language for a certain class of deductive databases. Information Content Inclusion Relation (IIR) formulates a general, information theoretic relationship between: data constructs; between data constructs and real world objects, and between real world objects. IIR is particularly concerned with the information that data carry. It would therefore seem desirable to find out whether IIR and reasoning based on IIR may be implemented by using ‘safe’ Datalog. We present and prove the following theorem:Any database system that can be modelled using IIR can be represented as a ‘safe’ Datalog program.}This paper explores the nature of the relationship between the two frameworks for representing domains of application, in order that such representations of IIR by `safe' Datalog can then be used as a tool for the analysis of any site that can be approached with the notion of information content, and in particular any given database, and hence how a database works may be approached in terms of information content of events.
Diverse Populations in Saskatchewan: The Challenges of Reaching Them
Maha Kumaran,Lorraine Salt
Partnership : the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research , 2010,
Abstract: Saskatchewan is more diverse than it was even 5 years ago. Although historically Saskatchewan has always had a diverse immigrant population with new immigrants coming from many European and Eastern European countries, recently there are large immigrant communities arriving: some as refugees, some as guest workers, international students and their families from several parts of the globe through various significant government initiatives and policies. Not only is this diverse immigrant population growing, but the social make up of the new immigrants is also changing. There are many reasons why Saskatchewan is receiving more immigrants. This paper states those reasons, discusses the history of immigration in Saskatchewan, current immigrant situation, and the role libraries can play in educating, informing and entertaining these immigrant populations. This paper focuses on new immigrants coming into Saskatchewan and does not discuss other groups that are part of a diverse society such as aboriginal populations, seniors, the GBLT, or French Canadians. The authors sent out questionnaires to see what other libraries in Canada have done in this area and have looked into Vancouver Public Library and Toronto Public Library as examples for programs and services that can be offered to diverse immigrant populations.
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