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Application of conjoint analysis in studying demand for mp3 players on the B-H market
Emir Kurtovi?,Muris ?i?i?,Emir Agi
Tr?i?te/Market , 2008,
Abstract: The paper illustrates practical aspects of conjoint analysis in studying evaluation and preference criteria when buying hardware MP3 players among the youth, as the most significant segment of such product buyers. Methodology: The methodology consisted of several surveys of young consumers in the Sarajevo region. In the first step, we used unstructured focus group interviews combined with a series of multiple-choice and open-ended questions for identifying product attributes and attribute levels that are relevant to consumers’ preferences. After the main attributes and the levels of attributes had been selected, they were combined to form different hypothetical product profiles. Obtained data were analyzed with the help of the conjoint analysis software. Findings: The results show that MP3 player manufacturers and sellers should focus their marketing strategies on the brand when targeting young people, as the most significant market segment for such products. The findings of the demand and price sensitivity analysis imply that the buyers of this product category are generally price-sensitive and therefore willing to switch brands. Limitations: While the study covered the most important attributes regarding MP3 players, it might be desirable to include design as an additional attribute as well as more brands. Also, a sample size could be increased to allow market segmentation based on the obtained part-worths.
Teorijske osnove i procesni parametri elektropredenja / Electrospinning: theoretical foundations and processing parameters
Ante AGI
Polimeri , 2005,
Abstract: Elektropredenje je uspje ni postupak pravljenja nanovlakana iz mlaza kapljevine u elektrostati kome polju. Postavljene su teorijske osnove razumijevanja fizikalnoga mehanizma elektropredenja uz prognozu procesnih parametara. Te enje i deformacija nabijenoga mlaza promatra se kroz izdu eni 1D model. Za stacionarno je elektropredenje profil mlaza odre en numeri ki. Analiza stabililnosti mlaza odre ena je aksijalno simetri nom perturbacijom. Dinami ki model savijanja mlaza promatran je kroz numeri ki model za poli(etilen-oksid) PEO otopine. Primjer odre ivanja zna ajnijih optimalnih procesnih parametara pokazan je za funkciju cilja uz pomo eksperimentalnih podataka. Navedene su i korisne radne karakteristike u prostoru odre enom ovisno u obujamnog protoka o elektri nome polju. / Electrospinning is an efficient procedure for nanofibers fabrication from a liquid jet through a nozzle under the electrostatic field. A theoretical framework is established for the understanding of the physical mechanisms of electrospinning with parameter regimes prediction. A slender-body theory for stretched and charged jet was applied to this problem. For the steady electrospinning process, a jet profile was determined numericaly. A linear stability analysis of axisymmetric perturbation of the electric jet is presented. The dynamics model of the jet bending is derived and solved numerically for the PEO solution. The important electrospinning processing parameters are optimised using the response surface methodology based on experimental data. Useful operating diagrams in volume flux-electric field space are discussed.
Bimodal logics with a `weakly connected' component without the finite model property
Agi Kurucz
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: There are two known general results on the finite model property (fmp) of commutators [L,L'] (bimodal logics with commuting and confluent modalities). If L is finitely axiomatisable by modal formulas having universal Horn first-order correspondents, then both [L,K] and [L,S5] are determined by classes of frames that admit filtration, and so have the fmp. On the negative side, if both L and L' are determined by transitive frames and have frames of arbitrarily large depth, then [L,L'] does not have the fmp. In this paper we show that commutators with a `weakly connected' component often lack the fmp. Our results imply that the above positive result does not generalise to universally axiomatisable component logics, and even commutators without `transitive' components such as [K.3,K] can lack the fmp. We also generalise the above negative result to cases where one of the component logics has frames of depth one only, such as [S4.3,S5] and the decidable product logic S4.3xS5. We also show cases when already half of commutativity is enough to force infinite frames.
The epidemiology of Schistosoma haematobium in Odau community in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria
PI Agi, EJ Okafor
Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management , 2005,
Abstract: A study was conducted between August 2001 and July 2002 to investigate the current pattern of prevalence and intensity of Schistosoma haematobium infection at Odau Community in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria.. Three hundred urine specimens were examined from randomly sampled individuals aged between 0 years and 73 years. More than 50% of the participants were under the age of 20 years, and the population sampled had a male to female ratio of 37:23. Quantitative microscopic counting of Schistosoma haematobium eggs was carried out. Two hundred and fifty participants out of the three hundred examined were positive for the infection, representing an overall estimated prevalence of 83.3%. The infection rate peaked (93.0%) in the 10-14 years age category. A significant negative correlation (r =0.306, P < 0.1) was found between age and intensity of infection. The age and sex pattern of Schistosoma haematobium infection as obtained from the study area showed a typical peak prevalence in early adolescence with males having a higher prevalence rate (84.9%) than females' (80.9%) (χ2 = P > 0.01). The high rates of prevalence and intensity of Schistosoma haematobium observed in the present study clearly indicated that Odau Community is facing a great health burden especially the children and women who had severe infections. Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management Vol. 9(3) 2005: 37-43
Observations on Filarial Infection in Amassoma Community in the Niger Delta, Nigeria
PI Agi, A Ebenezer
Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management , 2009,
Abstract: Filarial infections were studied in Amassoma community between March 2006 and April 2007. Seven hundred and eighty blood samples were obtained and examined using standard parasitological techniques. Of this number, 227 (25.5%) samples were infected with filarial spp as follows: Mansonella perstans 121 (43.8%), Wuchereria bancrofit 80 (28.8%), Loa loa 75 (27.1%) and Onchoceria volvulus 1 (0.3%). Peak infection (44.3%) occurred in the 30-39 years age bracket. The lowest infection rate was observed in the candidates above 70 years old. Microfilarial density (mfd) was highest in this age bracket. The lowest mfd occurred in 1-9 years old. Infection was higher (38.9%) in the males than in the females (33.9%). Higher infection in the males was attributed to fishing, which was predominantly a male occupation. Three of the five mosquito spp collected from the community hardboured microfilariae: Anopheles gambiae (9.5%), A- funestus (6.6%), Culex quinquefestus (4.1%), Anopheles nili (-%), Aedes aegypti (0%). The presence of the microfilariae confirms that filarial infections in the study area are endemic. Entomological survey was done in the night and insects that were active in day-time were not trapped.
Undecidable propositional bimodal logics and one-variable first-order linear temporal logics with counting
Christopher Hampson,Agi Kurucz
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.1145/2757285
Abstract: First-order temporal logics are notorious for their bad computational behaviour. It is known that even the two-variable monadic fragment is highly undecidable over various linear timelines, and over branching time even one-variable fragments might be undecidable. However, there have been several attempts on finding well-behaved fragments of first-order temporal logics and related temporal description logics, mostly either by restricting the available quantifier patterns, or considering sub-Boolean languages. Here we analyse seemingly `mild' extensions of decidable one-variable fragments with counting capabilities, interpreted in models with constant, decreasing, and expanding first-order domains. We show that over most classes of linear orders these logics are (sometimes highly) undecidable, even without constant and function symbols, and with the sole temporal operator `eventually'. We establish connections with bimodal logics over 2D product structures having linear and `difference' (inequality) component relations, and prove our results in this bimodal setting. We show a general result saying that satisfiability over many classes of bimodal models with commuting linear and difference relations is undecidable. As a by-product, we also obtain new examples of finitely axiomatisable but Kripke incomplete bimodal logics. Our results generalise similar lower bounds on bimodal logics over products of two linear relations, and our proof methods are quite different from the proofs of these results. Unlike previous proofs that first `diagonally encode' an infinite grid, and then use reductions of tiling or Turing machine problems, here we make direct use of the grid-like structure of product frames and obtain undecidability by reductions of counter (Minsky) machine problems.
Vivir la revolución
Utopìa y Praxis Latinoamericana , 2010,
Abstract: the world was at war or at least the rest of the world when we birth. it was not clear against whom they were fighting, but the big winner aims to be the u.s.a. - cradle of democracy and freedom. that was the world scenario that awaited us accompanied by the key date for all my generation: 1959 and the triumph of the cuban revolution. the photo of fidel and his companions, with their beards, their olive green uniforms and rifles, would forever change my generation. until then revolution was something distant, asian: from russia, china. the victory represented the actuality of the revolution throughout latin america that would never be the same since.
Nós que amávamos tanto o capital: fragmentos para a história de uma gera o
Sader Emir
Sociologias , 2005,
Settlement between the offender and the victim according to the criminal code of Serbia
?orovi? Emir
Temida , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/tem1101037c
Abstract: The Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia from 2005 (which went into effect on January 1st, 2006) has envisaged a particular basis for remittance of punishment which had been unknown in our criminal law. It is about settlement between the offender and the victim, an institution reflecting ideas of restorative justice. Although the settlement between the offender and the victim offers great possibilities, it has not received enough attention in our criminal law literature. We usually come across perfunctory elaboration of the matter, which is justified by insufficient regulations. Thus numerous questions and dilemmas related to the implementation of this institution are being opened, so we will try to give answers to these questions in this paper, that is, to give some solutions for the dilemmas, relying on the positive law of the Republic of Serbia.
Minimal invasive surgery in pediatric urology
Haluk Emir
Turk Pediatri Ar?ivi , 2010,
Abstract: Over the years, minimally invasize procedures have gained an importand place in pediatric urology practice. As new devices developed, small size devices proper for pediatric procedures produced, more importantly as pediatric clinical experiences and successfull results increased, application area for minimally invasive procedures in pediadric urology has been expended. In the present day, minimally invasive procedures have became first line treatment of many pediatric urologic pathologies. (Turk Arch Ped 2010; 45 Suppl: 74-9)
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