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Diagnostic Ultrasonography of Fascitis to Plant. Presentation of a Case  [PDF]
Dayneri León Valladares, Alexis Matheu Pérez, Emilio Villanueva Cagiga, Alex Pérez León
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2014.511086

The use of Ultrasonography is very important in the diagnosis of several conditions of the body, particularly the muscular skeletal system, and it is grateful as a very valuable method of exploration complementary of image. The fascitis to plant is frequent in the corridors. The use of the Ultrasonography is with the objective of visualizing the presence and the magnitude of the fascitis plant in a fond corridor and to know the sensibility of the Ultrasonography of High Resolution in the diagnosis of this lesion. This study in a fond corridor, symptomatic of affection to plant fascitis, in this case severe increase of low ecogenicidad of the insert was verified in the calcaneus of the fascia to plant of the tweeted right with bony proliferation sketch at that level, in contrast with the one against-lateral. The Ultrasonography demonstrated its sensibility in the diagnosis of the fascitis to plant that it is recognized as the most frequent affection that is presented in corridors related with the occasional incursion of career or to its systematic practice associated with factors external they predispose.

?El pie del taekwondista?:: exploración ecográfica a taekwondistas de la preselección nacional cubana
León Valladares,Dayneri; Villanueva Cagigas,Emilio; Anillo Badía,Ricardo; Roche Egües,Hilda Elena;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2009,
Abstract: introduction: the anamnesis, the physical examination and conventional radiographies provide limited information on acute, subacute and chronic injuries frequent in the tae knon do athletes. due to its harmlessness, relative low cost and high resolution, echography is a value method of complementary imaging exploration. the aim of present paper is to describe the injuries present in articular and periarticular structures of feet and ankles of tae know doe athletes. methods: a cross-sectional and descriptive study was conducted in 100 non-sportsman young peoples (control) and in the 20 members of tae knon do male cuban short list. they underwent diagnostic echographic exploration of feet and ankles according to methodology of imaging laboratory from sports medicine institute. data were processed by descriptive statistic. results: in the 95% of sportsmen evaluated there were distortions in ecostructure of this anatomic area, characterized by presence of heterotopic calcifications and osteoarthritis changes in foot dorsal area, findings suggesting the presence of early degenerative alterations called by authors as “tae know do athlete foot”. conclusions: the “tae know do athlete foot” may be a new clinical-imaging entity of sports “overuse”, related to direct and systemic traumata own of this sport. the degenerative changes of the intertarsal and tarsometatarsal joints of these sportsmen may to interfere with their future quality of life, thus it is recommended to deepen in this study to support better results.
Valor de la ecografía en la exploración de la rodilla de deportistas cubanos de alto rendimiento
Anillo Badía,Ricardo; Villanueva Cagigas,Emilio; Roche Egües,Hilda Elena; León Valladares,Dayneri;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2008,
Abstract: objectives: to show the possibilities of ultrasonography in the early diagnosis of alterations in asymptomatic athletes′knee structures, and the predisposing endogenous factors related to sport "overuse" lesions and to introduce it as a methodological procedure in the medical control of training of high-performance cuban athletes. methods: a descriptive cross-sectional study was performed on asymptomatic 300 non-athlete persons and 100 cuban olympic athletes. a novel methodology of sonographic scanning for the knee was used including static and dynamic studies, according to the sportive specialty, to determine the normal patterns, to detect alterations in joint structures as well as to estimate the sonographic rab (stands for ricardo anillo′s acronym, main author). an alternative to determine the misalignment of the extensor mechanism was created. the statistical processing used summary measures to compare sonographic alteration ratios observed in the knees and also chi square test. percentiles were calculated using data from 600 knees from non-athlete people and all this information was processed through the spss statistical program. results: fifty seven subclinical alterations were detected in the knees of 100 studied athletes, distributed as follows: 30 with synovitis; 26 malalignment of the extensor mechanism, 15 distorsions in hoffa′s fat, 14 changes in meniscus echostructure, 11 alterations in ligament echostructure and 7 in articular cartilage. conclusions: preventive sonographic diagnosis proved to be an effective imaging method for the biomedical control of athletes training. statistically significant differences were found in athletes and non-athletes in terms of frequency of sonographic alterations in the knees, being the athletes more prone to it.
Exploración ecográfica al pie de patinadores
Hernández Yanes,Yoany; Villanueva Cagigas,Emilio; Anillo Badía,Ricardo; Roché Egües,Hilda Elena; León Valladares,Dayneri;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2011,
Abstract: introduction: the convergence of factors leading to skate friction on some areas of skater's feet during trainings provoke nodular injuries. objectives: to explore and to describe the imaging features of these circumscribed excrecences present in the skater's feet as consequence of sports overuse. methods: a cross-sectional and descriptive study was conducted in 100 young no-sportsmen (controls) and in the 15 members of the cuban pre-selection of speed skating in april, 2009 (10 boys and 5 girls), all of them with more than 10 years of systematic sports practice. then underwent a diagnostic echographic examination in the institute of sports medicine to assess the condition of articular and periarticular structures of this area and data were processed by descriptive statistics. results: there were demonstrated echographic distortions in 100% of assessed sportsmen, mainly due to: circumscribed dermic thickening (100%), tendonitis (33,3%) and exostosis bursata (20%), manifestations included in an affection identified by authors as ?skater foot? whose external clinical expression is the presence of retrocalcaneal nodules, dorsal and/or foot medial region. conclusions: the skater's foot may be a disease entity with an imaging support and is related to direct and systematic friction of skate, characteristic of this sport and that not only involve the teeth's skin but it may to interfere with treatment or competence due to its association with other injuries.
Implante percutáneo de células mononucleares de sangre periférica movilizadas con factor estimulante de colonias granulocíticas, en la osteoartrosis de rodilla. Primer caso comunicado en Cuba
Baganet Cobas,Aymara María; Hernández Ramírez,Porfirio; Fernández Delgado,Norma; Forrellat Barrios,Mariela; González Iglesias,Ana Iris; Pérez Fuentes,Enrique; Macías Abraham,Consuelo; Dorticós Balea,Elvira; Lam Díaz,Rosa M.; Salgado Arocena,Odalys; Villanueva Cagigas,Emilio; León Valladares,Dayneri; Smith García-Menocal,Héctor; Pozo Alonso,Desi; álvarez Hernández,Roberto; Simón Pita,Ana María;
Revista Cubana de Hematolog?-a, Inmunolog?-a y Hemoterapia , 2010,
Abstract: the degenerative joint disease, also known as osteoarthrosis affects to 10% of elderlies aged 60. it is mainly characterized by pain in the involved joint, crepitation, morning stiff and a progressive limitation of movement of that joint leading to a partial or total wear of articular cartilage. the treatment of the knee osteoarthrosis is a great challenge. the recent advances in use of regenerative medicine suggest that adult stem cells could represent a promisor alternative in the treatment of this entity. in a female patient aged 61 presenting with knee osteoarthrosis authors placed a percutaneous implant of autologous mononuclear cells mobilized to peripheral blood by granulocyte colony-stimulating factor achieving a fast clinical and radiological improvement. this result suggests that the procedure used is a feasible, simple, safe and less expensive method for treatment of articular degenerative lesions.
Rese a de
León T., Magdalena,Tamayo J., Cecilia,Valladares Tayupanta, Lola
Iconos : Revista de Ciencias Sociales , 2006,
Structural and Magnetic Properties of Monophasic Maghemite (γ-Fe2O3) Nanocrystalline Powder  [PDF]
Juan Adrián Ramos Guivar, Arturo Isaías Martínez, Ana Osorio Anaya, Luis De Los Santos Valladares, Lizbet León Félix, Angel Bustamante Dominguez
Advances in Nanoparticles (ANP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/anp.2014.33016
Structural and magnetic studies of monophasic maghemite (γ-Fe2O3) magnetic nanocrystallites (MNCs) synthesized by the co-precipitation chemical route are reported in this paper. For the synthesis, a starting precursor of magnetite (Fe3O4) in basic medium was oxidized at room temperature by adjusting the pH = 3.5 at 80°C in an acidic medium without surfactants. X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern shows widened peaks indicating nanometric size and Rietveld Refinement confirms only one single-phase assigned to γ-Fe2O3 MNCs. High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HR-TEM) demonstrates the formation of nanoparticles with diameter around D ≈ 6.8 ± 0.1 nm which is in good agreement with Rietveld Refinement (6.4 ± 1 nm). A selected area electron diffraction pattern was carried out to complement the study of the crystalline structure of the γ-Fe2O3 MNCs. M(H) measurements taken at different temperatures show almost zero coercivity and remanence indicating superparamagnetic domain and high magnetic saturation.
Colonization of Abandoned Land by Juniperus thurifera Is Mediated by the Interaction of a Diverse Dispersal Assemblage and Environmental Heterogeneity
Gema Escribano-Avila, Virginia Sanz-Pérez, Beatriz Pías, Emilio Virgós, Adrián Escudero, Fernando Valladares
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046993
Abstract: Land abandonment is one of the most powerful global change drivers in developed countries where recent rural exodus has been the norm. Abandonment of traditional land use practices has permitted the colonization of these areas by shrub and tree species. For fleshy fruited species the colonization of new areas is determined by the dispersal assemblage composition and abundance. In this study we showed how the relative contribution to the dispersal process by each animal species is modulated by the environmental heterogeneity and ecosystem structure. This complex interaction caused differential patterns on the seed dispersal in both, landscape patches in which the process of colonization is acting nowadays and mature woodlands of Juniperus thurifera, a relict tree distributed in the western Mediterranean Basin. Thrushes (Turdus spp) and carnivores (red fox and stone marten) dispersed a high amount of seeds while rabbits and sheeps only a tiny fraction. Thrushes dispersed a significant amount of seeds in new colonization areas, however they were limited by the presence of high perches with big crop size. While carnivores dispersed seeds to all studied habitats, even in those patches where no trees of J. thurifera were present, turning out to be critical for primary colonization. The presence of Pinus and Quercus was related to a reduced consumption of J. thurifera seeds while the presence of fleshy fruited shrubs was related with higher content of J. thurifera seeds in dispersers’ faeces. Therefore environmental heterogeneity and ecosystem structure had a great influence on dispersers feeding behaviour, and should be considered in order to accurately describe the role of seed dispersal in ecological process, such as regeneration and colonization. J. thurifera expansion is not seed limited thanks to its diverse dispersal community, hence the conservation of all dispersers in an ecosystem enhance ecosystems services and resilience.
Comportamiento de las anomalías dentomaxilofaciales en ni?os de 9 a 14 a?os
Duque Alberro,Yairis; Corrales León,Arlene L; Pulido Valladares,Yolaini; Rezk Díaz,Anay;
Revista de Ciencias M??dicas de Pinar del R?-o , 2011,
Abstract: dentomaxillofacial anomalies include growing alterations, development and the physiology of the anatomical components that constitute the stomatognathic system. a descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted with 150 children from 9 to 14 years old of the schools attending at "antonio briones montoto" dentist clinic in pinar del rio, during january 2008-july 2009. the study was aimed at identifying the prevalence of dentomaxillofacial anomalies regarding chosen variables and the behavior according to individual past pathologies. the sample was taken using a stratified, at random, and proportional to the stratus size sampling. children were examined in their classrooms, with natural light and using lingual depressor. the information was collected in a database by means of microsoft excel, processing it by the statistical program of statistical package for the social science, version 10.0 to windows. a comparison of proportions of independent groups was performed with the purpose of determining the most significant variables of prevalence and chi-square test in its variance of independence to verify the relation among the chosen categories. dental anomalies were the most prevalent anomalies. male sex and the age bracket of 9-11 prevailed. among the etiological factors studied, the habits were the most frequent followed by physical agents; observing a high prevalence of dental anomalies in close relation to deforming habits.
Comportamiento de las anomalías dentomaxilofaciales en ni os de 9 a 14 a os Behavior of dentomaxillofacial anomalies in children from 9 to 14 years old
Yairis Duque Alberro,Arlene L Corrales León,Yolaini Pulido Valladares,Anay Rezk Díaz
Revista de Ciencias M??dicas de Pinar del R?-o , 2011,
Abstract: Las anomalías dentomaxilofaciales comprenden las alteraciones de crecimiento, desarrollo y fisiologísmo de los componentes anatómicos que conforman el sistema estomatognático. Se realizó un estudio descriptivo y transversal en 150 ni os de 9 a 14 a os de edad, de las escuelas atendidas en la Clínica Estomatológica "Antonio Briones Montoto" de Pinar del Río, en el período comprendido entre enero de 2008 y julio de 2009, con el objetivo de identificar la prevalencia de anomalías dentomaxilofaciales según las variables seleccionadas y el comportamiento según los antecedentes patológicos individuales. La muestra se seleccionó a través de un muestreo aleatorio estratificado proporcional al tama o de los estratos. Los ni os fueron examinados en sus aulas, con luz natural, usando depresores linguales. La información recogida fue recopilada en una base de datos mediante Microsoft Excel, y se procesó por el programa estadístico Statistical Package for the Social Science Versión 10.0 para Windows. Se realizó la comparación de proporciones de grupos independientes con el objetivo de determinar las variables de prevalencia más significativas y la prueba Ji cuadrado en su variante de independencia para verificar la relación entre las categorías seleccionadas. Las anomalías dentarias fueron las alteraciones más prevalentes. El sexo más afectado fue el masculino, así como el grupo de edades de 9-11 a os. Entre los factores etiológicos estudiados los hábitos fueron los más frecuentes seguido de los agentes físicos. Se concluye que existe una alta prevalencia de anomalías dentarias en estrecha relación con los hábitos deformantes. Dentomaxillofacial anomalies include growing alterations, development and the physiology of the anatomical components that constitute the stomatognathic system. A descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted with 150 children from 9 to 14 years old of the schools attending at "Antonio Briones Montoto" Dentist Clinic in Pinar del Rio, during January 2008-July 2009. The study was aimed at identifying the prevalence of dentomaxillofacial anomalies regarding chosen variables and the behavior according to individual past pathologies. The sample was taken using a stratified, at random, and proportional to the stratus size sampling. Children were examined in their classrooms, with natural light and using lingual depressor. The information was collected in a database by means of Microsoft Excel, processing it by the statistical program of Statistical Package for the Social Science, Version 10.0 to Windows. A comparison of proportions of independen
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