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The Localization Role of Infrastructure and its Impact on Population and Rural Economy
Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning , 2011,
Abstract: In each economy infrastructure operates as a relatively independent subsystem that creates the basis for the development of other economic activities. At the same time it is an important element of the environment in rural areas. The state of the regional infrastructure of an area is an important part of its resources and development potential. It is proved that the localizing role of this transport corridor in relation to the other infrastructure elements had a strong influence on the spatial location of population and depopulation processes that occurred in rural areas. Based on these understandings we made an analysis of the current state of social infrastructure in rural areas, through which an international transport corridor passes. Hence, the infrastructure development in accordance with the necessities is an essential condition and further stimulator for sectoral and territorial concentration and specialization of the rural economy.
Socio-Economic Patterns and Trends in Rural Development in EU
Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning , 2012,
Abstract: Rural areas include most of the EU and nearly half of its population. The specific character of rural areas is determined by their social and cultural identity. Every rural area is unique in terms of its geographical location, its natural resources, history, ethnic composition of the population, religion and traditions, urban network, economic potential. European rural areas are diverse with multiple functions. The paper discusses the basic patterns of development of European rural areas. It outlines the current trends in socio-economic development and the changes that have occurred over the past few decades. Some of the main specific characteristics have been outlined.
Are Background Feelings Intentional Feelings?  [PDF]
Emilia Barile
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2014.44058
Abstract: I address the problem of the intentionality of “feeling”, considering the study-case of “background feelings” (malaise, tension, etc.) in Damasio (2003, 2010). Background feelings, in fact, are “border case” feelings: These feelings seem lacking intentionality, at least by the meaning that their intentional content is not any object in the world they refer to. Differently from other feelings connected to intentional states (such as emotions, for ex., feelings are mainly considered arising from), background feelings reveal a bodily nature of feeling at its core, while intentionality of feelings, when any, rather depends on the intentionality of the states feelings concern. Background feelings reveal an intimate, immediate relation to our own body we can’t catch considering feelings always and only connected to emotions. The intimate relation to the body, coming in “foreground” in these feelings only, should shed more light on another key feature of feelings, namely their phenomenality, more than their “supposed” intentionality.
Revista Colombiana de Antropología , 2010,
Abstract: this paper, an ethnographic research in a town of paris' periphery, presents a methodological debate regarding the analysis of a set of writings found in situ: a notebook for requests in a public window that informs about the ongoing urban renovation and about hundreds of letters sent to the social housing institution. the aim is to examine the administrative files as an ethnographic document that involves different scales of analysis (ethnographic, sociological, historiographical). once files are decoded, the article describes some traits of the popular housing: conflicts, successive requests, complaints and recriminations.
Emilia Campeanu
Romanian Journal of Fiscal Policy , 2011,
Yeast Exoglycoproteins Produced Under NaCl-Stress Conditions as Efficient Cryoprotective Agents
Breierova Emilia
Biological Procedures Online , 1998, DOI: 10.1251/bpo1
Abstract: Six extracellular yeast glycoproteins were prepared from three yeast species in osmotic equilibrium and unequilibrium environments and used as non-penetrating cryoadditives. Glycoproteins secreted by the strain Dipodascus australiensis into growth medium containing NaCl (8% w/v) were found to be the most effective cryoadditives. It was possible to use these glycoproteins alone (without DMSO as penetrating agent) for the cryoprotection of the studied yeasts.
Deconstruction of the Postmodern Poetic Language (Metaplasmic Figures)
Emilia PARPAL?
Studii de Stiinta si Cultura , 2011,
Abstract: In poetry, the materiality of the signifier can stand for the message itself; nevertheless, writing, as Saussure has warned us, is not a coat, but a travesty of language. After a presentation of the change of perspective regarding poetic language, i.e. the move from the structuralist conception of an anti-language to the postmodern idea of an absolute language, the paper studies the graphic metabole in Deadev by Caius Dobrescu and the regression towards the primitive forms of the code in Dimitrie Crudu’s poetry. The experimental techniques for deconstructing word syntax are diverse and target either authenticity (we do not write exactly as we speak, while electronic communication tends to globalise writing), either a criticism of language. Dobrescu desymbolizes and dephonologizes, he obtains postlexical symbols by fusing or re-segmenting the words and establishes a playful, paradoxical relationship to the reader. The deconstruction of the Romanian language is an ironic game aimed at the rigidity of literary norms and at the same time a metaphor for the danger of losing one’s identity.
Management Strategies Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Risk is present in all human activities; it can be associated with health, security, economy or environment. The goal of risk management is to control, prevent or decrease potential damages. Technically speaking, risk management means all the activities coordinated so as to orient and monitor an organization from the risk perspective. Risk management helps formulate the most adequate decisions by taking account of uncertainties and their effects upon the accomplishment of proposed goals, and argues the need to lay down and implement coercive, preventive actions typical of the management of a company. The benefits of good risk management and also the consequences of bad management shall undoubtedly be felt by an organization’s board, employees, shareholders, customers as well as by all other entities concerned with organizational performance. Projects generally include a number of risks in common with those in business as well as certain typical ones. In complex projects, it is this very feature – complexity – which generates the need to implement risk management for the purpose to diminish, remove, and monitor the risks which can influence the development of a project.
Y el verbo se hizo cultura Lingüística y antropología
Ferraro , Emilia
Iconos : Revista de Ciencias Sociales , 2004,
Rese a de "Trueque intercambio y valor: un acercamiento antropológico" de Caroline Humphrey y Stephen Hugh-Jones (compiladores)
Ferraro , Emilia
Iconos : Revista de Ciencias Sociales , 2002,

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