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The Potential and Effectiveness of ITC: Lessons Learnt from it’s Attempted Integration in the Teaching Learning Process Potencial y efectividad de las TIC: Algunas lecciones aprendidas en el intento de su integración al proceso de ense anza-aprendizaje
Elsa Herrero Tunis,Lourdes María Hernández Rabell
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2011, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v2i1.36
Abstract: Today, there are different opinions on the use of information technology and communication (ITC) in the learning process and while there are insufficient study and evidences on the topic, many researchers discuss the topic with great enthusiasm with regards to the fact that ITC helps in the teaching – learning process (TLP). Interestingly, there is a balance between the possibilities that ITC holds for education and the transformative effect accomplished and achieved in the teaching practice. The authors of this work attempt to explain from a historical point of view the regularities recognized by experts in the teaching field and from different perspectives, classifications and practical experience strive to guide the controversial fact among the different levels of use and impact of ITC in training, as well as to show that ITC integration represents improvements in the teaching learning process in higher educational institutions in meeting the demands of today’s world. From this analysis and gathered experiences from over ten years, are shared by a way of conclusion, a set of ideas that serve as lessons learnt, which conveniently confirm the decisions taken. En la actualidad se presentan diversas experiencias de empleo de las tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones (TIC) en los procesos formativos y si bien aún son insuficientes los estudios y las evidencias, del efecto que a ellas se les puede atribuir en el proceso de ense anza-aprendizaje (PEA), muchos investigadores debaten con entusiasmo sobre el tema en sus trabajos. De mucho interés resulta el balance entre las posibilidades que ellas encierran para la educación y el efecto transformador logrado y por alcanzar en la práctica pedagógica. Las autoras de este trabajo intentan explicar con sentido histórico, regularidades reconocidas por especialistas en la temática, que desde diferentes alientos teóricos, clasificaciones y experiencias prácticas, se esfuerzan por orientar la controvertida realidad entre los niveles de uso y el efecto de las TIC en la formación, así como por una integración de las TIC que represente mejoras en el PEA en las instituciones de educación superior a la altura y exigencias del mundo actual. A partir de este análisis y por la experiencia acumulada en poco más de diez a os, se comparten en las conclusiones, un conjunto de ideas como lecciones aprendidas, que confirman convenientemente las decisiones tomadas.
Las herramientas de autor en el proceso de producción de cursos en formato digital
José L. Montero O'Farrill,Elsa Herrero Tunis
Pixel-Bit , 2008,
Abstract: El auge de la educación con el empleo de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (TIC) ha hecho del proceso de producción de cursos en formato digital, un elemento de suma importancia para un adecuado desarrollo del proceso de ense anza aprendizaje en estas condiciones. Este artículo contiene algunas reflexiones sobre la importancia de las herramientas de autor en el proceso de producción de cursos y cómo pueden mejorarse sus características para elevar la independencia del profesor en el proceso.
Yoelys Ronda Amador,Amnia LaO Thareaux,Elsa Herrero Tuniz
Ingeniería Industrial , 2003,
Abstract: En el artículo se presenta el material digital concebido con la finalidad de apoyar el aprendizaje, de modo semipresencial, de la asignatura Introducción a la Informática de la carrera ingeniería informática del Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría (Cujae). Para el desarrollo de esta herramienta se hace uso de un modelo pedagógico que facilita el aprendizaje individual y que ha sido ajustado a las particularidades de la asignatura en cuestión.
Spot Reading of the Absolute Paleointensity of the Geomagnetic Field Obtained from Potsherds (Age Ca. 500-430 AD) in Teotihuacan, Mexico  [PDF]
Emilio Herrero-Bervera
Archaeological Discovery (AD) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ad.2015.32008
Abstract: Archaeointensity data have been obtained successfully using the Thellier-Coe protocol from twelve potsherds recovered from the vicinity of the “Piramide del Sol”, Teotihuacan, Mexico. In order to understand the magnetic behavior of the samples, we have conducted low-field versus temperature (k-T) experiments to determine the magnetic carriers of the pre-Columbian artefacts, as well as Saturation Isothermal Remanent Magnetization (SIRM), hysteresis loops and back-fields TESTS. The Curie temperatures indicate the presence of at least three magnetic mineral phases (238°C - 276°C, 569°C - 592°C, and 609°C - 624°C). The predominant Curie temperatures for these samples are typical of Ti-poor magnetite. The results of the magnetic grain size analyses indicate that if the magnetic mineral in a sample is only magnetite, the distribution on the modified Day et al. (1977) diagram yields specimens in the Single (SD), Pseudo (PSD) and Superparamagnetic (SP) domain ranges. The successfully absolute paleointensity determinations in this study using the Thellier-Coe protocol have yielded an average paleointensity of 38.871 +/- 1.833 m-Teslas (N = 12), and a virtual geomagnetic dipole moment of 8.682 +/- 0.402 × 1022 A/m2 which is slightly lower than the present field strength and which corresponds to an age interval between 500 and 430 AD. Thus, our results correlate well with the recently published CALS3K.4 curve and the incipient archaeointensity reference curve for the Mesoamerican paleo-field results. Therefore, the age of the artefacts would correlate well with absolute the early classic Teotihuacan cultural period.
Polytypic chromosomal variation in Triturus boscai (Urodela: Salamandridae)
P Herrero
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1991, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-23-4-263
El movimiento ecologista ante el deterioro global: retos y utopías
Intervención Psicosocial , 2006, DOI: 10.4321/S1132-05592006000200003
Abstract: the present environmental crisis is derived from exceeding the limits of the planet with regard to its carrying capacity and to its role as a waste drain. this overcoming is a consequence of a social and economic model based on the maximization of monetary benefits, decoupled from materials and energy flows. the environmental movement reports the decline of natural and human ecosystems and sets several proposals addressed to switch the course, presently heading towards collapse, in order to walk towards sustainability.
El Análisis Factorial Confirmatorio en el estudio de la Estructura y Estabilidad de los Instrumentos de Evaluación: Un ejemplo con el Cuestionario de Autoestima CA-14
Intervención Psicosocial , 2010,
Abstract: this research presents a study of the factor structure and temporal stability of the self-esteem questionnaire (ca-14) using confirmatory factor analysis (cfa) techniques. the paper pretends to offer a potential guide to researchers, paying special attention to data requirements, estimation methods suggested in the literature, recommended fit indices and other circumstances that need to be taken into account when estimating cfa models. also, various methodological strategies are shown during the implementation of cfa models: correlated errors, use of parameter constraints, multigroup analysis, etc
El arte como derecho: Sobre las tensiones entre arte -arte popular y el acceso a su decodificación
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2010,
Abstract: the intention of this piece of work is to show that: -the art category was built around different speeches to be able to characterize today from different points of view the state of this matter, -finding clues to talk about certain concepts imposed by european imposition and be objective about the lack of theoretical actualization around the field of critical approaches that update the discriminatory use of hundreds of different terms coined by the illustration and that up to now hasn't been denoted in front of epistemological breakages of different theoretical approaches, anthropological, sociological, linguistic, semiotic, aesthetic, etc in a latin american context, -recognize the popular art as a theoretical-practical construction that show popular latin american productions, -to put in evidence the absence of an artistic education that starts earlier (for children) that legitimate this distinction signs because only "a few" have access "to read" the artistic codes instead of encoding "art". the popular art codes are the ones that go round in the streets. for this reason, i tackle the concept of "folklore" as a non social discourse from a semiotic frame to show the visibility-invisibility of certain popular artistic activities which are not considered as "art". apart from that this activities have a particular aesthetic production neither less nor more important that others.
La "república posible" y sus problemas en Argentina: Normalistas e industriales debaten el plan educativo alberdiano de las dos gestiones presidenciales de Julio Argentino Roca (1880-1886 y 1898-1901)
Herrero, Alejandro;
Secuencia , 2011,
Abstract: during his two administrations in the late 19th century, julio argentino roca adhered to alberdi's program of the possible republic in argentina. he attempted to change the education system that opposed the republic of inhabitants that created wealth and eventually discovered something worse: not only did he fail in this attempt, but he noticed, during the same verbal competition, that the program of the possible republic was questioned by different actors. as an initial approach to the topic, this article examines student teachers and industrialists, since a section of student teachers and the industrial corporation determinedly supported rocas alberdian educational proposal. nevertheless, they questioned the possible republic, adding that it should advance towards a republic of citizens.
Juan Bautista Alberdi y las ideas políticas francesas: En busca de un proyecto alternativo al orden rosista (1835-1852)
Utopìa y Praxis Latinoamericana , 2010,
Abstract: the objective of this study is to re-think certain classic theses regarding the influence of french political culture on the first argentinean romantic generation and especially, on the thought of juan bautista alberdi during the second government of juan manuel de rosas, 1835-1852. the study will try to discover the uses alberdi made of the different french ideological families; which ideas and experiences he selected and how he organized his alternative project to the rosist confederation. two periods are distinguished in alberdi?s process during this stage: his youthful years adhere to what is called a democratic republic, while in the 1940s, he expounds his celebrated program for the possible republic.

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