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Ocorrência de paratuberculose em búfalos (Bubalus bubalis) em Pernambuco
Mota, Rinaldo A.;Peixoto, Paulo V.;Yamasaki, Elise M.;Medeiros, Elizabeth S. de;Costa, Mateus M. da;Peixoto, Rodolfo M.;Brito, Marilene F.;
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-736X2010000300008
Abstract: paratuberculosis (ptb) is a disease of great economical importance for ruminant in several countries and represents a threat to the development of brazilian livestock. the contagious disease caused by chronic ptb leads to incurable granulomatous enterocolitis of difficult control. ptb is caused by the mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (map). no record on the occurrence of paratuberculosis in buffaloes in brazil could be found. five of 100 buffaloes in a herd in pernambuco-brazil showed clinical signs characteristic of ptb. at necropsy, of two animals the lesions were restricted to the small intestine with thickening and corrugation of the mucosa, increase of mesenteric lymph nodes and prominent lymph vessels. histopathology revealed granulomatous inflammation infiltrated with numerous epithelioid macrophages, langhans type giant cells, and clusters of ziehl-neelsen (zn) positive organisms within the intestinal mucosa. in the mesenteric lymph nodes there was thickening of the capsule and marked granulomatous inflammation. smears of feces and scrapping smears were prepared from intestinal mucosa and cut surface of mesenteric lymph nodes and, stained by the ziehl-neelsen method for research of acid fast bacilli, with positive results. lymph nodes and intestinal mucosa revealed at is900 specific polymerase chain reaction amplification of a fragment of about 110pb, confirmed by the comparison with other sequences of m. avium subsp. paratuberculosis available in genbank.
A SAR and QSAR Study of New Artemisinin Compounds with Antimalarial Activity
Cleydson Breno R. Santos,Josinete B. Vieira,Cleison C. Lobato,Lorane I. S. Hage-Melim,Raimundo N. P. Souto,Clarissa S. Lima,Elizabeth V. M. Costa,Davi S. B. Brasil,Williams Jorge C. Macêdo,José Carlos T. Carvalho
Molecules , 2014, DOI: 10.3390/molecules19010367
Abstract: The Hartree-Fock method and the 6-31G** basis set were employed to calculate the molecular properties of artemisinin and 20 derivatives with antimalarial activity. Maps of molecular electrostatic potential (MEPs) and molecular docking were used to investigate the interaction between ligands and the receptor (heme). Principal component analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis were employed to select the most important descriptors related to activity. The correlation between biological activity and molecular properties was obtained using the partial least squares and principal component regression methods. The regression PLS and PCR models built in this study were also used to predict the antimalarial activity of 30 new artemisinin compounds with unknown activity. The models obtained showed not only statistical significance but also predictive ability. The significant molecular descriptors related to the compounds with antimalarial activity were the hydration energy (HE), the charge on the O11 oxygen atom (QO11), the torsion angle O1-O2-Fe-N2 (D2) and the maximum rate of R/Sanderson Electronegativity (RTe +). These variables led to a physical and structural explanation of the molecular properties that should be selected for when designing new ligands to be used as antimalarial agents.
Espessura íntima-média carotídea como marcador de risco cardiovascular em pacientes com hipotireoidismo subclínico
Almeida, Carla A. de;Teixeira, Patrícia de F. dos S.;Soares, Débora V.;Cabral, M?nica D.;Costa, Sheila M. da;Salles, Elizabeth F. de;Silva, Nathalie A. de O. e;Morais, Felipe F.C. de;Buescu, Alexandru;Henriques, Jodélia M.;Vaisman, Mario;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302007000300017
Abstract: subclinical hypothyroidism (sh) has been associated with an increased risk for coronary disease. carotid intima-media thickness (imt), as assessed by ultrasonography, is a precise marker of atherosclerotic changes and can be used as an endpoint for cardiovascular events. aims of this study were to determine carotid imt in a group of patients with sh and its possible association with an increase in cardiovascular risk. there were no significant differences in mean carotid imt between patients and controls. results of both groups were, respectively: common carotid arteries, 0.573 ± 0.070 mm and 0.576 ± 0.068 mm (p= 0.904); carotid bifurcation, 0.602 ± 0.079 mm and 0.617 ± 0.102 mm (p= 0.714). similar results were obtained when analyzing subgroups with serum tsh < or > 8 miu/l and with positive or negative titers of tpoab. the mean carotid imt in these subgroups were: tsh 4-8 miu/l: 0.579 ± 0.070 mm and 0.586 ± 0.063 mm; tsh > 8 miu/l: 0.569 ± 0.073 mm and 0.616 ± 0.091 mm; tpoab+: 0.585 ± 0.070 mm and 0.621 ± 0.085 mm; tpoab-: 0.554 ± 0.072 mm and 0.571 ± 0.066 mm. no differences in the lipid profile and in the apoprotein b and lipoprotein (a) levels between the groups were found. these findings suggest that mild sh with no related metabolic changes is not associated with an increase in cardiovascular risk, as assessed by carotid imt.
Cuidadores de idosos: um novo / velho trabalho
Resende, Márcia Colamarco Ferreira;Dias, Elizabeth Costa;
Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-73312008000400010
Abstract: this paper aims to identify in literature the repercussions of the new/old work elderly caregivers concerning their health care and their current support. the study is based on the workers' health area. according to literature, the occupation of "elderly caregiver" seems to be an activity mainly developed in the informal sector, by some relative, usually women, and it has brought consequences for the quality of the elderly care and for the caregiver's health, causing low back pains, depression and hypertension. the national health politics of the elderly is modern when it talks about the care for this population and the family caregiver is a partner. however, studies on this kind of work are still necessary to help making public policies.
Genetic Diversity and Connectivity in the Threatened Staghorn Coral (Acropora cervicornis) in Florida
Elizabeth M. Hemond,Steven V. Vollmer
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0008652
Abstract: Over the past three decades, populations of the dominant shallow water Caribbean corals, Acropora cervicornis and A. palmata, have been devastated by white-band disease (WBD), resulting in the listing of both species as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. A key to conserving these threatened corals is understanding how their populations are genetically interconnected throughout the greater Caribbean. Genetic research has demonstrated that gene flow is regionally restricted across the Caribbean in both species. Yet, despite being an important site of coral reef research, little genetic data has been available for the Florida Acropora, especially for the staghorn coral, A. cervicornis. In this study, we present new mitochondrial DNA sequence data from 52 A. cervicornis individuals from 22 sites spread across the upper and lower Florida Keys, which suggest that Florida's A. cervicornis populations are highly genetically interconnected (FST = ?0.081). Comparison between Florida and existing mtDNA data from six regional Caribbean populations indicates that Florida possesses high levels of standing genetic diversity (h = 0.824) relative to the rest of the greater Caribbean (h = 0.701±0.043). We find that the contemporary level of gene flow across the greater Caribbean, including Florida, is restricted ( = 0.117), but evidence from shared haplotypes suggests the Western Caribbean has historically been a source of genetic variation for Florida. Despite the current patchiness of A. cervicornis in Florida, the relatively high genetic diversity and connectivity within Florida suggest that this population may have sufficient genetic variation to be viable and resilient to environmental perturbation and disease. Limited genetic exchange across regional populations of the greater Caribbean, including Florida, indicates that conservation efforts for A. cervicornis should focus on maintaining and managing populations locally rather than relying on larval inputs from elsewhere.
The Role of the Researcher When Using the Socio-Anthropological Method to Understand the Phenomenon of Alcoholism  [PDF]
Elizabeth Halpern, Ligia Costa Leite
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.35011
Abstract: The consumption of alcoholic beverages during the Brazilian Armed Forces working hours was studied for the first time only recently, by investigating the patients of the Center for Chemical Dependency (CEDEQ) of the Brazilian Navy. This was possible mainly because one of the researchers was the chief of this clinic and one of the psychologists of the therapeutic groups. This article discussed methodological aspects related to the role of the researcher when conducting a qualitative research through a dense ethnography in CEDEQ over four years, with participant observation in two treatment groups for 24 sessions. Additionally, a multiple case and explanatory study was carried on, through individual and 13 open-ended interviews. The following findings will be discussed: 1) the social construction of truth and accuracy of the oral statements; 2) reflexivity, transparency, and familiarity of the researcher with the field; 3) impression management, standardized behavior, and resistance to perform the research. The use of the qualitative method requires the assessment of the researcher’s role. The anthropological eye helped to deal with a delicate theme that was hard to access: drinking during the military working journey. We found out that the organization had an ambivalent position: though the Brazilian Navy created this specialized clinic and allowed this research, at the same time this organization was not open to discuss inebriation on board, strictly authorizing the investigation of the patients. This was possible mainly because of the researcher’s social and hierarchical position as an officer, as the chief of the CEDEQ, and for being one of the therapists of the groups. We concluded that this position created an obstacle to apply effective measures to protect the military contingency.
News from the p-process: is the s-process a troublemaker?
M. Rayet,V. Costa,M. Arnould
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1016/S0375-9474(01)00672-8
Abstract: The most detailed calculations of the p-process call for its development in the O/Ne layers of Type II supernovae. In spite of their overall success in reproducing the solar system content of p-nuclides, they suggest a significant underproduction of the light Mo and Ru isotopes. On grounds of a model for the explosion of a 25 solar mass star with solar metallicity, we demonstrate that this failure might just be related to the uncertainties left in the rate of the 22Ne(alpha,n)25Mg neutron producing reaction. The latter indeed has a direct impact on the distribution of the s-process seeds for the p-process.
Estudo de base populacional dos fatores associados à incapacidade funcional entre idosos na Regi?o Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil
Giacomin, Karla C.;Peixoto, Sérgio V.;Uchoa, Elizabeth;Lima-Costa, Maria Fernanda;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2008000600007
Abstract: this study assessed factors associated with functional disability in old age in greater metropolitan belo horizonte, minas gerais state, brazil. the theoretical model was based on predisposing (socio-demographic), extra-individual (social support, use of health services), and intra-individual factors (health conditions). the study was conducted in a probabilistic sample of 1,786 subjects aged > 60 years. the dependent variable was disability defined as mild (some difficulty) or severe (total dependence) in performing at least one basic activity of daily living. prevalence of disability was 16% (8% mild; 8% severe). age and worse self-rated health were independently and positively associated with mild and severe disability. self-reported hypertension and arthritis were associated with mild disability, while diabetes and stroke were associated with severe disability. severe disability was independently and negatively associated with number of visits by friends in the previous 30 days. according to the results, chronic conditions associated with disability in the study population are preventable, and severely disabled elderly had less extra-family social support.
Compara o do padr o da distribui o espacial em escalas diferentes de espécies nativas do cerrado, em Brasília, DF
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2000,
Abstract: O padr o de agrupamento espacial de três espécies arbóreas, Caryocar brasiliense, Pterodon pubescens e Sclerolobium paniculatum, e duas espécies de palmeiras, Syagrus comosa e S. flexuosa, nativas do cerrado, foi investigado usando três métodos de variancia entre parcelas. Os dados foram coletados em uma área de cerrado sensu strictu da Fazenda água Limpa da Universidade de Brasília, em Brasília, DF, em 128 parcelas contíguas de 5 x 8 m cada. Em cada parcela, foram procurados todos os indivíduos das espécies, anotando o número encontrado e suas alturas. Os dados foram tabelados e analisados usando as técnicas de variancia entre blocos de parcelas (BQV), variancia móvel entre blocos de parcelas (TTLQV) e variancia entre parcelas pareadas (PQV), tanto para todos os indivíduos encontrados quanto para somente os indivíduos lenhosos maiores do que 130 cm em altura. O número total de indivíduos encontrado foi 138 para C. brasiliense, 34 para P. pubescens, 82 para S. paniculatum, oito para S. comosa e 36 para S. flexuosa. Todas as espécies apresentaram um padr o agrupado de distribui o espacial em pelo menos uma das metodologias e três das cinco espécies tiveram resultados semelhantes em todos os métodos. O padr o para C. brasiliense foi semelhante ao encontrado para esta mesma espécie em outra regi o do cerrado, utilizando a mesma metodologia, com uma distancia de aproximadamente 350 m entre grupos.
Rugometric and Microtopographic Inspection of Cr–Cr2O3 Cermet Solar Absorbers
Manuel F. M. Costa,V. Teixeira
International Journal of Photoenergy , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/82327
Abstract: The development of new efficient and cost effective solar energy collectors and converters either quantum or thermal attracts great attention and effort in a number of research laboratories all over the world. Cr–Cr2O3 cermet PVD coatings can be successfully employed in thermal converters. Their energy conversion efficiency depends on their chemical and physical structural characteristics and related optical properties like reflectance, emittance, solar light absorption, or absorptance and transmittance. Parameters such as roughness and topographic characteristics of the produced coatings will greatly influence their relevant optical properties. A careful evaluation of the coatings' roughness and their microtopographic inspection is fundamental. The Cr–Cr2O3 cermet coatings sputter deposited on cooper and aluminium shows similar absorption (92%) but the first ones present a better emittance and higher waviness (over 30%) with similar roughness. In comparison with commercially available solar panels with a slightly better absorption but worse emittance our coatings have a much lower waviness (∼150%) and roughly 50% higher roughness.
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