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Chemical Degradation of Indigo Potassium Tetrasulfonate Dye by Advanced Oxidation Processes  [PDF]
Veronica Camargo, Elba Ortiz, Hugo Solis, Carlos M. Cortes-Romero, Sandra Loera-Serna, Carlos J. Perez
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2014.513128
Abstract: The experimental degradation of a water soluble dye, potassium indigo tetrasulfonate salt, has been studied using stand-alone ozonation and photocatalytic oxidation process. Progress of the dye oxidation was followed by UV-VIS spectrophotometric measurements at controlled operating conditions. The organic content of reaction samples was measured to verify the process efficiency in dye mineralization. According to current results, almost complete color removal was obtained for ozonation within about 1 h reaction time. The reduction of the organic load was almost 80% from its original while initial sulphur content decreased to 32.5%. Dye conversion of 100% was obtained by means of a photocatalytic process using TiO2 as catalyst at 294 nm irradiated UV light. This complete color removal for the catalytic process was observed within 7 min of reaction time. The calculated initial rate of reaction of photocatalysis treatment was 8 times faster than that of ozonolysis. However, the remaining organic load of photocatalysis was almost 88% from its original while the final sulphur content was 27.3%. This contrasting behavior of the performance of the type of oxidation process stressed importance of physicochemical phenomena and intermediates molecules present during dye degradation. An insightful and mechanistic aspect of the dye oxidation was developed by performing quantumchemical calculations.
Degradation of Indigo Carmine Using Advanced Oxidation Processes: Synergy Effects and Toxicological Study  [PDF]
Elba Ortiz, Violeta Gómez-Chávez, Carlos M. Cortés-Romero, Hugo Solís, Rubén Ruiz-Ramos, Sandra Loera-Serna
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2016.712137
The physicochemical degradation of Indigo Carmine (IC) dye in aqueous solution was performed using single and combined Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP’s). Photocatalysis (TiO2-UV), Ozonation (O3) and Sonolysis (SN) were tested either in a standalone methodology or by combination of two simultaneous AOP’s. The dye conversion was followed by both measurements: 1) color removal determined by UV-VIS spectrometry and 2) organic and inorganic load determined by the chemical oxygen demand (COD). A complete and quick color disappearance of model water waste has been obtained by using combination of non-irradiated AOP’s, namely, O3/SN, which contrasts to the combination of irradiated photocatalysis with O3 or sonolysis. Color removal with simultaneous TiO2-UV/SN reached 77% while TiO2-UV/O3 reached 96% at similar reaction time. On the other hand, the standalone O3 yielded the highest color removal (94.4%) in 32 minutes whereas SN reached only 39.2% in 4 hours. The standalone light irradiated TiO2-UV reached 93.3% color re-moval in one hour of reaction time. These results indicated that non-irradiated (SN and O3) enhance synergistic effects that provoke structural changes in dye molecule without reaching total degradation. This is evidenced from FTIR of residuals from reaction mixture in which it has been observed the presence of organic molecules such as aromatics, sulfonic and amines refractory compounds that are mechanisti-cally possible to be found during IC degradation. Also, toxicity tests (MicroTox
Las televisiones y la investigación en infancia y televisión TV Broadcasters and Research on TV and Children
José Antonio Ruiz San Román,Miguel ángel Ortiz Sobrino,Elba Díaz Cerveró
Comunicar , 2013, DOI: 10.3916/c40-2013-03-04
Abstract: Este artículo describe las principales aportaciones de las televisiones espa olas al estudio y reformulación de la relación entre televisión e infancia. La necesidad de recabar y organizar a lo largo del tiempo esas contribuciones justifica este trabajo. Los contenidos infantiles de calidad, el consumo infantil de televisión, y el papel de las cadenas televisivas para trasladar a la ciudadanía una imagen positiva de la infancia, han sido los ejes vertebradores sobre los que se ha fundamentado este texto. Los datos aportados son el resultado de un estudio llevado a cabo desde el Ob-servatorio Comunicación y Sociedad. Metodológicamente, la consulta de bibliografía científica sobre la televisión y la infancia ha permitido contextualizar este estudio. Posteriormente, la utilización de una microencuesta a los responsables de contenidos infantiles de las principales cadenas televisivas espa olas, y el análisis de las diferentes experiencias y documentos de trabajo elaborados por las televisiones, han permitido construir un escenario con las principales aportaciones de las emisoras a un nuevo paradigma que mejore la relación de los menores con la televisión. Las conclusiones más destacadas extraídas del análisis y de las consultas con los expertos apuntan a que, salvo en el caso de la televisión pública estatal y de algunas televisiones autonómicas, la investigación y reformulación del binomio infancia/televisión no es un objetivo prioritario para las cadenas. De hecho, solo TVE tiene producción científica relevante en la materia. This paper describes the main contributions of the TV broadcasters in Spain to the study of the relationships be-tween television and childhood. It is justified by the need of compile and organise these contributions. Quality contents broadcasted for children, children consumption of television and the role of TV channels to transfer a positive image of the childhood have been the mainstays of this text. The information that we report is the result of the study carried out from Observatorio Comunicación y Sociedad. Methodologically, consulting scientific bibliography about television and childhood has made possible to put our study into context. After that, the use of questionnaire to people responsible of contents broadcasted for children by the main Spanish TV channels, and the analysis of the different experiences and work papers prepared by televisions, have allowed to create a setting with the broadcasters' main contributions to a new paradigm which improves the relationship between minors and television. The conclusion from the
Age-standardized incidence and mortality rates of oral and pharyngeal cancer in Puerto Rico and among Non-Hispanics Whites, Non-Hispanic Blacks, and Hispanics in the USA
Erick Suárez, William A Calo, Eduardo Y Hernández, Elba C Diaz, Nayda R Figueroa, Ana P Ortiz
BMC Cancer , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-9-129
Abstract: Analysis of the age-standardized rates (per 100,000) was performed using the direct method with the world standard population (ASR(World)) from 1998–2002. Annual percent change (APC) and Relative Risks (RR) were calculated using the Poisson regression model.The incidence ASR(World) for men in PR was constant (APC ≈ 0.0%), in contrast, a decrease was observed among NHW, NHB, and USH men, although only USH showed statistical significance (APC = -4.9%, p < 0.05). In women, the highest increase in incidence (APC = 5.3%) and the lowest decrease in mortality (APC = -1.4%) was observed in PR. The ratio of the ASR(World) showed that in all racial/ethnic groups, men had approximately 2–4 fold increased incidence and mortality risk of OPC than women (p < 0.05). Men in PR had a higher mortality risk (p < 0.05) of OPC as compared to USH, NHW, and NHB; but among women, PR showed a significant excess of mortality only as compared to USH (est. SRR = 1.82, 95% CI = 1.41, 2.33).The overall higher incidence of OPC in men in PR as compared to USH, NHB, and NHW could be explained by the effect of gene-environment interactions. Meanwhile, the higher mortality from OPC in PR suggests limitations in the health-care access within this population. Further research is warranted to elucidate these findings.Cancer remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide [1], being a major public health problem in both industrialized and developing countries [2]. In 2002, an estimated 274,000 cases of oral and pharyngeal cancer (OPC) occurred worldwide, with almost two-thirds occurring in men [3]. Differences in the patterns of OPC occurrence worldwide reflect variations in the prevalence of specific risk factors within the regions with the highest incidence rates, such as tobacco and alcohol consumption in Western Europe, chewing of betel quid in South-Central Asia and Melanesia, and solar irradiation in the South Pacific [4,5].In the American region, the age-standardized inciden
Innovaciones curriculares en la formación universitaria de trabajadores sociales
Preciado Jiménez, Susana Aurelia;Covarrubias Ortiz, Elba;Alcaraz Munguía, Claudia Angélica;Arias Soto, Mireya Patricia;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832004000200009
Abstract: this article investigates pedagogical innovations introduced when the curriculum of the school of social work at the university of colima was restructured. the relevance of considering social workers, throughout their education, as social actors who partake in the resolution of societal problems is emphasized. the faculty of the school of social work analyzed the process of implementation of the new model of education centered on the student from 2001 to 2005 and its results. the results corroborate the importance of the new models of education introduced and indicate some demands that must be met in order to consolidate curricular innovations.
Between Southern Italy and Dalmatia Missal MR 166 of the Metropolitana Library, Zagreb
Elba Emanuela
Zograf , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/zog0933063e
Abstract: The Missal MR 166 from the Metropolitana Library, Zagreb, written in Beneventana script and dating back to the twelfth-thirteenth centuries, has long been considered a Dalmatian product, similar to the coeval illuminated manuscript in Beneventana script preserved in the Trogir Cathedral and originating in Zadar. Nevertheless, later studies - specifically based on the textual features of the manuscript - showed that it is undoubtedly a Southern Italian product, and a significant testimony of the uninterrupted book circulation that existed on both sides of the Adriatic for three centuries roughly from the eleventh to the thirteenth, thus influencing the activity of the Benedictine scriptoria on the Dalmatian coast. On the basis of the study that makes it possible to define more closely the group of manuscripts that make up the 'corpus of the illuminated manuscripts from Dalmatia', the paper aims to support the Southern Italian origin of the Missal by means of a critical analysis of the theories put forward so far about the 'typically Dalmatian' features of its Initialornamentik.
Robust MPEG Watermarking in DWT Four Bands
E. Elba??
Journal of applied research and technology , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, we generalize an idea in a recent paper that embeds a binary pattern in the form of a binary image in the wavelet domain for images. Our generalization includes all four bands (LL, LH, HL and HH) in the DWT for MPEG video sequences. We tested the proposed algorithm against twelve attacks. Embedding the watermark in lower frequencies is robust to one group of attacks, and embedding the watermark in higher frequencies is robust to another group of attacks.
Anaerobic Mono-Digestion of Turkey Manure: Efficient Revaluation to Obtain Methane and Soil Conditioner  [PDF]
Rolando Chamy, Elba Vivanco, Carlos Ramos
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2011.38067
Abstract: This work demonstrates the possibility to make a full valuation of a solid waste such as turkey manure, to obtain methane and a soil conditioner/fertilizer from turkey manure anaerobic digestion in a mesophilic pilot-scale continuous stirred tank reactor at different organic loading rates (OLR) (from 0.5 to 2.5 kgVS/m3d). The application of the anaerobic mono-digestion for the turkey manure treatment was an efficient alternative, because high volatile solids removal and methane were obtained in addition to obtaining a stabilized solid waste that can be applied as soil conditioner, based on its nutritional parameters and humic substances content. In this way, the turkey manure anaerobic digestion can be applied avoiding the co-digestion of the manure with other wastes and allows a process devoid of pollutant emissions, obtaining two products. The reactor operation depends on the OLR, and its operation does not allow an OLR above 1.5 kgVS/m3d. Higher OLR produced a decrease in the TS and VS removals and methane productivity.
Modeling High Aswan Dam Reservoir Morphology Using Remote Sensing to Reduce Evaporation  [PDF]
Emad Elba, Dalia Farghaly, Brigitte Urban
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2014.52017

Egypt is considered as an extremely arid country with annual rainfall under 200 mm within coastal zones. High Aswan Dam Reservoir (HADR) experiences high evaporation losses of 15 BCM/year on average. Meanwhile, the water demand is increasing due to rapid population growth. Hence, measurements must be taken to decrease its evaporation losses. This can be achieved through controlling evaporation losses from the shallow lagoons, locally known as khors. The first step in the control process is to model the lake morphology using topographic data. Topographic maps are available for the time span before the construction of the High Aswan DAM (HAD), but they have not been updated. Hence, this study utilized satellite imagery since 1984 to develop a digital elevation model (DEM) that simulated the lake surface area. Correlated water levels were gained from the assembled hydrological database of HADR. This paper reports on the different alternatives for reducing the evaporation losses of two large khors, Kalabsha and El-Alaky, and two small khors, Korosko and Sara. It shows that the developed DEM allows estimation of the different hydrological features of HADR and its khors and recommends some measures to eliminate these khors to save up to 3 BCM by 2100 according to global climate model scenarios.

Observing the Middle Elbe Biosphere in Germany by Means of TerraSAR-X Images  [PDF]
Dalia Farghaly, Emad Elba, Brigitte Urban
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2014.52021

The Lower Saxonian Elbe Valley Biosphere Reserve is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Elbe River Landscape, and used mainly for agriculture. One of tasks of the Biosphere Reserve Administration is to develop sustainable forms of land use which requires comprehensive updated land cover maps. Land use maps are hard to produce because of surveying costs and time. Nevertheless, these large areas need to be monitored. TerraSAR-X images are used to establish agricultural land use maps. In this study, two areas are selected within the Elbe Biosphere Reserve situated around the oxbows Wehninger Werder and Walmsburger Werder. Multi temporal classification methods were used to identify the different crops using maximum likelihood classifier for the years 2010 and 2011. The crop classifications were used to evaluate the effect of the number of images, the necessity of polarizations, and the consequences of some missing images within the crop calendar. These classifications were analyzed to estimate producer accuracy and Kappa index for each crop besides the overall accuracy for each agricultural land use map. The study shows that using dual polarization imagery enhances producer accuracies for many crops over the single polarization imagery, and demonstrates the importance of using frequent images during the cultivation period.

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