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Exploring MIA-QSARs for farnesyltransferase inhibitory effect of antimalarial compounds refined by docking simulations  [PDF]
Omar Deeb, Sherin Alfalah, Matheus P. Freitas, Elaine F. F. da Cunha, Teodorico C. Ramalho
Journal of Biophysical Chemistry (JBPC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbpc.2012.31008
Abstract: Two series of farnesyltransferase (FTase) inhibitors were grouped and their antimalarial activi-ties modeled by means of multivariate image analysis applied to quantitative structure-activity relationship (MIA-QSAR). A reliable model was achieved, with r2 for calibration, external prediction and leave-one-out cross-validation of 0.96, 0.87 and 0.83, respectively. Therefore, biological activities of congeners can be estimated using the QSAR model. The bioactivities of new compounds based on the miscellany of substructures of the two classes of FTase inhibitors were predicted using the MIA-QSAR model and the most promising ones were submitted to ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) and docking evaluation. Despite the smaller interaction energy of the two most promising, predicted compounds in comparison to the two most active compounds of the data set, one of the proposed structures did not violate any Lipinski’s rule of five. Therefore, it is either a potential drug or may drive synthesis of similar, improved compounds.
Alternativas de medica o intracanal em casos de necrose pulpar com les o periapical
Fachin, Elaine Vianna Freitas et al.
Revista Odonto Ciência , 2006,
Abstract: Trata-se de estudo in vivo em pacientes portadores de dentes monorradiculares apresentando necrose pulpar com les o periapical. O objetivo foi avaliar radiograficamente a efetividade de 4 diferentes curativos de demora (PMCC, gel de clorexidina 2%, pasta de hidróxido de cálcio e hipoclorito de sódio1%). O tratamento endod ntico foi padronizado em todos os elementos através da técnica escalonada e irriga o com hipoclorito de sódio 1%. Para a medica o intracanal, os pacientes foram separados aleatoriamente em 4 grupos que receberam um dos medicamentos listados. Após 7 dias, os canais foram obturados e submetidos a controle radiográfico aos 3, 6 e 9 meses em que se mediu com precis o a diminui o do diametro radiolúcido apical. Os resultados mais satisfatórios ocorreram após o uso do PMCC, seguido pelo hidróxido de cálcio, clorexidina 2% e, por último, hipoclorito de sódio 1%.
ENEM: um demonstrativo das mudan as socioecon micas no perfil dos participantes
álvaro Henrique Freitas,Elaine Freitas,Vanessa Coelho Garcia,Ricardo Birenbaum
Meta : Avalia??o , 2009,
Abstract: O presente trabalho apresenta algumas características socioecon micas dos participantes do Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio (ENEM), nos anos de sua edi o em que ocorreram expressivos aumentos do contingente de participantes. Compara a primeira edi o do Exame, em 1998 com as edi es de 2001 e 2005 para verificar possíveis altera es no perfil de seus participantes e quais foram elas, utilizando as informa es contidas nos questionários socioecon micos respondidos pelos avaliados. Descreve sucintamente o ENEM, sua concep o e desenvolvimento que, ao longo dos dez anos de existência sofreu duas grandes mudan as que alavancaram de forma extremamente significativa o número de inscritos: no ano de 2001 com a gratuidade da taxa de inscri o aos alunos da Rede Pública e em 2005 com a vincula o da cess o de bolsas em Institui es Superiores de Ensino Privadas às notas obtidas no Exame. O estudo apresenta tabelas e gráficos ilustrativos que permitem uma melhor visualiza o e análise das mudan as ocorridas.
A New Sesquiterpene from Trichilia casarettii (Meliaceae)  [PDF]
Ivo José Curcino Vieira, Elaine Rodrigues Figueiredo, Virginia Rodrigues Freitas, Leda Mathias, Raimundo Braz-Filho, Renata Mendon?a Araújo
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2010.12009
Abstract: The dichloromethane extract of the air-dried stems of Trichilia casarettii afforded a new sesquiterpene (1), lupeol, stigmasterol, campesterol and sitosterol. The structure of 1 was elucidated by extensive one-and two- dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry.
Influence of smear layer removal on the obturation of root canal ramifications
Fachin, Elaine Vianna Freitas;Scarparo, Roberta Kochenborger;Massoni, Liliane Inês Sachet;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572009000300021
Abstract: objective: this study evaluated whether smear layer removal has any influence on the filling of the root canal system, by examining the obturation of lateral canals, secondary canals and apical deltas. material and methods: eighty maxillary and mandibular canines were randomly divided into two groups, according to their irrigation regimen. both groups were irrigated with 1% naocl during canal shaping, but only the teeth in group ii received a final irrigation with 17% edta for smear layer removal. the root canals were obturated with lateral condensation of gutta-percha and the specimens were cleared, allowing for observation under the microscope. results: in groups i and ii, 42.5% and 37.5% of the teeth, respectively, presented at least one filled canal ramification. although a larger number of obturated ramifications was found in group i, there were no statistically significant differences between the two groups (p = 0.4957). conclusions: smear layer removal under the conditions tested in this study did not affect the obturation of root canal ramifications when lateral condensation of gutta-percha was the technique used for root canal filling.
Avalia??o da prevalência de sofrimento psíquico em pacientes com dermatoses do espectro dos transtornos psicocutaneos
Taborda, Maria-Laura V. V.;Weber, Magda Blessmann;Freitas, Elaine Silveira;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962005000400004
Abstract: background: it is estimated that emotional aspects are involved in one third of patients with skin diseases. objective: to verify the prevalence of psychological distress in patients with psychocutaneous disorder dermatoses (pdd), as well as to relate the degree of psychological distress to the disease, duration of disease progression, gender and age of patients. methods: a cross-sectional descriptive study. it included 76 male and female patients presenting pdd; age range 15-60 years. the patients answered the srq-20 (self-reported questionnaire) prepared by the who to screen patients for mental disorders. results: the presence of psychological distress was observed in 25% of patients; in that, the females presented or=14 to positive srq in respect to males. the chi-square test did not show statistically significant association between skin disease and presence of psychological distress. taking in to account only patients with acne vulgaris and vitiligo, it could be observed that the latter presented higher levels of psychological distress than the former (or=8.9; p=0.034). conclusions: these data confirm the high prevalence of psychological distress in patients with some dermatoses. moreover, they suggest that chronic diseases presenting esthetically unpleasant appearance, such as vitiligo, may be associated to a higher level of psychological distress in this population. there was no significant association between dermatoses in general and psychological distress although a strong trend could be observed.
Valida??o de métodos alternativos qualitativos na detec??o de patógenos alimentares
Freitas,Elaine Ibrahim de; Lemos,Anderson Almeida de; Marin,Victor Augustus;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232006000400028
Abstract: food-born diseases (fbd) are a considered an important hazard for human health and the economy on individual, family and national level. the risk of dissemination of pathogens increases continuously and microbiological quality control programs are employed in the entire food chain in order to minimize the risk of infection and/or intoxication. the use of alternative methods for the detection of microorganisms is one of the tools for granting the microbiological safety of the products. for obtaining reliable results however the method needs to be validated. the purpose of the validation is to ensure through experimental studies that the method is meeting the requirements of analytical applications, ensuring the reliability of results and adequate levels of accuracy, precision, detection limit, solidity, repeatability, reproducibility, specificity, linearity and exactness. although there are some guides describing the validation of analytical methods, comparatively little has been said regarding validation of microbiological methods and even less with respect to molecular methods. the aim of this work is to review the parameters necessary for validating qualitative alternative methods in the detection of food-born diseases.
Caracteriza??o preliminar de bacteriocinas produzidas por seis cepas de bactérias láticas isoladas de produtos cárneos embalados a vácuo
Martinis, Elaine C. P. de;Santarosa, Priscila R.;Freitas, Flávia Z.;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612003000200016
Abstract: in this work, the bacteriocins produced by six bacterial strains were studied (lactobacillus sake 1, lactobacillus curvatus 5, leuconostoc mesenteroides 11, leuconostoc sp 12, lactobacillus curvatus 14 and lactobacillus sake 16). title of inhibitory activity was determined by critical dilution assay, using lactobacillus sake atcc 15521 and listeria monocytogenes as indicator microorganisms. the inhibitory compounds were also characterized with respect to stability to the action of enzymes, thermostability, stability in several phs and mode of action (bactericide or bacteriostatic) towards listeria monocytogenes. no bacteriocin was destroyed by pepsin, but all of them were destroyed by proteinase k, trypsin and a-amylase (except that a-amylase did not inactivate the bacteriocin produced by leuconostoc sp 12). lactobacillus sake 1, leuconostoc mesenteroides 11 and lactobacillus sake 16 exerted antilisterial activity. the more active strains against listeria monocytogenes were lactobacillus sake 1 and leuconostoc mesenteroides 11 (12.800 au/ml). bacteriocins produced by lactobacillus sake 1 and lactobacillus curvatus 5 presented the highest thermal stability. the bacteriocin of lactobacillus sake 1 was the most stable to ph variations. all lab produced bacteriocin in the range of temperature from 4oc to 30oc and this property is of great interest for future applications in refrigerated meat products.
Constipa??o intestinal em terapia intensiva
Azevedo, Rodrigo Palácio de;Freitas, Flavio Geraldo Rezende;Ferreira, Elaine Maria;Machado, Flávia Ribeiro;
Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-507X2009000300014
Abstract: constipation is a common complication identified among critically ill patients. its incidence is highly variable due to lack of definition of such patients. besides the already known consequences of constipation, in recent years it was observed that this complication may also be related to worse prognosis of critically ill patients. this review endeavors to describe the main available scientific evidence showing that constipation is a prognostic marker and a clinical representation of intestinal dysfunction, in addition to eventually interfering in the prognosis with treatment. ogilvie syndrome, a major cause of morbidity and mortality in intensive care units was also reviewed. considering the above cases it was concluded that more attention to this disorder is required in intensive care units as well as development of protocols for diagnosis and management of critically ill patients.
Perspectivas em Psicologia Institucional: investiga o/interven o em escolas públicas da Maré Perspectives in Instutional Psychology: an investigation and intervention in Mare's public schools
Angela Maria Dias Fernandes,Adriana Rozenowicz,Elaine Cristine de Moura Freitas,Joseane Pessanha Ferreira
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/s1414-98932003000400009
Abstract: Este texto pretende apresentar os resultados da investiga o realizada em escolas públicas da Maré/RJ. O objetivo da pesquisa era tornar visíveis os efeitos das a es de um programa social que se desenvolvia nas escolas, buscando a constru o de um instrumento de avalia o de projetos sociais assentada na perspectiva de participa o e coletiviza o. A metodologia adotada é denominada de investiga o/interven o, tendo como base ferramentas da Análise Institucional. Foi possível apreender a dinamica das rela es sociais produzidas a partir da inser o de novos atores sociais no cotidiano escolar, ganhando visibilidade as práticas instituídas e os limites das for as que se pretendem instituintes. This text intends to present the results of a research done in the public schools of Maré, Rio de Janeiro. The objective of the research was to bring light to the effects of the actions of a social program that was developed in the schools, looking for the construction of an evaluation instrument for social projects based on the perspective of participation and collectivity. The methodology adopted is called investigation/intervention, having Institutional Analysis as base tools. It was possible to apprehend the dynamics of the social relations produced by the insertion of new social actors in the school daily life, what highlighted the established practices and the limits of the forces that considered themselves instituted.
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