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Introducción al artículo “La ense anza de Economía post-Keynesiana en un departamento ortodoxo” de Marc Lavoie
Eladio Febrero
Revista de Economía Crítica , 2011,
Gilles Deleuze e a Quest o da Técnica
Eladio Craia
DoisPontos , 2011,
Abstract: The paper discusses in general terms the problems of contemporary technique, taking as its starting point the diagnosis of Martin Heidegger. The main horizon of analysis will be opened by the question surrounding the ontological status of the technique, from the point of views of the concepts offered by the ontology of "virtual " Gilles Deleuze, exposing this way the decisive displacement operated by the French philosopher about Heidegger philosophy. In this sense, the delicate matter implies, since the philosophy of Deleuze, the technical universe, not as homogeneous nor determined by an endogenous drive, but as multiple self-differentiated. The notion of virtual is the centerpiece in ontological terms to think the technique as production wich operates by updating a single field of virtual animated internally by difference. The paper exposes how it can be said that technology does not end anything, terminating, or encloses, as it is always related in varied differented settings.
Do sociólogo erudito ao sociólogo de mercado: patrocínio e constru o de redes na Sociologia brasileira
Eladio Antonio Oduber Palencia
Sociedade e Estado , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/s0102-69922005000100012
A escola inclusiva e estratégias para fazer frente a ela: as adapta es curriculares = The inclusive school strategies to deal with it: the curricular adaptations
Eladio Sebastian Heredero
Acta Scientiarum : Education , 2010,
Abstract: Embora tenhamos trabalhado durante quase três décadas sobre os modelos de resposta para atender, em nossas escolas, aos alunos com deficiência, ainda estamos no debate sobre qual é a melhor estratégia. Este trabalho, partindo de uma análise da situa o da escola inclusiva no Brasil, tem como objetivo analisar, de um lado, quais s o os modelos desenvolvidos de inclus o nas escolas brasileiras e, de outro, estudar as adapta es curriculares como estratégia compatível com modelos inclusivos. O fundo da quest o a analisar n o está no próprio instrumento, que sempre foi avaliado como recurso com altas potencialidades, porém, muitas vezes, mal estruturado; por isso, propomos uma forma prática de desenvolvê-las, nos diferentes níveis, e um modelo estruturado e testado. Pretendemos, nesta reflex o, trazer ante a comunidade científica a necessidade de consenso de um instrumento, com outras estratégias erecursos, que permitam ao professor programar objetivos e conteúdos, neste modelo de adapta o curricular - ACI, o mais próximo possível ao que está sendo feito na própria sala de aula, que o aluno está freqüentando, e que os seus colegas est o desenvolvendo. Esta é a única forma de incluir, realmente, este aluno, portador de necessidades especiais, numa chamada escola inclusiva. Although we have been working and discussing for nearly two decades about models to deal with students with special education needs in our schools, we are still debating about the most suitable methodology to apply. This paper tries to analyse the fact that adapted curriculum materials may be a methodological model compatible with the inclusive approach. The key to the question is not the tool itself: adapted curriculum materials have always been considered a versatile resource (despite sometimes being poorly structured). The problem lies on the fact that adapted curriculum materials are designed ignoring the usual activities programmed for regular classes. This analysis aims to make the scientific community aware ofthe need for an agreement on a methodological tool that, together with other strategies and resources, allows teachers program curriculum objectives and contents. The model proposed for designing adapted curriculum materials must be as close as possible to the materials used in regular classes where students with special education needs are. This is the only possible way to truly implement inclusion of students with special education needs in the so-called inclusive school.
Prevalencia y gravedad de las periodontopatías en pacientes portadores de VIH
Traviesas Herrera,Eladio Miguel; Armas Portela,Lourdes;
Revista Cubana de Estomatolog?-a , 2002,
Abstract: a study on the prevalence and severity of hiv infected patients was conducted at the aids sanatorium of santiago de las vegas. 150 seropositive patients that were attended at the dental service of the sanatorium were examined. the reviewed rosell's periodontal index (r-pi) was applied to each of them. patients were grouped according to the study of the immune system, and this was related by age and sex. 100 % of the examined patients had periodontal disease and periodontitis was the most frequent form. deteriorated immunity predominated among the surveyed and it was observed a strong association between the deterioration of the immune system and the periodontal state of the patients. no relation with sex was found.
Prevalencia y gravedad de las periodontopatías en pacientes portadores de VIH
Eladio Miguel Traviesas Herrera,Lourdes Armas Portela
Revista Cubana de Estomatolog?-a , 2002,
Abstract: Se realizó un estudio de prevalencia y gravedad en pacientes infectados por el VIH en el Sanatorio del SIDA de Santiago de las Vegas. Se examinaron 150 seropositivos que acudieron al Servicio de Estomatología del sanatorio. A cada uno se le aplicó al índice periodontal de Rosell revisado (IP-R). Se agruparon los pacientes atendiendo al estudio del sistema inmune y este último se relacionó por edad y sexo. El 100 % de los pacientes examinados poseían enfermedad periodontal, y fue la periodontitis la forma más frecuente. La inmunidad deteriorada predominó en los encuestados y se observó una fuerte asociación entre el deterioro del sistema inmune y el estado periodontal de los pacientes; no se encontró relación con el sexo. A study on the prevalence and severity of HIV infected patients was conducted at the AIDS Sanatorium of Santiago de las Vegas. 150 seropositive patients that were attended at the Dental Service of the Sanatorium were examined. The reviewed Rosell's periodontal index (R-PI) was applied to each of them. Patients were grouped according to the study of the immune system, and this was related by age and sex. 100 % of the examined patients had periodontal disease and periodontitis was the most frequent form. Deteriorated immunity predominated among the surveyed and it was observed a strong association between the deterioration of the immune system and the periodontal state of the patients. No relation with sex was found.
Reconstruction of the Evolutionary History of Saccharomyces cerevisiae x S. kudriavzevii Hybrids Based on Multilocus Sequence Analysis
David Peris, Christian A. Lopes, Armando Arias, Eladio Barrio
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0045527
Abstract: In recent years, interspecific hybridization and introgression are increasingly recognized as significant events in the evolution of Saccharomyces yeasts. These mechanisms have probably been involved in the origin of novel yeast genotypes and phenotypes, which in due course were to colonize and predominate in the new fermentative environments created by human manipulation. The particular conditions in which hybrids arose are still unknown, as well as the number of possible hybridization events that generated the whole set of natural hybrids described in the literature during recent years. In this study, we could infer at least six different hybridization events that originated a set of 26 S. cerevisiae x S. kudriavzevii hybrids isolated from both fermentative and non-fermentative environments. Different wine S. cerevisiae strains and European S. kudriavzevii strains were probably involved in the hybridization events according to gene sequence information, as well as from previous data on their genome composition and ploidy. Finally, we postulate that these hybrids may have originated after the introduction of vine growing and winemaking practices by the Romans to the present Northern vine-growing limits and spread during the expansion of improved viticulture and enology practices that occurred during the Late Middle Ages.
Evaluation of the Variability in Chemical Transport Model Performance for Deposition and Ambient Concentrations of Nitrogen and Sulfur Compounds
Bonyoung Koo,Piti Piyachaturawat,Ralph Morris,Eladio Knipping
Atmosphere , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/atmos3030400
Abstract: Air quality models are increasingly used to develop estimates of dry and wet deposition of sulfate and nitrate in watersheds (because of lack of measurements) in an effort to determine the acidifying deposition load into the aquatic systems. These models need to be rigorously evaluated to ensure that one can rely on the modeled quantities instead of the measured quantities. In the United State (U.S.), these models have been proposed for use in establishing national standards based on modeled quantities. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering aquatic acidification as the main ecological endpoint of concern in determining the secondary national ambient air quality standards for nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. Acidification is tied to depositions of sulfur and nitrogen, which are linked to ambient concentrations of the elements. As EPA proposes to use a chemical transport model in linking deposition to ambient concentration, it is important to investigate how the currently used chemical transport models perform in predicting depositions and ambient concentrations of relevant chemical species and quantify the variability in their estimates. In this study, several annual simulations by multiple chemical transport models for the entire continental U.S. domain are evaluated against available measurement data for depositions and ambient concentrations of sulfur oxides and reactive nitrogen species. The model performance results vary by evaluation time-scale and geographical region. Evaluation of annualized quantities (annual average ambient concentrations and annual total depositions) suppresses the large variances shown in the evaluation using the observation’s native shorter-term time-scales (e.g., weekly). In addition, there is a large degree of bias and error (especially for deposition fluxes) in the modeling results that brings to question the suitability of using air quality models to provide estimates of deposition loads. Variability in the ratio of deposition to ambient concentration, so-called the Transference Ratio that EPA has proposed to use in linking deposition to ambient concentration, is also examined. Our study shows that the Transference Ratios as well as total reduced nitrogen deposition, another modeled parameter EPA proposed to use in the process of determining the new secondary standard, vary considerably by geographical region and by model simulation.
Evaluación del color y la posición de trampas en la captura de cicadélidos en Gaultheria phillyreifolia (Ericaceae) afectadas por fitoplasmas
Arismendi, Nolberto;Carrillo, Roberto;Andrade, Nancy;Riegel, Ricardo;Rojas, Eladio;
Neotropical Entomology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2009000600008
Abstract: color sticky traps are one of the main alternatives to collect insect vectors, as they are easy to handle and are inexpensive. we aimed to compare the effect of color and height of the traps on the attractiveness to potential cicadellids vectors of plant pathogens. yellow and green colored stick traps were placed at two different heights in plant of gaultheria phillyreifolia. seventeen leafhopper species were identified, with ribautiana tenerrima herrich-sh?ffer (49%), carelmapu ramosi linnavuori & delong (33%), carelmapu aurionitens linnavuori (5%) and atanus sp. (6%) being the most common. all these species were significantly attracted by yellow sticky traps. ribautiana tenerrima was the only species affected by the height of the sticky traps. however, this was also dependent on the sampling season. the phytoplasma vector candidate, c. ramosi, showed two population peaks in early and late summer, which may indicate two different generations. males of this species were more abundant than females on sticky traps, but were both similarly attracted to yellow sticky traps. no differences were detected in the capture efficiency of both sexes at any height of the traps. the high proportion of c. ramosi captured suggests that the yellow sticky traps can be an important element for monitoring this species.
Descripción Discreta de Superficies de Contacto de Elementos Cónicos Elásticos en Uniones Mecánicas
Szwedowicz,Dariusz; Bedolla,Jorge; Martínez,Eladio; Bedolla,Marcos;
Información tecnológica , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07642006000400009
Abstract: a discrete description of contact surfaces on elastic conical rings, which couple together the shaft and hub by frictional forces, is presented. the main objective is to predict regions of potential contact in the mechanical joint, by measurements of the diameter variation along the axial direction. the surface topography is represented by the experimental data. the surface profile is then defined analytically by bézier curves, instead of the discrete description of the experimental database. these parameters can be considered to assess the workmanship quality of the conical parts and the quality rating of the conical fit, that effect significantly the reliable coupling of the conical joint in service. also, the proposed description of discrete surfaces can be used in finite element representation for real contours of the parts.
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