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Unusual hand radiographic presentation in a patient on hemodialysis
Chrysoula Pipili,Eirini Grapsa,Helen Tzanatos
Mediterranean Journal of Hematology and Infectious Diseases , 2012, DOI: 10.4084/mjhid.2012.
Abstract: We read with great interest the report of Alcelik et al. 1 (May 16 issue), about the case of upper extremity thrombosis caused by hand knitting. Knitting is also a popular Greek leisure activity, which gratify women of all ages, even when they suffer from serious health problems. Repetitive minor injuries caused from knitting may result in ......
The Effectiveness of a Pilot Self-Compassion Program on Well Being Components  [PDF]
Eirini Karakasidou, Anastasios Stalikas
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2017.84034
Abstract: Self-compassion is a newly developed construct in the field of positive psychology while a plethora of studies highlighted its beneficial outcomes on people’s psychological prosperity. This study aimed to explore the effectiveness of a self-compassion training program on self-compassion, positive and negative affect, depression, anxiety, stress, life satisfaction and subjective happiness as well as to contribute to knowledge by investigating whether changes in self-compassion can significantly predict changes in aspects of well being. A sample of 74 students of Social Sciences is randomly assigned to either the intervention (N = 33) or a control group (N = 41). The intervention group participated in a psycho-educational training program aiming to teach them how to be more self-compassionate in challenging situations whilst the control group received no training. The results showed that the intervention group experienced increases in self-compassion, positive affect, life satisfaction as well as subjective happiness and decreases in negative affect, depression, anxiety and stress scores, compared to the control group which reported no changes. These findings suggest the vital role self-compassion plays on psychological well-being and the effectiveness of focused intervention programs. Other possible implications and recommendations for future research are also considered.
The Effect of Physical Activity and Gender on Well Being and Body Image of Adolescents  [PDF]
Eleftheria Petrakaki, Eirini Karakasidou
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2017.811120
Abstract: The aim of the current study is to investigate the interaction between gender and physical activity with the three variables (subjective happiness, self-esteem and body image). More specifically, we will test if there is a difference between the variables (subjective happiness, self-esteem and body image) and if any gender differences are present. Method: A hundred and eleven (111) adolescent students (58 girls, 53 boys) who ranged in age from 13 to 17 years participated in the study. Because the participants were adolescents, their parents first completed the inform consent for their child’s participation. Then the students completed demographic factors in order to allocate them in exercisers or no-exercisers and sexual orientation and the three questionnaires. A 2 (exercisers, non-exercisers) × 2 (male, female) × 3 (Self Esteem Scale, Subjective Happiness Scale, Social Physique Anxiety Scale) multivariate ANOVA was conducted. Results: The statistical analysis revealed a significant correlation between the three variables (Self Esteem Scale, Subjective Happiness Scale and Social Physique Anxiety Scale). Furthermore, it revealed a significant main effect of exercisers on Self Esteem Scale, Subjective Happiness Scale and Social Physique Anxiety Scale but not significant effect of gender on the three variables, as well as a non-significant interaction of group and gender on the three variables. Conclusion: These findings are both in consistency with previous literature that exercise has mental prosperities in adolescents, but also in non-consistency as gender is concerned. As a result, future studies could be conducted in order to investigate further the impact of physical activity and gender in self-esteem, subjective happiness and social physique anxiety.
Empowering the Battered Women: The Effectiveness of a Self-Compassion Program  [PDF]
Eirini Karakasidou, Anastasios Stalikas
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2017.813140
Abstract: Self-compassion represents an attitude that has the strength of fostering positive emotions toward oneself while simultaneously maintaining a sense of connectedness with others. Empirical work so far has provided evidence that self-compassion contributes to well-being, happiness and life satisfaction. Domestic violence may be defined as willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior—as part of a systematic pattern of power and control—perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. Domestic violence survivors often feel shame, and blame themselves for being battered. This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of a self-compassion program in increasing self-compassion and fostering psychological well-being of abused women. A sample of 21 women completed five self-report questionnaires (Self-Compassion Scale, Positive and Negative Affect Scale, Resilience Scale, Subjective Happiness Scale and Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale) one week prior, one week following and six months after the completion of the six-week intervention program. The results indicated significant increases in self-compassion, positive affect, resilience and subjective happiness as well as decreases in negative affect depression, anxiety and stress. These findings might assist researchers and clinicians to develop future interventions in order to cultivate kind and encouraging attitudes in suffering individuals.
Standing-on-Shoulder and Fishing-Out Synergies: A Model for Endogenous Long-Waves  [PDF]
Grigoris Zarotiadis, Eirini Ozouni
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2017.77150
Abstract: Standard growth theory considers a constant, endogenously defined rate of technological change that generates a log-linear evolution of economic activity. Yet, the persistent current phase of worldwide slowdown triggers the awakening of “long waves” theories. In the present paper, starting from a dynamically evolving synergy of Romer’s “fishing out” and “standing on shoulders” effects, we end up having three mechanisms that provoke a cyclical evolution of applied ideas: a direct impact through applied research’s productivity; an effect through researcher’s effort allocation; and an effect through the allocation of labour force. Putting these together, we initiate long waves of per capita (p.c.) output.
The Role of Compassion for Self and Others, Compassion Fatigue and Subjective Happiness on Levels of Well-Being of Mental Health Professionals  [PDF]
Archontia Mantelou, Eirini Karakasidou
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2019.103021
Abstract: This study aimed to explore the role of compassion for self and others, compassion fatigue and subjective happiness on levels of well-being of mental health professionals as well as to contribute new knowledge by investigating whether and to what extent subjective happiness of therapists can be predicted. A sample population of the online survey comprised 58 mental health professionals living and working in Greece-Athens and the method of recruitment was by opportunity sampling. This particular study employed a series of two-tailed Pearson r correlation analyses as well as independent samples t-test and a hierarchical multiple regression analysis for the analysis of the data. The results that revealed through the four different questionnaires (Self-Compassion Scale, Professional Quality of Life Scale, Compassion-for-Others-Scale and Subjective Happiness Scale) showed that self-compassion has a protective function for the therapists. It enhances their subjective happiness, which in turn protects mental health and professional quality of life of therapists by reducing the negative effects of compassion fatigue. These findings highlight the importance of self-compassion, compassion for others and subjective happiness among therapists, as they are correlated with compassion fatigue.
Host immune response in sepsis due to ventilator-associated pneumonia: how is it different?
Eirini Christaki
Critical Care , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/cc8174
Abstract: Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) develops commonly in mechanically ventilated patients and is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the intensive care unit. In a study published in this issue of Critical Care, Pelekanou and colleagues [1] investigated the differences in innate and adaptive immune responses in 36 septic patients with VAP and 32 patients with sepsis due to other infections, like pyelonephritis, bacteremia, intra-abdominal infection, and community- and hospital-acquired pneumonia. There was evidence of a more pronounced immunoparalysis in patients with VAP than in those with other bacterial infections. This was supported by the decreased number of CD3+/CD4+ cells, the increase in monocyte apoptosis, and the lower release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, namely tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-6, from monocytes after stimulation with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in the group of patients with VAP.It is known that anergic monocytes from patients with septic shock showed increased susceptibility to apoptosis when compared with monocytes from normal hosts [2]. Patients with VAP are more compromised due to various factors like critical illness, malnutrition, invasive interventions, and the loss of anatomic defense mechanisms, some of which may contribute to monocyte unresponsiveness or lymphocyte depletion. The authors report that endotracheal intubation in septic patients without VAP was not independently associated with similar numeric and functional alterations in lymphocytes and monocytes. Nevertheless, the study might have been underpowered to detect such differences.Additionally, one important finding of the study [1] was the observation that septic patients with VAP whose monocytes failed to adequately respond to monocyte stimulation had decreased survival rates when compared with those with an increased cytokine release from monocytes. A similar trend was observed in non-VAP-related sepsis, but it was not statistically significant. Pr
Phylogenèse et psychogenèse de l’écrit : l’utilisation fonctionnelle et raisonnement dans un exemple en mathématiques
Review of Science, Mathematics and ICT Education , 2009,
Abstract: This article proposes to examine the relations between writing and cognition starting from work in cognitive anthropology (Goody and Olson primarily). The conditions of the emergence of the new functions of the human spirit compared to the production and to the use of graphic systems are discussed. We draw the particular characteristics of the writing and its use, the immediate cognitive possibilities that derive from it as well as the cognitive consequences in the long run. We also examine the theoretical aspects on the writing as a graphical representation in a process of psychogenesis. We explore the bond that exists between psychogenesis and phylogenesis with regard to the writing. We also examine empirically the conditions and the potential functional use that young children can make of graphic representations for problem resolving in mathematics.
Prospects of Using the European Language Portfolio as Pedagogical and Assessment Tool in Greek Schools
Eirini Bompolou
Research Papers in Language Teaching and Learning , 2012,
Abstract: This paper focuses on the implementation of the European Language Portfolio (ELP), a document that plays a central role in the Council of Europe’s language policy. More specifically, this paper investigates if the systematic use of the Greek version of the ELP, in the foreign language classroom could benefit the learners from a pedagogical point of view and at the same time serve as an assessment tool for the EFL teacher. A small scale study was conducted using questionnaires and interviews to explore the attitudes of Greek foreign language teachers and students. The paper discusses the benefits that the ELP has to offer to both teachers and learners and the steps that need to be followed to put the ELP into practice and to disseminate its use. The paper concludes that the introduction of the ELP in the Greek educational system could bring radical changes to the way students are taught and evaluated.
Radiation Reaction on Moving Particles in General Relativity
Eirini Messaritaki
Physics , 2003,
Abstract: A particle in the vicinity of a Schwarzschild black hole is known to trace a geodesic of the Schwarzschild background, to a first approximation. If the interaction of the particle with its own field (scalar, electromagnetic or gravitational) is taken into account, the path is no longer a background geodesic and the self-force that the particle experiences needs to be taken into consideration. In this dissertation, a recently proposed method for the calculation of the self-force is implemented. According to this method the self-force comes from the interaction of the particle with the Regular-Remainder scalar field, electromagnetic potential or metric perturbation. That Regular-Remainder is obtained by subtracting the Singular part (which exerts no force) from the retarded scalar field, electromagnetic potential of metric perturbation generated by the moving particle. First, the Singular scalar fields, electromagnetic potentials and metric perturbations are calculated for different sources moving in a Schwarzschild background. For that, the Thorne-Hartle-Zhang coordinates in the vicinity of the moving source are used. Then a mode-sum regularization method initially proposed for the direct scalar field is followed, and the regularization parameters for the singular part of the scalar field and for the first radial derivative of the singular part of the self-force are calculated. Also, the numerical calculation of the retarded scalar field for a particle moving on a circular geodesic in a Schwarzschild spacetime is presented. Finally, the self-force for a scalar particle moving on a circular Schwarzschild orbit is calculated and some results about the effects of the self-force on the orbital frequency of the circular orbit are presented.
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