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Uniformity of Precipitation and Radial Profile of the Super 10 Sprinkler at Different Operating Pressures  [PDF]
Paulo Eduardo S. Martins, Elcides R. da Silva, Juan Gabriel C. L. Ruiz, Gustavo R. Barbosa, José Renato Zanini, Marcílio V. Martins Filho
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2014.611090

The study aimed to evaluate the effect of operating parameters of the sprinkler Super 10, manufactured by NaanDanJain, with green, yellow and blue nozzles on the hydraulic characterization, so that this information can contribute to a better dimensioning of systems and management of irrigated areas. For the determination of UC and UD the radial method was used and with the aid of computer application CATCH 3D the overlapping of water slides with ten spacings was calculated. The results demonstrate that the mechanism used for the fractionation of the water jet of sprinkler Super 10 is efficient because it presented good uniformity of water distribution and low amplitude of precipitation. For high uniformity of distribution of water in the larger wetting radii, it is recommended to work with Super 10 sprinkler using the green nozzle, with a pressure of 40 mH2O and spacing between sprinklers and lateral lines 12 × 12 m.

Caminhada em ambiente aquático e terrestre: revis?o de literatura sobre a compara??o das respostas neuromusculares e cardiorrespiratórias
Silva, Eduardo Marczwski da;Kruel, Luiz Fernando Martins;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922008000600016
Abstract: the purpose of this review was to analyze neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory responses during walking in water and on dry land. the responses were presented during walking in shallow and in deep water. during walking in shallow water, neuromuscular (emg signal) and cardiorespiratory (hr and vo2) responses are very dependant on the exercise speed. neuromuscular responses can be lower in aquatic environment when speed is lower. on other hand, when the exercise is performed in similar speeds, propulsive muscles activity can be higher walking in shallow water. similary, higher cardiorespiratory responses are registered when similar speeds are used during the aquatic exercise. however, when it is performed at lower speeds, cardiorespiratory responses are similar or lower than the ones found on land. concerning walking in deep water, neuromuscular responses are different from walking on land due to the absence of the ground reaction forces. this characteristic probably modifies the muscles involved in propulsive forces production during the exercise. moreover, cardiorespiratory responses always seem to be lower than those during walking on land due to the effect of hidrostatic pressure as well as the lower posture muscles activity observed by the use of the floating belt in this modality.
Evaluation of the demanded physical effort and posture of workers in forest nursery activity
Eduardo da Silva Lopes,Felipe Martins de Oliveira
CERNE , 2011,
Abstract: The objective of this research was to evaluate the physical effort demanded and the posture of the workers in forest nursery activities and to propose an ergonomic reorganization to improve the security and health levels of workers. The study was carried out with workers of a forestry company located in Parana State, Brazil. The physical effort demanded was evaluation with in a survery of the workers cardiac frequency in different stages of the work using a Polar monitor from Finlandia and work classified in categories as proposed by Apud (1997). To evaluation posture the workers were filmed during the performance of his activities and the data submitted to the software WinOwas of analysis of postures. The results indicated that the work stages considered of higher physical exigency were the substrate preparation and transport of seedlings in polythene bags to vegetation home with cardiac frequency of 120 and 115 bpm and cardiovascular load of 42% and 37%, respectively, with the activities classified as average heavy. The critical posture to workers was at removal substrate in concrete-mixer, due an overload of lumbar column. The seedling production activity showed the necessity of the correction at posture of the workers because in 97% of the total time they stand with the lumbar column curved. It is possible to conclude that the forestry company should take preventive measures to avoid backaches, using educational strategies or changing the operational system.
Space-Time Codes from Spectral Norm: A Fresh Look
Carlos A. R. Martins,Eduardo Brandani da Silva
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Current research proposes a natural environment for the space-time codes and in this context it is obtained a new design criterion for space-time codes in multi-antenna communication channels. The objective of this criterion is to minimize the pairwise error probability of the maximum likelihood decoder, endowed with the matrix spectrum norm. The random matrix theory is used and an approximation function for the probability density function is obtained for the largest eigenvalue of a Wishart Matrix.
Pectinase production by Penicillium viridicatum RFC3 by solid state fermentation using agricultural wastes and agro-industrial by-products
Silva, Dênis;Martins, Eduardo da Silva;Silva, Roberto da;Gomes, Eleni;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822002000400008
Abstract: pectin lyase and polygalacturonase production by newly isolated penicillium viridicatum strain rfc3 was carried out by means of solid state fermentation using orange bagasse, corn tegument, wheat bran and mango and banana peels as carbon sources. the maximal activity value of polygalacturonase (pg) (30u.g-1) was obtained using wheat bran as carbon source while maximal pectin lyase (pl) (2000 u.g-1) activity value was obtained in medium composed of orange bagasse. mixtures of banana or mango peels with sugar cane bagasse resulted in increased pg and pl production compared to fermentations in which this residue was not used. the mixture of orange bagasse and wheat bran (50%) increased the production of pg and pl to 55 u.g-1 and 3540 u.g -1 respectively. fractions of pg and pl, isolated by gel filtration in sephadex g50, presented optimum activity at ph 5.0 and 10.5 respectively. maximal activity of pg and pl fractions was determined at 55oc and 50oc respectively. pg was stable in neutral ph range and at 40oc whereas pl was stable in acidic ph and at 35oc, for 1 h.
Pectinase production by Penicillium viridicatum RFC3 by solid state fermentation using agricultural wastes and agro-industrial by-products
Silva Dênis,Martins Eduardo da Silva,Silva Roberto da,Gomes Eleni
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2002,
Abstract: Pectin lyase and polygalacturonase production by newly isolated Penicillium viridicatum strain Rfc3 was carried out by means of solid state fermentation using orange bagasse, corn tegument, wheat bran and mango and banana peels as carbon sources. The maximal activity value of polygalacturonase (Pg) (30U.g-1) was obtained using wheat bran as carbon source while maximal pectin lyase (Pl) (2000 U.g-1) activity value was obtained in medium composed of orange bagasse. Mixtures of banana or mango peels with sugar cane bagasse resulted in increased Pg and Pl production compared to fermentations in which this residue was not used. The mixture of orange bagasse and wheat bran (50%) increased the production of Pg and Pl to 55 U.g-1 and 3540 U.g -1 respectively. Fractions of Pg and Pl, isolated by gel filtration in Sephadex G50, presented optimum activity at pH 5.0 and 10.5 respectively. Maximal activity of Pg and Pl fractions was determined at 55oC and 50oC respectively. Pg was stable in neutral pH range and at 40oC whereas Pl was stable in acidic pH and at 35oC, for 1 h.
Avalia??o da implanta??o da aten??o à hipertens?o arterial pelas equipes de Saúde da Família do município do Recife (PE, Brasil)
Costa,Juliana Martins Barbosa da Silva; Silva,Maria Rejane Ferreira da; Carvalho,Eduardo Freese de;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232011000200026
Abstract: a avalia??o da aten??o à hipertens?o arterial pelas equipes de saúde da família do recife (pe) foi realizada por meio de uma avalia??o normativa da estrutura e do processo de trabalho e da análise de alguns elementos contextuais. para tanto, foram entrevistados os médicos e enfermeiros de uma amostra aleatória representativa que abrangeu 72 equipes e os coordenadores do programa de hipertens?o, além da análise de documentos oficiais. para defini??o do grau de implanta??o, foi utilizado um sistema de escores que permitiu classificá-lo em excelente (90-100% das atividades implantadas); satisfatório (70-79%); insatisfatório (50-69%); e crítico (<50%). foi detectada uma importante fragilidade na aten??o ao hipertenso. a ausência de coordena??o geral do programa de hipertens?o no nível central e a insipiência das coordena??es nos distritos sanitários contribuíram para o baixo desempenho encontrado. o grau de implanta??o foi considerado insatisfatório, sendo identificados problemas relativos à adequa??o da área física, deficiência de insumos, inadequada qualifica??o profissional na aten??o ao hipertenso e um insipiente uso da informa??o para o planejamento das a??es.
Fatores Críticos de Sucesso para a Gest o do Conhecimento em uma Institui o de Educa o Superior Privada Critical Success Factors for Knowledge Management at a Private Higher Education School Factores Críticos del éxito para la Gestión del Conocimiento en una Institución Privada de Educacíon Superior
SILVA JUNIOR, Annor da,POLIZEL, Caio Eduardo de Guido,SILVA, Priscilla de Oliveira Martins da
Revista Brasileira de Gest?o de Negócios , 2012,
Abstract: RESUMO Objetiva-se descrever e analisar como a representatividade do Exame Nacional de Desempenho dos Estudantes (Enade) influencia os fatores críticos de sucessos (FCS) aplicados à gest o do conhecimento em uma Institui o de Educa o Superior (IES) privada. Para isso, realizou-se um estudo de caso qualitativo em uma IES localizada no Paraná, tendo como referência os resultados do Enade de 2006. Os dados foram coletados por meio de triangula o e submetidos a análise temática de conteúdo. A análise dos dados indica que os resultados do Enade tiveram sua representatividade gradativamente ampliada ao longo dos anos na IES. Verificou-se que os seis FCS aplicados à IES tiveram influência no resultado obtido pela IES no Enade 2006, que foi considerado como positivo pela institui o. Dois FCS aplicados à IES destacaram-se, porém, em rela o aos demais: políticas educacionais e avalia o institucional. Observou-se que o movimento de aproxima o da entidade mantenedora em rela o à entidade mantida acabou por influenciar e interferir na gest o universitária e, consequentemente, na gest o do conhecimento. Por fim, os dados permitiram caracterizar a gest o do conhecimento na IES, como ainda incipiente, indicando que “em casa de ferreiro, o espeto é de pau”. ABSTRACT We aim to describe and analyze how the representativeness of the National Student Performance Exam (NSPE) influences the critical success factors (CSF) applied to knowledge management at a private Higher Education School (HES). A qualitative case study was conducted in a HES located in the State of Paraná, taking into account the results of the NSPE 2006. Data were collected via triangulation and submitted to a thematic contents analysis. Data analysis showed that the representativeness of the results of the NESP gradually increased over the years at the HES. The six CSFs applied to the HES influenced the results of the HES at the NSPE 2006, which was considered positive by the institution. However, two of the CSFs applied to the HES were outstanding: educational policies and institutional evaluation. We observed that the intensification of the relation between the maintaining entity and the maintained one influenced and interfered in the university management and consequently in its knowledge management. Data allowed characterizing the knowledge management at the HES as incipient, showing that “the shoemaker's wife is the one who is shod worse”. RESUMEN El objetivo de este artículo es describir y analizar la forma cómo la representatividad del Examen Nacional de Desempe o de los Estudiantes (Enade) i
Purification and Properties of Polygalacturonase Produced by Thermophilic Fungus Thermoascus aurantiacus CBMAI-756 on Solid-State Fermentation
Eduardo da Silva Martins,Rodrigo Sim?es Ribeiro Leite,Roberto da Silva,Eleni Gomes
Enzyme Research , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/438645
Abstract: Polygalacturonases are enzymes involved in the degradation of pectic substances, being extensively used in food industries, textile processing, degumming of plant rough fibres, and treatment of pectic wastewaters. Polygalacturonase (PG) production by thermophilic fungus Thermoascus aurantiacus on solid-state fermentation was carried out in culture media containing sugar cane bagasse and orange bagasse in proportions of 30% and 70% (w/w) at 45°C for 4 days. PG obtained was purified by gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatography. The highest activity was found between pH 4.5 and 5.5, and the enzyme preserved more than 80% of its activity at pH values between 5.0 and 6.5. At pH values between 3.0 and 4.5, PG retained about 73% of the original activity, whereas at pH 10.0 it remained around 44%. The optimum temperature was 60–65°C. The enzyme was completely stable when incubated for 1 hour at 50°C. At 55°C and 60°C, the activity decreased 55% and 90%, respectively. The apparent molecular weight was 29.3?kDa, of 1.58?mg/mL and of 1553.1?μmol/min/mg. The presence of Zn+2, Mn+2, and Hg+2 inhibited 59%, 77%, and 100% of enzyme activity, respectively. The hydrolysis product suggests that polygalacturonase was shown to be an endo/exoenzyme. 1. Introduction Pectinases are a heterogeneous group of enzymes that hydrolyze the pectic substances present in plant material. The classification of pectinases is based on their mode of attack on the galacturan backbone of the pectin molecule, on specificity by substrate, or according to region of molecule where it acts [1]. The polygalacturonases catalyze the hydrolysis of glycosidic α-1-4 linkages in pectic acid and are of two types: endo-polygalacturonases (endo PG, EC, which act by hydrolysis of internal glycosidic bonds α-1-4 of polygalacturonic acid at random form, resulting in molecule depolymerization with release of oligogalacturonic acids, and exo-polygalacturonases (exo PG, EC which hydrolyse alternate α-1-4 glycosidic linkages of polygalacturonic acid from the nonreducing end, releasing unsaturated mono- or digalacturonic acids [2, 3]. This group of enzymes has been widely used in the food industry process such as clarification and viscosity reduction of fruit juices, preliminary treatment of grape juice for wine industries, tomato pulp extraction, oil extraction, and tea fermentation and in the textile industry in fibers degumming [4, 5]. In the literature, it has been reported that the type of fermentation influences the enzymes properties, such as thermostability and tolerance to pH
Acute Appendicitis after Liver Transplant: A Case Report and Review of the Literature  [PDF]
Ronaldo de Oliveira Andrade, Rodrigo da Silva Pires, Raul évora Silva, Felipe Pedreira Tavares de Mello, Cláudia Cristina Tavares de Sousa, Samanta Teixeira Basto, Eduardo de Souza Martins Fernandes
Open Journal of Organ Transplant Surgery (OJOTS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojots.2014.44005
Abstract: Acute appendicitis is rare in the postoperative period of liver transplantation; only 23 cases were described in the literature to date, including late and immediate postoperative. Our case reports a patient who was presented with acute appendicitis in the immediate post-transplant and died in the subsequent postoperative period. The article reviews the available literature and all cases known until now, commenting on incidence, casual factors, symptoms, diagnostic and management.
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