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Gremios de manejo como indicadores de las condiciones del ambiente: un estudio de caso con aves y perturbaciones del hábitat en el Monte central, Argentina
Milesi,Fernando A; Marone,Luis; Lopez de Casenave,Javier; Cueto,Víctor R; Mezquida,Eduardo T;
Ecolog?-a austral , 2002,
Abstract: different supra-specific groupings (e.g., guilds, functional groups) are used as management tools to obtain simple or economical indicators of the state of resources or "health" of local communities. one proposed approach was to use "management guilds", grouping those species that respond in a similar manner to the impacts in their environment. according to the a priori proposed technique, we classified the species of birds at the central monte desert (biosphere reserve of ?acu?án, argentina) into foraging and nesting guilds, using our own local data of diet, foraging behavior and nesting substrate, emphasizing microhabitat use. we estimated the richness of the bird assemblage, the density of each guild and the structure of the vegetation (cover of vegetation strata) in protected open forest ("control") habitats and in habitats affected by the two most common disturbances in this system: fire and grazing. both perturbations were associated with long-standing important changes in the structure of vegetation, particularly the fire: a reduction of the cover of grasses and woody plants. the number of bird species followed the same trend than the structure of vegetation, but the densities of only some of the foraging and nesting guilds were correlated with these modifications. obtaining management guilds by grouping species according to the common use of resources is a plausible hypothesis, but not a property established by definition. for example, granivores did not present an homogeneous intra-guild response, and the only guilds that showed a consistent outcome to these disturbances were those whose resources, by definition, were drastically altered (e.g., if there are no shrubs, the birds that forage searching in the shrubs disappear). the a posteriori grouping of species that respond in a similar way to the disturbance may produce a useful tool, but not without problems (circularity, unknown extrapolative power, plausible but fallacious reasoning). in these cases, in
Associated or Concomitant Diseases Influence Significantly the Health-Sickness Concept in Celiacs  [PDF]
Eduardo Cueto Rúa, Maria Teresita Gonzalez Villar, Ricardo Wright, Claudia Losada Gómez, Karol Martínez, María Arregui, Luciana Guzmán, Cecilia Zubiri, Viviana Bernedo, Anabella Zosi, Lorena Menéndez, Lucas Ruiz, Leopoldo Mancinelli, María Urrutia, Ricardo Drut
Open Journal of Epidemiology (OJEpi) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojepi.2017.72013
Abstract: It is well-known that feeling to be a healthy or sick person most probably results from the mind than from the body. We all know healthy people who feel sick and vice versa. We were interested in the health and sickness feeling of celiac people, their autorating of these feelings and its conditioning factors as well as their expectations. In this paper we present the results of an inquiry to evaluate these situations. We performed a descriptive, transversal and prospective study for 2 years to groups of celiacs and their families. They received a closed inquiry to be completed before the beginning of the talk. The inquiry included personal data and the co-existence of associated or concomitant (AoC) diseases. Most of the sample’s patients felt to be a healthy person (86.8%). Mothers see their children as healthy and the auto rated criteria is significantly better than the adult celiac person (“t”= -6.024 (p = 0.000)). AoC diseases influenced negatively in the feeling of being healthy and strongly decreased the autorating. Longer time passed on treatment reflects an increase feeling of health and of the autorating. In people with AoC diseases and who feel sick, the increased time of treatment did not show significant differences. People with “gluten sensitivity” felt sicker and auto rated themselves with a lower number than celiacs. Many pediatric gastroenterologists notice that the newly agreed definition of celiac disease, referring it as “autoimmune, chronic, incurable, and multisystemic”, results in a very negative character of the condition which might compromise the future labour of this people as well as their admittance to different health insurance systems.
Cueto Rúa,Santiago;
Historia Crítica , 2010,
Abstract: this article analyzes hijos, the human rights organization comprised of children of the victims of state terrorism in argentina. it examines some of the distinctive characteristics of this group, particularly with regard to the ruptures and continuities with the practices of the human rights movement. it analyzes how the group emerged, shaped its collective identity, formulated its demands for justice, and tells stories about the recent past.
hijos de víctimas del terrorismo de Estado. Justicia, identidad y memoria en el movimiento de derechos humanos en Argentina, 1995-2008.
Santiago Cueto Rúa.
Historia Crítica , 2010,
Abstract: This article analyzes HIJOS, the human rights organization comprised of children of the victims of state terrorism in Argentina. It examines some of the distinctive characteristics of this group, particu-larly with regard to the ruptures and continuities with the practices of the human rights movement. It analyzes how the group emerged, shaped its collective identity, formulated its demands for justice, and tells stories about the recent past.
Historia reciente: Perspectivas y desafíos para un campo en construcción
Santiago Cueto Rúa
Intersecciones en Antropología , 2008,
The difficult though essential dialogue between biology and its philosophy
Marone,Luis; Milesi,Fernando A; González del Solar,Rafael; Tomás Mezquida,Eduardo; López de Casenave,Javier; Cueto,Víctor R;
Interciencia , 2006,
Abstract: charges leveled against evolutionary theory by natural selection (etns) of not being falsifiable are not adequately answered, not to mention dispelled, by exhibiting any amount of empirical evidence. immunity to falsification means that etns can assimilate any possible data as a favorable case, and therefore empirical evidence cannot affect etns?s truth value. as a consequence, any attempt to provide an answer to such charges can only dwell at a philosophical level of analysis, whereas assessing the quality and quantity of the evidence supporting etns (whether such evidence comes from systematics, ecology, ethology, physiology or molecular genetics) belongs in the scientific level. since etns is a central element for the intelligibility of biological science, it is of fundamental importance to pay attention to the philosophical arguments that counsel to mitigate the role of falsifiability as a criterion for good science. the relevant criteria should take into account both that factual theories need empirical content and that historical disciplines should be part of science. the consequences of those arguments for research practice in evolutionary ecology were previously assessed (marone et al., 2002). sadly, our attempt was misunderstood by néspolo (2003), who construed it as an attack to evolutionary theory. in the present paper we briefly review both mentioned papers, attempt to further analyze the consequences of etns being a premise of ecological research, and conclude by suggesting that evolutionary biology would benefit, as every scientific discipline, from a more fluid dialogue between science and its philosophy.
Biological effect of 1-dodecanol in teneral and post-teneral Rhodnius prolixus and Triatoma infestans (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)
Cueto, Gastón Mougabure;Zerba, Eduardo;Picollo, María Inés;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762005000100012
Abstract: topical application of 1-dodecanol was significantly more toxic against teneral first nymphs (1-3 h old) than post-teneral first nymphs (24 h old). the lethal dose ratios were 711,500 for rhodnius prolixus and 3613 for triatoma infestans. no significative difference between ld50 was found when 1-dodecanol was injected in recently hatched adult r. prolixus (1-4 h old) nor in older adults (24 h old). these values were similar to those calculated for deltamethrin (an effective triatomicide), showing that 1-dodecanol had no insecticidal properties when it was applied by injection. topical application of high dose of 1-dodecanol (1 μg/i) on teneral first nymphs of r. prolixus, produced an interruption of the darkening process of the cuticle, and probably in the development of its physiological properties.
Embryonic development of human lice: rearing conditions and susceptibility to spinosad
Cueto, Gastón Mougabure;Zerba, Eduardo;Picollo, María Inés;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762006000300005
Abstract: the embryonic development of human lice was evaluated according to the changes in the morphology of the embryo observed through the transparent chorion. based on ocular and appendage development, three stages of embryogenesis were established: early, medium, and late. influence of temperature and relative humidity (rh) on the laboratory rearing of pediculus humanus capitis eggs was assessed. the optimal ranges for temperature and rh were 27-31°c and 45-75%. the susceptibility of human louse eggs to insecticide spinosad (a macrocyclic lactone) was assessed by immersion method. the results showed similar susceptibility to spinosad in early, medium, and late stages of head lice eggs. in addition, this study showed similar susceptibility of head and body lice eggs to spinosad, an insecticide that has not been used as pediculicide in argentina (lethal concentration 50: 0.01%).
Actividad sexual en cabritos criollos neuquinos de la Patagonia Argentina
Gibbons,A.; Cueto,M.; Lanari,M.R.; Domingo,E.;
Archivos de Zootecnia , 2009, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-05922009000100016
Abstract: detailed information on the onset of puberty and sexual maturation are needed for good reproductive management of domestic animals. most breeds of goat are seasonal breeders and the age of puberty in male differ among them. the purpose of this investigation was to determine in 33 neuquino criollo kids, raised and managed under a extensive system (lat. 41o 02' s long. 70o 34' w) during april to july (180-270 days of age), the development of break down prepuce membrane and copulation capacity exposed to four females in hormonally induced estrus, for 10 minutes. the respective month rates non prepuce membrane and sexual copulation were 69.6, 78.3, 78.3, 82.6% and 18.7, 50, 61.1, 63.1% during april, may, june and july. for these months the live weight and testicular circumference means were 17.3 ± 0.07, 19.7 ± 0.07, 19.2 ± 0.06, 17.8 ± 0.06 kg and 16.5 ± 0.08, 16.7 ± 0.08, 17.6 ± 0.08, 17.2 ± 0.07 cm, respectively. the relation between testicular circumference and live weight in kids with or without prepuce membrane (april to july) and with or non-copulatory capacity (may to july) determined that kids without prepuce membrane had significantly higher means in live weight and testicular circumference than those with it. also kids with copulation capacity had significantly higher means in live weight and testicular circumference than those with non-copulation capacity. in conclusion, neuquino criollo kids had a progressive lost of their prepuce membrane and increasing copulation capacity during their first breeding season. sexual development of kids appears to be closely associated with live weight and testicular circumference.
Taxonomic notes on Amarodytes duponti (Aubé, 1838) (Dytiscidae, Hydroporinae, Bidessini) with redescription of male genitalia
Benetti, C. J.,Régil Cueto, J. A.
Animal Biodiversity and Conservation , 2004,
Abstract: The male genitalia of the water beetle Amarodytes duponti (Aubé, 1838) are described and illustrated. The species was collectedin small pools of rainwater on the margins of a river. A. duponti is distinguished from other species of the genus by the presence of bi-segmented parameres. This species is related to Bidessodes Régimbart, Hypodessus Guignot and Tepuidessus Spangler.
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