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Oxiurasis en puerto natales (Prov. De Magallanes)
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1947,
The freshwater amphipods Hyalella Smith, 1874 in Chile (Crustacea: Amphipoda)
Revista chilena de historia natural , 2003, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-078X2003000400007
Abstract: the chilean fauna of amphipods has been poorly studied. freshwater amphipods in chile have a single genus in epigean environments. seven species of the genus hyalella are reported for chile: h. simplex; h. fossamancinii, h. kochi; h. chiloensis; h. costera; h. araucana, and h. franciscae. a short diagnosis, a key and figures are given for each species
The freshwater amphipods Hyalella Smith, 1874 in Chile (Crustacea: Amphipoda) Los anfípodos de agua dulce del género Hyalella Smith, 1874 en Chile (Crustacea: Amphipoda)
Revista chilena de historia natural , 2003,
Abstract: The Chilean fauna of amphipods has been poorly studied. Freshwater amphipods in Chile have a single genus in epigean environments. Seven species of the genus Hyalella are reported for Chile: H. simplex; H. fossamancinii, H. kochi; H. chiloensis; H. costera; H. araucana, and H. franciscae. A short diagnosis, a key and figures are given for each species La fauna de anfípodos chilenos ha sido pobremente estudiada. En el caso de los de agua dulce y de ambientes epigeos, el grupo está representado solo por un género. Se reportan siete especies del género Hyalella para Chile: H. simplex; H. fossamancinii, H. kochi; H. chiloensis; H. costera; H. araucana, y H. franciscae. Se entrega una breve diagnosis, una clave y figuras para cada especie
Producción y calidad de la leche bubalina
Exequiel Maria Pati?o
Tecnología en Marcha , 2011,
Abstract: El búfalo, al igual que los bovinos, son clasificados zoológicamente en la familia Bovidae y en la subfamilia bovinae. Los bovinos pertenecen a la especie Bos taurus y los búfalos a la Bubalus. Dentro de esta última encontramos a su vez tres sub especies, Bubalis, Karebau o Carabao y Fulvus. La especie Bubalus también es clasificada como búfalo de agua (Bubalus bubalis bubalis) y de pantano (Bubalus bubalis karebau).El Bubalus bubalis sp. también denominado búfalo doméstico o asiático muchas veces es confundido con el bisonte americano (Bison bison), mal llamado búfalo americano o con el búfalo africano (Syncerus caffer) también conocido como búfalo salvaje de áfrica. El búfalo doméstico posee un número menor de cromosomas que el bovino (50 en lugar de 60), lo que hace incompatible su cruzamiento, aclarando a su vez que el búfalo de río o agua tiene 50 cromosomas, y el de pantano 48, lo cual hace viable su cruzamiento. El búfalo se encuentra actualmente en todos los continentes. Tuvo su origen en Asia y se registran datos de su existencia como animal doméstico desde hace 4.500 a os, en la región ocupada actualmente por India y Pakistán. De Asia fue llevado a áfrica, luego a Europa, Oceanía y posteriormente a América. La población bubalina actual en el mundo según la FAO (2008) es de 180,7 millones de cabezas, de las cuales Asia tiene el 96,40% del total de dicha existencia, áfrica cuenta con el 2,78%, América con 0,63%, Europa con el 0,18% y Oceanía con el 0,001%.
Byzantion Nea Hellás , 2012,
Abstract: En el a o 668, Teodoro de Tarso fue consagrado por el papa Vitaliano como arzobispo de Canterbury. Su elección suponía un peligro: Teodoro, un "griego", era sospechoso de inculcar doctrinas heréticas. El presente trabajo busca, a partir de las obras de Teodoro, establecer la influencia en él de ense anzas heterodoxas, y el modo en que éstas se introducen en la actividad intelectual del arzobispo. In the year 668, Theodore of Tarsus was consecrated by pope Vitalian as archbishop of Canterbury. His election was risky: it was thought Theodore, a "Greek man", could inculcate heretic doctrines. The present article intends to, from the research on Theodore's work, establish the influence on him of non-orthodox teachings, and the way in which these might have influenced the archbishop's intellectual activity.
Notions of Computation as Monoids
Exequiel Rivas,Mauro Jaskelioff
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: There are different notions of computation, the most popular being monads, applicative functors, and arrows. In this article we show that these three notions can be seen as monoids in a monoidal category. We demonstrate that at this level of abstraction one can obtain useful results which can be instantiated to the different notions of computation. In particular, we show how free constructions and Cayley representations for monoids translate into useful constructions for monads, applicative functors, and arrows. Moreover, the uniform presentation of all three notions helps in the analysis of the relation between them.
Revealing an Endemic Herbivore-Palm Interaction in Remote Desert Oases of Baja California  [PDF]
Elisabet V. Wehncke, Xavier López-Medellín, Michael Wall, Exequiel Ezcurra
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2013.42A060

In the Central Desert of northern Baja California, blue fan palm populations (Brahea armata) are found as isolated oases on mountaintops and along canyons with ephemeral flow conditions. Here, the effect of the interaction between the larva of an endemic moth, Litoprosopus bajaensis, and this endemic blue fan palm was documented for the first time. We registered the phenology of palms by counting the number of shoots with flowers or fruits, assessing their damage and calculating the reproductive success per individual palm within three populations: San Pedro Martir, Catavi?a, and La Libertad. Palm populations were severely impacted by this larva, causing high damage to the inflorescences. No differences were found in the number of inflorescence stems produced and damaged among study sites; but the reproductive success of palms was significantly higher in Catavi?a than in the other sites during the entire sampling period, and consequently an important proportion of stems escaped from the herbivore predation. We suggest that differences among sites may be explained by the fact that Catavi?a is the only alluvial canyon and can be considered an area of high nutrient uptake, resource availability, and rooting depths. In contrast the other two are bedrock canyons, where water runs intensely, sweeping away great portions of the nearby vegetation. Catavi?a received the highest precipitation during the winter season of 2010 allowing a continuous production of inflorescence stems and fruits. This preliminary study reveals a new endemic interaction, it occurrence at population and regional levels, and highlights the role of desert oases as resource patches and connectivity pathways for mobile insects. Finally, it also highlights the effects of different water flow dynamics and water pulses in providing an opportunity window of escape from predation for host plant species living in desert environments.

Una formulación matemática y de solución para programar cirugías con restricciones de recursos humanos en el hospital público
Pradenas Rojas,Lorena; Matamala Vergara,Exequiel;
Ingeniare. Revista chilena de ingeniería , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-33052012000200010
Abstract: currently, national and international public hospitals have demands that exceed their service capacity, which has caused a growing interest in management sciences to deliver these medical centers the tools that will enable them to perform efficiently and effectively, delivering services to different patients. this study provides a new way of approaching the problem of surgical scheduling using mathematical programming, presenting a multi-objective optimization model and a metaheuristic algorithm implemented computationall. the solution allows weekly schedule of surgical procedure and complying with the requirements of the flag and expertise necessary for realization. we ordered test instances where the execution time of the algorithm, coded in c++, was 7 minutes for a 191 surgeries waiting list, which is a considerable less amount of time to this schedule than using a manual approach. the latest is the case of public hospitals.
Fructificaciones de la Formación Los Rastros, Triásico Superior, Provincia de San Juan, Argentina
Arce, Federico Exequiel;Alicia Isabel, Lutz;
Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas , 2010,
Abstract: this paper is a contribution to the study of little known triassic fructifications from argentina and elsewhere in gondwana. specimens are from the early late triassic los rastros formation of the san juan province. the studied taxa belong to the pteridospermophyta, genera umkomasia and peltaspermum as well as andersonia rastroensis new genus and species; pinophyta, with the genus telemachus of the voltziaceae and the genus matatiella of uncertain affinities. comparisons with other gondwana floras are given as well as discussions on certain taxonomical aspects.
A new species of Hyalella from the Andes in Perú (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Hyalellidae)
González,Exequiel R; Watling,Les;
Revista de Biología Tropical , 2002,
Abstract: hyalella pauperocavae n. sp. from huancayo, perú, is described. five other epigean freshwater amphipods have been described from peru (excluding lake titicaca), but the lack of type material and poor descriptions do not allow the assignment of the species described here to any of the names known for the area
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