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Electronic identification of cattle: interference in the reading of ceramic bolus transponders in the presence of ruminal magnets
N. Ferri,E. Marchi,T. Di Mattia
Veterinaria Italiana , 2004,
Abstract: The authors assess the reading performances of electronic transponders encased in ceramic boluses, utilised as identification (ID) instruments for production ruminants, and the possible influence of the magnet, which is located in the fore-stomach of ruminants. Research has been conducted in free-range Friesian dairy herds in the Teramo Province. The use of the electronic bolus to identify cattle appears to provide better guarantees than the traditional methods used and meets the requirements of identifying individual animals at the farm level. Results demonstrate how the presence of both the magnet and the ceramic bolus, equipped with a transponder, makes it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to read the code. However, the electronic ID system is the best instrument currently available. The authors confirm the validity of this method and highlight some problems that still need to be solved.
Photovoltaic Energy Harvester with Power Management System
M. Ferri,D. Pinna,E. Dallago,P. Malcovati
Journal of Sensors , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/349389
Abstract: We present a photovoltaic energy harvester, realized in 0.35-μm CMOS technology. The proposed system collects light energy from the environment, by means of 2-mm2 on-chip integrated microsolar cells, and accumulates it in an external capacitor. While the capacitor is charging, the load is disconnected. When the energy in the external capacitor is enough to operate the load for a predefined time slot, the load is connected to the capacitor by a power management circuit. The choice of the value of the capacitance determines the operating time slot for the load. The proposed solution is suitable for discrete-time-regime applications, such as sensor network nodes, or, in general, systems that require power supply periodically for short time slots. The power management circuit includes a charge pump, a comparator, a level shifter, and a linear voltage regulator. The whole system has been extensively simulated, integrated, and experimentally characterized. 1. Introduction Modern ultralow power integrated circuits have reached such a high level of complexity, that for many applications traditional batteries are no longer sufficient, since they cannot guarantee a long enough life time [1]. These applications, such as sensor nodes or lab-on-chip, often include very stressing computational algorithms and wireless communication systems. By harvesting energy from the environment, for example in the form of light, vibrations, or thermal gradients, such systems could work for nearly infinite time without the need of replacing batteries. Energy harvesting not only allows the improvement of the lifetime of the device and the reduction of its weight, but it also enables entirely new applications, that are otherwise not feasible, given the lifetime and size of the batteries. Despite the technology scaling, indeed, electrochemical batteries show a slow growth in terms of energy density and represent a bottleneck for weight and volume [2–4]. Light can be considered the most copious energy source in many environments. Photovoltaic energy scavengers can reach conversion efficiencies ranging from 20%, in standard monocrystalline silicon planar technology, to almost 50% [5, 6], in multimaterial planar wafers, considering an illumination of 1000?W/m2 from the sun. Moreover the photo-electric phenomena [7] in doped silicon allows retrieving the highest amount of power with respect to any other types of harvesters. Moreover, photovoltaic cells are intrinsically compatible with standard integrated circuit technologies [8], thus making them particularly suitable for implementing
Orthotopic neobladder in women. Evaluation of our experience
Urogynaecologia International Journal , 2010, DOI: 10.4081/uij.2000.63
Abstract: We evaluated the results obtained in radical cystectomy operations with an orthotopic neobladder, performed on 8 female subjects, at our Department since 1996. The aim of this study was to broaden the indication for this surgical treatment to women as well as in men and not only for oncological pathologies.
Profile of the urethral transmission pressure in patients undergoing tension-free vaginal tape (T.V.T.)
Urogynaecologia International Journal , 2010, DOI: 10.4081/uij.2000.25
Abstract: The aim of the paper is to compare the pre-operative and postoperative urodynamic parameters of women with stress incontinence undergoing a TVT (Tension-free Vaginal Tape) operation in order to evaluate the functional dynamics of the operation. Twenty-two patients (mean age 56.3 years, range 30-69 years) underwent the TVT operation for the correction of stress urinary incontinence. Cervical urethral hypermobility was present in all the patients and only the TVT operation and no other surgical procedure was performed. The main urodynamic modification was the improved transmission pressure to the urethra (CTU%) at the post-operative check up, although the maximum urethral closure pressure (MUCP), the functional length (FL) and the maximum flow (Qmax) remained unchanged.
The pathogenesis of the anaemia of chronic disorders
C.U. Manzini,E. Manzini,C. Ferri
Reumatismo , 2012, DOI: 10.4081/reumatismo.2012.128
Abstract: Anemia of chronic disorders is a typical condition of infective, immunological and neoplastic diseases. Hepcidin and proinflammatory cytokines play a leading role in its pathogenesis. Hepcidin is a hormone produced by the liver that controls iron metabolism. It ensures that iron is retained by enterocytes (where the metal is absorbed) and by macrophages (that store the iron that results from the physiological breakdown of erythrocytes). Cytokines play a role in hepcidin synthesis, and in the proliferation and the maturation of the erythroid components within bone marrow. This paper discusses the pathogenetic mechanisms of anemia in chronic disorders.
Carbon sp chains in graphene nanoholes
Ivano E. Castelli,Nicola Ferri,Giovanni Onida,Nicola Manini
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/24/10/104019
Abstract: Nowadays sp carbon chains terminated by graphene or graphitic-like carbon are synthesized routinely in several nanotech labs. We propose an ab-initio study of such carbon-only materials, by computing their structure and stability, as well as their electronic, vibrational and magnetic properties. We adopt a fair compromise of microscopic realism with a certain level of idealization in the model configurations, and predict a number of properties susceptible to comparison with experiment.
Cáncer de mama e índice de masa corporal en mujeres posmenopáusicas
Nino,Ferri N; Ferri A,Felice A; Ferri A,Francisco A; Brunicardi H,Rafael A; Franco T,Alejandro E; Franco M,Arturo L;
Revista Venezolana de Oncología , 2010,
Abstract: breast cancer is currently the second leading cause of death from malignant tumours in women?s. recent investigations classified overweight and obesity as risk factors for this disease, the association is due to the production of estrogens in fatty tissue by enzymatic processes. objective: in these work we can determine the relationship between breast carcinoma and body mass index in postmenopausal women. methods: a quantitative correlation study, type cases and controls. the non-probability sample consisted of 103 postmenopausal women with breast cancer (cases), 100 postmenopausal women without breast carcinoma (controls) who came to consult at hospital ?dr. guerra mendez? mastology unit, in valencia, carabobo between 1992 and 2007. data collection was done through review of medical records, representing the results in median, interquartile range, chi square test, chi square with yates? correction and the wilcoxon test. results: patients were classifying in two groups, with and without breast cancer, according to body mass index, noting that in the cases the 44.66 % were overweight and the 36.9 % were obese. in the other hand the controls had 38 % of overweight people, 36 % obese and 1 % malnutrition. there was no a statistically significant 95 % confidence association between index and breast cancer. conclusions: there is no relationship between breast cancer and the body mass index in the sample studied. these studied suggested to make similar projects with a more samples, and let us to get meaningful and more reliable results.
Mixed cryoglobulinemia
Clodoveo Ferri
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1750-1172-3-25
Abstract: Mixed cryoglobulinemia (type II or type III), cryoglobulinemic vasculitis.The term cryoglobulinemia refers to the presence in the serum of one (monoclonal cryoimmunoglobulinemia) or more immunoglobulins (mixed cryoglobulinemia), which precipitate at temperatures below 37°C and re-dissolve on re-warming [1,2]. This is an in vitro phenomenon (Fig. 1), the actual mechanism(s) of cryoprecipitation remains obscure, it could be secondary to intrinsic characteristics of both mono- and polyclonal immunoglobulin (Ig) components, it can be caused as well by the interaction among single components of the cryoprecipitate [1-14].Cryoglobulinemia is usually classified into three subgroups [4] according to Ig composition (Table 1): type I cryoglobulinemia is composed of only one isotype or subclass of immunoglobulin. Both type II and type III mixed cryoglobulins are immune complexes composed of polyclonal IgGs, the autoantigens, and mono- or polyclonal IgMs, respectively; the IgMs are the corresponding autoantibodies with rheumatoid factor (RF) activity [3-6]. With more sensitive methodologies, i.e. immunoblotting or 2-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, type II mixed cryoglobulins frequently shows a microheterogeneous composition; in particular, oligoclonal IgM or a mixture of polyclonal and monoclonal IgM can be detected [3]. This particular serological subset, termed type II-III mixed cryoglobulinemia (MC), could represent an intermediate, evolutive state from type III to type II MC. Moreover, type II-III MC could fit together the most recent molecular studies showing the presence of oligoclonal B-lymphocyte proliferation in the liver and bone marrow biopsies from MC patients [3]. In two third of type II MC, a cross-idiotype WA monoclonal RF (firstly isolated from the serum of a patient with Waldenstr?m's macroglobulinemia) has been demonstrated [14].Type I cryoglobulinemia is almost invariably associated with well-known hematological disorders and is frequently asy
Fluttuazioni endogene, deflazione da debiti e instabilità finanziaria
Piero Ferri
Moneta e Credito , 2006,
Abstract: Il presente lavoro studia le relazioni che intercorrono fra fluttuazioni endogene e crisi finanziarie facendo riferimento ad alcuni concetti, strumenti e metodologie che si rifanno all’analisi di Minsky. In particolare, l’articolo utilizza una funzione degli investimenti basata sul concetto di “cash flow” e la collega a una particolare struttura del mercato del lavoro in grado di generare una mutevole distribuzione del reddito. Queste equazioni sono arricchite dalla presenza di aspettative da parte dei vari operatori che cercano di “apprendere” (learning) la dinamica del sistema facendo riferimento a “rolling regressions”. Le simulazioni del modello non-lineare sono in grado di generare fluttuazioni persistenti che sono accompagnate, a seconda delle ipotesi fatte, da fenomeni inflazionistici o deflazionistici. In questo contesto, l'instabilità finanziaria e la deflazione da debiti rappresentano più l’incapacità del sistema ad avere fluttuazioni contenute che non lo scoppio di bolle finanziarie come in Minsky.
Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9: From the Discovery to the Development of New Therapies for Cardiovascular Diseases
Nicola Ferri
Scientifica , 2012, DOI: 10.6064/2012/927352
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