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TNF-α (Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha) and iNOS (Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase) Expression in Rat Brain Infected by Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strain H37RV  [PDF]
Dwi Yuni Nur Hidayati, Hidayat Sujuti, Laksmi Wulandari, Alan Darma Saputra, Giovani Anggasta Santoso
Journal of Tuberculosis Research (JTR) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jtr.2017.51006
Abstract: Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Mycobacterium tuberculosis will form the primary focus or Ghon focus in the lungs of infected people. The primary focus can break and get into the bloodstream and/or lymph to the entire body, including the central nervous system, especially the brain. Tuberculosis infection in the brain can cause microglia secrete inflammatory factors such as TNF-α and IL-1β is emerging as the body’s immune response. The factors that can trigger microglia to secrete iNOS (Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase) in order to protect the brain from attacking bacteria. iNOS is shown to have an important role in tuberculosis infection in the brain. TNF-α is a pro-inflammatory cytokine which is mostly produced by macrophages/microglia through several mechanisms. Therefore, to investigate how the expression of TNF-α and iNOS in the brain tissue of the mice is not infected with tuberculosis, tuberculosis infection with an incubation period of 8 weeks and 16 weeks. This study is a semiquantitative study by comparing the amount of expression of TNF-α and iNOS and all three groups of samples with treatment as has been mentioned. The expressions observation of TNF-α and iNOS in brain cell tissue of mice was conducted using immunohistochemical staining, and was seen in a microscope with a magnification of ×100. Brain cells that express TNF-α and iNOS are brown core, cytoplasm and cell walls. The results were obtained by the longer exposure to infection of the higher expression of TNF-α (r > 0688) and the expression of iNOS decreased (0.993).
Kandungan Kimia dan Uji Antiinflamasi Ekstrak Etanol Lantana camara L. pada Tikus Putih (Rattus norvegicus L.) Jantan
Bioteknologi , 2008,
Abstract: Lantana camara L. is a widely distributed plant on tropics region belonging to the Family Verbenaceae. In Indonesia, the plant is used in traditional medicines of edema and rheumatisms. The aims of this research were to compare saponins, flavonoids, and essential oils constituents among the roots, the leaves, and the fruits and to know about anti-inflammatory effects of ethanolic extracts of L. camara on white male rats. The framework of the research was that the saponins, flavonoids, and essential oils constituents of L. camara have an anti-inflammatory effect. Organs with the highest constituents of saponins, flavonoids and essential oils would expect giving optimal anti-inflammatory effects. Complete Randomized Design with five treatment groups, each of the treatment had five repetitions, was used in this study. Each group have been treated: Group I CMC 0.5% control (placebo), Group II positive control (Na-diclofenac), Group III, IV and V giving ethanolic extracts of L. camara dose 720, 1080 and 1440 mg/kg BW, respectively. The inflammation was produced by sub plantar injection of carrageenan suspension in the right hind paw of the rats. The quantitative data of Area under Curve of edema percentage were analyzed statistically with SPSS program using One-Way ANOVA followed by LSD test. The results showed that the highest constituents of saponins, flavonoids, and essential oils were found in the leaves. Ethanolic extracts of L. camara’s leaves dose 720 mg/kg BW had given the highest anti- inflammatory effects (38.1%).
Impact of mass coral bleaching on reef fish community and fishermen catches at Sabang, Aceh Province, Indonesia
Edi Rudi,Taufiq Iskandar,Nur Fadli,Hidayati Hidayati
Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation , 2012,
Abstract: Mass coral bleaching was observed at Sabang, Aceh in early 2010, and approximately 60% ofhard coral in waters surrounding Sabang died post-event. Coral mortality was expected to affect thecomposition of reef fish due to decrease its function such as providing a shelter, feeding and spawninggrounds for fish and other marine organisms. The objectives of this research were to evaluate the impactof coral bleaching on coral reef fish community and to compare the composition of fishermen catchesbefore and after the coral bleaching. The data were collected before (in 2008) and after (in 2010) themass coral bleaching event in Sabang waters by using a photographic method and the data on theaverage catch of fishermen (catch per fishing effort) was calculated in kg/hour. The data of theknowledge of fishermen on climate change was collected by questionnaire method. The results showedthat 259 species of coral reef fishes were caught by fishermen in 2008 and 2010. There was nosignificantly difference between the fish catches before and after the mass coral bleaching. However,species richness decreased up to 50% after the mass coral bleaching. The knowledge of fishermen onclimate change issue was very low.
PENENTUAN UMUR SIMPAN TORTILLA DENGAN METODE AKSELERASI BERDASARKAN KADAR AIR KRITIS SERTA PEMODELAN KETEPATAN SORPSI ISOTHERMINYA [Shelf Life Study of Tortilla Using Accelerated Shelf Life Testing (ASLT) Method and its Mathematical Modeling of Moisture Sorption Isotherms]
Slamet Budijanto*,Azis Boing Sitanggang,Yuni Dwi Kartika
Jurnal Teknologi dan Industri Pangan , 2010,
Abstract: Accelerated shelf life testing (ASLT) method was used to determine the shelf life of tortilla chips based on critical moisture content approach. Crispiness was found to be the critical parameter in tortilla chips deterioation. The curve of moisture sorption isotherm was resulted by plotting water activity values (aw) and equilibrium moisture contents (Me) using eight salts with RH values at range of 11.3-90.3%. There were five models of sorption isotherm tested, namely Hasley, Chen-Clayton, Henderson, Caurie, dan Oswin model. Conclusively, Oswin model was the suitable one to depict the sorptions isotherm phenomenon in tortilla chips with MRD value of 2.33. By gathering all variables to be used in Labuza’s equation, the shelf life of tortilla chips at 38oC and 70% of RH was about 56 days.
Inventory and habitat study of Dendrobium capra J.J.Smith in Madiun and Bojonegoro
Biodiversitas , 2008,
Abstract: Dendrobium capra J.J. Smith or “anggrek larat hijau” is the orchid of low land area which includes endangered orchid species, so it needs to conserve ex situ. The success of ex situ plant conservation influence environmental factor. That’s why habitat study of D. capra needs to be done to know about how the orchid can grow well. The observation was done in Perhutani’s teak forest between Madiun and Bojonegoro, East Java which be done in three RPH is RPH Klangon (Pajaran village, Madiun), RPH Sukun (Sambongrejo village, Bojonegoro) and RPH Gondang (Bethet village, Bojonegoro). The aims of this research are for doing study habitat and knowing the number of population on wild. The result show that D. capra can found in teak and bungur trees at 5th zone because it needs to get a direct sunshine. Some environment factors are temperature of 30-33oC, humidity of 40-60% and no roots moss covered. The result of inventory showed that the numbers of D. capra on areas are 45 individual in RPH Klangon, 145 individual RPH Sukun and 58 individual RPH Gondang.
Research on the Influence of Regional Marketization Degree on the Effect That Internal Control Suppresses Enterprises to Make Quick Money  [PDF]
Yuni Wu
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2018.812156
Abstract: This paper takes the 2007-2016 Shanghai-Shenzhen A-share main board listed company as a sample to empirically examine the effect of the degree of marketization in different regions on the influence of high internal control quality of listed companies’ suppression on making quick money. It is found that the suppression of the quality of internal control of enterprises is only reflected in the enterprises in high-market areas. Furthermore, the higher the degree of marketization is, the more obviously internal control suppresses making quick money.
Septiana Dwi Susanti Aisyan,Sitti Nur Jannah,Yuniar Wardani
Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat , 2013,
Abstract: Background: Mortality is an indicator of perinatal health status of mothers and children in the general obstetric service. Puskesmas Baamang Unit II Sampit is one of the health service in the town of Sampit who are ready to provide health services to the community. Socioeconomic factors such as education, knowledge about health, nutrition and environmental health, beliefs, values, and poverty is an individual and family factors that affect mortality in the community. Low socioeconomic women who are unable to meet the daily needs because of economic constraints so that women's nutritional needs are not fulfilled, this will have an impact on pregnancy. The purpose of this study to determine the relationship between socioeconomic status families with perinatal mortality in the working area Puskesmas Baamang Unit II Sampit. Methods: This was an observational research with cross sectional design. Total sample of 81 people. Samples were taken with a total sampling technique, using primary and secondary. Results: This study showed that there was a relationship between the social economy of perinatal death with a family with a CC value = 0.636; X2 count> X2 table (12.271> 3.841) and Approx. .000 Sig is smaller than ? (0.05). Conclusion: There was a relationship between socioeconomic status families with perinatal mortality in the Puskesmas Baamang Unit II Sampit in Central Kalimantan. Key words: perinatal, lmortality, socioeconomic status, family.
Effect of pH and organic substrate on growth and activities of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
Biodiversitas , 2004,
Abstract: The physiological character, especially the effect of pH and organic substrate on the growth and activity of some ammonia-oxidizing bacteria was carried out. The results show that eight out of twenty isolates have ability to reduce ammonium, two of them i.e. isolate AOB1 and AOB2 could reduce more than 90% of ammonium. The growth and activity to reduce ammonium to nitrite was attained optimum at pH 7-8. From the result also indicated that the growth and activity of both isolate AOB1 and AOB2 were higher on the organic carbon (acetate)-containing media. This finding indicated that both of isolate AOB1 and AOB2 were heterotrophic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria.
Potential of Syzygium aromaticum (Clove) Leaf Extract on Immune Proliferation Response in Balb/c Mice Infected with Salmonella typhimurium  [PDF]
Syahran Wael, Theopilus Wilhelmus Watuguly, Ine Arini, Alwi Smit, Nur Matdoan, Dwi Retna Prihati, Ana Bina Sari, Didik Wahyudi, Tri Rini Nuringtyas, Nastiti Wijayanti, Pudji Astuti
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2018.712057
Abstract: Background and Objective: Syzygium aromaticum is an immunomodulator with the main active compound eugenol which can stimulate the function of lymphocyte proliferation and macrophage production. Lymphocytes play an important role for body protection against infection. This study aims to analyze the effect of S. aromaticum extract to increase proliferation of lymphocytes, lymphoblasts and macrophage production in Balb/c mice infected with Salmonella typhimurium. Methodology: Mice strain Balb/c were divided into 4 groups: treatment group infected with S. typhimurium and control group (without treatment) to tested the activity of peritoneal macrophages. The treatment group was administrated by S. aromaticum leaf extract (15 mg, 75 mg, 150 mg/kgbw) for 12 days. Results: S. aromaticum leaf extract increased the proliferation activity (p < 0.001) at dose of 15, 75, and 150 mg/kgbw, increased lymphocytes at dose 150 mg/kgbw (p < 0.05), increased the activity of macrophage ROI secretion at dose of 150 mg/kgbw (p < 0.05), and increased in lymphoblast (p < 0.05). Conclusion: Administration of S. aromaticum leaf extract increased the proliferation activity of lymphocytes, lymphoblasts and ROI secretion of macrophagesin Balb/c mice infected with S. typhimurium.
Phytoremediation and Potency of Hyperaccumulator Plants
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2005,
Abstract: Phytoremediation is defined as cleaning up of pollutants mediated primarily by plants. It is an emerging technology for environmental remediation that offers a low-cost technique suitable for use against different types of contaminants in a variety of media. Phytoremediation is potentially applicable to a diversity of substances, involving hyperaccumulators heavy metals and radionuclides. It is also applicable to other inorganic contaminants such as arsenic, various salts and nutrients, and a variety of organic contaminants, including explosives, petroleum hydrocarbons and pesticides. At least there are one taxon of plant as hyperaccumulator for Cd, 28 taxa for Co, 37 taxa for Cu, 9 taxa for Mg, 317 taxa for Ni, and 11 taxa for Zn. Extensive progress were done in characterizing physiology of plants which hyperaccumulate or hypertolerate metals. Hypertolerance is fundamental to hyperaccumulator, and high rates of uptake and translocation are observed in hyperaccumulator plants. Hyperaccumulator plants and agronomic technology were undertaken to improve the annual rate of phytoextraction and to allow recycling of soil toxic metals accumulated in plant biomass. These techniques are very likely to support commercial environmental remediation. Most phytoremediation systems are still in development, or in the stage of plant breeding to improve the cultivars for field use. However, application for commercial purposes has already been initiated. Many opportunities have also been identified for research and development to improve the efficiency of phytoremediation
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