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Effects of Sowing Dates and Cultural Treatments on Growth, Quality and Yield of Processing Beans
Funda Yoldas,Dursun Esiyok
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of windbreak and sowing dates on growth and yield of bean varieties; Amboto, Gina, Nashau, Volare. Two different treatments of cultural practices (windbreak/no windbreak) were applied all cultivars and sowing dates. The experimental design was a randomized block in a split plot with three replications. Seeds were sown in well prepared soil on 23.07.2004 and 27.08.2004 in 1st year and 29.07.2005 and 29.8.2005 in 2nd year. Results are showed that sowing date, variety and windbreak generally exhibited significant positive influence on growth parameters and yield components. Yield was significantly decreased with later sowing date in all 2 years of research. Significantly better results were obtained in treatments when was used WB. Amboto performed better compared with other three varieties, mostly due to more yield per ha and per plant. Hence, Amboto is recommended for general cultivation of bean and SD1 was the optimum sowing date of bean for Odemis condition.
Genetic variability for mineral concentration of Eruca sativa L. and Diplotaxis tenuifolia L. accessions
Mehmet Kadri Bozokalfa,Bülent Yagmur,Hülya Ilbi,Dursun Esiyok
Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology , 2009,
Abstract: Eruca sativa L. (rocket or arugula) and Diplotaxis tenuifolia L. (perennial wall-rocket), are important leafyvegetables and are significant sources of minerals for human nutrition and commonly found in the Mediterranean basin,southern Europe, and Central Asia. The objectives of this study were to determine genotypic variability among and within E.sativa and D. tenuifolia genotypes for NO3, NO2, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, Fe, Cu, Zn, and Mn concentrations; to estimate genotypex environment interaction; and to assess relationships among leaf mineral concentration during two consecutive springseasons. E. sativa and D. tenuifolia leaves contained significant amounts of nutritionally important minerals. In general,genotypic variation was lower than phenotypic variation for all mineral concentrations considered, indicating the influence ofenvironment on the expression of analyzed traits. The variance between genotypes and relative importance within genotypevariation indicates that NO3, NO2, K, Mn, Zn, and Cu concentrations may be improved by selecting among cultivars, if theheritability is adequate.
Effects of different priming treatments and priming durations on germination percentage of parsley (Petroselinum crispum L.) seeds  [PDF]
Atilla Dursun, Melek Ekinci
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/as.2010.11003
Abstract: The effects of different priming treatments and priming durations on germination percentage at different temperatures in parsley seeds were studied. The seeds were treated for 2, 4, 6 and 8 days with the PEG 6000 (–0.5 MPa, –1.0 MPa and –1.5 MPa), KNO3 (0.30 mol/L and 0.35 mol/L), Mannitol (0.50 mol/L and 0.60 mol/L) and hydropriming (12h, 24h, 36h and 48h) and unprimed (control). Germination studies were made at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25°C. Percentage of germination at different temperatures was significantly affected by priming treatments. Hydropriming (12h, 24h and 36 h) and mannitol 0.60 mol/L at 2 day generally had the highest germination percentages. In general, the highest germination percentage with priming was determined at 10°C. It may be said that seed priming treatments increased seed germination percentage at both low and high temperatures. The highest germination percentages were observed in both hydropriming and mannitol treatments as compared with PEG and KNO3 treatments. The PEG and KNO3 (2 and 4 days) treatments were better than unprimed treatment in all of the temperatures.
Laparoscopic restorative proctocolectomy technical notes and postoperative results
Bugra Dursun
Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/aci1202039b
Abstract: Laparoscopic colon surgery has become a proved method for the resection of both benign and malignant disease. With the advance of technological innovations and surgical experience, more complex laparoscopic procedures including restorative proctocolectomy have become increasingly used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis with safe and feasible results. When these operations are realized in a stepwise fashion, the complexity of the procedure becomes simplified. The technical aspects of laparoscopic restorative proctocolectomy in patients with ulcerative colitis are reviewed in this article. A J-pouch with a stapled anastomosis has been the preferred technique because it is quicker and safer. In all patients diverting loop ileostomy is regularly created at the time of ileal pouch-anal anastomosis. In this review the postoperative results are also revised. Postoperative fasting time, postoperative hospital stay, and overall complication rate are in favor of laparoscopic technique when compared to open approach. However, clinical value of laparoscopic surgery for ulcerative colitis needs further evaluation with more well-designed randomized controlled trials along with long-term follow-up.
Güvenli i Kültürünün al anlar n Güvenli Davran lar üzerine Etkisi
Salih Dursun
Sosyal Güvenlik Dergisi , 2013,
Abstract: kazalar al ma ya am n n en nemli sorun alanlar ndan biridir. Güvenlik kültürü, i kazalar n n nlenmesikonusunda i güvenli i literatüründe son y llarda üzerinde nemle durulan bir kavramd r. Bu al man namac , güvenlik kültürünün al anlar n güvenli davran lar üzerine etkisini ortaya koymakt r. al man n rneklemini imalat sanayinde al an 1344 ki i olu turmaktad r. Kat l mc lar n ortalama ya 30,33±6,33 vei yerlerinde ortalama al ma y l 6,33±5,66’d r. Verilerin analizinde, frekans da l m , güvenirlik analizi, korelasyonve regresyon analizi kullan lm t r. al madan elde edilen sonu lara g re al anlar n güvenlik kültürüalg s al anlar n güvenli davran lar üzerinde anlaml bir etkide bulunmaktad r. Elde edilen bu sonu lardo rultusunda, i yerinde sa l kl ve güvenli bir al ma ortam n n olu turulmas nda, güvenlik kültürününsa lanmas ve geli tirilmesinin anahtar bir rol oynad g rülmektedir.Work accidents are one of the most important problems encountered in working life. Safety culture is a conceptwhich should be emphasized for the prevention of work-related accidents in recent years. The purpose of thisstudy is to measure the impact of safety culture on safety behaviour of employees. The sample of the studyconsisted of total 1344 working manufacturing sector. The mean age of the participants was 30.33±6.33, meanworking years 6.33±5.66.The data are analysed using frequency distribution, reliability analysis, correlationand regression analysis. According to the findings of analysis results, between safety culture and safety behaviourstatistically significant relationship were determined. According to results, one can convince that safetyculture has an important key role to create a safe and healthy working environment in workplace.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Development and existence of human kind in society is possibleproviding that he takes the responsibility in juridical and moral issues.This process is not simultaneous with written laws. It is a known factthat before written law there also used to be a list of verbal unwrittenlaws forming people's rights, duties and responsibilities.These laws, occuring and developing in accordance with social,cultural, economic, psychological conditions which are unique to eachsociety, helps to keep the society in order and ensures its safety. Whilecontinuing function of social order, law also takes into consideration thepractices in the society. The usages are of the ones keeping the order.The usages, that are the result of society's common values and believes,are passed through from generation to generation in verbal andbehavioral forms although they are not written. These rules reflectingcommon social and cultural conscious of the society keep people's lives inorder and make daily life easier.Because of their functionality in society, the usages were alwaystaken into consideration while Islamic and modern law standards wereformed. they are even one of the sources of modern law. In this study,effects of pre-Islamic unwritten law on Turkish cultural history and theirreflections to present day with the help of samples from Dede Korkut'sstories will be explained. nsan n bir toplum halinde var olu u ve geli mesi, hukuki ve ahlaki konularda sorumluluklar edinmesi ile mümkün olmu tur. Bu süre yaz l hukuk kurallar ile e zamanl de ildir. Yaz l hukuk kurallar ndan ncede insanlar n hak, g rev ve sorumluluklar n belirleyen baz s zlütoplumsal düzen kurallar n n varl bilinmektedir.Her toplumun kendine zgü sosyal, kültürel, ekonomik, psikolojik artlar na uygun olarak olu an ve geli en bu kurallar, toplumun düzenve güvenli ini sa lamaya yard mc olmaktad r. Hukuk, toplumsal düzeni levini yerine getirirken toplumun uygulamalar n da dikkate almaktad r. rf ve adetler, düzeni sa layan kurallardand r. Toplumun ortak de er veinan lar n n ürünü olan rf ve adetler, yaz l birer kaynak olmamalar nara men s z ve davran kal plar yla nesilden nesile aktar l rlar. Toplumunortak sosyal ve kültürel belle ini yans tan bu kurallar, insanlar nya amlar n düzene koyar ve gündelik hayat kolayla t r rlar. rf ve adetler, toplumdaki i levsellikleri nedeniyle gerek slamhukukunda gerekse modern hukuk normlar olu turulurken dikkateal nm t r. Hatta rf ve adetler modern hukukun kaynaklar ndan biridir.Bu al mada slamiyet ncesi yaz l olmayan hukuk kurallar n n ( rf veadet hukuku), Tü
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: In this article it has been investigated of the chaos and the blackout situation which the Turks experience today, who have existed on three continents during history and nationalized the geographies where they settled and brought regulation to the world.Ones who do not know yesterday could not understand and construct today, and can never be prepared for tomorrow, therefore, up to the idea, the faith lies deep inside that the Turks would rise out of the ember hidden by the ashes, carry on their existence in the world and go on their journey throughout the history despite the whole difficulties and troubles. Bu yaz da tarih boyunca ü k ta üzerinde mevcut olup gittikleri co rafyalar vatanla t ran ve dünyaya düzen veren Türklerin bugün i inde bulundu u kaos durumu ve yakaland klar bilin tutulmas sorgulanmaktad r. Dünü bilmeyenler, bugünü anlayamaz ve in a edemez; yar n ise, asla haz rlayamaz ger e inden hareketle bütün gü lüklere ve olumsuzluklara ra men Türklerin külleri i inde saklad kordan bir gün yeniden dirilerek yeryüzündeki varl klar n sürdürüp tarih yolcuklar n devam ettireceklerine dair olan inan ise korunmaktad r.
Anadolu University Distance Education System And The Educational Television of Distance cation Faculty in its 20 th. Year
The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 2003,
Is increased epicardial fat thickness a marker of the presence of severe coronary artery disease?
Dursun Duman
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2012,
Akseki lvat K yleri ve evresindeki Geleneksel Türk Evlerinden rnekler
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: The residance is rather than a space that meets the physical needs of human being, but also an envoirement which consistsabstract meanings of social, cultural and emotional needs have been met.In the history of thousand of years human beings, one of the most important objectives of is constructing the naturalhabitation based on their needs. Just like all the living things in nature, mankind also effort a lot to protect themselves from thenatural envoirement conditions. In the history of residence which originated with the humanitarian history, starting from thedwellings carved into the rocks, the residence culture brought from Central Asia survived at the residence of Ottoman era and thevery best samples of Turkish Residence Architecture builted during this age. Residental Architecture in late period of OttamanEmpire has gained a new dimension with the foreign decoration style.The traditional identity shaped by the cultural values brought from Central Asia that are melted togetwer with the severalcultures in Anatolia as well as the the influence of Islam. The urban architecture and ornamentation effected by the provincialcapital style has never been studied so far. The folk architecture has survived as a matter of distictive subject. Our study of OldTurkish Houses covers Ilvat and neighborhood villages also consist of the village houses in Buyuk Ilvat, Belen Ilvat, Bucak Ilvatand Sarihacilar.The regional houses ,feature more traditional characteristic, are explored and evaluated for the first time with this studyemerged as the best samples of folk architectured displayed.The houses in our study evaluated by taking into considerataion the material, construction technique, project and ornamentstyles.The main raw material in the construction of these regional housed are stone and timber. Metals as raw metarial is notcommon. Metals can be seen on window fences, door knobs, lock and hinges. Brick almost never used at any houses explored.The top cover of the houses are Turkish Style roof tiles. The plaster used in coating the oven and the fixture of illuminant. The soil only used in grout which is no longer available. The building structures constructed by the matarials widely available in theregion. While all the walls in the house builted with the groutless dry wall technique that is wooden beams mounted between therubble stones and compressed pe dunavs, in the resort part of the houses wooden curtain walls can be seen. The upper cover ofthe house is pitched roof and coated with Turkish Style roof tiles. Carriers such as console units, hands in hips and wood
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