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AljinoviDunja,Vrkljan Maja
Rudarsko-Geolo?ko-Naftni Zbornik , 2002,
Abstract: Lower Triassic (Scythian) sedimentary sequence developed in similar lithofacies were studied at two sections in vicinity of Knin - Plavno (in Croatia) and Strmica (in Bosnia and Herzegovina). Characteristics of the Siliciclastic lithofacies, which corresponds to the Lower Scythian, Seis beds, and of the Mudstone and Siltstone - mudstone lithofacies of Upper Scythian, Campil beds, reflect the storm influence at the shallower and deeper parts of shelf, as well as the sea-level oscilations resulting in a presumed 5th, 4th and 3rd order cycles. Appearance of gutter casts exposed on lower bedding planes of sedimentary rocks in Mudstone and Siltstone-mudstone lithofacies has been considered as a consequence of bottom current flow component in the outer shelf area. This unidirectional current flow has a helicoidal component with horizontal axis parallel to the sediment surface. The flow generates characteristic storm imprint on the broad shelf area. Lacking any other types of either the biostratigraphic or litostratigraphic marker horizons, this structure, having only one way of formation, allows the improvement of chronostratigraphic correlation of the vertical sequence on both explored locations. The firs appearance of this structure in sediment successions of Plavno and Strmica, may serve as possible correlative marker. Using such a correlative principle gutter casts are in vertical succession grouped in interval, which signifies approximately penecontemporaneous events. Should the correlation be based on the gutter cast structure, the differences in thickness at both location can be explained by their more proximal or more distal position within the sedimentary basin. If this is true, the inveterate principle of correlating the contact between of Lower Scythian and Upper Scythian sediments as a contact between the red, dominantly clastic Seis beds and grey, dominantly calcareous Campil beds, is therefore found to be chronostratigraphically inadequate and can be excluded.
Maja Vrkljan,Dunja Aljinovi
Rudarsko-Geolo?ko-Naftni Zbornik , 2004,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine an optimal dissolution method for silicate rock samples for further analytical purposes. Analytical FAAS method of determining cobalt, chromium, copper, nickel, lead and zinc content in gabbro sample and geochemical standard AGV-1 has been applied for verification. Dissolution in mixtures of various inorganic acids has been tested, as well as Na2CO3 fusion technique. The results obtained by different methods have been compared and dissolution in the mixture of HNO3 + HF has been recommended as optimal.
Maja Vrkljan,Dunja Aljinovi,Vesnica Gara?i?
Rudarsko-Geolo?ko-Naftni Zbornik , 2000,
Abstract: Scarce contacts between magnetic and sedimentary rocks have been investigated on the Mt. Kalnik. Magmatic rocks are in contact with shales, limestones, dolomites, and lithic greywackes. Some contacts are characterized by the tectonic nature. The primary contacts are either without contact metamprphic changes, or with them, whereas some contacts are characterized by close space relationship between magmatic and sedimentary rocks and also with contact phenomena in sedimentary rocks. The observed textural and chemical contact phenomena are the pronounced schistosity of sediments grading to the cleavage, contact extrusive breccias, limestone enclaves,wedge shaped denting, cracked sediments, the transformation of matrix, secondary minerals in veinlets and nests in sedimentary rocks, recrystallization, dolomitization, skarn paragenesis, silification, hematitization and the occurrence of ferrocalcite. Mentioned phenomena point to the synsedimentary and/or postsedimentary repeated extrusions and shallow intrusions of basic lavas. The diversity of contact phenomena indicates variable rates of extrusion, quantity and temperatures of lavas as also different grade of consolidation of sedimentary rocks.
Stratigraphy of Upper Permian and Lower Triassic Strata of the iri Area (Slovenia)
Tea Kolar-Jurkov?ek,Bogdan Jurkov?ek,Dunja Aljinovi,Galina P. Nestell
Geologija , 2011,
Abstract: The paper deals with the stratigraphy of Late Permian and Early Triassic strata of the Luka section in the iri area of western Slovenia. This is the only section presently known in the External Dinarides where the Permian-Triassic boundary is defined following international criteria based on the first appearance of the conodont Hindeodus parvus. The following lithostratigraphic units have been formalized: the Bellerophon Limestone and Evaporite-dolomite Members of the Bellerophon Formation and the Luka~ Formation with the three members,the Transitional Beds, Streaky Limestone and Carbonate-clastic Member. The paper presents the results of micropaleontologicalstudy based on foraminifers and conodonts as well as petrographic and sedimentologic research results. The investigation of conodont assemblages enabled the conodont biozonation of the Permian-Triassic interval of the studied Luka section.
Late Variscan (Carboniferous to Permian) environments in the Circum Pannonian Region
Anna Vozárová , Fritz Ebner , Sándor Kovács , Hans-Georg Kr utner , Tibor Szederkenyi , Branislav Krsti , Jasenka Sremac , Dunja Aljinovi , Matev Novak , Dragomir Skaberne
Geologica Carpathica , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10096-009-0002-7
Abstract: The Pennsylvanian-Cisuralian late-orogenic and post-orogenic paleoenvironments of the Circum Pannonian Region (CPR) include tectono-stratigraphic sequences developed from the Upper Bashkirian-Moscovian marine early molasse stage up to the Guadalupian-Lopingian post-orogenic stage, with gradual connection to the beginning of the Alpine (Neotethyan) sedimentary cycle. Shallow marine siliciclastic or carbonate siliciclastic overstep sequences started in the internal part of the Variscan orogenic belt during the latest Serpukhovian and Bashkirian-Moscovian. They overlapped unconformably the variably metamorphosed Variscan basement, or weakly deformed and metamorphosed foreland and syn-orogenic flysch sediments of Mississippian to Early Pennsylvanian age. The post-Variscan rifting largely affected the Variscan orogenic belt by reactivation of the Variscan lithosphere. The late- to post-orogenic terrestrial sequences started within the internal part of the Variscan orogenic belt during the Middle/Late Pennsylvanian. It continued gradually to terrestrial-shallow water carbonate-siliciclastic sequences in its external part through the Permian. According to the present configuration, the Alpine (Neotethyan) northward shifting transgression started during the Guadalupian/Lopingian in the South and during the Early Triassic in the North.
Montgomery Identity and Ostrowski Type Inequalities for Riemann-Liouville Fractional Integral
Andrea Agli? Aljinovi
Journal of Mathematics , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/503195
Abstract: We present Montgomery identity for Riemann-Liouville fractional integral as well as for fractional integral of a function with respect to another function . We further use them to obtain Ostrowski type inequalities involving functions whose first derivatives belong to spaces. These inequalities are generally sharp in case and the best possible in case . Application for Hadamard fractional integrals is given. 1. Introduction The following Ostrowski inequality is well known [1]: It holds for every whenever is continuous on and differentiable on with derivative bounded on ; that is, Ostrowski proved this inequality in 1938, and since then it has been generalized in a number of ways. Over the last few decades, some new inequalities of this type have been intensively considered together with their applications in numerical analysis, probability, information theory, and so forth. This inequality can easily be proved by using the following Montgomery identity (see, for instance, [2]): where is the Peano kernel, defined by The Riemann-Liouville fractional integral of order is defined by where is a gamma function When (5) is the Riemann definition of fractional integral. In case , fractional integral reduces to classical integral. In [3], the following Montgomery identity for fractional integrals is obtained. Theorem 1. Let , differentiable on , integrable on , and . Then, the following identity holds: where In [3], the authors used this identity to obtain the following Ostrowski type inequality for fractional integrals. Theorem 2. Let , differentiable on , and for every ; then, the following Ostrowski inequality holds: These results were further generalized in [4], while in [5] generalizations are obtained for fractional integral of a function with respect to another function (defined in Section 3). In the present paper, we give another, simpler new generalization of Montgomery identity for Riemann-Liouville fractional integral of order , which holds for a larger set of ; that is, . We also obtain Montgomery identity for fractional integral of a function with respect to another function . We further use these identities to obtain generalizations of Ostrowski inequality for fractional integrals of a function with respect to another function for functions whose first derivatives belong to spaces. These inequalities are generally sharp in case and the best possible in case . As a special case, application for Hadamard fractional integrals is given. 2. Montgomery Identity for Fractional Integrals In this section we give another, simpler new generalization of
Upodobitev prostorskega modela v visual nature studiu : Visualization of spatial model in visual nature studio
Dunja Vrenko
Geodetski Vestnik , 2007,
Abstract: The extraction of quality spatial data has the greatestsignificance in modeling and visualization of thespatial model. The users of products demand thegreatest accuracy, detailed and real visualization ofthe environment, therefore special softwares forvisualization are required. One of them is Visual NatureStudio (3D Nature, LLC). The paper presents thevisualization of a spatial model using Visual NatureStudio (3D Nature, LLC). The preparation of datato be imported into the program package is describedas well as their further treatment leading to finalanimation.
Motivation and Expectations for Studying Journalism at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Zagreb
Dunja Majstorovi?
Medijske Studije , 2012,
Abstract: This paper explores students’ motivation to study journalism, the expectations that students had regarding the study, and the fulfillment of those expectations. The survey was conducted on a convenience sample of journalism students at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb (academic year 2010-2011), which included: 1st and 3rd year students of undergraduate study and 2nd year students of graduate study. Since the selected questions were open-ended, the obtained responses were widely dispersed, and were later classified into defined categories after the survey. The results show that the most common reason among students to study journalism is a wish to enroll in that specific study and the desire to work in the media. The expectations that students have mainly refer to good and adequate training. In their senior year of study (3rd year of undergraduate and 2nd year of graduate study), there are many disappointed students as a result of unfulfilled expectations (mainly because of the lack of practice and practical subjects).
Book review - Radenko Udovi i (ur.), Izbori 2010. u BiH: Kako su mediji pratili izbornu kampanju / Elections in BiH: How the Media Covered the Election Campaign
Dunja Majstorovi?
Medijske Studije , 2011,
Ethical Disputes and Credibility of Daily Newspapers-Content Analysis of Front Page Newspaper Articles in Jutarnji list and Ve ernji list
Dunja Majstorovi?
Medijske Studije , 2010,
Abstract: Among the more common assertions regarding the media is the existence of a large number of ethical disputes in front page news articles in daily newspapers. Therefore, the main goal of this studyis to establish the number of ethical disputes in articles placed on the front pages of Croatia’s two main dailies, Jutarnji list and Ve ernji list (sample of one month). In the course of the research three hypotheses were made with the purpose of verifying their accuracy. Using content analysis as the primary method for analysis, the ethically disputable articles were divided into the following categories: anonymous sources, biased display of events, violations of human rights, inappropriate reporting, and headlines that fail to match the text. The same articles were then classifi ed into categories according to their topics. The results of this study confi rm all three hypotheses, the fi rst of which is that there are a large number of ethical disputes in the analyzed articles. In Jutarnji list 26 articles (of 95 analyzed articles) contained 30 ethical disputes and in Ve ernji list 23 articles (of 108 analyzed) contained 29 ethical disputes. Further, this study concludes that there is a distinct similarity in the number of ethical disputes in the articles in both newspapers. The results verify the third hypothesis; the largest number of ethically disputable articles centered on topics related to domestic politics. The results of the research indicate a violation of journalism ethics which can be explained by increasing sensationalism in daily newspapers. The result of inappropriate reporting has a significant impact on the decline of credibility of newspapers as a medium.
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