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Bencomo, María Ninón,Dugarte Fernández Nelly,Berríos Rivas, Ana Teresa,Blanco Manuel Ramón
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2011,
Abstract: For determining the risk factors of obesity and overweight in the faculty of medicine and nursing programs of the Dean of Health Sciences, designed a field study descriptive, not experimental, we studied 55 regular active teachers, who are underwent clinical evaluation, anthropometric, biochemical, nutritional and socio-environmental, demographic data to investigate further. The most significant results were: 80% were located in aged ≤ 40 years and 20%> 40 years, the average age was 46 years with a standard deviation of 7.157, 84% were female and 16% were male, the nutritional diagnosis according to Body Mass Index (BMI) left to see a high percentage (67%) of overweight (23% obese, 44% overweight), the abdominal circumference (AC) associated with abdominal obesity and gender, percentage was higher in women than in men. As for the practice of physical activity, showed that a high percentage of teachers 81.8% said no physical activity. The teachers spend the wee hours of television and computer time. Fast food consumption and food consumption outside the home was present in more than 40% of teachers. These results allow us to conclude that the scourge of obesity and overweight increased daily gain prominence and interest to the health professional, for his social influence and bias in adult life. It is recommended to propose educational strategies through workshops and recreational activities aimed at reducing the high frequency of overweight staff evident in the Dean of Health Sciences at UC
Aprendizaje en línea: ?lo disfrutan los estudiantes?
Fernández de Morgado,Nelly;
Paradígma , 2007,
Abstract: a recent trend in higher education is to create and provide online access to course materials. although some venezuelan universities have either invested in platforms or adopted a teacher-driven approach, most higher education institutions in the country remain traditional in their teaching. the process of introducing online resources is thought to be far too expensive, complex, and risky. one way to encourage transition would be to more deeply understand the multiple factors influencing successful implementation. this paper considers some of the issues raised by students with regard to online learning environments, and in particular the issue of online learning enjoyment. the analysis of the findings suggests that, in general, students would rather be moderately exposed to certain types of online learning experiences than involved in a completely online course. the content of this paper may prove interesting and useful; strictly speaking, however, since this study was undertaken under the classroom research methodology and action research approach, conclusions are limited to the students in question
Factores asociados con la intención de retiro del trimestre según estudiantes de las carreras largas de la Universidad Simón Bolívar, sede sartenejas
Fernández de Morgado,Nelly;
Paradígma , 2010,
Abstract: the purpose of the present study is to describe the factors associated to the intention of the student to retire the academic term. this is a descriptive quantitative research. the unit of study was the group of students doing long careers at universidad simón bolivar, sartenejas site, who retired terms during the period 2004-2008. results suggest that the most significant factors are academic, personal and financial, regardless of the year, career or scholarship status. it was also found that the percentage of students who use this strategy is very low so as to threaten retention. also, most students use this strategy to empower their persistence. these results differ from the ones most common, domestic and regional wise, where the socioeconomic factors dominate and a temporal break in the career is considered to have a negative effect on persistence.
Aprendizaje organizacional en la Universidad simón bolívar según gerencia media: Comparación entre dos Divisiones
Fernández de Morgado,Nelly;
Paradígma , 2008,
Abstract: the purpose of the study was to describe the universidad simón bolívar (usb) as a learning organization, as perceived by two divisions of middle management. the description was made in terms of watkins and marsick?s (1999) learning organization model. this was a quantitative descriptive and comparative ex post facto research. the results suggest that usb exhibits below average learning organizations? behaviors. they also suggest a significant difference between divisions? perceptions. this study is important because it offers a contribution to the understanding of this phenomenon among venezuelan universities, since they are interested in enhancing their performance.
Retención y persistencia estudiantil en instituciones de educación superior: una revisión de la literatura
Fernández de Morgado,Nelly;
Paradígma , 2009,
Abstract: the present work is a review paper on the most recent and relevant studies on the subject of student retention and persistence in higher education. the chosen reports are from all over the world, although an emphasis on latin american ones was given. the results of the quest revealed that tinto?s (1975, 1987, 1993, and 1997) model is the most influential. it was also found that two of the variables in tinto?s model, academic and social integration, are closely related to the persistence issue, and there is plenty of evidence that supports these relationships. also, some of this model?s shortcomings are discussed, for instance, it was found that the latin-american case cannot be thoroughly explained by it. strauss and corbin?s (1990) grounded theory was suggested as a desirable approach to study the phenomenon in this region, under the belief that it will allow for home-grown models to arise.
Re-evaluando la Intención de Uso de un Procedimiento de Medición basado en COSMIC-FFP
Nelly Condori-Fernández,Oscar Pastor
Revista Espa?ola de Innovación, Calidad e Ingeniería del Software , 2006,
Abstract: Este artículo describe la réplica de un estudio empírico que fue dise ado para evaluar la adopción de RmFFP en la práctica. RmFFP es un procedimiento de medición dise ado para medir el tama o funcional de sistemas orientado a objetos a partir de especificaciones de requisitos obtenidos en el contexto de OO-Method. Este procedimiento ha sido dise ado de acuerdo con el método estándar COSMIC-FFP. La evaluación fue llevada a cabo en base al Modelo de Adopción de Métodos (MAM), donde la intención a usar un método es determinado por las percepciones de los usuarios. Los resultados muestran que existe una intención de usar RmFFP y que esta intención de uso es determinado más por su utilidad percibida que por su facilidad de uso
Conflictos internacionales: Medios de solución y derecho internacional humanitario
Hernández Villalobos,Larys; Manasía Fernández,Nelly;
Frónesis , 2005,
Abstract: the general objectives of this research are to define the international conflicts and its possible manners of solution, and to examine the situation of the human rights of the victims of these conflicts, according to humanitarian international law. the research is justified in that the primary objective of international public law is to safeguard international peace, security and public order, and because these conflicts produce imbalances that alter the ends pursued in this discipline; so it is important to unite interstate efforts in order to minimize the consequences produced by the same, especially regarding human rights. the research is documentary, with some use of the analytic-descriptive method. the conclusion is that: international conflicts are intrinsic to humanity; however recently international diplomacy partially fulfills its objectives, since it minimizes the consequences (humanitarian, material, etc.) of these conflicts. - in all international conflict, first peaceful diplomatic resources should be used to find solutions to the conflict, and to avoid warlike confrontation. at this moment, we continue violating the victim?s human rights in armed conflict, and the mechanisms and international treaties as to humanitarian international law in order to protect the human rights of the victims.
El comercio electrónico y su aporte socioeducativo
Aguirre Andrade,Alix; Manasía Fernández,Nelly;
Frónesis , 2007,
Abstract: in the contemporary age, human commercial activity is growing with the use of information and communication technologies. this investigation contains an analysis about the current status of electronic commerce, its different modalities and the social and educational contribution it offers for developing a society of knowledge, information and learning. the methodology included a review of documentary sources and a descriptive investigation for which a study was made about electronic contracts and their benefits for electronic educational platforms. these approaches allowed researchers to affirm that current society depends on wills that come together by using information and communication technologies, since they are instruments that facilitate the acquisition of learning and knowledge.
Principios contemporáneos del Derecho Internacional en la Globalización
Aguirre Andrade,Alix; Manasía Fernández,Nelly;
Frónesis , 2004,
Abstract: pesently, human activity is undertaken with no consideration for national borders, and as a consequence acquires significant importance in the uinternational community. among others, the principles of internationbal rights constitutes a systematic unit within the juridic system. along with judicial ordinances. this research is an analysis of the protection and the pre-emminence of human rights, the free determination of countries, the consolidation of democracy as a governing system, the economic integration of globalization, and international cooperation, all of which are paradigms that preserve the international society in the methodology utilized documentary sources are analyzed, and social research is employed in the consideration of international relations. the results allow us to affirm that there is no doubt as to the process of evolution in the principles of international rights.
Sinergia natural en la globalización: Suite ofimática y organizaciones flexibles e inteligentes
Aguirre Andrade,Alix; Manasía Fernández,Nelly;
Revista de Ciencias Sociales , 2009,
Abstract: services provided by the offimatic suite are designed to facilitate processes in organizations carried out in virtual space, overcoming the barriers imposed by physical contact. new forms of undertaking tasks using the offimatic suite components encourage the application of information and communication technologies as strategic tools to provide answers for organizations in public and private sectors. the objective of this paper is to analyze the offimatic suite and its contribution to the development of organizations and the growth of human talent underpinning the interconnectedness of people in the information and communication society. the research is descriptive and used the documentary observation technique with a review of print and electronic texts for analyzing the arguments set forth. results indicate that currently, at this time of globalization, organizations require the offimatic suite for its development and growth of human talent. conclusions were that, due to utilization of its components, the offimatic suite offers valuable collaboration in providing different services, because it constitutes a modern and effective way to develop flexible and intelligent organizations.

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