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The politics of abortion and contraception
Sociologija , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/soc0402097d
Abstract: In this article the author challenges several dominant positions that are relevant for understanding demographic trends and contraceptive practices as well as their mutual relationship. First, the author rejects the assumed direct connection between high abortion rates and low fertility. Second, the author challenges the thesis according to which abortions come about because of the lack of contraception and proposes that high abortion rates result from failing contraception i.e. from high failing rates of coitus interruptus which is a preferred method of birth control by men and women in Serbia. Finally, the author argues that giving control over reproductive risk to men does not make women passive victims of male domination. Rather women are, it is argued, active agents in reproducing hegemonic gender roles and relations. In addition, the author shows how gender power relations formed at the micro level may be consequential for macro level politics.
From family planning to population policy: A paradigm shift in Serbian demography at the end of the 20th century
Filozofija i Dru?tvo , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/fid0803181d
Abstract: This paper traces changes in the dominant paradigm of Serbian demography that took palace in the context of major socio-political changes during the late twentieth century. The changes are traced both in the realm of research and social policy. It is argued that demographic transition theory remained the main explanatory model but that its modified version which gives precedence to ideational vs. structural variables gained the dominant status. In the realm of social policy the ideology of family planning was replaced by population policy ideology. It is further argued that alarming discourses and sharp rhetoric about population problems did not result in formulation of a system of specific measures of population policy. Thus, the author claims, demographic discourses that at the time saturated public spaces were constitutive for - gender and national -identity politics and not inconsequential for social policy.
On feminist engagements with bioethics
Filozofija i Dru?tvo , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/fid1204019d
Abstract: The article explores two questions: what is feminist bioethics, and how different it is from standard bioethics. Development of feminist bioethics, it is argued, began as a response to standard bioethics, challenging its background values, and philosophical perspectives. The most important contribution of feminist bioethics has been its re-examination of the basic conceptual underpinnings of mainstream bioethics, including the concepts of “universality”, “autonomy”, and “trust”. Particularly important for feminists has been the concept of autonomy. They challenge the old liberal notion of autonomy that treats individuals as separate social units and argue that autonomy is established through relations. Relational autonomy assumes that identities and values are developed through relationships with others and that the choices one makes are shaped by specific social and historical contexts. Neither relational autonomy, nor feminist bioethics, however, represents a single, unified perspective. There are, actually, as many feminist bioethics as there are feminisms-liberal, cultural, radical, postmodern etc. Their different ontological, epistemological and political underpinnings shape their respective approaches to bioethical issues at hand. Still what they all have in common is interest in social justice-feminists explore mainstream bioethics and reproductive technologies in order to establish whether they support or impede gender and overall social justice and equality. Feminist bioethics thus brings a significant improvement to standard bioethics. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 41004: Bioethical Aspects: Morally Acceptable Within the Biotechnologically and Socially Possible i br. 43007: Studying climate change and its influence on the environment: impacts, adaptation and mitigation]
Feminist troubles with the Balkans
DrezgiRada,?arkov Dubravka
Sociologija , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/soc0504289d
Abstract: The paper analyses writings of Slavenka Drakuli and certain number of other feminist writers from ex-Yugoslavia aiming to answer to the following questions: first, how much and in what way the discourses on ex-Yugoslavia Balkans, (post)socialism, nationalism and war have been produced by local feminists and/or imported from the West; second, have these discourses been overlapping with local feminist discourses about masculinity and femininity and how.
Role of local borrowing in Croatia
Sa?a Drezgi
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci : ?asopis za Ekonomsku Teoriju i Praksu , 2005,
Abstract: Local government borrowing is one of the most important instruments of financing local public investments. Although theoretical findings and practical experiences provide a proof of its efficiency, there are reasons to be cautious. It is about the possibility of local public government fiscal activity to jeopardise macroeconomic stability, especially by excessive deficit financing. Therefore, there is a need for regulative constraint. The paper deals with international experience and tries to draw some applicable conclusions for Croatian regulation of local borrowing. Local borrowing in Croatia has been seriously limited and its potentials are underutilised. Constraints were imposed primarily because of the fiscal consolidation goals. However, there is still room for the local borrowing and for exploiting its advantages. The Paper offers some proposals.
Harmful Tax Competition in the EU with Reference to Croatia
Sa?a Drezgi
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci : ?asopis za Ekonomsku Teoriju i Praksu , 2005,
Abstract: The process of globalisation has led, among other things, to harmful tax competition. This paper considers the efforts within the EU in combating harmful tax competition (Code of Conduct on Business Taxation) and their effects when taking into account the EU regulations in relation to state aids. Considering a number of problems in the implementation of the Code, and the numerous criticisms with regard to the validity of the combat against harmful tax competition – it is difficult to give a final answer about its success. Croatian tax system, and the corporation tax in particular, are analysed in the light of the aforementioned problems. The advantages of the equal treatment of domestic and foreign investors, as well as the certain elements of state aids in tax benefits, are pointed out.
Measuring the distributional effects of inflation in Croatia by using the LES approach
Sa?a Drezgi
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci : ?asopis za Ekonomsku Teoriju i Praksu , 2008,
Abstract: This paper deals with distributional effects of price changes in period from 2000 to 2007. Even though in this period we can observe relatively low inflation rates, the goal of the research is to determine whether there are possible negative effects of price changes on income inequality in Croatia. The approach bases on the application of linear expenditure system (LES) on the aggregate data, i.e. deciles of household income groups. The results show that overall inflation rate does not determine distributional effects in Croatia. In some years, changes in prices present higher burden for lower income groups, while in other years, higher income groups are worse off. It seems that redistributive effect primarily depends on the structure of price changes. Therefore we need further research on this issue.
Applying Information Technology to Financial Statement Analysis for Market Capitalization Prediction  [PDF]
Hayden Wimmer, Roy Rada
Open Journal of Accounting (OJAcct) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojacct.2013.21001
Abstract: Determining which attributes may be employed for predicting the market capitalization of a business firm is a challenging task which may benefit from research intersecting principles of accounting and finance with information technology. In our approach, information technology in the form of decision trees and genetic algorithms is applied to fundamental financial statement data in order to support the decision making process for predicting the direction of the value of a company with value defined as the market capitalization. The decision process differs from year to year; however, the amount of variation is crucial to a successful decision making process. The research question posed is “how much variation occurs between years?” We hypothesize the amount of variation is smaller than half the number of financial statement attributes that may be employed in the decision making process. We develop a system which tests the amount of variation between years measured as the amount of generations required to reach a target level of fitness. The hypothesis is tested using data filtered from Compustat’s global database. The results support the research hypothesis and advance us toward answering the research question. The implications of this research are the possibility to improve the decision process when employing financial statement analysis as applied to the market capitalization and financial valuation of business firms.
Los ideogramas como estrategia didáctica exitosa en la asignatura introducción a la filosofía
Investigación y Postgrado , 2010,
Abstract: el trabajo se desarrolló en un ambiente de modalidad mixta en una sección del semestre i-2007 del centro de atención caracas-instituto de mejoramiento profesional del magisterio-upel. la estrategia ideográfica permitió reportar el aprendizaje de contenidos de la asignatura introducción a la filosofía. la instrucción presencial se dispuso en cinco sesiones. por correo electrónico, las 31 participantes reportaron sus lecturas a través del uso de ideogramas (mapas mentales o conceptuales, esquemas, redes). para el análisis se utilizó la diferenciación progresiva seleccionando y comparando las creaciones de 8 participantes (39%). finalmente se escogieron 2 con las calificaciones más altas y 2 con las más bajas. quienes elaboraron estrategias ideográficas con conectores relevantes construyeron aprendizajes significativos. posiblemente, los ideogramas se constituyeron en una estrategia didáctica exitosa para enriquecer los aprendizajes y propiciar el desplazamiento cognitivo de las participantes hacia reflexiones filosóficas básicas relacionadas con las escuelas donde laboraban.
Nonderogatory directed windmills
Revista Colombiana de Matemáticas , 2008,
Abstract: a directed graph g is nonderogatory if its adjacency matrix a is nonderogatory, i.e., the characteristic polynomial of a is equal to the minimal polynomial of a. given integers r≥ 2 and h≥ 3, a directed windmill mh(r) is a directed graph obtained by coalescing r dicycles of length h in one vertex. in this article we solve a conjecture proposed by gan and koo ([3]): mh(r) is nonderogatory if and only if r=2.
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