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Welfare State Development in Central and Eastern Europe: A State of the Art Literature Review
Dragos Adascalitei
Studies of Transition States and Societies , 2012,
Abstract: The welfare states in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) have undergone massive changes since the beginning of the 1990s. This paper reviews the literature on welfare state development in CEE in light of the theories that have been used to study advanced capitalist democracies. Its purpose is to critically assess the extent to which different theories can explain changes in the welfare state during and after transition. It argues that until now two strands of literature have crystallised: institutionalism and actor-centred explanations. Institutionalists agree that welfare reforms are limited by the path dependence of the national welfare state structures though this framework is biased towards explaining stability. Recent literature seeks to overcome this bias by adding variables that traditionally belong to the actor-centred paradigm. This essay will argue that the gains from such an approach are exceeded by losses in the accuracy and parsimony of explanations. Further, in the actor-centred camp the welfare state is seen as a product of bargaining between various national and international actors. Yet the debate about who is responsible for the present welfare state arrangements is far from over. Unanswered questions revolve around the impact of political parties and ideologies on welfare reforms, the role of bureaucracies, the efficiency of international financial institutions in advocating retrenchment and the precise mechanisms through which all the above actors defend their interests.
Current Extensions on PULSE
Sanda Dragos
Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai : Series Informatica , 2010,
Abstract: Using a learning management system (LMS) is a common practise nowadays. Such instruments are used in educational institutions to enhance and support the teaching act as well as in industry for training purposes. In a computer science department of an university such instrument tends to be a basic requirement. That is because not only it allows a better management of courses and a better communication between students and professors, but can also serve as a perfect instrument for presenting teaching related materials for computer science subjects. During the years I have created and used several such instruments: a System with Interactive ackNowledgement and Evaluation of students work during laboratory sessions (SINE), a Php Utility used in Laboratories for Student Evaluation (PULSE), and PULSE Extended. The aim of this paper is to present the current enhancements of PULSE.
Complexity indices for the travelling salesman problem and data mining
Dragos Cvetkovi?
Transactions on Combinatorics , 2012,
Abstract: In this survey paper we extend our previous work on complexity indices for the travelling salesman problem (TSP), summarized in cite{CvCK3}, using graph spectral techniques of data mining. A complexity index is an invariant of an instance $I$ by which we can predict the execution time of an exact algorithm for TSP for $I$. We consider the symmetric travelling salesman problem with instances $I$ represented by complete graphs $G$ with distances between vertices (cities) as edge weights (lengths). Intuitively, the hardness of an instance $G$ depends on the distribution of short edges within $G$. Therefore we consider some short edge subgraphs of $G$ (minimal spanning tree, critical connected subgraph, and several others) as non-weighted graphs and several their invariants as potential complexity indices. Here spectral invariants (e.g. spectral radius of the adjacency matrix) play an important role since, in general, there are intimate relations between eigenvalues and the structure of a graph. Since hidden details of short edge subgraphs really determine the hardness of the instance, we use techniques of data mining to find them. In particular, spectral clustering algorithms are used including information obtained from the spectral gap in Laplacian spectra of short edge subgraphs.
A Genetic Programming Approach to Geometrical Digital Content Modeling in Web Oriented Applications
Informatica Economica Journal , 2011,
Abstract: The paper presents the advantages of using genetic techniques in web oriented problems. The specific area of genetic programming applications that paper approaches is content modeling. The analyzed digital content is formed through the accumulation of targeted geometrical structured entities that have specific characteristics and behavior. The accumulated digital content is analyzed and specific features are extracted in order to develop an analysis system through the use of genetic programming. An experiment is presented which evolves a model based on specific features of each geometrical structured entity in the digital content base. The results show promising expectations with a low error rate which provides fair approximations related to analyzed geometrical structured entities.
Designing and implementing valid well-being audits and interventions: A simple model and case study
Iliescu, Dragos
Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology , 2012,
Abstract: The present paper attempts at stating few theoretical principles which could underlie efficient stress audits and interventions. An example of a case when these few and straightforward principles have been applied in practice will be discussed. The paper will argue that empirically valid stress interventions are possible and needed, and highlights that in order to build an empirically valid approach, one should pay attention to both the current state of science in the field of stress and psychological well-being, and to financial indicators associated with individual and organizational outcomes of stress and psychological well-being.
Dragos Negrescu
Romanian Journal of European Affairs (RJEA) , 2002,
Abstract: The paper attempts to systematically explore, first, the rationales for supporting the agricultural sector in Romania and, second, the extent to which the preparation for accession calls for the dispensation of such aids. The author concludes that, following a brief period of rationalization, both the scope and, even more so, the modalities of supporting the agricultural sector are prone to lead to perverse effects, while not facilitating in any meaningful way the country’s eventual accession to the European Union. Refuting with hard facts the often repeated assertion that domestic farmers are deprived of protection against competing imports, the paper highlights some very questionable features of Romania’s trade policy in the agricultural area and calls for a different approach, centered on reducing barriers facing imports destined to the local market in exchange for improved access of Romanian exports to foreign markets.
Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods , 2006,
Abstract: In the educational process, the disciplines D1, D2,...,Dn have a succession which isgenerated by the content and the final objective – the student formation. In this work, thedisciplines are presented as structured text entities. The graph associated to the disciplines isestablished. A method for dependencies evaluation is proposed. The testing is done with 9 setsof representative input data.
The behavioral dimension in urban community: emigration between the "easiest" way of life and community prestige in the town Curtea de Arges/Romania?
Cinq Continents , 2012,
Abstract: Social groups relate to the spatial distribution patterns of groups. Geographers seek to explain concrete territorial situations resulted from the social groups’ presence and actions. Our study aims to assess the spatial extension of social groups. By choosing an “easy” way of life based on pronounced frustrations, individuals have risked in their choices. When neighbourhoods preserve the same membership communication, relationships between the community groups does not lose the community character. Neighbourhood fragmentation maintains the community character, and, by applying quantified values of the distance, we can identify the extension of the territories. Thus, within the neighbourhood proximity has been exceeded and the distance has cancelled.
Territorial planning that is reflected in ecoturism in the Province of Córdoba
Cinq Continents , 2011,
Abstract: At the local level to search for potential resources could effectively capitalize. This is in addition to a set of rules that facilitate cooperation with EU institutions, consulting specialists and rural centers. The agro-ecological pattern into province of Córdoba became a real and effective alternative to destructuring the agricultural landscape of the autonomous region of Andalusia. In the case study Alojamiento Rural Yanem Centro Educatión Medioambiental in ecological agro-tourism practices relating to accommodation, food and environmental space are applied using ground and green building techniques. Constructions are based on bioclimatic and organic materials are used for this.
Spatial and Social Dimension in Urban Community: a Case Study on the Community in the Center of the Bucharest City
Cinq Continents , 2012,
Abstract: La dimensión social y espacial de la comunidad urbana: estudio de caso la comunidad desde centro de Bucarest. En este estudio se propone para abordar la dimensión social y espacio comunitario urbano en el centro de Bucarest, los cambios dinámicos y tendencias de importancia del espacio y la comprensión clara de la conducta socio-espacial, la identidad y la percepción influye en su sitio a nivel cognitivo y en el espacio. Después de que evaluamos el sitio e identificar el centro de ciudad hicimos una incursión en la morfología de la comunidad. También, mediante la división del espacio urbano, la dimensión de comportamiento o ámbito de vida y por los problemas específicos de centro logramos entender algunas de las características de la estructura social de los barrios.

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