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After the End: Rebuilding Post-Imperial Societies/// Biti ten Sonras : mpatorluk Sonras Toplumlar n Olu turmak
Dr. Thomas SMEDLEY
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2012,
Abstract: This article examines the construction of two post-imperial societies comparatively by analyzing the leadership of a twentieth century Turk, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and a fifth century Christian, Augustine of Hippo. Both leaders offered credible alternative vision for their people. This article argues that both leaders provided feasible answers to a handful of basic questions that underlie any viable social order, using similar rhetorical strategies to powerfully reshape the hopes, dreams, and expectations of those they influenced.
Defensive Regurgitation by a Noctuid Moth Larva (Litoprosopus Futilis)
Scott R. Smedley,Elizabeth Ehrhardt,Thomas Eisner
Psyche , 1993, DOI: 10.1155/1993/67950
Endotracheal Tube Obstruction with Foreign Body
Dr. Sara Thomas
Indian Anaesthetists' Forum , 2005,
Abstract: The most important role of an anaesthetist in the conduct of general anaesthesia is endotracheal intubation and confirmation of its correct placement. Failure of this can happen and it mostly occurs due to misplacement; endobronchial intubations; disconnection; leaks; and obstruction either in the tube or in the circuit.
The First Year Secondary Science Teacher: An Illumination of Assessment Praxes, Issues and Concerns
Dr. Thomas G. Ryan
International Journal of Social Sciences and Education , 2011,
Abstract: The following article is an illumination of a first year Canadian secondary science teacher who participated in our action research study in order to view her assessment praxes while teaching introductory science courses. Pat volunteered to be part of our Action Research project and was eager to illuminate her assessment knowledge, skills and attitudes. The account, illuminates not only a first year science teacher who had many issues, concerns, problems and dilemmas to deal with in her first teaching assignment, it also underlines the utility of reflective practice in science education.
XrdML, a new way to store (and exchange) X-ray powder diffraction measurement data
Dr. Thomas Degen
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: Recently PANalytical introduced the XrdML file format as a new data platform for powder diffraction experiments. We will explain why an industrial standard (XML) was chosen and show the XML schema used to precisely describe the instrumental and experimental conditions. This schema is used to validate the contents of the XrdML files. Additionally the integration of the XrdML files with the MS Windows operating system and the MS Windows Explorer will be demonstrated.
Phlyctenulosis-Like Presentation Secondary to Embedded Corneal Foreign Body  [PDF]
Valliammai Muthappan, Jared G. Smedley, Carlton R. Fenzl, Majid Moshirfar
Open Journal of Ophthalmology (OJOph) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojoph.2014.44018
Abstract: Case Presentation: A nine-year-old boy presented to the general ophthalmologist with a several weeks history of redness, photophobia and intermittent foreign body sensation in the right eye. A pigmented lesion with anterior chamber inflammation was noted on examination. B-scan ultrasound was performed and revealed no foreign body. The patient was diagnosed with anterior uveitis, which did not completely respond to treatment. The differential diagnosis was expanded to include peripheral ulcerative keratitis, phlyctenulosis, pigmented neoplasm, and corneal foreign body. Upon referral to a cornea specialist, an exam under anesthesia revealed a large foreign body consistent with a rock fragment in the peripheral cornea, which was subsequently removed without complication. Conclusion: This case highlights an atypical presentation of foreign body as well as a differential diagnosis of pigmented peripheral corneal lesions. Foreign bodies represent the most common cause of urgent ophthalmic evaluation. When evaluating lesions of the cornea, it is imperative to keep an extensive differential diagnosis, giving the potential for severe and rapid development of visually threatening complications.
Understanding the Factors that Effect Information Overload and Miscommunication within the Workplace
Dr. Thomas W. Jackson,Dr. Bart van den Hooff
Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: This paper explores and creates a model that shows the relationship between email interaction and the negative effects of e-mail use. The authors focus on the process of personalization, a learning process in which users adapt e-mail to their own specific individual needs. This process is used to explain two negative e-mail effects, information overload and miscommunication, and identify different variables that can influence this personalization process, from task characteristics to management interventions. The resulting model was tested by a survey conducted with ten different organizations, which lead to the conclusion that, task related factors, user related factors, social influence and perceived medium characteristics influence both personalization and negative effects, and personalization of e-mail use leads to miscommunication. These important findings can help address the email defects that cost organisations millions of dollars a year.
Ogolla Judith Atieno,Dr. Thomas A. Senaji
Africa International journal of management education and Governance , 2017, DOI: -
Abstract: Strategic decision-making theories suggest that organizations that pool strategic Agility and its constructs are likely to perform better than those that emphasize on traditional strategic planning. To assess whether these arguments apply to the public sector; This study explores the Strategic agility construct and their influence on performance through organizations perceived service effectiveness, efficiency and equity of State corporations in Kenya; hence the main objective of this study is to explore the relationship between strategic agility and performance of organizations (considering the components of both concepts and contextual variables). The population of the study included top managers and senior staffs working at the state corporations in Kenya. Results showed a significant positive correlation between strategic agility and organizational performance. All components of organizational performance had a positive significant relationship with Strategic agility. The relationship between the individual components of strategic agility and organizational performance is positive and significant. Variables of Age, work experience, and organizational position, had a positive significant relationship with the strategic agility of the organization, while about sex and educational level, no significant relationship found. The study recommend that strategic sensitivity (It is about an organization’s ability to move all personnel up the strategic agility spectrum from ‘Individual totally unaware to the potential changes that might impact the company’ to perceiving it and be prepared to do something about it’must be considered
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: A motor movement occurs for the command of brain through neuromuscular channel. Brain Computer Interface (BCI), refers to a system that is able to interpret the brain signal to make human able to have an interaction with environment without a need of neuromuscular channel. Event–Related Synchronization/ Desynchronization (ERS/ERD) is one of EEG signal types that can be used in the system of BCI. The signal occurred as a result of thismotor movement is characterized by a significant increase and a decrease of amplitude compared to amplitude when brain is in a resting state. The emergence of ERS/ERD in this research is stimulated through a motor movement to turn the simulation of steering wheel to the right and left direction. In order to obtain the signal, signal processing is used that is in the form of centering, band-pass filter at 4- 20 Hz, signal correlation and Eigen value decomposition (EVD). The characteristic of EEG signal from motor movement of “turn right” and “turn left” has an equal formcompared to Mexican Hat Wavelet. Hence, the process of classification is conducted using the method of testing data correlation towards Mexican Hat Wavelet. The correlation is performed to the testing data of 22 volunteers simultaneously and 4 volunteers in a different time. The outcome of the research then shows that the high value ofcorrelation is obtained from 4 volunteers that are correlated compared to 22 volunteers in the same time. This shows that the correlation of the testing data using Mexican Hat will result in a high value of correlation if done in each volunteer with a different scale.
Comparative Healthcare: Child Health
Dr C Jayakumar,Dr Ron Thomas Varghese,Dr. Nicole Mohajer,Caroline Hawkins
Australasian Medical Journal , 2009,
Abstract: Unlike India Australia boasts many community services forchildren from families with complex health problems.Practitioners from India report that their private healthsystem is among the best in the world and that thetraining, experience and quality of Indian doctors attractprivate patients from across the globe. On the other handfor many Indians their local health system is not wellresourced as is illustrated in the response to these casescenarios. The coverage of organized immunisationprogram can be limited in some areas; thereforeinfectious disease is a far greater problem than it is inAustralia. In India liberal controls over the sale of manydrugs has resulted in widespread abuse of antibiotics andNSAIDs. The lack of electricity in rural areas precludes thestorage of insulin and sterile injecting equipment whichundermines the quality of diabetic care. On the otherhand most Australians benefit from greater governmentexpenditure on health. The welfare system is much moreequipped to support parents from underpriviledge areas.Many schools will accept children with intellectual orphysical challenges into mainstream classes and cansometimes be financially supported to have a teacher’sassistant for the child. Two groups of Australians needextra support: migrants who may not speak English orknow how to access statutory services and Aboriginalpeople for whom language, lack of social supports orremoteness from health care underscores inequity.
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