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Dr. M. Muthu Kumar
The Dawn Journal , 2013,
Performance analysis of Non Linear Filtering Algorithms for underwater images
Dr. G. Padmavathi,Dr. P. Subashini,Mr. M. Muthu Kumar,Suresh Kumar Thakur
Computer Science , 2009,
Abstract: Image filtering algorithms are applied on images to remove the different types of noise that are either present in the image during capturing or injected in to the image during transmission. Underwater images when captured usually have Gaussian noise, speckle noise and salt and pepper noise. In this work, five different image filtering algorithms are compared for the three different noise types. The performances of the filters are compared using the Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Mean Square Error (MSE). The modified spatial median filter gives desirable results in terms of the above two parameters for the three different noise. Forty underwater images are taken for study.
Gain Real Visibility of SAP Shop Floor Transactions
M.Giriraj,,Dr.S. Muthu
International Journal of Engineering and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: This paper describes the main functionality and design aspects for the integration between MES and SAP r /3 systems. Massive product types, faster cycle times, smaller inventory buffers, increased customer expectations, less tolerance for errors and heightenedcompetition. More than ever, we need to manage rapid change and reduce costs at the same time. Today, the most promising way to meet these challenges is to increase coordination between enterprise and production systems. Start with existing or optional connectivity capability in our ERP systems such as SAP’s XI or xMII or usingXML or other standard protocol. Next, we create a functional specification that includes compliance with ISA/ANSI S95, GAMP and other standards, depending on our situation and preferences. Then wecreate an interface to our plant systems using proven open standard solutions.
Layerless Manufacturing & SAP - Creating Responsive Shop Floor in the Supply Chain
M.Giriraj,,Dr.S. Muthu
International Journal of Engineering and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: This paper shall explore the fundamental science behind the ever changing global supply chain. An analogous view of supply chain evolution to that of organic survival theory yields philosophies andmethods for achieving strategic advantage and tactical superiority. Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are helping manufacturers bridge the gaps between the shop floor, the supply chain and the ERPsystem. By doing this, these systems are giving manufacturers more visibility and the control they need to make their production rocesses more efficient. Many businesses find it difficult to trulymaximize Supply Chain or Manufacturing efficiency from back office to mobile worker and maintain real time visibility of what happens on the shop floor. We have successfully implemented true real-time mobileintegration for major production sites across globe. SAP investment by reducing critical errors and enhancing customer service. We utilize standard Windows interfaces and WLAN technology to makeit easy for shop floor personnel to interact with SAP in real time, using standard automation system.
Root development of permanent lateral incisor in cleft lip and palate children: A radiographic study
Amarlal Deepti,Muthu M,Siva Kumar N
Indian Journal of Dental Research , 2007,
Abstract: Objective: The objective of this study was to compare the root development of lateral incisor on the cleft side with the root development of its contralateral tooth in cleft lip and palate children. Setting: Cleft lip and palate wing, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital, Chennai, South India. Materials and Methods: A sample of 96 orthopantamograms of patients with unilateral or bilateral cleft lip and/or cleft palate was selected, regardless of sex and race. Main Outcome Measure: Orthopantamograms were analyzed for root development of lateral incisor on the cleft and noncleft side. Associated anomalies like hypodontia, supernumerary teeth, malformed lateral incisors and root development of canine, if present, were recorded. Findings and Conclusions: Root development of permanent lateral incisor was delayed on the cleft side compared to the noncleft side. There was a statistically significant relationship between levels of root development of lateral incisors on the cleft side within the different study groups ( P < 0.05). Incidence of hypodontia increased in proportion to cleft severity. Frequency of missing second premolars, supernumerary teeth and malformed lateral incisors increased in cleft lip and palate patients. Root development of canine showed a slight delay on the cleft side when compared to the canine on the noncleft side.
Spectrophotometric estimation of Nifidipine by using various solvents
AlagarRaja M,Selva Kumar D,Muthu Kumar S,Purnima Tripathi
International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: A Simple and sensitive spectrophotometric method has been developed for the estimation of nifedipine in bulk and tablet formulation. The drug was determined by using various solvents like aqueous, organic and inorganic, which is determined spectrophotometrically at 281nm. The percentage recovery study of the drug for the pro-posed method range from 98-102% indicating no interference of the tablet excipients by using various solvents. The result obtained for percentage purity of nifidipine was dimethyl formamide and glacial acetic acid was only the solvents indicating the limit of recovery studies.
Development of Rotary Axis for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM)
M. Parthiban, C. Manigandan, G. Muthu Venkadesh, M. Ranjith Kumar
International Journal of Engineering Research , 2014,
Abstract: This paper gives an overview of setting up a rotary axis to the existing WEDM machine to investigate the machining parameters in WEDG of harder materials. There are a number of hybrid machining processes (HMPs) seeking the combined advantage of EDM and other machining techniques. One such combination is wire electrical discharge grinding (WEDG), which is commonly used for micro-machining of fine and hard rods. WEDG employs a single wire guide to confine the wire tension within the discharge area between the rod and the front edge of the wire and also to minimize the wire vibration. Other advantages of WEDG include the ability to machine hard- to- machine materials with large aspect ratio
Optimization of the WEDM Parameters on Machining Incoloy800 Super alloy with Multiple Quality Characteristics
Muthu Kumar V,Suresh Babu A,Venkatasamy R,Raajenthiren M
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: The present work demonstrates optimization of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining process parameters of Incoloy800 super alloy with multiple performance characteristics such as Material Removal Rate (MRR), surface roughness and Kerf based on the Grey–Taguchi Method. The process parameters considered in this research work are Gap Voltage, Pulse On-time, Pulse Off-time and Wire Feed. Taguchi’s L9 Orthogonal Array was used to conduct experiments. Optimal levels of process parameters were identified using Grey Relational Analysis and the relatively significant parameters were determined by Analysis of Variance. The variation of output responses with process parameters were mathematically modelled by using non-linear regression analysismethod and the models were checked for their adequacy. Result of confirmation experiments shows that the established mathematical models can predict the output responses with reasonable accuracy.
Dr. Roshan Kumar M. Bhigania
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: It is a well-recognized fact that there exists in India a parallel economy based entirely on black money transactions. Black money, also described as tainted money, has seeped into every walk of life and is posing a great threat to the stability of our real economy. The most unfortunate aspect is that it has come to be accepted as normal fact of life. People hardly feel say qualms of conscience while dealing with it. In their jaundiced eyes, the black appears to be bright and beautiful.
Reclaiming Individuality of Mysterious Passage
M. Chaurasia,,Dr. Sushil Kumar
International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering , 2011,
Abstract: Authorship attribution, the science of inferring characteristics of author from characteristics of documents written by that author become an urgent need to find the original author of anonymous text. In this paper, a novel approach is proposed that attempts to measure the style variation of author using character n-gram profiles. This proposed method is a different approach to identify the authorusing initial character n-gram whereas prior research has shown the identification on total character ngram. This approach will prove to be quite stable. With the help of small experiment, we attempt to prove it. The results acquired from the mention technique are quite accurate and it hikes to 100% in identifying the author from an anonymous text. Using N-gram frequency profiles, it provides a simple and reliable way to categorize documents in a wide range of classification tasks.

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