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Diaspora Design versus Homeland Realities: Case Study of Armenian Diaspora
Bahar Baser,Dr. Ashok Swain
Caucasian Review of International Affairs , 2009,
Abstract: Recently the concept of “diaspora” has become a popular subject and two polarized views dominate the study on diaspora behavior: the categorization of the diaspora as good or bad, conflict or peace promoter, spoiler or peace-maker. The majority of the research on diaspora politics places emphasis on its conflict-promoting character. Researchers argue that a diaspora may even act against its homeland’s interests. This paper aims to further explore this behavior of diaspora groups and try to locate the reasons behind this phenomenon. The focus is the Armenian diaspora and its policies, particularly targeting the foreign policy of the host country. Some of the critical issues are the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh and Turkey-Armenia relations, which includes the issues of “genocide” recognition, normalization of diplomatic relations and opening of the borders. With the help of theoretical frameworks, the Armenian diaspora’s positions will be analyzed in this paper.
Dr. Pritilaxmi Swain
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: The Abhijnanasakuntalam is an unparalled work of the great poet and playwright Kalidasa, the brightest star in the firmament of Indian poetry. No other composition of this poet displays more the richness of poetical genious, the warmth and play of fancy, the profound knowledge of human heart than this masterly production. The word abhijnana in the title signifies 'a token of recognition' (here a ring), which is instrumental in bringing about the final recognition of Sakuntala by the king. It is a nataka in seven acts, based on the love-story of king Dushyanta and the maiden Sakuntala.
From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Ashok K Rathoure
Octa Journal of Environmental Research , 2013,
Abstract: We have entered in the era of globalization where environmental pollution is manor concern due to industrial revolution. Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Now days, number of industrial sector developed on and around the planet earth. Advances in transportation and telecommunications infrastructure, including the rise of the Internet are major factors in globalization, generating further interdependence of economic and cultural activities. Each Industrial development requires environmental clearance from Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) in India. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important tool for integrating the objectives of environmental management into the decision making process to ensure environmentally sound and sustainable development. It is one of the most widely used tools for identifying and mitigating adverse ecological effects of development proposals. In 1987, UNEP adopted a set of goals and principles on EIAs. EIA is an exercise to be carried out before any project or major activity is undertaken to ensure that it will not in any way harm the environment on a short term or long term basis. Any developmental endeavor requires not only the analysis of the need of such a project, the monetary costs and benefits involved but most important, it requires a consideration and detailed assessment of the effect of a proposed development on the environment. The environment impact process was introduced with the purpose of identifying /evaluating the potential beneficial and adverse impacts of development projects on the environment, taking in to account environmental, social, cultural and aesthetic considerations. All of these considerations are critical to determine the viability of a project and to decide if a project should be granted environmental clearance. An EIA concentrate on problems, conflicts and natural resource constraints which might affect the viability of a project. It also predicts how the project could harm to people, their homeland, their livelihoods, and the other nearby developmental activities. After predicting potential impacts, the EIA identifies measures to minimize the impacts and suggests ways to improve the project viability.
The Comparative Theme of Revenge, Illicit sex, Betrayal and Friendship in Rayappa Pattar’s Sangya-Balya and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Dr. Ashok M. Hulibandi
Deccan International Journal of Advanced Research Studies , 2013,
Abstract: The present paper attempts to comparative study of two plays Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Rayappa Pattar’s Sangya-Balya. Sangya-Balya is composed in Kannada language; Prof. Naikar has translated it into English, it was published in 19th Century. Revenge, Illicit sex, Betrayal and Friendship are similar themes in both plays. Hamlet and Virabhadra are wants take revenge on their enemies. Claudius, Gertrude, Sangya and Ganga are standing on immoral path. Hamlet was passive, feels alone and intelligently takes revenge on his uncle and mother, Virabhadra active, emotionally takes revenge on his wife Ganga and Sangya. The paper concludes that natural justice, virtue is rewards and wicked is greatly punishes, both plays end with tragic.
Dillip K. Ghose,,Dr. Prakash C. Swain
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: River erosion by the Mahanadi river is evaluated in terms of basin geology, hydrology, dissolved and suspended load characteristics. Bulk of suspended sediment is carried in fine fraction. Its mineralogy is characterized by clay minerals illite, kaolinite, smectite and chlorite in addition to quartz and felspar. The river annually transports a cumulative load of 33.59 million tons into the Bay of Bengal. The dissolved load constitutes less than 25% of the total. Present study reveals that Mechanical load is strongly correlated with discharge, elevation and area while a weak correlation exists between bed slope and mechanical load. The ratio of mechanical to chemical erosion rate an index of erodibility of the basin, seems to be related to rock type in the catchment area.Higher values of erodibility index correspond to higher elevations, lesser area and hard silicate rocks of subbasins. On the other hand, sub-basins with low to moderate elevation and chemically active sedimentary rocks, are characterized by low values. The river has registered 14% decrease in sediment load transport over a decadedue to anthropogenic activities.
Rachna Arya,Dr. Ashok Purohit
International Journal of Computer Science and Management Studies , 2012,
Abstract: Foreign institutional investors have gained a significant role in Indian stock markets. The increase in the volume of foreign institutional investment (FII) inflows in recent years has led to concerns regarding the volatility of these flows, threat of capital flight, its impact on the stock markets and influence of changesin regulatory regimes. The dawn of 21st century has shown the real dynamism of stock market and the various benchmarking of sensitivity index (Sensex) in terms of its highest peaks and sudden falls it can be said that while return declined reasonably after the entry of FIIs, the volatility has been reduced significantly after their entry. Besides, FIIs investment flows, there may be other reasons as well that may have some degree of influence on market volatilityand return. While the FIIs investment flows and contemporaneous SENSEX, NIFTY, market capitalization and market turnover have been strongly correlated in India, the correlation between FIIsinvestments and market volatility and market return has been comparatively low. It means volatility in Indian market is not the function of FIIs investment flows. There may be some other reasons which induced the volatility in Indian market over the time.
An Empirical Analysis Over the Four Different Feature-Based Face and Iris Biometric Recognition Techniques
Deepak Sharma,Dr. Ashok Kumar
International Journal of Advanced Computer Sciences and Applications , 2012,
Abstract: Recently, multimodal biometric systems have been widely accepted, which has shown increased accuracy and population coverage, while reducing vulnerability to spoofing. The main feature to multimodal biometrics is the amalgamation of different biometric modality data at the feature extraction, matching score, or decision levels. Recently, a lot of works are presented in the literature for multi-modal biometric recognition. In this paper, we have presented comparative analysis of four different feature extraction approaches, such as LBP, LGXP, EMD and PCA. The main steps involved in such four approaches are: 1) Feature extraction from face image, 2) Feature extraction from iris image and 3) Fusion of face and iris features. The performance of the feature extraction methods in multi-modal recognition is analyzed using FMR and FNMR to study the recognition behavior of these approaches. Then, an extensive analysis is carried out to find the effectiveness of different approaches using two different databases. The experimental results show the equal error rate of different feature extraction approaches in multi-modal biometric recognition. From the ROC curve plotted, the performance of the LBP and LGXP method is better compared to PCA-based technique.
Extended CurlCrawler: A focused and path-oriented framework for crawling the web with thumb
Dr Ela Kumar # , Ashok Kumar $
International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Information is a vital role playing versatile thing from availability at church level to web through trends of books. WWW is now the exposed and up-to-date huge repository of information available to everyone, everywhere and every time [1]. It is the thrust arena of engineering endeavor and is evolving without a grand design blueprint. Finally, an age has come, where information has become an instrument, a tool that can be used to solve many problems. The biggest challenge being posed by the Internet is its ever-growing size with the availability of endless pool of information hosted on the World Wide Web (WWW). It is problematic to identify and ping with graphical frame of mind for the desired information amongst the large set of web pages resulted by the search engine with reduced chaffing and cross features of the framework. With further increase in the size of the Internet, the problem grows exponentially. Crawlers can retrieve data much quicker and in greater depth than human searchers, so they can have a crippling impact on the performance of a site [7, 17]. Needless to say that building an effective web crawler to solve your purpose is not a difficult task, but choosing the right strategies and building an effective architecture will lead to implementation of multi-agent framework to outcome highly featured web crawler application [2, 3]. This paper is an experimental strives to develop and implement an extended framework with extended architecture to make search engines more efficient using local resource utilization features of the programming. This work is an implementation experience for use of focused and path oriented approach to provide a cross featured framework for search engines with human powered approach. In addition to curl programming, personalization of information, caching and graphical perception, main features of this framework are cross platform, cross architecture, focused, path oriented and human powered.
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: This new type of converter is suitable for high voltage and high power applications. This multilevel inverter has ability to synthesize waveforms with better harmonics spectrum. The power loss in the circuit is less due to less number of switches. There are numerous topologies has been introduced and widely studied for utility and drive application. In this work a study of 11-level inverter using less number of switches as compare to the technologies previously developed. MATLAB software is used for simulate the 11-level inverter.
C.Ashok Baburaj,Dr. K. Alagarsamy
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: The Location Management problem is an important issue in mobility management. One of the most common strategies of location management is to designate some of the cells in the network as “reporting cells” and the other cells as “non-reporting cells”. Mobile terminals update information about its current location in a database when it enters into a new reporting cell. In this paper a new concept has been introduced to minimize the location management cost by maintaining the mobility history. Genetic Algorithms are stochastic methods that can be used to solve a very broad class of optimization problems. A Genetic Algorithm technique has been used to solve the various network results which shows the effectiveness of the proposed approach for the Reporting Cell Planning in Mobile Computing.
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