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New Actors on Stage: Analysis of the Emergent Forms of Collective Action in the European Context  [PDF]
Dora Fonseca
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.21005
Abstract: In this article our focus will be on civil society’s responses triggered by the imposition of the societies of austerity. The analysis will be centred on an emerging collective actor, the indignados, and on the conditions that fostered its formation and processes involved in the construction of its identity. To accomplish this task, we retrieved Ernesto Laclau’s political logic of populism and the concept of political developed by Chantal Mouffe and applied them to the formation of the indignados’ identity. This process is conceived in terms of the construction of antagonistic frontiers which divide the social into two opposing fields. This conception allows us to develop an analysis based on the notion of social conflict, as well as a reflection on the potentialities embodied by this new social actor, despite their presentation by the dominant discourse as utopic and therefore impossible. In this proposal, it is our aim to provide a better understanding of what is at stake when we talk about the indignados and a clearer perception of the political dimension of both struggle and resistance.
Analysing a Pricing Policy for a Home Centre: A Case Study  [PDF]
Dora Maglione, Angela Diblasi
Journal of Financial Risk Management (JFRM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jfrm.2014.31002

One critical aspect of retailer category management is pricing the items in order to maximize total profits. To define an appropriate pricing policy, a retailer should evaluate how changes in prices of a set of items may impact their shelves or inter demands. In this setting, elasticities play a major role. In addition, a proper policy can be defined from different points of view. In this paper, estimation of a profit function and its maximization under different scenarios is used as a tool to analyze such policy. Estimation of this function is performed through a previous selection of items within a home center category. Then, an adequate AIDS model allowing calculation of elasticities is fitted. Moreover, a profit function is defined in terms of prices and demands. This functionis linearized for the following two purposes, to express it in terms of elasticities, and to maximize it more easily under the consideration of different sets of item prices defined in a convex set. Then, confidence intervals for the total and marginal profits were built to gather the randomness of demands. The results are applied to the selected items in a home center that behaves as a monopoly in the area.

Industrial Buildings and Their Role in the Transformation of a Regional Greek City: The Tobacco Warehouses of Agrinio  [PDF]
Dora Monioudi-Gavala
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ahs.2016.52008
Abstract: This paper presents the role of the tobacco warehouses in the urban transformation of the provincial Greek city of Agrinio. It covers the period from the establishment of the Greek state in 1830 to the end of the interwar period, with special focus on the 1920s and 1930s. The study of this particular city is done within the broader historical environment of the Greek state, in which urban planning and architecture are among the more general issues raised by the historical conditions. The new data brought to light by the study show the significance of the tobacco warehouses in shaping the city of Agrinio, as well as the influences from Central Europe on local industrial architecture during the interwar years.
El concepto de desarrollo y las reformas estatales: visiones de los noventa
Documentos y aportes en administraci?3n p?oblica y gesti?3n estatal , 2005,
Abstract: in a little more than a decade, there has been a dramatic change in the in the initially successful viewpoint that prevailed during the public sector reestructuration in most of latin america, and in particular in argentina. the basis and the orientations leading the state's reform policies of the 90s are currently subject to reviewing and reconsideration. this work has several objectives: 1) to review the notion of the state's development and role; 2) to elucidate the new concepts that have been successively formulated by the multilateral organisms (world bank, pnud, cepal); 3) to discuss the "development strategies underlying the different state's reforms agendas and, 4) to describe some of the economic and social characteristics of the recent historical development and their perspectives.
Los ideogramas como estrategia didáctica exitosa en la asignatura introducción a la filosofía
Investigación y Postgrado , 2010,
Abstract: el trabajo se desarrolló en un ambiente de modalidad mixta en una sección del semestre i-2007 del centro de atención caracas-instituto de mejoramiento profesional del magisterio-upel. la estrategia ideográfica permitió reportar el aprendizaje de contenidos de la asignatura introducción a la filosofía. la instrucción presencial se dispuso en cinco sesiones. por correo electrónico, las 31 participantes reportaron sus lecturas a través del uso de ideogramas (mapas mentales o conceptuales, esquemas, redes). para el análisis se utilizó la diferenciación progresiva seleccionando y comparando las creaciones de 8 participantes (39%). finalmente se escogieron 2 con las calificaciones más altas y 2 con las más bajas. quienes elaboraron estrategias ideográficas con conectores relevantes construyeron aprendizajes significativos. posiblemente, los ideogramas se constituyeron en una estrategia didáctica exitosa para enriquecer los aprendizajes y propiciar el desplazamiento cognitivo de las participantes hacia reflexiones filosóficas básicas relacionadas con las escuelas donde laboraban.
Las metodologías: relaciones entre ideologías y semiosis
Enlace , 2006,
Abstract: the scientific culture of the researcher (his readings, his time and social scene conditions) operates determining the relation thought/language, which means that the position adopted in face of knowledge in social sciences will guide his methodological search. as a result of the research actions i undertook on the nature of task instructions in language teaching, there come forth several relations between social representations of teachers and their acting out in language considering the teaching task. the socio-discursive interactionist approach understands that action is the analytic unity which is materialized in texts, whose morpho-genetic component is the linguistic sign. by taking the analysis of teachers? interviews and the registred concrete teaching actions it can be noticed how social representations prefigure the practical actions, anticipating the effective carrying out of some of them and excluding others. the analysis of task instructions as intra-mental-actions which arise as text-productions done by pupils, shows the intermental or interpsychological process, held between the teacher and his students, as an epistemological process of language didactics. so far border crossings of disciplines will enable us to focus on new knowledge objects, there will arise new methodologies to be validated; this would be an open way for semiotics and semiology.
Historia, historiografía y género: Notas para la memoria de sus vínculos en la Argentina
La aljaba , 2005,
Abstract: this paper is a comprehensive analysis of argentinean historiographic memory as regards the condition of women and gender studies. it is a state-of-the-art work on the historical discipline in this field and refers both to the precursory works from before the 1980′s and to the activities carried out by an ever-increasing number of agents, at the moment when historiography was legitimated in our country, by the mid 80′s. this expansion coincides with a series of phenomena, both internal and external, among which we may point out the outstanding renewal and spread of feminist studies, epistemological changes, transformations in social history, the international growth of gender historiography, together with the social and political changes that took place in argentina with the return of democracy and the new approaches introduced in the academic context with the advent of studies on women and gender. there exists a conceptual attempt to typify these contributions which evince both their lines of strength and also those aspects still awaiting historical probe.
Didáctica de la lengua: la contribución al desarrollo de las capacidades discursivo-textuales
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2010,
Abstract: the field of language didactics and teaching contents have changed in recent decades. the "communication and expression" perspective occupied the prominent position that the teaching of abstract reasoning once had in relation to mother tongue teaching at school level. although not explicitly stated in official documents at secondary school level, the concept of immersion education not only postulated the antinomy "expression versus reasoning," but was also installed ideologically in the area of teacher training. in this context, the purpose of teaching the language as an object of knowledge was not clearly defined, and the term "communicative competence" emerged at various levels of training. while pragmatic theories were influential in teaching and were able to relocate the language in its character of action, the purpose of education was located in the "communicative use" whose immediate consequence was the underlying ideological spontaneity as a feature. as a result, we can say that since the so-called communicative approaches in teaching the language "have changed the focus of the object to be taught, in some cases didactic proposals present the didactic discourse-textual contents separated from the grammatical contents. in others-the majority-, these proposals are confined to the "practices of reading and writing texts, with the schematic reference of different text types. the grammar disappears, but when it does appear in some classes, it is restricted to the semantic description of grammatical categories, i.e. the teaching of morpho-syntax is avoided. therefore, in this situation of school education, the teaching of languages is a challenge for those of us who specialize in teaching and research, not only in our local context but in western cultures more generally, in which the effects of audiovisual technologies have produced significant socio-cultural changes. from the perspective of sociodiscursive interactionism, we conceptualize language abilities as soc
Los recursos humanos en el ámbito municipal y el desarrollo local
Revista Pilquen , 2009,
Abstract: this paper has been carried out within the framework of seminar about the administration of local development of de civil service master's degree, delivered at the regional university center atlantic regional zone (unco), in agreement with the research and training institute on civil service of uncba. it reflects on the importance that human resources has gained over the last years in the public sphere, especially in the local one; it describes the difficulties that the town councils are undergoing in relation with people's action and the efforts made to overcome them. finally, some challenges are set forth, which the administration of local human resources has to face in favour of local sustainable development.
El Bicentenario, la psicología en la educación y las categorías interpretativas de una realidad latinoamericana
Revista Pilquen , 2010,
Abstract: in our national reality, and during these two hundred years of history, there has been a diversity of interpretations, facts and local circumstances from the point of view of psychology, particularly psychology linked to education, which were made bringing along categories and conceptions from other societies. with no intention to start from the very beginning, we can have statements derived from our own syntax which are linked with concepts selected due to its epistemological compatibility and due to its appropriateness to be used in interpretations about events, situations and processes contextualized in our lifeworld, consistent with post colonial latin-american ideals and interests.
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