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El Laboratorio de los Conflictos de la Azienda Sanitaria Locale 3 Genovesa: Un Servicio Público a Sostén de la Parentalidad en la Separación Conyugal
Cavanna,Donatella; Finzi,Daria; Piermari,Antonella; Spadacini,Anna;
Psicoperspectivas , 2012, DOI: 10.5027/psicoperspectivas-Vol11-Issue2-fulltext-208
Abstract: marital separation is a common experience in the lives of many families. it implies the failure of the couple's life plan and an experience of loss that may result in symptomatic behavior and dysfunctional relationship dynamics. these negative consequences, particularly in children, are attributed to conflicts between parents and to their ability to reflect jointly about the impact that their disagreements may have on the emotional state of their children. awareness of the possible effects that conflictive separations may have on the psychological well-being of children has increased requests for family mediation interventions, making it easier for parents to resume their responsibilities as parents. this article describes the practice of an italian family mediation service that works with couples in highly conflictive situations, favoring an approach that requires the couple to re-take a joint mode of management of their children. we outline user profiles with respect to approaching the service, whether or not both agree to do so, and also with respect to the kinds of petitioners and the typology of separation under the italian legislation.
I programmi sperimentali per gli Istituti Tecnici per geometri
G. Vita Finzi
Aestimum , 1990,
Structure-Based Causes and Explanations in the Independent Choice Logic
Alberto Finzi,Thomas Lukasiewicz
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: This paper is directed towards combining Pearl's structural-model approach to causal reasoning with high-level formalisms for reasoning about actions. More precisely, we present a combination of Pearl's structural-model approach with Poole's independent choice logic. We show how probabilistic theories in the independent choice logic can be mapped to probabilistic causal models. This mapping provides the independent choice logic with appealing concepts of causality and explanation from the structural-model approach. We illustrate this along Halpern and Pearl's sophisticated notions of actual cause, explanation, and partial explanation. This mapping also adds first-order modeling capabilities and explicit actions to the structural-model approach.
Observations of Embryonic Changes in Middle and Late Stages of the Greater Wax Moth, Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)  [PDF]
Muhamad Abidalla, Donatella Battaglia
Advances in Entomology (AE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ae.2018.63015
Abstract: The embryogenesis of lepidopteran insects has morphogenetic events accompanying the blastokinesis movements (anatrepsis and katatrepsis) in early and late stages, respectively. Katatrepsis is related to embryonic movement with yolk mass and regression of amnioserosa folds in the second half of the development cycle. The whole mount method and differential interference contrast microscopy (DIC) were used for analysing the embryonic developmental changes. Those changes in the middle and late embryonic periods were described and divided into eight stages: 1) Completion of segmentation and differentiation of cephalic and thoracic appendages (32 - 40 hours post-oviposition h. PO); 2) Expanded growth of cephalo-gnathal and abdominal parts (41 - 60 h. PO); 3) Completion of thoracic appendages and appearance of pleuropodia, katatrepsis (60 - 70 h. PO); 4) Pre-revolution morphogenetic movement of the cephalo-gnathal region (71 - 80 h. PO); 5) revolution of the embryo (81 - 100 h. PO); 6) Beginning of dorsal closure (101 - 115 h. PO); 7) completion of dorsal closure (116 - 120 h. PO); and 8) full-grown embryo just before hatching (121 - 144 h. PO).
E. Ottolenghi Vita-Finzi
Aestimum , 1989,
An existence result for the sandpile problem on flat tables with walls
G. Crasta,S. Finzi Vita
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: We derive an existence result for solutions of a differential system which characterizes the equilibria of a particular model in granular matter theory, the so-called partially open table problem for growing sandpiles. Such result generalizes a recent theorem of Cannarsa and Cardaliaguet established for the totally open table problem. Here, due to the presence of walls at the boundary, the surface flow density at the equilibrium may result no more continuous nor bounded, and its explicit mathematical characterization is obtained by domain decomposition techniques. At the same time we show how these solutions can be numerically computed as stationary solutions of a dynamical two-layer model for growing sandpiles and we present the results of some simulations.
The Diseases of the Medici Family and the Use of Phytotherapy
Donatella Lippi
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2007, DOI: 10.1093/ecam/nem107
Abstract: The Medici Project is a paleopathological and historico-medical research, based on the exhumation of corpses of the Medici Family buried in the Medici Chapels (Florence, San Lorenzo). The scientific research carried out on these remains permits us to reconstruct habits and causes of death of members of this famous family of Italian Renaissance. The comparison between the literary sources and the paleopathological evidence is also important to reconstruct different therapies. Physicians, who assisted the most important persons of the Medici Family, have left a rich literature about their patients: the treatments were based on the use of plants and natural substances. Analyzing these sources is of unique importance and throws light on the therapeutical choices of the time.
Edge Detection from MRI and DTI Images with an Anisotropic Vector Field Flow Using a Divergence Map
Donatella Giuliani
Algorithms , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/a5040636
Abstract: The aim of this work is the extraction of edges from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) images by a deformable contour procedure, using an external force field derived from an anisotropic flow. Moreover, we introduce a divergence map in order to check the convergence of the process. As we know from vector calculus, divergence is a measure of the magnitude of a vector field convergence at a given point. Thus by means level curves of the divergence map, we have automatically selected an initial contour for the deformation process. If the initial curve includes the areas from which the vector field diverges, it will be able to push the curve towards the edges. Furthermore the divergence map highlights the presence of curves pointing to the most significant geometric parts of boundaries corresponding to high curvature values. In this way, the skeleton of the extracted object will be rather well defined and may subsequently be employed in shape analysis and morphological studies.
Open archive solutions to traditional archive/library cooperation
Donatella Castelli
Liber Quarterly : The Journal of European Research Libraries , 2003,
Abstract: The diffusion of Internet is changing the role of archives and libraries and it is opening a wide range of new possibilities. The new vision is that in few years it will be possible to cross-access multiple libraries, archives, museums, and data repositories. The implementation of this revolutionary vision requires the solution of a number of technical, organizational, sociological, and economical issues. Recently, the proposal of a new, low cost technical solution for open repositories of pre-print material, the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting ( OAI-PMH), has greatly stimulated the discussion about these issues in many application frameworks. This paper overviews the status of this discussion in the library and conventional archives frameworks.
The flexibility for a sustainable Social Housing: the case of Preturo (AQ)
Donatella Radogna
Techne : Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment , 2012,
Abstract: The presented research work proposes a study about the flexibility requirement, aiming to define its role in social housing requalification. For the Preturo A.T.E.R. settlement, characterized by considerable lack of technological units and performance gaps, we propose systems adaptable as for the variability of the dwelling, working and socialization needs for settled or to be settled users. The originality of the work consists in the identification of the flexibility as sustainable functional requalification strategy, also aware that the post-industrial buildings predisposition to transformation, given by their deterioration conditions, and the performance fitting possibilities are directly proportional.
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