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Social class, job insecurity and job strain in Korea
Sung-Il Cho,Ki-Do Eum,BongKyoo Choi,Domyung Paek
SJWEH Supplements , 2008,
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: This study explored the associations between social class, job insecurity, and job strain among Korean workers. METHODS: Data on 6143 participants (253 health care workers, 5113 subway workers, and 777 petrochemical refinery workers) from three Korean job-stress studies were used. Job strain and job insecurity were measured with the job content questionnaire. Job strain was defined as a continuous variable according to the demand-to-control ratio and as a binary variable as the highest quartile of this ratio. Social class was defined by indicators of socioeconomic status. The combined effects of job insecurity and socioeconomic status were examined with generalized linear models and logistic regression models. RESULTS: Job insecurity was relatively higher than in other countries (scale mean 5.8). Higher job insecurity was associated with lower social class, and it appeared to partially mediate the effect of socioeconomic status on job strain. Job insecurity and low social class independently elevated job strain. Job strain was the highest among those with a low social class and job insecurity for each socioeconomic indicator. According to the logistic regression models, the odds ratio for high strain was 2.0 (P<0.05) for low job security and low education, 2.4 (P<0.05) for low job security and low income, and 2.4 (P<0.05) for low job security and low occupational class, when compared with the baseline values. CONCLUSIONS: Low social class is associated with higher job strain. Job insecurity is higher among persons in a lower social class, the highest job strain occurring among workers with both factors. Job insecurity appears to intensify the overall effect of social class on job strain.
Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted Alkenes via Metathesis
Seung-Mann Paek
Molecules , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/molecules17033348
Abstract: Fully substituted olefin generation via metathesis is presented. Catalyst development, optimization of reaction conditions and substrate screening are included. In addition, asymmetric alkene metathesis, the cross metathesis reaction for this transformation and its application in natural products will be discussed.
Conversation as Action Under Uncertainty
Tim Paek,Eric J. Horvitz
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: Conversations abound with uncetainties of various kinds. Treating conversation as inference and decision making under uncertainty, we propose a task independent, multimodal architecture for supporting robust continuous spoken dialog called Quartet. We introduce four interdependent levels of analysis, and describe representations, inference procedures, and decision strategies for managing uncertainties within and between the levels. We highlight the approach by reviewing interactions between a user and two spoken dialog systems developed using the Quartet architecture: Prsenter, a prototype system for navigating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and the Bayesian Receptionist, a prototype system for dealing with tasks typically handled by front desk receptionists at the Microsoft corporate campus.
Interventionelle Pr nataltherapie - der Fetus als Patient
Strauss A,Hepp H,Paek B
Speculum - Zeitschrift für Gyn?kologie und Geburtshilfe , 2001,
Abstract: Mit dem rasanten Fortschritt pr nataler Diagnostik wurden auch Hoffnungen auf therapeutische Optionen geweckt. Eine Vielzahl, aber bei weitem nicht alle Probleme und technischen Schwierigkeiten konnten in den letzten Jahren gel st werden. Die Indikation zur invasiven Pr nataltherapie ist der Gruppe fetaler Erkrankungen bzw. Anomalien vorbehalten, welche mit einer progressiven Sch digung der Organentwicklung einhergehen. Die transabdominelle Punktion, fetoskopische "minimal invasive" und offene Pr natalchirurgie stellen die 3 Kategorien pr nataler Interventionsm glichkeiten dar. Amnioninfusion, Amniondrainage, Erythrozyten-/ Thrombozytentransfusion, Drainage intrakavit rer Flüssigkeit, dauerhafte intraamniale Shuntanlage und direkte, intravaskul re medikament se Therapie bezeichnen das Anwendungsgebiet der transabdominellen Nadelprozeduren. Endoskopische Eingriffe stehen bei Zwillingsschwangerschaften, kompliziert durch ein fetofetales Transfusionssyndrom oder eine TRAP-Sequenz zur Disposition. Ebenso kommen diese Eingriffe bei der Zwerchfellhernie, bei der Chylothoraxdrainage, bei obstruktiven Uropathien und bei intrauterinen Tumoren zur Anwendung. Offene fetale Operationen mit mütterlicher Hysterotomie stellen h ufig den Ausgangspunkt neuer Behandlungsoptionen dar. In der Folge werden sie jedoch zunehmend durch endoskopische Techniken mit geringerem Eingriffsrisiko abgel st. Im Zuge der Entwicklung expandierender Therapieindikationen gewinnen kindliche Analgesie und der sorgf ltige Umgang mit klinisch-ethischen Belangen bei Beratung und Eingriff zus tzliches Gewicht. Die differenzierte Entwicklung invasiver Pr nataltherapie widerlegt nachdrücklich das nach wie vor g ngige Vorurteil: Pr natale Therapie = Abruptio. Diese Zusammenfassung soll ein aktuelles Abbild etablierter wie experimenteller intrauteriner Therapiem glichkeiten geben.
Ring Expansion of Vinylaziridines through the Strain-Release Pericyclic Reaction: Recent Developments and Applications
Yu Mi Heo,Seung-Mann Paek
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules18089650
Abstract: Recent syntheses of azetidines, pyrrolidines, piperidines and azepines through cycloaddition or sigmatropic rearrangements of vinylaziridines are described. Applications to natural product synthesis and mechanistic investigations are also summarized.
Plant RNA binding proteins for control of RNA virus infection
Sung Un Huh,Kyung-Hee Paek
Frontiers in Physiology , 2013, DOI: 10.3389/fphys.2013.00397
Abstract: Plant RNA viruses have effective strategies to infect host plants through either direct or indirect interactions with various host proteins, thus suppressing the host immune system. When plant RNA viruses enter host cells exposed RNAs of viruses are recognized by the host immune system through processes such as siRNA-dependent silencing. Interestingly, some host RNA binding proteins have been involved in the inhibition of RNA virus replication, movement, and translation through RNA-specific binding. Host plants intensively use RNA binding proteins for defense against viral infections in nature. In this mini review, we will summarize the function of some host RNA binding proteins which act in a sequence-specific binding manner to the infecting virus RNA. It is important to understand how plants effectively suppress RNA virus infections via RNA binding proteins, and this defense system can be potentially developed as a synthetic virus defense strategy for use in crop engineering.
Association between FGFR1OP2/wit3.0 Polymorphisms and Residual Ridge Resorption of Mandible in Korean Population
Jee Hwan Kim, Min Young Oh, Janghyun Paek, Jaehoon Lee
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0042734
Abstract: Background A previous study on the genetic association between single nucleotide polymorphisms in FGFR1OP2/wit3.0 and the long term atrophy of edentulous mandible hypothesized that the excessive jawbone atrophy after dental extraction may be associated with abnormal oral mucosa contraction induced by the FGFR1OP2/wit 3.0 gene. It was reported that the minor allele of rs840869 or rs859024 in FGFR1OP2/wit3.0 was associated with the excessive atrophy of edentulous mandible. The present study represents an attempt to replicate the results of this previous study and to examine the genetic association between polymorphisms in FGFR1OP2 and residual ridge resorption of mandible in a Korean population. Methodology/Principal Findings 134 subjects (70.46±9.02 years) with partially or completely edentulous mandible were recruited. The mandibular bone height was measured following the protocol of the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP). From 24 subjects, seven variants in FGFR1OP2 were discovered and four of them were novel. Selected SNPs that are not in high LD at r2 threshold of 0.8 were genotyped for the remaining population. There was no frequency of the minor allele of SNP rs859024 in Korean population. SNP rs840869 was not associated with residual ridge resorption (p = 0.479). The bone height of the subject with the ss518063493 minor allele (8.52 mm) was shorter than that of those subjects with major alleles (18.96±5.33 mm, p = 0.053). Conclusions/Significance The patient with minor allele of ss518063493 may be associated with excessive atrophy of edentulous mandible whereas the patients with that of rs840869 are not associated in Korean population. The result from this study may assist in developing a novel genetic diagnostic test and be useful in identifying Koreans susceptible to developing excessive jawbone atrophy after dental extraction.
Synthetic Studies on Bioactive Natural Polyketides: Intramolecular Nitrile Oxide-Olefin Cycloaddition Approach for Construction of a Macrolactone Skeleton of Macrosphelide B
Seung-Mann Paek,Young-Ger Suh
Molecules , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/molecules16064850
Abstract: Studies on the synthesis of macrosphelide B via an intramolecular nitrile oxide-olefin cycloaddition (INOC) is described. In particular, an asymmetric INOC approach using phase transfer catalysts seems to be a potentially efficient and versatile procedure for the construction of the macrolactone skeleton of macrosphelide B in terms of facial selectivity. Our preliminary and unprecedented stereoselective procedure is anticipated to be usefully applied through further studies for the synthesis of the macrosphelide family.
Adventitious Roots and Secondary Metabolism

Hosakatte Niranjana Murthy,Eun Joo Hahn,Kee Yoeup Paek,

微生物学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Plants are a rich source of valuable secondary metabolites and in the recent years plant cell, tissue and organ cultures have been developed as an important alternative sources for the production of these compounds. Adventitious roots have been successfully induced in many plant species and cultured for the production of high- value secondary metabolites of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and industrial importance. Adoption of elicitation methods have shown improved synthesis of secondary metabolites in adventitious root cultures. Development of large-scale culture methods using bioreactors has opened up feasibilities of production of secondary metabolites at the industrial levels. In the present review we summarize the progress made in recent past in the area of adventitious root cultures for the production of secondary metabolites.
Dichlorido[(S)-N-(1-phenylethylidene)-1-(pyridin-2-yl)ethanamine-κ2N,N′]zinc(II) dichloromethane solvate
Saira Nayab,Seung-Min Paek,Jong Hwa Jeong
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810029387
Abstract: In the title compound, [ZnCl2(C15H16N2)]·CH2Cl2, the Zn(II) atom has a distorted tetrahedral coordination by two Cl atoms and two N atoms from the organic ligand [the average Zn—N and Zn—Cl bond lengths are 2.060 (4) and Zn—Cl = 2.179 (16) , respectively]. The dihedral angle between the N—Zn—N and Cl—Zn—Cl planes is 89.9 (1)°. The phenyl ring forms a dihedral angle of 40.6 (5)° with the imine plane.
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