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Aplicabilidad de los criterios de rigor y éticos en la investigación cualitativa
Ana Lucía Nore?a,Noemi Alcaraz-Moreno,Juan Guillermo Rojas,Dinora Rebolledo-Malpica
Aquichán , 2012,
Abstract: Este trabajo tiene como propósito realizar una reflexión acerca de cómo garantizar la calidad de un estudio cualitativo. Se destacan como conceptos básicos los criterios de rigor y los aspectos éticos que necesitan ser considerados en el desarrollo de una investigación bajo este paradigma. A su vez, se describen la fiabilidad y la validez, y los respectivos criteriosque permiten su verificación. También,se detallan aquellos componentes éticos que requieren ser vigilados en el proceso de la investigación y que contribuyen a que exista un cuidado riguroso de la calidad y el rigor científico. En conclusión, el artículo resalta como pilares fundamentales los criterios de rigor y éticos, y su respectiva vinculación, para la evaluación de estudios que busquen exploraraspectos subjetivos de naturaleza humana.
Dinora Rebolledo Malpica,José Siles González,María del Carmen Solano Ruiz
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2011,
Abstract: Whether a researcher gains fieldwork access or not is influenced by multiple factors, including appropriate preparatory groundwork for the field. Objectives are to examine the entry process of nursing researchers into fieldwork to clarify the differences between the mechanisms established for obtaining fieldwork access to public and private health care institutions, and to analyse the characteristics of fieldwork access from the perspective of cultural ethnography using a structural dialectics model. Materials and Methodology. This was a qualitative study. Data-collection comprised a process of continuous observation at two health care institutions in Alicante. Results and Conclusions. In the context of nursing, gaining fieldwork access is strongly influenced by the perceived tradition of research in nursing and the hegemony of other disciplines. Once access has been obtained, however, the observer’s approach must depend on the primary objective of the research.
Perchè storia delle donne
Corsi, Dinora
Storia delle Donne , 2005,
Donne medievali tra fama e infamia: leges e narrationes
Dinora Corsi
Storia delle Donne , 2011,
Abstract: This paper stresses the shift occurred at the beginning of the 13rd century, in judicial proceedings, from the accusatio of Roman legal tradition to the inquisitio. Due to this upset, trials were instituted per publica vox et fama, i.e. on the grounds of the bad reputation one had in his/her community. As far as women and their history are concerned, the focus is centered on adultery, which is the slanderous crime-sin accusation considered by both laws and public opinion, by writers and other makers of male discourse on women’s good-bad reputation.
A inclus?o escolar vista sob a ótica de professores da escola básica
Zucchetti, Dinora Tereza;
Educa??o em Revista , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-46982011000200010
Abstract: this article presents the results of an inter institutional research that dealt with the discourse of primary school teachers at escola básica, a school in the sinos river valley, in the suburbs of porto alegre, brazil. informants are academics of a university in the region, who, through interviews and/or questionnaires, expressed their representations on social inclusion, in particular, the subjects marked by differences. instead of producing conclusive interpretations, the study aims to describe the teachers' discourses regarding differences and inclusion, treated as social phenomena visible in school. the analysis shares the idea that there is discomfort, on the part of teachers, regarding difference and diversity. this may account for the fact that the practice of teachers is target of multiple confrontations and claims. some approaches to the curriculum of the university's pedagogy program are merely presented as examples.
Book Review: ROMANS, Mercè; PETRUS, Antoni; TRILLA, Jaume. Profiss o Educador Social. Tradu o: Ernani Rosa. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2003.
Dinora Tereza Zucchetti
Práxis Educativa , 2010,
Rese a de "Las fronteras de la pedagogia social. Perspectivas científica e histórica" de José Antonio Caride,
Dinora Tereza Zucchetti
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2008,
El amancebamiento como falta al sistema incipiente de disciplinamiento social: Talca en la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII
Rebolledo Rebolledo,Raquel;
Atenea (Concepción) , 2005, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-04622005000100008
Abstract: starting with the concept of illicit union (cohabitation), as it was understood juridically and morally in the xviiith century, this text examines the intimate imbrication between divine law and civil law as a form of social coercion. using testimonies from judicial causes of the time, we show how the adaptation of the spirit of the law on drawing up resolutions relating to cases of adultery, bigamy, concubinage, etc., has as the only objective the regulation of the private world of the popular sectors. from this moment on, sin, in the christian sense, is a transgression of the law. the final meaning of this particular form of applying the law is to limit and even to prevent the geographic mobility that was generated as a product of the affective relationships outside of marriage
El amancebamiento como falta al sistema incipiente de disciplinamiento social: Talca en la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII
Raquel Rebolledo Rebolledo
Atenea , 2005,
Abstract: A partir del concepto de amancebamiento, tal y como se entendía jurídica y moralmente en el siglo XVIII, el texto pone de manifiesto la íntima imbricación entre la ley divina y la ley civil como forma de coerción social. Basándose en testimonios recogidos de las causas judiciales de la época, se muestra cómo la adecuación del espíritu de la ley al redactar las resoluciones frente a casos de adulterio, bigamia, concubinato, etc., tiene como único fin reglamentar el mundo privado de los sectores populares. A partir de este momento el pecado, en sentido cristiano, es una transgresión a la ley. El sentido último de esta particular forma de aplicar la ley es limitar e incluso impedir la movilidad geográfica que se generaba producto de las relaciones afectivas fuera del matrimonio.
Las alucinaciones y el delirio como representaciones anancásticas
Rojas Malpica, Carlos;
Salud mental , 2010,
Abstract: the problem of representations karl jaspers introduced a distinction between perception and representation that presents a false dilemma when given a closer look. according to the renowned german psychopathologist, perceptions are corporeal and originate in the exterior objective space while representations are incorporeal and are derived from the interior subjective world. from his point of view, physicalness-imagination, 'exterior space-interior space', are absolute oppositions that permanently separate perception and representation by an abysm that allows no transition. for amaral the confusion derives from the german word for perception ?.wahrnehmung?, composed by the noun wahr (truth) and by the verb nehmen (take as). in this manner and according to the language, anything that we consider true is necessarily treated as a perception. nothing is more natural that german thinkers would loose, from such terminology, some flexibility in the evaluation of the phenomenon. amaral has also reminded that wundt, in 1874, already distinguished between sensation where stimuli not yet differentiated are perceived; perception, when stimuli organize themselves in a more or less defined manner, and apperception, where an attribution of meaning and a comprehension of the perceived scene or situation occurs. crick and koch propose aspects of great relevance to understand the so called neural correlates of the conscience. they propose that the main function of the sensory cortex is to construct and use feature or specific qualities detectors such as those activated for orientation, movements, and face identification. therefore, we may affirm that most of the sensory and motor activities are already made and available in the entire cerebral cortex, in the manner of what changeux has called previous global representations. the conscious qualification process of the different sensory hues and their progressive complexity is a progressive feature, which in the phylogenetic evolution l

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