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The Web as an information source for the milk production chain A Web como fonte de informa o para a cadeia produtiva do leite
Pricila Estev?o,Diego Neves de Sousa,José Benedito Pinho
Semina : Ciências Sociais e Humanas , 2012, DOI: 10.5433/1679-0383.2012v33n2p163-176
Abstract: This article analyzes the structure, content and type of information disclosed in a Website specializing in milk production chain. For this study, was chosen the Milkpoint Portal, created and exploited commercially Agripoint Consultoria Ltda., since 2001, with the aim of contributing to the formation of the modern milk producer, fundamentally through the provision of information to its evolution. The study is exploratory and qualitative. Among the results, the study postulates that the content in the portal is predominantly written, requiring better information processing, both in the graphic and aesthetic aspects, as well as the need for efficient use of multimedia language and hypertext, which is itself the Web. Este artigo analisa a estrutura, o conteúdo e o tipo de informa o divulgada em um Website especializado na cadeia produtiva do leite. Para este estudo, escolheu-se o portal Milkpoint, criado e explorado comercialmente pela AgriPoint Consultoria Ltda., desde 2001, com o propósito de contribuir para a forma o do moderno produtor de leite, fundamentalmente, por meio da oferta da informa o necessária à sua evolu o. O estudo é de natureza exploratória e qualitativa. Entre os resultados, o estudo postula que o conteúdo existente no portal é predominantemente escrito, necessitando de um melhor tratamento da informa o, tanto no aspecto gráfico como estético, bem como pela necessidade do uso eficiente da linguagem multimídia e hipertextual, que é própria da Web.
Reestrutura??o capitalista e trabalho: notas críticas acerca da economia solidária
Sousa, Daniela Neves de;
Revista Katálysis , 2008,
Abstract: this study presents a critical analysis of 'solidarity economics', regarding both its theoretical foundations as well as its practical implementation. the article has two focuses: the first explains the historic and theoretical foundations of solidarity economics located in modern socialism. this understanding, however, does not lead to the affirmation, as many have made, that solidarity economics is the contemporary road to socialism. second, the paper maintains that the construction and propagation of this false consciousness is not based on deep changes in the capitalist mode of production. to the contrary, the renovation of this system is recognized. the analyses consider the work in this field of activist and scholar paul singer, who currently sets the tone of the debate concerning this issue in brazil.
Reestrutura o capitalista e trabalho: notas críticas acerca da economia solidária Restructuring capital and labor: critical notes about solidarity economics
Daniela Neves de Sousa
Revista Katálysis , 2008,
Abstract: O presente trabalho apresenta uma análise crítica da 'economia solidária' tanto nos seus fundamentos teóricos como na sua implementa o prática. O artigo apresenta dois claros focos de análise: um primeiro que explicita os fundamentos históricos e teóricos da economia solidária e que s o localizados no socialismo moderno. Este entendimento, porém, n o leva a afirmar, como muitos teóricos o fazem, que a economia solidária é o caminho contemporaneo ao socialismo. Em segundo lugar, e na continuidade, busca-se apresentar que a constru o e a propaga o dessa falsa consciência n o encontram seus alicerces em mudan as de fundo no modo de produ o capitalista, ao contrário, verifica-se uma re-atualiza o. Para tanto, as análises apresentadas tem como interlocutor privilegiado o militante e teórico Paul Singer, que atualmente é quem dá o tom do debate sobre o tema no Brasil. This study presents a critical analysis of 'solidarity economics', regarding both its theoretical foundations as well as its practical implementation. The article has two focuses: the first explains the historic and theoretical foundations of solidarity economics located in modern socialism. This understanding, however, does not lead to the affirmation, as many have made, that solidarity economics is the contemporary road to socialism. Second, the paper maintains that the construction and propagation of this false consciousness is not based on deep changes in the capitalist mode of production. To the contrary, the renovation of this system is recognized. The analyses consider the work in this field of activist and scholar Paul Singer, who currently sets the tone of the debate concerning this issue in Brazil.
CAUSAS LEGAIS E SUPRALEGAIS DE EXCLUS O DA CULPABILIDADE LEGAL CAUSES AND SUPRALEGAIS [Normal hierarchy law e higher hierarchy norms under Constitution.] OF EXCLUSION culpability
Diego Carmo de Sousa
Revista de Direito dos Monitores da Universidade Federal Fluminense , 2010,
Abstract: O presente artigo tem a finalidade de debater a quest o da culpabilidade e suas causas de exclus o à luz da doutrina e da interpreta o dos Tribunais Superiores, além de discutir a aceita o da causa supralegal de exclus o da culpabilidade no Júri. This article aims to discuss the issue of culpability and causes of exclusion in the light of doctrine and interpretation of the Superior Courts, besides discussing the acceptance of supralegal cause for exclusion from the jury culpability.
As rela??es entre deficiência visual congênita, condutas do espectro do autismo e estilo materno de intera??o
Sousa, Ana Delias de;Bosa, Cleonice Alves;Hugo, Cristina Neves;
Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2005000400003
Abstract: this study has examined the occurrence of autistic features in children with congenital blindness. joint attention and symbolic play deficits, and stereotyped body movements were focused. mother's interaction style was also investigated during playing episodes, while they were trying to engage their children . eight child-mother dyads, 4 with congenital blindness and 4 sighted children were studied. a home-based interview about child's development and socio-demographic data has been performed, and a free-play session was conducted. free-play sessions were used for coding both maternal and infant behaviors. the results, that are out of the literature expectations, have brought up only two blind children showed higher play deficits frequencies, and only one mother from the congenital blindness children group who had presented more maternal directive posture compared to the sighted children's mothers. it was also noted the presence of symbolic play in the congenital blindness group. these results suggest that children with congenital blindness may not be at risk, considering the autistic features development, as long as they are properly stimulated by their caregivers who are sensible to their cues and needs.
Determination of cobalt in wine and must by electrothermalatomization atomic absorption spectrometry: analyticalmethod development and validation
Catarino,S.; Neves,A.; Sousa,R. Bruno de;
Ciência e Técnica Vitivinícola , 2009,
Abstract: an electrothermal atomization atomic absorption spectrometry method was optimized to quantify cobalt in musts and wines, especially within quality control scope. as far as wine samples are concerned, the method involves reduced risk of contamination by eliminating prior treatment other than dilution (1:2). for must samples a pre-treatment is needed, in order to destroy the organic matter that could interfere with the analytical determination. a conventional thermal program (with pyrolysis step), with and without matrix modifier [mg(no3)2], was developed and optimized. pyrolysis and atomization curves were studied using a co standard solution, must and wine samples. the analytical figures of merit of the method such as linearity of the calibration curve, specificity (standard additions test), accuracy, analytical limits and precision were studied using wine samples. the linear dynamic range under optimized conditions was 0.4-10.0 μg/l. the recoveries were between 87% and 98% for all of the wines and addition levels used in the test. the method presents a very satisfactory specificity for red wines, while matrix effect was observed for white wines. the limit of detection in undiluted wines was 0.8 μg/l. repeatability was lower than 0.7 μg/l (rsd < 5%). for accuracy evaluation, co content in six wine samples and one co standard solution, from an international collaborative trial, was determined by etaas and icp-ms with comparable results (in general the differences were lower than 5%). bearing in mind that must samples are previously digested, it is expected that the method performance parameters are at least as favourable as those observed with wines.
Educa o Física & Novas Linguagens Comunicacionais: Sentidos e Significados da Produ o de Recursos Audiovisuais na Forma o de Profesores Physical Education & New Communicational Languages: meanings and interpretations of the production of audiovisual resources in teacher development Educación Física & Nuevas Lenguajes Comunicacionales: sentidos y significados de la producción de recursos audiovisuales en la formación de profesores
Diego de Sousa Mendes,Giovani De Lorenzi Pires
Pensar a Prática , 2006, DOI: 19806183/rpp.v9i2.168
Abstract: O Laboratório de Mídia – LaboMídia – do Centro de Desportos da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina oportuniza a seus acadêmicos, pós-graduandos e docentes uma aproxima o com temas relacionados à Educa o Física, Mídia e Novas Tecnologias de Informa o, como a produ o de materiais audiovisuais. O presente trabalho relata pesquisa que teve como objetivo investigar os significados atribuídos à produ o de vídeos na forma o em Educa o Física. A metodologia contou com a realiza o de grupos focais com os sujeitos que mais produziram vídeos no LaboMídia no período 2003/2004, e análise de conteúdo de seus depoimentos. Observou-se que, além de estratégia didática, a produ o de vídeos pode contribuir para a prepara o dos professores de Educa o Física quanto ao uso aut nomo e crítico da mídia no cotidiano escolar. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: educa o física – forma o de professores – mídia The Media Laboratory – LaboMidia – at the Sports Center of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – UFSC provides all the university’s undergraduate and post-graduation students as well as its professors and researchers with the opportunity to have a closer contact with themes which are related to Physical Education, Media, and New Information Technologies, such as the production of audiovisual materials. This study relates a research work which aimed at investigating the concepts and meanings related to the production of video materials for teacher education in Physical Education. The adopted methodology included focus groups with faculty and students who produced the greatest amount of videos at LaboMidia in 2003 and 2004 as well as qualitative content analysis of their statements. This observation showed that, besides being a didactic strategy, video production can contribute to the teacher education of Physical Education teachers as to the autonomous and critical use of media in daily school activities. KEYWORDS: physical education – teacher education – media El Laboratorio de Medios de Comunicación – LaboMídia – del Centro de Deportes de la Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina provee a sus académicos, posgraduandos y docentes una aproximación a los temas relacionados a la Educación Física, Media y Nuevas Tecnologías de Información, como la producción de materiales audiovisuales. El presente trabajo relata investigación que tuvo como objetivo investigar los significados atribuidos a la producción de videos en la formación en Educación Física. La metodología ha contado con la realización de grupos focales con los sujetos que más han producido videos en el LaboMídia en el
Armazenamento de sementes de xique-xique Storage of xique-xique seeds
Haynna Fernandes Abud,Diego de Sousa Pereira,Nayara Roberto Gon?alves,Magnum de Sousa Pereira
Revista Brasileira de Sementes , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0101-31222012000300015
Abstract: Objetivou-se avaliar a qualidade fisiológica de sementes de xique-xique (Pilosocereus gounellei) armazenadas em diferentes ambientes e embalagens durante o período de seis meses. Utilizou-se o delineamento inteiramente casualizado com quatro repeti es, num esquema de parcelas subdivididas. As parcelas receberam a combina o de dois ambientes de armazenamento, camara fria e ambiente natural, e três embalagens, saco de papel multifoliado, saco de plástico e vidro. As subparcelas constaram dos períodos de armazenamento 0, 2, 4 e 6 meses. Após cada período de armazenamento, avaliou-se o teor de água, a porcentagem, o índice de velocidade e tempo médio de germina o. A camara fria é mais adequada ao armazenamento de sementes de xique-xique quando comparada ao ambiente natural. Neste ambiente, todas as embalagens testadas foram eficientes em manter a qualidade fisiológica. Em ambiente natural, as sementes acondicionadas em saco de plástico apresentaram a maior germina o (87%), porém o saco de papel multifoliado mostrou-se mais estável em todas as variáveis analisadas, com germina o de 58%, velocidade de 3,9 e tempo médio de germina o de 7,9 dias ao final de seis meses de armazenamento. Em ambiente natural, o saco de papel multifoliado, é a condi o ideal para a conserva o da viabilidade de sementes de xique-xique. The objective of this study was to evaluate the physiological quality of Pilosocereus gounellei seeds stored in different environments and types of packaging for six months. The experimental design was completely randomized, in split plots with four replications. The plots received two storage environments, cold chamber and natural environment, and three types of package, multi-layer paper bag, plastic bag and glass. The subplots received the storage periods 0, 2, 4 and 6 months. After each storage period, the seed moisture content, percentage of germination, germination speed index and mean time of germination were evaluated. The cold chamber was more suitable to store xique-xique seeds compared to the natural environment. In that environment, all the packages were effective to keep the physiological quality. In the natural environment, the seeds packed in plastic bags showed the highest percentage of germination (87%), but the multi-layer paper bag was more stable for all variables, with 58% of germination, speed index of germination equals to 3.9 and mean time of germination of 7.9 days after six months of storage. In the natural environment, multi-layer paper bags showed the best results to the conservation of xique-xique seed viability.
Intense Rainfall in S?o Carlos/SP: Determination of Threshold Values Using Climate Indices and Their Spatio-Temporal Repercussion  [PDF]
Rafael Grecco Sanches, Gustavo Zen de Figueiredo Neves, Bruno Cesar dos Santos, Maurício Sanches Duarte Silva, Diego Narciso Buarque Pereira, Adriano Rogério Bruno Tech
American Journal of Climate Change (AJCC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajcc.2018.73023
Abstract: The intense and extreme rains in southeastern Brazil are spatially and temporally dynamic, corroborating their substantial complexity regarding understanding and associations. Therefore, the present study aimed at determining threshold values for events of intense and extreme rainfall in the region of São Carlos/SP using a climatic index, as well as temporal and spatial observations. The RClimdex script, Rnn index, and the detection of outliers were employed in order to mark and establish intense and extreme rainfall thresholds for the region. Values of 10 mm and 20 mm of rain were considered typical and of greater recurrence, and their incidence over a period of 24 hours did not necessarily denote intense events. In turn, values of 35, 46, and 60 mm indicate pluviometric rates that impact on significant disasters, as verified in the IPMET/UNESP natural disasters database. It is important to emphasize that values below 60 mm of daily rainfall may also indicate disaster contexts. However, they do not exclude the necessity to verify the intensity, duration, and frequency of intense rain events, and can delineate thresholds for territorial management organizations in their planning.
Extreme Events Assessment Methodology Coupling Debris Flow, Flooding and Tidal Levels in the Coastal Floodplain of the São Paulo North Coast (Brazil)  [PDF]
Rafael de Oliveira Sakai, Diego Louren?o Cartacho, Emilia Arasaki, Paolo Alfredini, Alessandro Pezzoli, Wilson Cabral de Sousa Júnior, Maurizio Rosso, Luca Magni
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.45B006

The North Coastal Region of the State of S?o Paulo, which comprises the Municipalities of Caraguatatuba, S?o Sebasti?o, Ilhabela and Ubatuba, is one of the most prone to flooding and debris flow deposition Brazilian areas, owing to hydrological extreme rainfall events usually coupled with extreme tidal levels. This risk is also high due to human lives and material assets, with increasing population rates and the establishment of large companies such as the Oil industry, with reduced defense/prevention measures and works.The catastrophic scenario of the city of Caraguatatuba, in March 1967, resulting from one of the most serious natural disasters in Brazil, fosters discussions about probabilities of heavy rainfall-caused events and rise in the sea level in coastal areas. Hence, this research is a consequence of this reality. The research is founded on an innovative methodology based on the analysis of past data of rainfall and tidal stations, complemented with debris flow registers in the region of the north coastal zone of the State of S?o Paulo (Brazil). The anaysis developed involved the meteorological, hydraulic, geotechnical and statistical knowledge areas.Practical results are intended to be used for urban planning, designs of macro-drainage, fluvial, maritime projects and debris flow retention structures. These practical applications will then associate the probability of occurrence of certain types of heavy rainfall-caused events such as flooding or debris flow coupled with a corresponding increase in tidal levels.

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