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A closed formula for subexponential constants in the multilinear Bohnenblust--Hille inequality
Diana Marcela Serrano-Rodriguez
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: For the scalar field $\mathbb{K}=\mathbb{R}$ or $\mathbb{C}$, the multilinear Bohnenblust--Hille inequality asserts that there exists a sequence of positive scalars $(C_{\mathbb{K},m})_{m=1}^{\infty}$ such that %[(\sum\limits_{i_{1},...,i_{m}=1}^{N}|U(e_{i_{^{1}}}%,...,e_{i_{m}})|^{\frac{2m}{m+1}})^{\frac{m+1}{2m}}\leq C_{\mathbb{K},m}\sup_{z_{1},...,z_{m}\in\mathbb{D}^{N}}|U(z_{1},...,z_{m})|] for all $m$-linear form $U:\mathbb{K}^{N}\times...\times\mathbb{K}% ^{N}\rightarrow\mathbb{K}$ and every positive integer $N$, where $(e_{i})_{i=1}^{N}$ denotes the canonical basis of $\mathbb{K}^{N}$ and $\mathbb{D}^{N}$ represents the open unit polydisk in $\mathbb{K}^{N}$. Since its proof in 1931, the estimates for $C_{\mathbb{K},m}$ have been improved in various papers. In 2012 it was shown that there exist constants $(C_{\mathbb{K},m})_{m=1}^{\infty}$ with subexponential growth satisfying the Bohnenblust-Hille inequality. However, these constants were obtained via a complicated recursive formula. In this paper, among other results, we obtain a closed (non-recursive) formula for these constants with subexponential growth.
On the mixed $\left( \ell _{1},\ell _{2}\right)$-Littlewood inequality for real scalars and applications
Daniel Pellegrino,Diana M. Serrano-Rodriguez
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper we obtain the sharp estimates for the mixed $\left( \ell_{1},\ell _{2}\right) $-Littlewood inequality for real scalars with exponents $\left(2,1,2,2....,2\right) .$ These results are applied to find sharp estimates for the constants of a family of $3$-linear Bohnenblust--Hille inequalities with multiple exponents.
There exist multilinear Bohnenblust-Hille constants $(C_{n})_{n=1}^{\infty}$ with $\displaystyle \lim_{n\rightarrow \infty}(C_{n+1}-C_{n}) =0.$
Daniel Nunez-Alarcon,Daniel Pellegrino,Juan Seoane-Sepulveda,Diana M. Serrano-Rodriguez
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: The $n$-linear Bohnenblust-Hille inequality asserts that there is a constant $C_{n}\in\lbrack1,\infty)$ such that the $\ell_{\frac{2n}{n+1}}$-norm of $(U(e_{i_{^{1}}},...,e_{i_{n}}))_{i_{1},...i_{n}=1}^{N}$is bounded above by $C_{n}$ times the supremum norm of $U,$ regardless of the $n$-linear form $U:\mathbb{C}^{N}\times...\times\mathbb{C}^{N}% \rightarrow\mathbb{C}$ and the positive integer $N$ (the same holds for real scalars). The power $2n/(n+1)$ is sharp but the values and asymptotic behavior of the optimal constants remain a mystery. The first estimates for these constants had exponential growth. Very recently, a new panorama emerged and the importance, for many applications, of the knowledge of the optimal constants (denoted by $(K_{n})_{n=1}^{\infty}$) was stressed. The title of this paper is part of our Fundamental Lemma, one of the novelties presented here. It brings surprising new (and precise) information on the optimal constants (for both real and complex scalars). For instance, [K_{n+1}-K_{n}<\frac{0.87}{n^{0.473}}] for infinitely many $n$'s. In the case of complex scalars we present a curious formula, where $\pi,e$ and the famous Euler--Mascheroni constant $\gamma$ appear together: [K_{n}<1+(\frac{4}{\sqrt{\pi}}(1-e^{\gamma/2-1/2}) {\sum\limits_{j=1}^{n-1}}j^{^{\log_{2}(e^{-\gamma/2+1/2}) -1}%})] for all $n\geq2$. Numerically, the above formula shows a surprising low growth, [K_{n}<1.41(n-1)^{0.305}-0.04] for every integer $n \geq2$. We also provide a brief discussion on the interplay between the Kahane-Salem-Zygmund and the Bohnenblust-Hille (polynomial and multilinear) inequalities.
On the optimal multilinear Bohnenblust--Hille constants
D. Nunez-Alarcon,D. Pellegrino,J. B. Seoane-Sepulveda,D. M. Serrano-Rodriguez
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: The upper estimates for the optimal constants of the multilinear Bohnenblust--Hille inequality obtained in [J. Funct. Anal. 264 (2013), 429--463] are here improved to: {0.1cm} {enumerate} For real scalars: $K_{n}\leq\sqrt{2}(n-1)^{0.526322}$. For complex scalars: $K_{n}\leq\frac{2}{\sqrt{\pi}}(n-1)^{0.304975}$.{enumerate} {0.1cm} \noindent We also obtain sharper estimates for higher values of $n$. For instance, \[ K_{n}<1.30379(n-1) ^{0.526322}\] for real scalars and $n>2^{8}$ and \[ K_{n}<0.99137(n-1) ^{0.304975}\] for complex scalars and $n > 2^{15}.$
On the polynomial Hardy--Littlewood inequality
G. Araujo,P. Jimenez-Rodriguez,G. Munoz-Fernandez,D. Nunez-Alarcon,D. Pellegrino,J. B. Seoane-Sepulveda,D. M. Serrano-Rodriguez
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We investigate the growth of the constants of the polynomial Hardy-Littlewood inequality.
Absolutely γ-Summing Multilinear Operators
Diana Marcela Serrano-Rodríguez
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we introduce an abstract approach to the notion of absolutely summing multilinear operators. We show that several previous results on different contexts (absolutely summing, almost summing, Cohen summing) are particular cases of our general results.
Rodriguez Diana Marcela,Torres Francy Elaine,Martinez Maria Mercedes,Gutierrez Edna
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2008,
Abstract: Salmonella enterica serovariedad Typhimurium, se ha asociado a brotes por el consumo de frutas y vegetales contaminadas a partir de agua de riego, manipuladores, bioabono y suelo. En esta investigación se inoculó artificialmente un bioabono aplicado a un cultivo de lechuga para determinar la capacidad de transferencia a las plantas, así como establecer el efecto del uso de cubiertas de polietileno en la protección del cultivo frente a este patógeno. Para ello, se utilizaron plántulas de lechuga de ocho semanas y se establecieron cuatro tratamientos y dos controles: T1 y T2, con y sin cubierta de polietileno respectivamente, contenían una concentración de Salmonella enterica Serovariedad Typhimurium ATCC 13176 inoculada en el compost en concentración de 0,04 mo/g, T3 y T4 con y sin cubierta de polietileno respectivamente con 100 mo/g de compost y finalmente C1 y C2 con y sin cubierta pero sin inoculación. El seguimiento del microorganismo en suelo se realizó durante las ocho semanas del cultivo, mediante la técnica de NMP/4 g (EPA, 2006) al cabo de este tiempo se evaluó el total de plantas cultivadas mediante la misma técnica. Se determinó que Salmonella enterica serovariedad Typhimurium ATCC 13176 se transmite a la lechuga, a partir del bioabono contaminado (OR=2,53) sin importar la concentración inicial del microorganismo en el bioabono; así mismo se encontró que existe asociación entre la contaminación y la condición de cubierta del cultivo (p=0,002). Por otra parte, al analizar las raíces no se encontró asociación de transmisión.
A Small Molecule Inhibitor Partitions Two Distinct Pathways for Trafficking of Tonoplast Intrinsic Proteins in Arabidopsis
Efrain E. Rivera-Serrano, Maria F. Rodriguez-Welsh, Glenn R. Hicks, Marcela Rojas-Pierce
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0044735
Abstract: Tonoplast intrinsic proteins (TIPs) facilitate the membrane transport of water and other small molecules across the plant vacuolar membrane, and members of this family are expressed in specific developmental stages and tissue types. Delivery of TIP proteins to the tonoplast is thought to occur by vesicle–mediated traffic from the endoplasmic reticulum to the vacuole, and at least two pathways have been proposed, one that is Golgi-dependent and another that is Golgi-independent. However, the mechanisms for trafficking of vacuolar membrane proteins to the tonoplast remain poorly understood. Here we describe a chemical genetic approach to unravel the mechanisms of TIP protein targeting to the vacuole in Arabidopsis seedlings. We show that members of the TIP family are targeted to the vacuole via at least two distinct pathways, and we characterize the bioactivity of a novel inhibitor that can differentiate between them. We demonstrate that, unlike for TIP1;1, trafficking of markers for TIP3;1 and TIP2;1 is insensitive to Brefeldin A in Arabidopsis hypocotyls. Using a chemical inhibitor that may target this BFA-insensitive pathway for membrane proteins, we show that inhibition of this pathway results in impaired root hair growth and enhanced vacuolar targeting of the auxin efflux carrier PIN2 in the dark. Our results indicate that the vacuolar targeting of PIN2 and the BFA-insensitive pathway for tonoplast proteins may be mediated in part by common mechanisms.
Interculturalidad y percepciones en salud materno-perinatal, Toribio Cauca 2008-2009
Mu?oz Bravo,Sandra Felisa; Castro,Edgar; Castro Escobar,Zindy Alexandra; Chávez Narvaez,Natalia; Ortega Rodriguez,Diana Marcela;
Revista de la Universidad Industrial de Santander. Salud , 2012,
Abstract: introduction: interculturality is a proposal for dialogue, exchange and complementarity. objective: analyse the factors related with attention to intercultural health of the pregnant women of the municipality of toribio 2008- 2009. materials and methods: qualitative and ethnographic study. involving 19 health agents e.s.e cxayutc'e jxut*, 24 health promoters, 10 pregnant women nasa and 6 midwives and thewala of the association of indigenous cabildos of north of cauca. for the collection of data using a semi-structured interview, ethnographic survey, and focus group was used for data collection. results: cultural differences between the traditional and optional medical systems create barriers around the care of the pregnant woman; it determine the search for optional health services. highlight the preservation of the care of cultural for the nasa family and the recognition of optional medicine. the study allowed to elucidate the committed staff of health as a passive actor uncommitted. the agents aspire to recognize local health practices and its incorporation into the health systems, to strengthen attention to intercultural and institutional as complement. conclusions: 1.barriers to intercultural care range from the divergence of concepts, the little credibility, lack of knowledge of the capabilities and limitations, negative experiences when trying to integrate the two systems of health. 2.the search for balance and harmonization of the accompanied by prenatal body, are health activities of the native that gestated and care practices, are governed by the cultural locally and family hegemony as a right. salud uis 2012; 44 (1): 39-44
APOE epsilon4 and Alzheimer's disease: positive association in a Colombian clinical series and review of the Latin-American studies
Jacquier, Martine;Arango, Diana;Villareal, Elsa;Torres, Orlando;Serrano, Martha Lucia;Cruts, Marc;Monta?es, Patricia;Cano, Carlos;Rodriguez, Maria Nelcy;Serneels, Sally;Van Broeckhoven, Christine;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2001000100004
Abstract: objective: as the strength of the association between the apoe e4 allele and alzheimer's disease (ad) varies across ethnic groups, we studied if there was such an association in colombian patients. method: we performed apolipoprotein e (apoe) genotyping in a clinical sample of 83 unrelated ad patients, predominantly late-onset (>65 yrs) including familial ( n =30) and sporadic ad cases (n= 53) diagnosed according to nincds-adrda criteria and assessed by a multi-disciplinary team. control subjects (n = 44) had no significant cognitive impairment by medical interview and neuro-psychological testing. results: we found a high association (or= 5.1 95%ci 1.9 -13.6) between apoe e4 and ad, in this series with predominantly late-onset cases with familial aggregation in 24 cases (28.9%). a significant negative association was found between e2 and ad (or= 0.2 95% ci 0.05-0.75). conclusion: further population-based surveys in colombia are warranted to precise a possible dose effect of apoe e4.
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