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Anterior Choroidal Artery Territory Stroke in Young Patient  [PDF]
Denise Lopes, Helena Felgueiras, Pedro Carneiro
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2014.38109

Introduction: Stroke incidence in young patients is about 10 cases in 100.000, according to several European studies. In this age group arterial dissection is one of the main pathological mechanisms involved. The internal carotid’s artery (ICA) main supraclinoid branch is the anterior choroidal artery (AChA). The occurrence of infarction in its territory due to internal carotid dissection is considered to be a rare event and may have different clinical presentations due to anatomical variability. Clinical case: A 31-year-old male patient, without any known cardiovascular risk factors or chronic medication, presented with acute onset of stabbing right sided headache while practicing football. Visual disturbances and hemiparesis with hypesthesia of his left arm were also mentioned. On admission left homonymous hemianopsia, left hemiparesis and left extensor plantar reflex were present. Brain magnetic resonance showed hyperintensity of T2 and FLAIR signals and restricted diffusion pattern suggested acute/subacute infarctions in the thalamic and subcapsular area, corpus callosum, splenium and subcortical parietal right region. Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) of the brain showed reduction of the right ICA’s caliber, mainly of its supraclinoid segment in which a marked irregular stenosis was visualized, suggestive of arterial dissection. This stenotic segment included the origin of the AChA and of the posterior communicating cerebral artery with an exchange in their territories. Lumbar puncture results were normal as were analytical investigations which included CBC, sedimentation rate, syphilis serology and immunologic and prothrombotic screen. There were no phenotype characteristics suggestive of connective tissue disease. Conclusion: Trauma seems to be the most probable lesion mechanism for the occurrence of intracranial carotid’s dissection in this particular case, as the patient was practicing vigorous sports at time of onset. In view of great anatomic variability and multiple anatomical sites supplied by the AChA its occlusion will induce a wide range of clinical manifestations.

Diploma de Monge: Legitima o da Sangha Brasileira e de Mediadores com a Comunidade Chinesa na Fo Guang Shan
Denise Lopes,Rafael Shoji
REVER : Revista de Estudos da Religi?o , 2008,
Abstract: Este artigo discutirá as novas maneiras pelas quais a Fo Guang Shan, uma das principais vertentes do Budismo Chinês no Brasil, vem buscando o estabelecimento de uma Sangha Brasileira. A ênfase da discuss o é o estudo sobre a instala o do “Curso de Estudos Avan ados de Budismo”, ministrado na Universidade Livre Budista (ULB) do Templo Zu Lai, situado em Cotia, como um dos propagadores do movimento religioso. Após um resumo do histórico da Fo Guang Shan e de sua nova fase devido ao estabelecimento do novo templo Zu Lai e de seu projeto de ser a primeira Universidade Budista no Brasil, o artigo discute a iniciativa da Fo Guang Shan com base na teoria da escolha racional e na economia das religi es. Dentro do ainda frágil processo de estabelecimento do Budismo no Brasil, uma das vantagens da Universidade Budista da Fo Guang Shan é ao mesmo tempo prover uma legitima o intelectual para os brasileiros budistas (através de uma forma o monástica em uma universidade livre) e adicionalmente servir como um curso que forme mediadores entre chineses e brasileiros, já que o curso pressup e o aprendizado da língua e cultura chinesa. Por outro lado, apesar da importancia da oferta dentro do contexto das escolas budistas no Brasil, ainda n o é claro se a Fo Guang Shan vai atrair uma demanda suficiente para seu curso, dado que a forma o monástica oferecida exige uma disciplina e um nível de renúncia cultural que poucos brasileiros parecem dispostos a abra ar.
Movimientos juveniles, medios digitales y prácticas de ciudadanía en Fortaleza (Brasil)
Cogo,Denise; Lopes,Daniel Barsi;
Observatorio (OBS*) , 2011,
Abstract: the article analyzes how the appropriation and use of new communication technologies by the youth member of the social movements can configure public perceptions and practices related specifically to demands for recognition of cultural diversity and other forms of visibility periphery, which are not transmitted by the hegemonic media. study appropriations and uses of technology by young people in the context of two non-governmental organizations (ngos): aldeia and encine, located on the outskirts of the city of fortaleza in northeastern of brazil. partial results of this research point to the configuration of a public communication that incorporates testing of new technologies, especially the internet, the experience of dynamic networks combined with materials, methods of making organizational and experimental and alternative communication popular, already on the path of alternative and community communication developed in recent decades in latin america
Girls’ Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy in Southern Brazil: Abject Bodies?  [PDF]
Denise Regina Quaresma da Silva, Marcus Levi Lopes Barbosa, Rosemari Lorenz Martins, Marcia Beatriz Cerutti Muller
Creative Education (CE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.711171
Abstract: This paper presents the results of a study aimed at describing the treatment given by schools, family, and social group to pregnant adolescents and at examining sex education in the family and school environments. Theoretically, we revisited some approaches concerning gender studies. We show quantitative results obtained from a structured questionnaire applied to a sample of pregnant students at a state-owned elementary school in Novo Hamburgo, state of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). The results indicate that 87.5% of the adolescents informed they got pregnant because they were reckless about contraceptive methods, which was confirmed when they answered why they ended up pregnant. This association is statistically significant and we understand that, based on the social group to which these adolescents belong, being a teen mother is natural, as the recklessness associated with protection during sexual intercourse is directly related to their desire to get pregnant, a common, easily accepted, and highly value behavior in the social group in which they are inserted. Most pregnant adolescents who drop out of school are not encouraged by schools or their families to go back to studying; adolescents are abject bodies as they are bodies whose lives are not regarded as “lives” and whose materiality is seen as “unimportant” by schools (Butler, 2015). Adolescents seem to understand that their importance and value just exist when they repeat what is reinforced by their social group: girls get pregnant early on.
Para pensar a confian?a e a cultura política na América Latina
Lopes, Denise Mercedes Nu?ez Nascimento;
Opini?o Pública , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-62762004000100007
Abstract: this article identifies the determinants of political trust and its relationship with the support for regime in the relatively recent latin american democracies. based on the 1996 latinobarometer data, the author analyses five hypothesis about political trust in five countries: argentina, brasil, costa rica, col?mbia and chile. the results show that the preference for democracy, the conceptions about economy and satisfaction with the government, the optimism with the country and family futures, and the interest in politics are the main determinants of trust in political institutions.
Para pensar a confian a e a cultura política na América Latina
Lopes Denise Mercedes Nu?ez Nascimento
Opini?o Pública , 2004,
Abstract: Este artigo identifica os determinantes de confian a política e sua rela o com o apoio ao regime nos países latino-americanos de tradi o democrática relativamente recente. A partir dos dados do Latinobar metro de 1996, a autora analisa hipóteses explicativas em uma amostra de cinco países: Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica, Col mbia e Chile. Os resultados apontam como principais determinantes da confian a nas institui es políticas: a preferência pela democracia em oposi o ao autoritarismo, as vis es sobre a economia e satisfa o com o governo, o otimismo em rela o ao futuro do país e do núcleo familiar e o interesse pela política.
Lex Humana , 2012,
Abstract: Resumo: Analisamos a legitimidade política da democracia na América Latina com dados do Latinobar metro, survey de atitudes e valores que vem sendo aplicado anualmente desde 1996 em 18 países da regi o, em dois eixos: um metodológico e outro teórico. Por um lado, contribuímos para a verifica o empírica do conceito e de suas diferentes operacionaliza es, alinhando nossos resultados ao debate mais amplo. E, no campo teórico, os nossos resultados nos permitem ampliar o debate sobre a rela o entre legitimidade e estabilidade democrática.Abstract: We have analyzed the political legitimacy of democracy in Latin America with Latinobarometro’s data, which is a survey about attitudes and values that has been applied annually since 1996 in 18 countries of the region, in two axes: one methodological and the other theoretical. On the one hand, we contribute to the empirical validation of the concept and its differents operationalizations, while aligning our results to the wider debate. And, in the theoretical field, our results allow us to broaden the debate on the relationship between legitimacy and democratic stability.
Spontaneous Mammary Carcinomas in Female Dogs: Association between Immunohistochemical Degrees of Neoplasia Aggressiveness and Residual Pyrethroids  [PDF]
Marcia Moleta Colodel, Isabelle Ferreira, Vera Maria Villamil Martins, Alaor Aparecido Almeida, Maria Denise Lopes, Noeme Sousa Rocha
Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine (OJVM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojvm.2012.24033
Abstract: Of the tumors diagnosed in the female dogs have the highest mammary neoplasias incidence. These neoplasias can be influenced by environmental contaminants. Despite evidence of pyrethroid toxicity, carcinogenic potential has not yet been sufficiently elucidated, there is a need to investigate their involvement in mammary tumor. In previous studies, pyrethroid residues were detected in female dogs with mammary neoplasia, however was not investigate the influence of this insecticide in the genesis and aggressiveness of mammary cancer. This study aimed to investigate possible relations between pyrethroid residues and aggressiveness of mammary carcinoma in female dogs. Fifty selected female dogs were divided into five groups of 10 animals each: the Control group, female dogs without mammary neoplasia; the groups Luminal A, Luminal B, HER-2 Superexpression and Basal were constituted by female dogs that presented inguinal mammary carcinoma classified immunohistochemically. The aggressiveness of carcinomas was evaluated by immunohistochemistry (HER-2, p63, estrogen receptor). Residual concentrations of the pyrethroids from the mammary gland and fat tissue adjacent to it were determined by HPLC. Data were analyzed by Chi-Square test. Of the all animals, six presented residues of pyrethroids in mammary samples and 10 presented it in fat tissue samples. There was no statistical evidence that pyrethroids are involved in mammary carcinoma aggressiveness in female dogs.
Avalia??o da matura??o nuclear in vitro de oócitos de gatas domésticas (Felis catus) pré-púberes e púberes
Lopes, Maria Denise;Uiechi, Edilson;Trinca, Luzia A.;
Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-95962004000400008
Abstract: this study assessed the in vitro oocyte nuclear maturation in adult and young domestic cats. fifteen ovaries were used; 10 from adult females and 5 from young females. the oocytes collected by aspiration were quantified and classified. the oocytes classified as excellent and/or regular were grouped (10 oocyte /drop) in culture medium covered with mineral oil in disposable petri dishes. the oocyte were incubated at 38°c and 5% de co2 for 48 hours and then washed with 0,4% hyaluronidase, fixed in methanol/acetic acid and stained with acetic orcein. evaluation of chromosomal configuration of oocytes matured in vitro showed 44,68% of oocyte in metaphase ii in the adult female group and 25,32% in the young donor group, showing that puberty influences oocyte capacity for in vitro development.
Homicídios entre adolescentes no Sul do Brasil: situa??es de vulnerabilidade segundo seus familiares
Sant'Anna, Ana;Aerts, Denise;Lopes, Marta Júlia;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2005000100014
Abstract: this study focused on homicide deaths of adolescents (ages 10 to 19 years) in porto alegre, rio grande do sul, brazil, in 1997. data were obtained from the mortality information system (sim) of the municipal health department. families were visited at the addresses found on death certificates and were interviewed by two researchers. of the 68 cases selected, 57 families were visited; eight families refused to be interviewed, and three addresses were not found. most of the adolescents were socially vulnerable, as indicated by low per capita income and parental educational level; 78.9% had dropped out of school. males were the predominant victims of adolescent homicide deaths (91.2%). behavioral vulnerability was demonstrated as follows: 40.4% of the adolescents consumed alcoholic beverages and 45.6% illicit drugs, and 58.6% had criminal records or a history of custody at febem (the state juvenile custody facilities) or police arrests. the study highlights the importance of coordinating actions among different sectors to reach adolescents both at home and in the schools and communities.
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