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The U.S.-Israeli Strategic Alliance: How the United States Is Contributing to a “Disappearing” Palestine  [PDF]
Denise De Garmo
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2016.61004
Abstract: This paper examines the implications of the U.S.-Israeli strategic alliance on the proposed “two state solution”. This alliance has its roots in common values and mutuality of national interests, interests that have produced intelligence sharing, technology transfer, and military assistance between the U.S. and Israel. These exchanges have led to extensive U.S. support of Israel’s militarization in the Jordan Valley. It is also this strategic alliance that serves to support the continued annexation of the West Bank while diminishing future attempts at reaching a proposed “two state solution”.
Hans Staaland
Torstein Garmo et al.
Rangifer , 2010,
Chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of indigenous pasture plants in different plant groups (Preliminary report)
Torstein H. Garmo
Rangifer , 1986,
Abstract: Several plant species from the following plant groups: ferns + horsetails, lichens, conifers (juniper), three leaves (Salix spp., Betula spp., Populus tremula, Sorbus aucuparid), heathers, grassens, rushes/sedges and forbs were collected in a mountain area of southerns Norway during the growing season from the 15th of June up to the 15th of September the years 1982 — 1984. Mean values (% of dry matter) of the different chemical constituents and in vitro dry matter digestibility of the different plant groups sampled throughout the growing season are given in Table 2. The mean crude protein content varied from 4.1% in lichens up to 17.5% in forbs; the crude fat were lowest for rushes/sedges (1.9%) and highest in juniper (13.3%); the crude fibre varied from 14.1% to 26.1% of three leaves and grasses, respectively; NFE showed lowest values for grasses (54%) and highest in lichens (74%). Ferns + horsetails contained the greatest (13.3%) and lichens the lowest (1.9%) amount of ash of the different plant groups. The levels of the macrominerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium were all lowest in lichens (0.15; 0.09; 0.05; 0.13%) and highest in the forbs (1.19; 0.36; 0.37; 1.65%). Sodium levels varied from 0.029% in the heathers to 0.116% of ferns + horsetails. The forbs showed the highest mean in vitro dry matter digestibility (69%) and lichens the lowest (35%). However, the in vitro method (using sheep rumen inoculum) probably underestimates the dry matter digestibility of lichens, three leaves, juniper and heathers. Great variations in most of the chemical constituents as well as in vitro dry matter digestibility throughout the growing season for the different plant groups were demonstrated (Table 2). Keywords: nutrients, macrominerals, digestibility, livestock, wild ruminants, native pastures. Kjemisk innhald og in vitro ford yelsesgrad av planter innan ulike plantegrupper fr fjellbeite (F rebels rapport). in Norwwegian / Samandrag: Ulike planteartar innan f lgjande plantegrupper: karsporeplanter, lav, bartre (einer), lauvtre (vier spp., fjellbj rk, dvergbj rk, osp, rogn), lyng, gras, halvgras og urter vart innsamla i nokre fjellstr k i S r-Noreg gjennom veksttida fr ca. 15. juni til 15. september i ra 1982 — 1984. Middelverdiar (% av t rrstoffet) for plantematerialet innsamla til ulik tid i vekstsesongen og middel for heile vekstsesongen for dei ulike kvalitetsm la er gitt i tabell 2. Protein-innhaldet varierte fr 4,2% i lav til 17,5% i urter; innhaldet av r feitt var l gast i ha4vgras (1,9%) og h gast i einer (13,3%); trevleinnhaldet variert
Chemical composition and in vitro dry matter digestibility of lichens
Torstein H. Garmo
Rangifer , 1986,
Abstract: The chemical composition and in vitro dry matter digestibility of 45 samples of different species of lichen are reported. Mean content (g/100 g dry matter) of the main nutrients was: crude protein 4.2, crude fat 3.2, crude fibre 16.6, ash 1.9, Ca 0.15, P 0.09, Mg 0.05, K 0.13, Na 0.035, S 0.07. The content of microminerals (mg/kg dry matter) was: Cu 2.5, Mo 0.11, Zn 27.2, Se 0.12, Fe 898, Mn 154. The mean in vitro dry matter digestibility was 35%. However, the in vitro method do underestimate the dry matter digestibility of lichens. Stereocaulon spp. showed higher levels of crude protein, P, S, Cu and Mo than Cetraria spp. and Cladonia spp. Cetraria nivalis showed higher digestibility and contained more NFE, ash, Ca, Mg, but less crude fibre than Cladonia stellaris. Lichens contained less amounts of most nutrients compared with grasses (Fig. 1), exept for crude fat, NFE, Se and Fe. Kjemisk innhald og in vitro ford yelsesgrad av lav. in Norwegian / Samandrag: Kjemisk innhald og in vitro ford yelsesgrad av t rrstoffet er bestemt i 45 pr ver av beitelav fr to stader i S r-Noreg. Middel innhald (g/100g t rrstoff) av f lgjande n ringsstoff var: protein 4.2, feitt 3.2, trevlar 16.6, oske 1.9, kalsium 0.15, fosfor 0.09, magnesium 0.05, kalium 0.13, natrium 0.035, svovel 0.07. Innhaldet (mg/kg t rrstoff) av mikron ringsstoffa var: kopar 2.5, molybden 0.11, sink 27.2, selen 0.12, jern 898 og mangan 154. Den midlare ford yelsesgraden av t rrstoffet i lav-pr vene var 35%, men in vitro ford yelsesanalyser undervurderer ford yelsesgraden av lav. Det var ein stor variasjon mellom dei ulike lavartane for dei fleste n ringsstoffa og ford yelsesgraden. Stereocaulon spp. inneheldt meir protein, fosfor, svovel, kopar og molybden enn Cetraria spp. og Cladonia spp. Gulskinn hadde h gare ford yelsesgrad, og innehaldet av NFE, oske, kalsium og magnesium var h gre enn i kvitkrull, medan trevleinnhaldet var st rst i kvitkrull. Lav inneheldt mindre av dei fleste n ringsstoffa samanlikna med gras, unnateke feitt, NFE, selen og jern. J k lien kemiallinen sis lt ja in vitro sulatuksen aste. in Finnish / Yhteenveto: Kuiva-aineen kemiallinen sisalto ja in vitro sulatusaste on m r tty 45:ssa kokeessa t rkeist laidunj k list kahdella paikkakunnalla Etel — Norjassa. Keskim r inen sisalto (g/100 g kuiva-ainetta) seuraavissa ravintoaineissa oli: valkuaisainetta 4.2, rasvaa 3.2, kuituja 16.6, tuhkaa 1.9, kalsiumia 0.15, fosforia 0.09, magnesiumia 0.05, kaliumia 0.13, natriumia 0.035, rikkia 0.07. Hivenainepitoisuus (mg/kg kuiva-ainesta) oli: kuparia 2.5, molybdeenia 0.11, sinkkia 27.
A note on the manipulation of sodium and potassium concentrations in the rumen of reindeer and the possible effect on digestibility
Hans Staaland,Torstein Garmo
Rangifer , 1987,
Abstract: Rumen Na+ and K+ concentrations in reindeer were manipulated by introducing 4 M KC1 or 4 M NaCl into the reindeer rumen. A positive correlation was found between salivary and ruminal concentrations of Na+ and K+. Decreased ruminal Na+ concentrations seemed to decrease dry matter digestibility in nylon bags incubated in the rumen. Om manipulering av natrium og kalium konsentrasjoner i vomma hos rein og om de mulige effekter p ford yeligheten. Abstract in Norwegian / Sammendrag: Na+ og K+ konsentrasjoner i vomma hos rein ble regulert ved gi reinen 4 M KC1 eller 4 M NaCl direkte i vomma. Det ble funnet en positiv korrelasjon mellom spytt og vomkonsentrasjoner av Na+ og K+. Redusert Na+ konsentrasjon i vomma synes redusere t rrstoff-ford yelighet i nylonposer plassert i vomma. Poron p tsin natrium- ja kaliumkonsentraation kokeellisesta mu-uttamisesta ja t m n mahdollisesta vaikutuksesta sulavuuteen. Abstract in Finnish / Yhteenveto: Poron potsin natrium- ja kaliumkonsentraatioita muutettiin antamalla 4 M KC1 tai 4 M NaCl suo-raan potsiin. Syljen ja potsin Na ja K -konsentraatioiden v lill todettiin positiivinen korrelaatio. Alentunut Na -konsentraatio potsiss n ytt v hent v n kuiva-aineen sulavuutta potsiin sijoitetuissa nailonpusseissa.
Comparative Analysis of the of Management Practices and Behaviour of Small and Medium Information Technology Enterprises  [PDF]
Taciana de Barros Jer?nimo, Denise Dumke de Medeiros
iBusiness (IB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2012.44038
Abstract: This paper examines the role and influence of management practices and behaviour in successful small and medium sized information technology enterprises (SMET), based on the comprehensive concept of Mintzberg 5Ps of strategy (1992) [1]. The study employed a survey of 13 SMET with were examined on how closely they used best strategic practices in their management and how it is related to SMET performance. The discussion and conclusions highlight different ways of strategic thinking, the importance of the mutual trust and commitment between managers and employees. Specifically, we determine three elements whose greater exploration can lead to a deeper understanding of how the strategic planning is influenced by the manager’s view, in order to encourage their competitiveness through market environmental uncertainties.
Atuando em contexto: o processo de avalia??o numa perspectiva inclusiva
Jesus, Denise Meyrelles de;
Psicologia & Sociedade , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822004000100004
Abstract: in order to make diversity present, the basis of education for students with special educational necessities needs to be built in an approach of collaborative support. in this text we search to evidence the process of rethinking the educational evaluation of a second grade student. from a work with the teacher and the pedagogue, we defined the aspects to be evaluated and an educative project for the student, to be worked in the classroom. the study of this case sets off an attitute of change towards evaluation in the initial grades, bringing into the open several issues on the evaluation process of that school. data show us the work processuality and how it is difficult to go from a specialist's diagnostic evaluation to a pedagogic evaluation of the teach-learning conditions.
Diagnóstico e análise de sistemas da qualidade: um modelo para avalia??o e prepara??o dos sistemas para a certifica??o ISO 9000
Medeiros, Denise Dumke de;
Produ??o , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65131999000200004
Abstract: this work presents a model based on three fundamental elements of a quality system: the responsibility of the administration, the human resources and materials, and the structure of the system itself these elements allow an objective diagnosis of the elements that compose a quality system. results obtained in a research in approximately a hundred of companies are presented. the obtained results resulted in a typology of 5 groups of companies, according to the way to organize their quality systems. the model for the diagnosis of quality systems is shown very useful to companies in two main situations: companies that wish to begin a program of total quality, and companies that want to begin their certification projects to one of the iso 9000 standards. because the proposed model allows the visualization of strong anaweak points of the existing organization concerning the quality, for the companies in the first case. and it considers fundamental aspects of quality system assurance to others companies.
Discuss?o sobre a problemática na interface entre as fun??es marketing e produ??o
Melo, Denise ávila de;
Produ??o , 1995, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65131995000100005
Abstract: it is usual lo find among industrial enterprises, departments and divisions with specific functions, sometimes resulting in conflicts. the importance of providing good integration between two of the most important functions within an industrial enterprise, production and marketing, is discussed in this paper. we also discuss the main conflict areas between these two functions and the reasons for that. the basic purpose is to emphasize that even complexes, the reasons can be understood and minimized
Criatividade: novos conceitos e idéias, aplicabilidade à educa o
Denise de Souza Fleith
Revista Educa??o Especial , 2001,
Abstract: A produ o científica em criatividade passou a focalizar o processo criativo, o desenvolvimento do pensamento criativo e variáveis do contexto social que pudessem interferir no mesmo, ao invés de somente descrever e predizer o comportamento criativo, os estudiosos estavam interessados em compreender como se manifesta o ato criativo; devendo ser este compreendido n o como um fen meno individual, mas como um processo sistêmico, considerando também a influência n o apenas do ambiente familiar e escolar, mas do social e cultural e do momento histórico. Este artigo pretende demonstrar que os estudos acerca da criatividade no contexto educacional têm focalizado o aprimoramento de habilidades cognitivas e afetivas, a ado o de uma currículo escolar que desperte o interesse e o prazer do aluno pelo ato de aprender, a implementa o de práticas educacionais que levem em considera o características dos alunos e ao acesso à informa o atualizada, contextualizada e significativa, constituem elementos de um ambiente escolar favorável à realiza o escolar e produ o criativa por parte dos alunos.
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