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Antibacterial activity and qualitative phytochemical analysis of Vitex mollis fruit
Delgado-Vargas Francisco,Félix-Favela Fernando,Pío-León Juan,López-Angulo Gabriela
International Journal of Green Pharmacy , 2010,
Abstract: The pulp of the Vitex mollis fruit is edible and traditionally used to treat diarrhoea. The antibacterial activity of this fruit is reported here for the first time. The fruit pulp was extracted with methanol (ME) and the extract was fractionated with solvents. ME and their fractions [hexanic (HF), chloroformic (CF), ethyl acetate (EAF) and aqueous (AqF)] were assayed against human pathogenic bacteria (microdilution test) and their phytochemicals determined (qualitative chemical determinations). The samples (i.e., ME, HE, CF, EAF and AqF) showed antibacterial activity; EAF was the most active, showing such activity against Shigella dysenteriae [minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC)=2 mg/ml]. Phenolics were mainly found in ME and EAF; compounds of this chemical family are well known for their antidiarrhoeal and antimicrobial activities. The reported antibacterial activity and phenolics content of V. mollis fruit could be associated with its use in the treatment of diarrhoea.
Infection status of the estuarine turtles Kinosternon integrum and Trachemys scripta with Gnathostoma binucleatum in Sinaloa, Mexico
Díaz-Camacho, Sylvia Páz;de la Cruz-Otero, María del Carmen;Torres-Montoya, Edith Hilario;Sánchez-Gonzales, Sergio;Delgado-Vargas, Francisco;Nawa, Yukifumi;
Revista mexicana de biodiversidad , 2010,
Abstract: human gnathostomosis, a serious public health issue in mexico, is endemic to sinaloa. the disease is mainly caused by consumption of the raw meat of freshwater or estuarine fishes infected with the advanced third stage larvae (al3) of gnathostoma binucleatum. in the present study, we examined estuarine turtles with a sample consisting of 23 trachemys scripta and 5 kinosternon integrum from sinaloa, mexico for the presence of gnathostoma larvae; such examination was made by the pressing method of skeletal muscles between 2 glass plates. the results showed that both turtles harbored g. binucleatum al3; identification was achieved by morphology and also by pcr/sequencing of the its2 region of ribosomal dna of the larvae. infection prevalence was higher for k. integrum (80%) than for t. scripta (69.6%), but heavy infection (> 10 al3/turtle) was observed in the larger sized individuals of t. scripta. consumption of the raw meat of these turtles represents a risk to acquire the disease.
Evaluación de la calidad del agua fluvial con diatomeas (Bacillariophyceae), una experiencia en Tacna, Perú Evaluation of the quality of river water with diatoms (Bacillariophyceae): an experience in Tacna, Peru
José Calizaya-Anco,Miriam Avenda?o-Cáceres,Irma Delgado-Vargas
Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública , 2013,
Abstract: Con el objetivo de evaluar la calidad del agua de la cuenca del río Locumba, Tacna (Perú), se tomaron muestras de agua de diez estaciones ubicadas a lo largo de la cuenca del río Locumba, durante seis periodos en un ciclo anual. Asimismo, se evaluó la diversidad y número de diatomeas y once parámetros fisicoquímicos para determinar el grado de contaminación del agua. Encontramos que conforme se desciende en la cuenca, la diversidad de diatomeas disminuyó de 2,37 bits cel-1 a 0,71 bits cel-1 y el gradiente de contaminantes se incrementó. Además, con este incremento, se observó un aumento en el número de especies tolerantes a altos niveles de perturbación ambiental. Se observó un incremento en todos los parámetros fisicoquímicos empleados para evaluar el grado de contaminación. Se sugiere que las diatomeas pueden ser adecuados bioindicadores al momento de evaluar la calidad de agua en esta cuenca In order to evaluate the quality of the water of the Locumba river, Tacna (Peru), water samples were taken from ten stations located along the Locumba river basin, during six periods in an annual cycle. The diversity and number of diatoms was also evaluated, together with eleven physiochemical parameters in order to determine the degree of water contamination. We found that as the basin advanced down the mountain, the diversity of diatoms decreased from 2.37 bits cell-1 to 0.71 bits cell-1 and the gradient of contaminants increased. In addition to this increase, the number of species tolerant to high levels of environmental disturbance rose. An increase in all physiochemical parameters used to evaluate the degree of contamination was observed. These results suggest that diatoms can be adequate bioindicators when evaluating the quality of water in this basin
Scientia Et Technica , 2011,
Abstract: Se presenta una revisión de técnicas empleadas para la verificación e identificación biométrica basada en la firma dinámica, además de mostrar estudios realizados respecto a la aplicación del análisis de complejidad en los procesos fisiológicos como la firma. En la revisión se aprecia la necesidad de realizar investigaciones sobre caracterización basada en técnicas de dinámica no lineal, debido a que se desconocen las ventajas del análisis de complejidad en los procesos de identificación biométrica, y las relacionadas con la captura de la dinámica intrínseca del proceso. De manera preliminar se presentan resultados de identificación biométrica con precisión de clasificación de 94.08% usando la base de datos pública SVC.
Entanglement and control operations in Ising interactions of bipartite qubits
Francisco Delgado
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: Entanglement generated by Ising model has been studied for several authors in order to understand the relation between it and magnetic properties of materials, principally using one or two dimensional models for two or more particles. In this work, Ising model evolution is solved in three dimensions for two parts including an inhomogeneous magnetic field, giving an detailed study of the entanglement properties derived from interaction. Some relations between entanglement and energy or spin are developed specifically to stablish candidates for entanglement witness. Finally, some basic quantum control operations are prescripted for this model as to preserve the properties of the system as for transfer information between the two parts. These last schemes of control are useful when initial state is completely known, to gain domain on the system. It prevents to introduce more sophisticated control schemes which normally are necessary when initial state is at least partially unknown.
Measurement in control and discrimination of entangled pairs under self-distortion
Francisco Delgado
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1142/S0219749911007186
Abstract: Quantum correlations and entanglement are fundamental resources for quantum information and quantum communication processes. Developments in these fields normally assume these resources stable and not susceptible of distortion. That is not always the case, Heisenberg interactions between qubits can produce distortion on entangled pairs generated for engineering purposes (e. g. for quantum computation or quantum cryptography). Experimental work shows how to produce entangled spin qubits in quantum dots and electron gases, so its identification and control are crucial for later applications. The presence of parasite magnetic fields modifies the expected properties and behavior for which the pair was intended. Quantum measurement and control help to discriminate the original state in order to correct it or, just to try of reconstruct it using some procedures which do not alter their quantum nature. Two different kinds of quantum entangled pairs driven by a Heisenberg Hamiltonian with an additional inhomogeneous magnetic field which becoming self-distorted, can be reconstructed without previous discrimination by adding an external magnetic field, with fidelity close to 1 (with respect to the original state, but without discrimination). After, each state can be more efficiently discriminated. The aim of this work is to show how combining both processes, first reconstruction without discrimination and after discrimination with adequate non-local measurements, it's possible a) improve the discrimination, and b) reprepare faithfully the original states. The complete process gives fidelities better than 0.9. In the meanwhile, some results about a class of equivalence for the required measurements were found. This property lets us select the adequate measurement in order to ease the repreparation after of discrimination, without loss of entanglement.
Quantum control on entangled bipartite qubits
Francisco Delgado
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.81.042317
Abstract: Ising interaction between qubits could produce distortion in entangled pairs generated for engineering purposes (as in quantum computation) in presence of parasite magnetic fields, destroying or altering the expected behavior of process in which is projected to be used. Quantum control could be used to correct that situation in several ways. Sometimes the user should be make some measurement upon the system to decide which is the best control scheme; other posibility is try to reconstruct the system using similar procedures without perturbate it. In the complete pictures both schemes are present. We will work first with pure systems studying advantages of different procedures. After, we will extend these operations when time of distortion is uncertain, generating a mixed state, which needs to be corrected by suposing the most probably time of distortion.
Ecophysiological and Anatomical Mechanisms behind the Nurse Effect: Which Are More Important? A Multivariate Approach for Cactus Seedlings
Pablo Delgado-Sánchez, Laura Yá?ez-Espinosa, Juan Francisco Jiménez-Bremont, Leonardo Chapa-Vargas, Joel Flores
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0081513
Abstract: Background Cacti establish mostly occurs under the canopy of nurse plants which provide a less stressful micro-environment, although mechanisms underlying this process are unknown. The impact of the combination of light and watering treatments on Opuntia streptacantha (Cactaceae) seedlings was examined. Methods/Principal Findings Ecophysiological [titratable acidity, osmotic potential (‘solute potential’, Ψs), relative growth rate (RGR) and their components (NAR, SLA, and LWR)], anatomical (chloroplast density, chloroplast frequency, and cell area), and environmental [photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) and air temperature] sets of variables were analyzed, assessing relationships between them and measuring the intensity of the relationships. Three harvests were carried out at days 15, 30, and 45. Ψs and acidity content were the most important responses for seedling establishment. The main anatomical and environmental variables were chloroplast density and water availability, respectively. Opuntia streptacantha seedlings establish better in the shade-watering treatment, due to higher Ψs and acidity, unaffected chloroplasts, and lower PPFD. In addition, the chloroplasts of cells under high-light and non-watering treatment were clumped closer to the center of the cytosol than those under shade-drought, to avoid photoinhibition and/or to better distribute or utilize the penetrating light in the green plant tissue. Conclusions Opuntia seedlings grow better under the shade, although they can tolerate drought in open spaces by increasing and moving chloroplasts and avoiding drastic decreases in their Ψs. This tolerance could have important implications for predicting the impact of climate change on natural desert regeneration, as well as for planning reforestation-afforestation practices, and rural land uses.
Aportaciones de la psicología a la promoción de la autonomía personal y atención a las personas en situación de dependencia: la experiencia de la Diputación de Granada
Delgado Morales,Juan Francisco;
Intervención Psicosocial , 2007, DOI: 10.4321/S1132-05592007000100003
Abstract: the present work seeks to analyse the vast experience accumulated by the local corporations in the services of promotion of personal autonomy and protection to situations of dependency. those thirty years of performance of the social services in the democratic city councils and the later development of the concerted plan as an incipient, although weak, protection system to the situations of dependency, has already supposed the accumulation of experiences in the planning, administration and evaluation of the resources that now are settled down in the new law as a positive right, which orders and guarantees the financing by the state funds. it represents a very important advance that, however, makes our country to face great challenges to be in the same level of other next countries: the resources settled down by the law in the services catalogue of an integral individual plan of attention, the application of the access system keeping in mind the experience of professionals and local institutions, the indicators of levels of autonomy and their direct relationship - and correspondence in frequency, intensity and duration. one of the challenges is the need to establish a procedure of care coordination. concrete formulas are proposed based on valid experiences in different territories that can help in such undertaking. likewise, we are advancing in the necessity to stabilize the financial system through a model of financing that goes beyond an agreement of minima and that could overcomes the inconveniences of the concerted plan of social services. finally, we bet for the reorganization of the community and specialized social services; necessary reorganization due the changes introduced by the law. these changes imply a most important role of the local corporations in management, recognition of their services and the community reorientation of those services delivered by the autonomous communities. in summary an advance of our state of well-being largely expected and gree
Los límites a la doctrina del margen nacional de apreciación en el Tribunal Europeo y la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos: intervención judicial en torno a ciertos derechos de las minorías étnicas y culturales
Francisco R. Barbosa Delgado
Revista Derecho del Estado , 2011,
Abstract: El margen nacional de apreciación se ha constituido en un criterio hermenéutico de los tribunales regionales de derechos humanos para la interpretación y aplicación de los mismos. Por esta razón, en el presente artículo se pretenderá demostrar si la existencia de los límites al margen nacional de apreciación ha sido útil para la protección de los derechos de las minorías étnicas y culturales.

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