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Evaluation of Salt Tolerance in Three Varieties of Corn
E. Dehghan,A. Naderi
Journal of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources , 2007,
Abstract: This study included two experiments conducted in 2000-2001 for surveying the effects of saline water irrigation on yield and yield components in corn varieties. Experiments were conducted in a silty-clay soil in Ahwaz Agricultural Research Center. First experiment was conducted as a split plots and randomized complete blocks design in three replications. Main plots included salinity levels 2, 4, 6 and 8dS/m and subplots included three single cross hybrids of corn 704, 711 and 647. In the other experiment the effects of saline water 8dS/m at different growth stages including the stage of planting to plant establishment. (G1), flowering and pollination (G2) and grain filling (G3), were evaluated. The results of the first expriment showed that there was very significant difference among water salinity levels for yield, thousand kernel weight, percentage of corn fertility and percentage of plants containing corn. The highest and lowest grain yield were obtained for salinity levels 2 and 8dS/m treatments respectively. Differences among varieties and interaction of treatments were significant for grain yield, and highest grain yeild was obtained for 704 and 711 varieties on saline water 2dS/m. The results of the other expriment showed that highest and lowest tolerance to irrigation with saline water on corn were G3 and G1 growth stages respectively. Consequently, hybrids 704 and 711 were more sensitive than the 647, but the obtained yield, suggests that 704 and 711 hybrids can be cultivated under these conditions.
Effect of Silymarin on Metabolic Factors of Food-Restricted Over Conditioned Wistar Rats
A.A. Mahjoor,A. Dehghan
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate the changes in serum metabolic factors of over conditioned pregnant rats treated with silymarin in food restriction condition. Sixty pregnant Wistar rats were divided into five equal groups. All rats received high energy diet before treatments. Control group were fed ad libitum (Non-FR). Rats in other groups received 50% of the food intake of Non-FR group and served as food-restricted (FR) groups. Three of five FR groups received 150, 200 and 400 mg kg-1 silymarin, respectively (FR-150, 200, 400). Another FR group (FR-Con) and the Non-FR group did not receive any silymarin. Glucose, triglyceride, LDL and HDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, thyroid hormones and cortisol were measured in serum. All factors were significantly different between groups except free-T4 and T4. Serum glucose concentrations in FR-150 and 200 and Non-FR groups were lower than FR-Con and FR-400. Silymarin significantly increased serum triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and cholesterol contents in FR groups. The highest levels of these factors were noted in 200 mg silymarin-treated group. HDL cholesterol was highest in FR-Con; meanwhile FR-200 group had the lowest HDL cholesterol. Serum cortisol decreased in treated and untreated FR groups except FR-150 group. Free-T3 and T3 concentrations in FR-400 and FR-Con groups were higher than the other silymarin treated groups. In conclusion our results indicate that 200 mg kg-1 of silymarin in Wistar rats is the best dosage to achieve metabolic benefits. Silymarin has positive effects on lipid metabolism and can modulate serum triglyceride and cholesterol concentrations in food restriction condition. Also, the present findings suggest that silymarin under food restriction situation exerts a decreasing effect upon peripheral conversion of T4 to T3.
Subfusion Frames
Z. Amiri,M. A. Dehghan,E. Rahimi
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/603580
Abstract: Fusion frames are generalizations of frames in Hilbert spaces which were introduced by Casazza et al. (2008). In the present paper, we study the relations between fusion frames and subfusion frame operators. Specially, we introduce new construction of subfusion frames and derive new results.
Relationship Between Collagenase-Like Specific Activities in Placentome and the Level of Steroid Hormones in Retained and Non-Retained Fetal Membrane Cows
A. Dehghan,M. Emady,M. Aminlari
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: In this study Collagenase-Like Enzyme Specific (CLES) activity was measured in placentomes of cows with or without Retained Fetal Membranes (RFM) and its correlation with steroid hormones was also evaluated. Preparum dairy cows (n = 12) were randomly assigned to two groups. The control cows (n = 7) were calved spontaneously and released their fetal membranes within 12 h of calving and served as the Non-RFM group. Treatment cows (n = 5) received dexamethasone for induction of calving. All treated cows did not release their fetal membranes within 12 h after calving and served as the RFM group. In the Non-RFM group, blood samples were collected 2-3 days before calving and every 12 h thereafter until calving. In the RFM group, blood samples were collected immediately before dexamethasone injection and every 12 h thereafter until calving. In both groups two other samples were collected at around calving and 12 h after calving. Tissue samples were taken from placentomes of both groups, around 12 h after calving and CLES activity was determined. The results did not show any significant difference in CLES activity between the 2 groups. Serum estradiol-17 (E2) concentration was not statistically different between the 2 groups but its changes over time between groups was found to be significantly different. A significant difference between the groups in Estradiol/Progesterone (E2/P4) ratios was also observed. The results of our study indicate that prepartum estrogens concentrations can influence collagenase activity in placentomes and may have an important role in maturation and release of fetal membranes.
A Survey on Administrative System Performance of Medical Sciences Universities of Tehran Based on Stevenson’s Entrepreneurial Management Model
K Talebi,R Dehghan,A Arabioun
Payavard Salamat , 2011,
Abstract: Background and Aim: The hierarchical and bureaucratic form of governmental administration is changing into a new type of flexible and market-based public management called Enterpreneurial Management Revolution. According to Stevenson, entrepreneurial management comprises a number of opportunity-based management activities for the maintenance of organizations in order to have their contribution in social value creation. This research study aims to study the organizational performance of medical sciences universities of Tehran based on Stevenson Model. Materials and Methods: This research is a field study in which a structured questionnaire containing 22 main questions on the Likert Scale was distributed among the staff members of medical sciences universities in Tehran. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by experts and its reliability was estimated using Test- Retest Method. The Cronbach alpha coefficient was found to be 0.95. The data collection device was given to 379 staff members, of whom 325 filled it out. The data were completely recorded and then analyzed by SPSS software version 18. Results: The results of the study show that regarding entrepreneurial management approach, medical universities are at an average level. According to the present research and all related studies, this is the case in all other governmental organizations. Conclusion: The results of the study indicate that organizational restructuring, decentralization, and continuous improvement in processes are the milestones of entrepreneurial revolution strategies in medical universities and all other public organizations.
In Vitro Evaluation of the Enamel Surface Hardness Reduction in Primary and Permanent Teeth Caused by Two Most Common Acidic Soft Drinks
Nozari A.,Mirbeigi S.,Dehghan Khalili S.
Journal of Dentistry , 2011,
Abstract: Statement of Problem: Dental erosion is defined as the loss of tooth substance by chemical processes not involving bacteria. Dental erosion has been found to be a common cause of tooth wear. Clinically apparent erosion has been found to be related to dietary factors such as the acid content of the beverages.Purpose: Evaluation of enamel erosion in the primary and permanent teeth as the result of two most common acidic drinks produced in Iranian factories, Mirinda and Pepsi.Materials and Method: The outermost surfaces of 20 primary and 20 permanent teeth were polished flat by using the finest grade sandpaper and water in order to facilitate the proper measurement. The specimens were then prepared by cutting 3-4 mm of the buccal surface of teeth by diamond burs. The specimens were then rinsed with distilled water and stored in 100 10 humidity before testing. The surface micro-hardness of each specimen was measured by micro vickers Hardness tester before, after 5 minutes, and 10 minutes exposure to fresh solution of each drink (10 teeth per test group). Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon signed rank tests were used for the estatistical analysis.Results: The results showed that both drinks, Mirinda and Pepsi, produced significant surface hardness loss at 5 and 10 minutes of exposure time ( p =0.05). The amount of erosive effect was changed as the exposure time increased (change from 5 to 10 minutes). There was no statistically significant difference between the amounts of surface hardness loss in the primary and permanent enamel ( p >0.05). Conclusion: Both drinks may have almost similar but significant erosive effect on the primary and permanent enamel surfaces. Although there wasn’t any difference between erosive effect of the two beverages, this effect was increased with increase in time. The primary teeth enamel was not found to be more susceptibe to acidic beverage-induced erosion than the permanent teeth.
ROI Analysis Using Harvard-Oxford Atlas in Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis Based on PCA
Hossein Dehghan,Hamid Hassanpour,Ali A. Pouyan
Iranica Journal of Energy and Environment (IJEE) , 2012,
Abstract: Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized by impaired glucose metabolism and can be detected using Positron Emission Tomography (PET) neuroimaging. In this study, an automatic method for diagnosis of AD based on region of interest (ROI) is presented. First, subject’s PET neuroimage is automatically parcellated into 48 predefined ROIs using Harvard-Oxford structural Atlas. The most discriminative regions are discovered using principal component analysis (PCA). Based on features extracted using PCA, support vector machines are adapted to discriminate normal control (NC) from AD. For classification of AD from NC, the proposed method achieves 89.14% of classification accuracy; while the accuracy of Automated Anatomical Labeling (AAL)-based approach is only 80.68%.
An Investigation into the Effect of Porous Medium on Performance of Heat Exchanger  [PDF]
Hadi Dehghan, Peiman Aliparast
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2011.13011
Abstract: In this paper, a detailed numerical investigation of two-dimensional laminar forced convection in a porous channel with inlet and outlet slot is presented. A uniform heat flux is applied on one wall of channel and another wall is isolated. The flow in the porous medium is modeled using the Brinkman-Forchheimer-extended Darcy model in which the inertia and boundary effects are taken into consideration and thermal dispersion effects are not included in the energy equation. Parametric studies are conducted to evaluate the effects of particle diameter, Reynolds number on the heat transfer and friction factor. Nusselt number and friction factor are developed for efficient design of a porous heat exchanger based on the present configuration. In order to solve this problem Fluent software was used.
Approximate Best Proximity Pairs in Metric Space
S. A. M. Mohsenalhosseini,H. Mazaheri,M. A. Dehghan
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/596971
Abstract: Let and be nonempty subsets of a metric space and also ∶∪→∪ and ()?, ()?. We are going to consider element ∈ such that (,)≤(,)
Induction of mammary gland tumor in female Sprague- Dawley rats with LA7 cells
R Abbasalipourkabir, A Dehghan, A Salehzadeh, F Shamsabadi, R Abdullah
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2010,
Abstract: The current methods for tumor induction in breast cancer research animal models are time-consuming, hazardous, expensive, sometimes irreproducible and inconvenient. We successfully developed a new, simple and cost-effective method in developing solid mammary gland tumor in female Sprague-Dawley rat using LA7 rat mammary tumor cells. Tumors developed in 7- 8 weeks old rats within 6 to 8 days of subcutaneous injection of LA7 cells into the mammary gland pad. Tumor size increased exponentially for four weeks. Histopathology examination confirmed that the induced tumors were adenocarcinomas. Evaluation of blood enzymes showed significantly higher (P < 0.005) serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in tumor-bearing than in normal rats. This LA7 cell-induced rat mammary gland tumor model may be useful for studies in breast cancer drug or nutraceutical research and development.

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