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O velho na propaganda
Debert, Guita Grin;
Cadernos Pagu , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332003000200007
Abstract: the article deals with images of old men and women in advertising. it analyzes a corpus of tv ads of the 1990's based on interviews with advertising creators, old age activists and a group discussion with a third age activity group. the central argument concerns the fact that those images promote the "reprivatization of aging", which implies transforming it into a problem concerning individuals that are seen as unable to develop motivating skills, and to adopt consumption patterns and ways of life appropriate to avoid old age.
A dissolu??o da vida adulta e a juventude como valor
Debert, Guita Grin;
Horizontes Antropológicos , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-71832010000200003
Abstract: three intertwined social processes give a special configuration to the dissolution of adult life in contemporary societies. (1) the extension of the age range of the young segment of the population; (2) the creation of new categories to demarcate the later stages of the life cycle 3) the transformation of youth into a commodity, a value that should be attained at any stage of life through the adoption of adequate forms of consumption and lifestyles. based on how these changes are represented in the media and analyzed in the academic literature, the central argument is that the adulthood acquires different meanings in contemporary brazilian hierarchical society: when referring to the privileged sectors of our society that figure indicates a "failed consumer" who are incapable of adopting appropriate lifestyles and forms of consumption targeted at ensuring youthfulness; when referring to the poor it indicates a sort of "unattainable fantasy", because the poor are discriminated as individuals unable to reach a stage characterized by maturity, responsibility and commitment.
BARROS, Myriam Lins de (org.) 2006. Família e Gera es.Rio de Janeiro: FGV. 164 pp.
Guita Grin Debert
Campos - Revista de Antropologia Social , 2006,
Os modelos conciliatórios de solu??o de conflitos e a "violência doméstica"
Debert, Guita Grin;Oliveira, Marcella Beraldo de;
Cadernos Pagu , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332007000200013
Abstract: alternative conflict resolution based on forms of conciliation have been identified as a possible response to problems of access to courts deriving from the numbers, costs and length of proceedings in the brazilian?s judicial system. this paper focuses on these alternative forms of justice, regarding domestic violence matters. using ethnographic methods of studies at women?s police stations and at small claim courts, the main argument is that the forms of conciliation can be very different, specifically, in these two institutions of the judicial system. the contrasts between moral values and the simbols used differently by these two institutions offer some elements for us to understand the context in which was created the law called maria da penha, sanctioned on august 17th of 2006. after this law, cases of domestic violence against women were excluded from small claim courts in brazil.
Violência e gênero: novas propostas, velhos dilemas
Debert, Guita Grin;Gregori, Maria Filomena;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69092008000100011
Abstract: this article discusses and analyses the dilemmas involved in the usage of notions that have been used to qualify the violence in social relations marked by gender and in its updating in different instances of the justice system. basing it on ethnographies performed at police stations for the defense of the woman and at criminal special courts, as well as the polemics surrounding "maria da penha" law, the article maps out the meaning articulated by expressions such as violence against women, conjugal violence, domestic violence, family violence, and gender violence. the central argument is that transforming violence in crime leads to semantic and institutional unfoldings that tend to replace the interest in politicizing justice in defending the woman by the legalization of family relations.
Trabalho, saúde e gênero: estudo comparativo sobre analistas de sistemas
Rocha,Lys Esther; Debert-Ribeiro,Myriam;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102001000600007
Abstract: objective: to assess the health impact of working conditions among male and female systems analysts. methods: in this cross-sectional study, 533 systems analysts of two data analysis companies located in the metropolitan area of s?o paulo were studied. data was collected using work ergonomic assessments, individual and group semi-structured interviews and a self-applied questionnaire. data analysis was based on contingency tables, chi-square values at 5% level, prevalence rates and ratios, and their 95% confidence intervals. results: of the participants, 40.7% were women who on average were younger that the studied men (59.6% of women and 39% of men were in the age range 25 to 34). though fatherhood was more frequently seen among men (57.6% x 34.2% for women), women spent more time with household tasks, including children care. there were more men in leading management positions. work-related discomfort factors were seen in both sexes at similar frequencies. men most commonly complained of work overload due to tight deadlines, high degree of responsibility, mental strain, and work complexity. women more frequently complained of postural discomfort, higher exposure to video display terminal, and obsolete equipment. women reported more visual, musculoskeletal and stress related symptoms, and higher work dissatisfaction and mental fatigue. conclusions: the study suggests that the health impact on female systems analysts is associated with the work demands and the women's social role. there is a need of further studies associating health, work and gender and an assessment of the intersection between the domestic and productive roles.
Trabalho, saúde e gênero: estudo comparativo sobre analistas de sistemas
Rocha Lys Esther,Debert-Ribeiro Myriam
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2001,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Avaliar as repercuss es do trabalho de mulheres e homens analistas de sistemas na saúde. MéTODOS: Trata-se de estudo exploratório de delineamento transversal, abrangendo 553 analistas de duas empresas de processamento de dados da regi o metropolitana de S o Paulo. Foram realizadas análises ergon micas do trabalho, entrevistas semi-estruturadas e preenchimento de questionários para auto-aplica o. A análise dos dados baseou-se em tabelas de contingência com qui-quadrado a 5% de significancia e raz es de prevalência e seus intervalos de confian a segundo gênero. RESULTADOS: As mulheres constituíram 40,7% do grupo estudado, sendo mais jovens que os homens. A presen a de filhos foi maior entre os homens, embora o tempo diário dedicado às tarefas domésticas tenha sido maior entre as mulheres. Observou-se predomínio dos homens nas fun es de chefia. Fatores de inc modo, com freqüência semelhante entre homens e mulheres, foram: sobrecarga de trabalho devido a prazos curtos; alto grau de responsabilidade; exigência mental do trabalho; e complexidade da tarefa. Fatores de inc modo predominantes em mulheres foram: postura desconfortável; maior exposi o ao computador; e presen a de equipamento obsoleto. As mulheres relataram maior freqüência de sintomas visuais, musculares e relacionados a estresse; maior insatisfa o com o trabalho; maior fadiga física e mental. CONCLUS ES: O estudo sugere que as repercuss es na saúde das analistas de sistemas est o associadas às exigências do trabalho e ao papel da mulher na sociedade. Os resultados destacam a importancia de estudos sobre saúde, trabalho e gênero, em analisar a interse o entre a esfera produtiva e a doméstica.
Multiple noncommutative tori and Hopf algebras
Markus Debert,Mario Paschke,Andrzej Sitarz
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: We derive the Kac-Paljutkin finite-dimensional Hopf algebras as finite fibrations of the quantum double torus and generalize the construction for quantum multiple tori.
Técnica de sutura ajustável per-operatória simplificada para a corre??o de desvios horizontais: estudo de 153 casos
Debert, Iara;Passos, Lucia Battistella;Saraiva, Patrícia Grativol;Tomikawa, Vivian Onoda;Polati, Mariza;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492007000100003
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the simplified intraoperative adjustable suture technique for horizontal strabismus surgery. methods: data charts of all patients who underwent horizontal strabismus surgery by the simplified intraoperative adjustable suture technique at the strabismus department of the "hospital das clínicas" of the university of s?o paulo in the period from january 2001 to november 2005 were evaluated retrospectively. using this technique, the adjustment was calculated based on the corneal light reflection, having considered the difference between the measures in the awake state and with the anesthetized patient. results: one hundred fifty-three patients were operated on, 73 (47.8%) cases of esotropia (et) and 80 (52.2%) of exotropia (xt). under anesthesia, 123 (80.4%) patients had the eye position modified: 69 (56.1%) were less esotropic, 51 (41.5%) were more exotropic and 3 (2.4%) were less exotropic. surgery was adjusted in 60 (39.2%) patients: 30 were esotropia and 30 were exotropia. surgical success was defined as an eso- or exodeviation within 10 prism diopters, in a follow-up period of at least 180 days. the overall sucess rate was 71.6%. conclusions: the simplified intraoperative adjustable suture technique, described in 2003 in a study performed on 49 patients operated on by the same surgeon, was shown to be efficient in this larger series of patients operated on by different surgeons. this technique should be considered in patients who do not cooperate in other adjustment techniques, aiming at improved success rates.
Biometric relationships of ocular components in esotropic amblyopia
Debert, Iara;Polati, Mariza;Jesus, Daniela Lima de;Souza, Eliane Cardoso dos Santos;Alves, Milton Ruiz;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492012000100008
Abstract: purpose: to investigate the contribution of the individual ocular components, i.e. anterior chamber depth, lens thickness and vitreous chamber depth, to total axial length in patients with esotropic amblyopia. methods: the study population consisted of 74 children, aged between 5 and 8 years: thirty-seven patients with esotropic amblyopia and 37 healthy volunteers (control group). the participants underwent a comprehensive ophthalmological examination, including cycloplegic refraction and a-scan ultrasonography. anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous chamber depth and total axial length were recorded. paired student's t-tests were used to compare biometric measurements between amblyopic eyes and their fellow eyes and between right and left eyes in the control group. to evaluate the contribution of the ocular components to the total axial length, we report the individual components as a percentage of total axial length. results: the comparison between amblyopic and fellow eyes regarding the individual contribution from ocular components to the total axial length revealed greater contribution from lens thickness (p=0.001) and smaller contribution from vitreous chamber depth (p=0.001) in amblyopic eyes, despite similar contribution from anterior chamber depth (p=0.434). the comparison between right and left eyes in the control group showed similar contributions from anterior chamber depth (p=0.620), lens thickness (p=0.721), and vitreous chamber depth (p=0.483). conclusions: this study shows differences between amblyopic and non-amblyopic eyes when the total axial length is broken down into the individual contribution from the ocular components.

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