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Catalysts for decomposing ozone tail gas
LIU Chang-an,SUN De-zhi,WANG Hui,LI Wei,
LIU Chang-an
,SUN De-zhi,WANG Hui,LI Wei

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2003,
Abstract: The preparation of immobilizing-catalysts for decomposing ozone by using dipping method was studied. XRD, XPS and TEM were used to characterize the catalysts. The three kinds of catalysts were selected preferentially, and their catalytic activities were investigated. The results showed that the catalyst with activated carbon dipping acetate (active components are Mn:Cu = 3:2, active component proportion in catalyst is 15%, calcination temperature is 200 degrees C) has the best catalytic activity for ozone decomposing. One gram of catalyst can decompose 17.6 g ozone at initial ozone concentration of 2.5 g/m3 and the residence time in reactor of 0.1 s. The experimental results also indicated that humidity of reaction system had negative effect on catalytic activity.
Carbon and nitrogen mineralization affected by long-term application of chemical fertilizer and rice straw in paddy soil

YAN De-zhi,WANG De-jian,

土壤 , 2011,
Abstract: Based on a long-term fertilization experiment in a paddy soil, this paper studied the effects of long-term application of chemical fertilizer and rice straw on carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) mineralization by incubation experiments. Results showed that long-term application of chemical fertilizer and straw increased carbon mineralization, but decreased the proportion of C mineralized to total organic C. Long-term application of chemical fertilizer increased N mineralization and the proportion of mineralizable N to total N. Compared to chemical fertilizer application alone, added application of rice straw did not increased N mineralization. Long-term application of chemical fertilizer and rice straw significantly increased microbial biomass C and N contents.
Composition of soil Organic Matter Affected by Long-Term Application of Chemical Fertilizer and Incorporation of Rice Straws

YAN De-zhi,WANG De-jian,

土壤 , 2008,
Abstract: 以长期定位试验为基础,分析了长期施用化肥和秸秆对土壤不同组分C、N的影响.结果表明:连续施肥16年后,与CK处理相比,单施化肥使土壤全N、有机C、轻组有机N、颗粒态有机N、碱解N、易氧化有机C分别增加了13.8%,9.4%,38.2%,20.0%,19.7%和26.3%,但并没有增加轻组有机C量和颗粒态有机C量.化肥与秸秆配施后,土壤全N、有机C和不同组分C、N含量都显著大于单施化肥.单施化肥显著降低了土壤有机质、轻组有机质、颗粒态有机质的C/N比,但化肥与秸秆配施后, 其C/N比并没有继续降低.此外,易氧化有机C量与土壤有机C量显著相关,颗粒态有机N量、轻组有机N量、碱解N和土壤全N间也存在显著相关性.
Experimental investigation of evaporative cooling mixture of bosonic 87Rb and fermionic 40K atoms with microwave and radio frequency radiation

Wang Peng-Jun,Xiong De-Zhi,Fu Zheng-Kun,Zhang Jing,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: We investigate sympathetic cooling fermions 40K by evaporatively cooling bosonic 87Rb atoms in a magnetic trap with microwave and radio frequency induced evaporations in detail. The mixture of bosonic and fermionic atoms is prepared in their polarized spin states |F=9/2, mF=9/2> for 40K and |F=2, mF=2> for 87Rb, which is trapped in Quadrupole--Ioffe--Configuration trap. Comparing microwave with radio frequency evaporatively cooling bosonic 87Rb atoms with sympathetically cooling Fermi gas 40K, we find that the presence of rubidium atoms in the |2,1> Zeeman states, which are generated in the evaporative process, gives rise to a significant loss of 40K due to inelastic collisions. Thus, the rubidium atoms populated in the |2, 1> Zeeman states should be removed in order to effectively perform sympathetically cooling 40K with the evaporatively cooled 87Rb atoms.
High Current Matching over Full-Swing and Low-Glitch Charge Pump Circuit for PLLs
De-zhi Wang,Ke-feng Zhang,Xue-cheng Zou
Radioengineering , 2013,
Abstract: A high current matching over full-swing and low-glitch charge pump (CP) circuit is proposed. The current of the CP is split into two identical branches having one-half the original current. The two branches are connected in source-coupled structure, and a two-stage amplifier is used to regulate the common-source voltage for the minimum current mismatch. The proposed CP is designed in TSMC 0.18μm CMOS technology with a power supply of 1.8 V. SpectreRF based simulation results show the mismatch between the current source and the current sink is less than 0.1% while the current is 40 μA and output swing is 1.32 V ranging from 0.2 V to 1.52 V. Moreover, the transient output current presents nearly no glitches. The simulation results verify the usage of the CP in PLLs with the maximum tuning range from the voltage-controlled oscillator, as well as the low power supply applications.
17β-estradiol suppresses hyperoxia-induced apoptosis of oligodendrocyte precursor cells through paired-immunoglobulin-like receptor B

王华, 母得志
, MU De-Zhi

- , 2016, DOI: 10.7499/j.issn.1008-8830.2016.07.016
Mechanism study of electrochemical oxidation in the terylene diaphragm cell
YU Xiu-juan,WANG Hui,SUN De-zhi,SONG Lai-wen,WU Lan,
YU Xiu-juan
,WANG Hui,SUN De-zhi,SONG Lai-wen,WU Lan

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2006,
Abstract: By using a self-made carbon/polytetrafluoroethylene (C/PTFE) O2-fed as cathode and Ti/IrO2/RuO2 as anode, the effects of electrochemical oxidation of phenol and the coal-gas wastewater containing phenol were studied. The t
Population extinction rates of species in a relict group-Klugieae, with special reference to its phylogeny and the destruction degree of its habitat

WANG Yin-Zheng,FU De-Zhi,PENG Hua,

生物多样性 , 1999,
Abstract: 本文通过对尖舌苣苔族(Klugieae)的5个属中12个种59个地方居群消长动态的统计分析,计算了该族各属物种的居群绝灭速率。在120年的时间区间内,尖舌苣苔族物种的居群绝灭速率和生境受破坏程度呈正相关。显然,一个类群物种的居群绝灭速率对于该类群分布地区环境的受破坏程度具有较强的指示意义。尖舌苣苔族各属物种的居群绝灭速率与其系统发育年龄和进化程度密切相关。进化水平较低,即系统发育上比较原始的类群,其居群绝灭速率往往较高;进化水平较高,即系统发育上比较年青的类群,其居群绝灭速率则低。地区性特有类群,尤其是特有属更容易遭受绝灭的危险。藉此,可在短时期内比较准确地了解该类群的濒危过程。
Anchor-based large-scale ontologies partitioning and mapping

LAI Y,WANG Run-mei,XU De-zhi,
赖 雅

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: In order to solve the problem of low precision and low recall of large-scale ontology partitioning and mapping, this paper proposed a new anchor-based large-scale ontology partitioning and mapping method. This method used anchors to guide partitioning, and partitioned the two ontologies at the same time, which called co-clustering. Firstly, it preprocessed the two ontologies in order to normalize the entities's name and turn them into tree structure, then used some simple methods to find anchors. At last, the anchors acted cluster centers to cluster the concepts in both ontology trees, and found block mappings at the same time. Theoretical analysis and experimental results show that this method both solves the large-scale ontologeis mapping problem and achieves good precision and recall.
Cloning and Functional Characterization of Novel Variants and Tissue-Specific Expression of Alternative Amino and Carboxyl Termini of Products of Slc4a10
Ying Liu, Deng-Ke Wang, De-Zhi Jiang, Xue Qin, Zhang-Dong Xie, Qing K. Wang, Mugen Liu, Li-Ming Chen
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055974
Abstract: Previous studies have shown that the electroneutral Na+/HCO3? cotransporter NBCn2 (SLC4A10) is predominantly expressed in the central nervous system (CNS). The physiological and pathological significances of NBCn2 have been well recognized. However, little is known about the tissue specificity of expression of different NBCn2 variants. Moreover, little is known about the expression of NBCn2 proteins in systems other than CNS. Here, we identified a set of novel Slc4a10 variants differing from the originally described ones by containing a distinct 5′ untranslated region encoding a new extreme amino-terminus (Nt). Electrophysiology measurements showed that both NBCn2 variants with alternative Nt contain typical electroneutral Na+-coupled HCO3? transport activity in Xenopus oocytes. Luciferase reporter assay showed that Slc4a10 contains two alternative promoters responsible for expression of the two types of NBCn2 with distinct extreme Nt. Western blotting showed that NBCn2 proteins with the original Nt are primarily expressed in CNS, whereas those with the novel Nt are predominantly expressed in the kidney and to a lesser extent in the small intestine. Due to alternative splicing, the known NBCn2 variants contain two types of carboxyl-termini (CT) differing in the optional inclusion of a PDZ-binding motif. cDNA cloning showed that virtually all NBCn2 variants expressed in epithelial tissues contain, but the vast majority of those from the neural tissues lack the PDZ-binding motif. We conclude that alternative transcription and splicing of Slc4a10 products are regulated in a tissue-specific manner. Our findings provide critical insights that will greatly influence the study of the physiology of NBCn2.
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