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New international classification of functioning, disability and health
Stucki Gerold,Maksimovi? Milo?,DavidoviDragana,Jorga Jagoda
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0706371s
Abstract: The WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) provides a coherent view of health from a biological, individual and social perspective. This view may be defined both as multi- and interdisciplinary management of one’s functioning and health. This new classification is currently being assessed in multiple centers in 32 countries, on 12 health conditions. The Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, is one of them, serving as the centre where the classification is being tested in obese population. The objective of this paper is to provide information needed for further development and practical application of this classification in various health conditions. The new language of ICF is an exciting landmark event for preventive medicine and rehabilitation. It may lead to a stronger position of rehabilitation within the medical community, change multiprofessional communication and improve communication between patients and health professionals. .
Factors mediating the depression in the adult obese outpatients
Gudelj-Raki? Jelena,DavidoviDragana,Avramovi? Du?an,Backovi? Du?an
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0702061g
Abstract: Introduction: The prevalence of obesity is rising to epidemic proportions at the alarming rate in both developed and underdeveloped countries around the world. Current prevalence data from individual national studies suggest that the obesity prevalence in the European countries ranges from 10% to 20% for men, and 10% to 25% for women. Health consequences of obesity imply both a number of fatal and non-fatal health problems (out of which the most common are cardiovascular problems, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, cancers), and also a wide spectrum of psychological consequences from diminished self-esteem to clinical depression. Causal relationship between obesity and many chronic diseases is evidence- based. At the same time, there are marked differences in research data regarding causal obesity-depression relationship. Several studies have found no direct association between obesity and depression, while in others the prevalence of depression in obese patients was up to 50%. Gender, obesity grade, socioeconomic status and asking for professional help are named as moderators and mediators of this relationship. Among recommended screening methods, BDI-II is the most frequently used in the adult outpatient departments. Objective The aim of the study was to determine possible risk factors of depression in adult obese patients treated for obesity. Gender, obesity and education level as well as marital status were analyzed as possible moderators of depression-obesity relationship. Method The research included 267 patients, 38.0±14.6 years of age, who referred to the Outpatient Nutrition Department for dietetic consultation or nutritional medical therapy. Nutritional status was assessed by BMI (kg/m ), calculated from measured values of body weight and height according to WHO recommendations. An estimate of the existence and/or depression level was investigated by Beck Depression Inventory - self administered questionnaire recommended for use in Serbian population. Results The results revealed higher average BDI score values in obese patients (F(267,1)=6.014, p=0.015) in comparison to their non-obese counterparts. In addition, the percentage of depressive obese patients was significantly higher (55.1%, χ2 (267.1)=22.64, p<0.001). There was significant correlation of BMI and BDI scores (r=0.246, p<0.001). The number of women with depression was significantly higher in comparison to men (χ2 (267.1)=4.261, p=0.039).Women also had higher average BDI score (p = 0.003). MANOVA showed that BDI score was influenced by gender (F(267.1)=8.936, p=0.030) and nutr
Dietary habits as a risk factor of gallstone disease in Serbia
DavidoviDragana B.,Tomi? Dragan V.,Jorga Jagoda B.
Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/aci1104041d
Abstract: Gallstone formation is a multifactorial disease, caused by the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. In order to prevent gallbladder stone disease, it is useful to detect modifable risk factors, which contribute to its development. The aim of this study is to analyze the potential relationship between nutrition and the development of gallstone disease, and to establish the possibility for its prevention. The study examined 114 patients; 55 of them suffered from gallstone disease, while 59 were healthy controls who were age- and sex- matched. Diagnosis of gallbladder stone disease was made by ultrasonography. Diet was established using a 24-hour dietary recall method. In the multivariate model, high energy intake (OR=9.720, p<0.001) and overnight fasting period (12 hours and longer) (OR=4.285, p=0.005) were the most important predictors of gallstone disease, after adjustment for Body Mass Index. These factors can be altered in order to prevent gallstone disease.
HMW glutenin variation and rye chromatine presence in wheat genome
Obreht Dragana R.,Vapa Ljiljana B.,Davidovi? Mihajla R.
Zbornik Matice Srpske za Prirodne Nauke , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/zmspn0305043o
Abstract: For estimation of wheat end-product quality during wheat breeding programs composition of high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits (HMW GS) and the presence of 1BL/1RS translations serve as markers due to their profound effects on dough elasticity and viscous properties. Ninety-three wheat genotypes from Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad have been analyzed by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) in order to determine their HMW GS composition and 1BL/1RS translocation presence. Eleven alleles were found at the Glu-1 loci. Subunits 1 and 2*and the null allele N were determined at the Glu-A1 locus. Subunitis 7, 7+9, 7+8, 6+8, 20 and 21 were found at the Glu-B1 locus, subunits 2+12 and 5+10 at the Glu-D1 locus. The 1BL/1RS translocation was discovered in 28 cultivars, although three of them were heterogeneous.
Activities of Proximal Tubule Enzymes In Urine of Patients Treated With Gentamicin
Biljana Davidovi , Jelica Predojevi -Samard i , Sne ana Uletilovi , Dragana Mal i , ivko Sani anin
Journal of Medical Biochemistry , 2007, DOI: 10.2478/v10011-007-0009-5
Abstract: The activities of the enzymes dominantly localized within the proximal tubules, such as alanine aminopeptidase (AAP), gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) and Nacetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (NAG), were measured in 12-h urine samples of patients suffering from Gram-negative infections and i.v. treated with gentamicin with the aim of determining the nephrotoxicity of this aminoglycoside antibiotic. The examined groups consisted of 3 - 10 years old children of both sexes, gentamicin-treated, and the control group, each including 30 patients. Urine samples were collected and analyzed five days before the gentamicin application and during the following 10 days of gentamicin treatment (a single i.v. injection per day in the dose of 2.5 mg/kg b.w.). Significant differences in the AAP and GGT activities expressed in U/mmol creatinine were observed between the gentamicin-treated group and the controls already on day 2 (p < 0.05) of the treatment, as well as in the activity of NAG on day 8 (p < 0.01) of the therapy. From these results it can be concluded that even standard gentamicin doses expressed nephrotoxic effects. Statistically significantly increased AAP and GGT activities in the gentamicin-treated group of children recorded already on the 2nd day of treatment demonstrate that these two enzymes represent extremely sensitive indicators of nephrotoxicity. On the other hand, statistically significantly increased NAG activity observed in the gentamicin-receiving group points to more severe gentamicin-provoked injuries of proximal tubules.
Ultrasound diagnosis of gallbladder polyps
Tomi? Dragan V.,Pavlovi?-Markovi? Aleksandra R.,Alempijevi? Tamara M.,DavidoviDragana B.
Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/aci1104031t
Abstract: The most frequent benign gallbladder polyps are cholesterol polyps. Next in frequency were adenomas, which may have malignant potential. The aim of this study was to assess the possibility of ultrasonography in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of cholesterol polyps compared to adenomas. Patients were examined during the period from October 2006. to December 2008. In Department of Ultrasound, Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Belgrade. The group of 54 patients analyzed consisted of 30 women (56%) and 24 men (44%). Most (59%) had solitary polyps. In 92.6% of patients the size of polyps was below 10 mm. 74% of respondents were over 50 years. Ultrasonography is the method of choice and gold standard in diagnosis of gallbladder polyps. Based on echoic properties cholesterol polyps can not be distinguished from adenomas. Malignant alteration of polyps also could not be detected. Appropriate ultrasonographic characteristics such as size of polyps, appearance of a broad base that sits on the wall, concomitant lithiasis findings and patient age may be indicative for malignancy.
Molecular characterization of glutenin alleles at the Glu-Dl locus
Vapa Ljiljana B.,Obreht Dragana R.,Kobiljski Borislav ?.,Davidovi? Mihajla R.
Zbornik Matice Srpske za Prirodne Nauke , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/zmspn0305035v
Abstract: It is well known that the composition of high-molecular-weight (HMW) glutenin subunits impacts the bread making quality. The HMW subunits 1Dx5-1Dyl0 are typically associated with high dough strength and good bread making quality contrary to 1Dx2-lDyl2 subunits. Bread wheat cultivars from Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad have been screened for the alleles present at Glu-Dl locus using traditional SDS PAG electrophoresis method and a new PCR based approach. The Glu-Dl locus was screened for two main x-type alleles which code for HMW glutenins 2 and 5, and two main y-type alleles which code for HMW glutenin subunits 10 and 12. Among the analyzed cultivars 55.6% expressed the presence of 1Dx5 and 1Dy10 alleles at the Glu-Dl locus. These results confirmed that by using marker-assisted selection (MAS) it is possible to identify genotypes with alleles for good bread making quality which could be successfully used in wheat breeding programs.
Urinary Activities of Proximal Tubule Enzymes in Neonates Treated with Gentamicin
Biljana Davidovi -Plav i , Tatjana Vuji , Sne ana Uletilovi , Jelica Predojevi -Samard i , Dragana Mal i , ivko Sani anin
Journal of Medical Biochemistry , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10011-010-0002-2
Abstract: In order to determine the nephrotoxicity of gentamicin, an aminoglycoside antibiotic, activity of the enzymes dominantly localized in proximal tubules, i.e. alanine aminopeptidase (AAP), γ-glutamyl transferase (GGT) and N-acetylβ-D-glucosaminidase (NAG) was examined. Determinations were performed in 12-h urine samples of 30 neonates i.v. receiving gentamicin against Gram negative infections in daily doses of 5.0 mg/kg body mass for 10 consecutive days. The activities of the same enzymes were measured in 12-h urine samples of 30 examinées of the control group. The groups consisted of neonates of both sexes. The pretreatment period lasted for 5 days. On day 8 of gentamicin application, statistically significant differences in the activity of AAP and GGT expressed in U/mmol creatinine between the gentamicin-receiving and control group (p<0.01) were found. No significant differences in NAG activity of the gentamicin-treated group in comparison with the control were recorded during the 10-day gentamicin therapy. It can be concluded that 10-day treatment of neonates with usually prescribed gentamicin doses results in mild nephrotoxic changes close to the end of the therapy accompanied by increased activity of both urinary AAP and GGT, known as very sensitive indicators of nephrotoxicity. During the same treatment period no changes in NAG activity were observed, meaning that the antibiotic causes no severe injuries to proximal tubule cells at the level of cellular organelles.
Why carotid endarterectomy is method of choice in treatment of carotid stenosis
Radak ?or?e,Davidovi? Lazar
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0804181r
Abstract: Procedures used in treatment of carotid stenosis are endarterectomy, PTA with stent implantation, resection with graft interposition and by-pass procedure. Segmental lesions are found more often and treated by the first two mentioned procedures. In case of longer lesions and extension to the greater part of the common carotid artery, the other two procedures are performed. For the past few years, the main dilemma has been whether to perform carotid endarterectomy or PTA with stent implantation. Both early and long-term results speak in favour of carotid endarterectomy, regardless of an increased number of PTA and carotid stenting. At the same time, PTA and carotid stenting are more expensive procedures. Both methods have their defined and important roles in treatment of segmental occlusive carotid lesions. Severe cardiac, pulmonary and renal conditions, which increase the risk of general anaesthesia, are not an absolute indication for PTA and stenting, since endarterectomy can be done in regional anaesthesia. Main indications for PTA with stent implantation are: surgically inaccessible lesions (at or above C2; or subclavian); radiation- induced carotid stenosis; prior ipsilateral radical neck dissection; prior carotid endarterectomy (restenosis).
Application of some graph invariants to the analysis of multiprocessor interconnection networks
Cvetkovi? Drago?,Davidovi? Tatjana
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/yjor0802173c
Abstract: Let G be a graph with diameter D, maximum vertex degree Δ, the largest eigenvalue λ1 and m distinct eigenvalues. The products mΔ and (D+1) λ1 are called the tightness of G of the first and second type, respectively. In the recent literature it was suggested that graphs with a small tightness of the first type are good models for the multiprocessor interconnection networks. We study these and some other types of tightness and some related graph invariants and demonstrate their usefulness in the analysis of multiprocessor interconnection networks. Tightness values for graphs of some standard interconnection networks are determined. We also present some facts showing that the tightness of the second type is a relevant graph invariant. We prove that the number of connected graphs with a bounded tightness is finite.
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