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Pattern-Based Development and Management of Cloud Applications
Christoph Fehling,Frank Leymann,Jochen Rütschlin,David Schumm
Future Internet , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/fi4010110
Abstract: Cloud-based applications require a high degree of automation regarding their IT resource management, for example, to handle scalability or resource failures. This automation is enabled by cloud providers offering management interfaces accessed by applications without human interaction. The properties of clouds, especially pay-per-use billing and low availability of individual resources, demand such a timely system management. We call the automated steps to perform one of these management tasks a “management flow”. Because the emerging behavior of the overall system is comprised of many such management flows and is often hard to predict, we propose defining abstract management flows, describing common steps handling the management tasks. These abstract management flows may then be refined for each individual use case. We cover abstract management flows describing how to make an application elastic, resilient regarding IT resource failure, and how to move application components between different runtime environments. The requirements of these management flows for handled applications are expressed using architectural patterns that have to be implemented by the applications. These dependencies result in abstract management flows being interrelated with architectural patterns in a uniform pattern catalog. We propose a method by use of a catalog to guide application managers during the refinement of abstract management flows at the design stage of an application. Following this method, runtime-specific management functionality and management interfaces are used to obtain automated management flows for a developed application.
Process Fragment Libraries for Easier and Faster Development of Process-based Applications
David Schumm,Dimka Karastoyanova,Oliver Kopp,Frank Leymann
Journal of Systems Integration , 2011,
Abstract: The term “process fragment” is recently gaining momentum in business process management research. We understand a process fragment as a connected and reusable process structure, which has relaxed completeness and consistency criteria compared to executable processes. We claim that process fragments allow for an easier and faster development of process-based applications. As evidence to this claim we present a process fragment concept and show a sample collection of concrete, real-world process fragments. We present advanced application scenarios for using such fragments in development of process-based applications. Process fragments are typically managed in a repository, forming a process fragment library. On top of a process fragment library from previous work, we discuss the potential impact of using process fragment libraries in cross-enterprise collaboration and application integration.
A Conservative’s View from the Academic Trenches: Reply to Duarte, Crawford, Stern, Haidt, Jussim, and Tetlock (2015)  [PDF]
Walter R. Schumm
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2016.64017
Abstract: Although conservative scholars may face a variety of forms of discrimination in academia and other challenges, as elaborated in the first part of this comment, they may also have a set of unique advantages that may facilitate more careful theoretical and empirical scientific work. They may be more sensitive to flawed methodologies in some areas of controversy. In such areas, these assets of conservative scholars may be especially important.
Impact of Preventive Responses to Epidemics in Rural Regions
Phillip Schumm, Walter Schumm, Caterina Scoglio
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0059028
Abstract: Various epidemics have arisen in rural locations through human-animal interaction, such as the H1N1 outbreak of 2009. Through collaboration with local government officials, we have surveyed a rural county and its communities and collected a dataset characterizing the rural population. From the respondents’ answers, we build a social (face-to-face) contact network. With this network, we explore the potential spread of epidemics through a Susceptible-Latent-Infected-Recovered (SLIR) disease model. We simulate an exact model of a stochastic SLIR Poisson process with disease parameters representing a typical influenza-like illness. We test vaccine distribution strategies under limited resources. We examine global and location-based distribution strategies, as a way to reach critical individuals in the rural setting. We demonstrate that locations can be identified through contact metrics for use in vaccination strategies to control contagious diseases.
Neurologic adverse events associated with smallpox vaccination in the United States – response and comment on reporting of headaches as adverse events after smallpox vaccination among military and civilian personnel
Walter R Schumm
BMC Medicine , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1741-7015-4-27
Abstract: A report by Sejvar et al was examined closely for accuracy with respect to the reporting of neurologic adverse events associated with smallpox vaccination in the United States. Rates for headaches were reported by several scholarly sources, in addition to Sejvar et al, permitting a comparison of reporting rates as a function of source and type of surveillance.Several major errors or omissions were identified in Sejvar et al. The count of civilian subjects vaccinated and the totals of both civilians and military personnel vaccinated were reported incorrectly by Sejvar et al. Counts of headaches reported in VAERS were lower (n = 95) for Sejvar et al than for Casey et al (n = 111) even though the former allegedly used 665,000 subjects while the latter used fewer than 40,000 subjects, with both using approximately the same civilian sources. Consequently, rates of nearly 20 neurologic adverse events reported by Sejvar et al were also incorrectly calculated. Underreporting of headaches after smallpox vaccination appears to increase for military samples and for passive adverse event reporting systems.Until revised or corrected, the rates of neurologic adverse events after smallpox vaccinated reported by Sejvar et al must be deemed invalid. The concept of determining overall rates of adverse events by combining small civilian samples with large military samples appears to be invalid. Reports of headaches as adverse events after smallpox vaccination appear to be have occurred much less frequently using passive surveillance systems and by members of the U.S. military compared to civilians, especially those employed in healthcare occupations. Such concerns impact risk-benefit ratios associated with vaccines and weigh against making vaccinations mandatory, without informed consent, even among military members. Because of the issues raised here, adverse event rates derived solely or primarily from U.S. Department of Defense reporting systems, especially passive surveillance syst
El (re)conocimiento de la madre en La mitad del alma
Sandra J. Schumm
Tejuelo : Didáctica de la Lengua y la Literatura , 2011,
Abstract: Resumen: La mitad del alma de Carme Riera, en que C rememora a su madre, enfatiza la importancia del reconocimiento de las mujeres en la memoria histórica. Desde el mito griego de Atena, quien ignoraba a su madre Metis, la sociedad patriarcal ha excluido a la madre, lo cual promete que la hija conlleve negación también, según Amber Jacobs en On Matricide. Jacobs observa que en La Oresteia hay crímenes sancionados contra las mujeres, las hijas están deprimidas, existe incesto contra la hija, la reproducción familiar se paraliza, toda la sociedad sufre y la hija se desperdicia también cuando la madre es menospreciada. Jacobs afirma que este desprecio de la madre que transcurría en los mitos griegos continúa en la sociedad y la psicología hoy en día. En esta novela de Riera, la hija protagonista, quien desconoce a su madre, sufre de un estado depresivo, la falta de creatividad y una conexión demasiado fuerte con su padre, semejante a lo que Jacobs observa en los mitos, pero la escritura de C sobre su madre la integrará en la consciencia y mejorará la situación de la hija y, últimamente, la de toda la civilización.Summary: Carme Riera s La mitad del alma, in which C recollects her mother, emphasizes the importance of the recognition of women in historic memory. Ever since the Greek myth of Athena, who was ignorant of the existence of her mother, Metis, patriarchal society has excluded the mother, a fact which promises that the daughter will also experience negation, according to Amber Jacobs in On Matricide. Jacobs observes that in La Oresteia there are sanctioned crimes against women, the daughters are depressed, there is incest against the daughter, she is dishonored, family reproduction stops, and all of society suffers when the mother is not appreciated. Jacobs affirms that the distain of the mother that took place in Greek myths continues in society and psychology today. In this novel by Riera, the protagonist/daughter, who does not know much about her mother, suffers from depression, lack of creativity, and an overly strong connection with her father, similar to what Jacobs has observed in myths. However, C s act of writing about her mother integrates her into C sconsciousness, improving the situation of the daughter and, ultimately, that of all of civilization.
Identification of a sample of e+e- -> qq Events For the Precise Measurement of Alpha_S in High Energy Electron Positron Colliders
Bruce A. Schumm
Physics , 1996,
Abstract: Based on the PYTHIA physics simulation package, and a fast simulation of the proposed detector for the Next Linear Collider, a set of cuts is identified which leads to a sample of e+e- -> qq events appropriate for the precise measurement of alpha_s in e+e- annihilation at sqrt(s) = 500 GeV/c^2. Using these cuts, the systematic uncertainty on alpha_s associated with correcting for selection cut biases and remaining non-e+e- -> qq (q ^= t) contamination is expected to be less than +/- 1%. This work was done as part of a study of the prospects for the precise measurement of alpha_s at future High Energy Physics facilities, undertaken for the 1996 Snowmass Workshop on New Directions in High Energy Physics.
Tracking and Vertexing at a High Energy Linear Collider
B. A. Schumm
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: The relative merits and disadvantages of various alternatives for vertexing and central tracking detectors for the Linear Collider detector are presented. Research and development prospects for the various alternatives are also discussed, as well as a preliminary study of the prospects for forward (cos(theta) > 0.9) tracking.
Precise Electroweak Measurements at the Z0 Pole
B. A. Schumm
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: Over the last decade, precise LEP and SLC measurements of electroweak coupling parameters at the Z0 pole have lead to tests of the Standard Model to unprecedented precision. This report presents a comprehensive review of these studies, including a review of relevant Z0 pole physics issues, facilities, instrumentation, and the measurements made. Global fits for the Higgs Boson mass and Z0-b coupling parameters are also presented.
Research and Development in Front-End Electronics for Future Linear Collider Detectors
Bruce A. Schumm
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: To probe physics of interest a decade after the LHC begins to take data, the Linear Collider will need to have the capability of performing precision measurements of masses and couplings. We discuss the demands that this places on its associated detectors, and the status of and plans for continued R&D in front-end electronics that is necessary to meet these demands.
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