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Criterios o elementos determinantes de la libre escogencia de Eps e Ips en Bogotá D.C. por parte de los usuarios del régimen contributivo
Espa?a Espinoza,David Augusto; Jaimes,Carlos Alberto;
Revista Gerencia y Políticas de Salud , 2010,
Abstract: this paper presents the analysis of the problems in social security and health system due to the relations of the system with its users; problems that have been neglected in the studies and in the analyses on this subject. the determining criteria and aspects that define the election of health promotion entities (eps) and health providing institutions (ips ) by the users of bogota are analyzed whereby free election and an informed decision are pointed out. the analysis of the qualitative and quantitative results allows concluding that the available information and the exercise of the free election are limited.
Gauge Invariance of Gravitodynamical Potentials in the Jefimenko’s Generalized Theory of Gravitation  [PDF]
Augusto Espinoza, Andrew Chubykalo, David Perez Carlos
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.713146
Abstract: In the Jefimenko’s generalized theory of gravitation, it is proposed the existence of certain potentials to help us to calculate the gravitational and cogravitational fields, such potentials are also presumed non-invariant under certain gauge transformations. In return, we propose that there is a way to perform the calculation of certain potentials that can be derived without using some kind of gauge transformation, and to achieve this we apply the Helmholtz’s theorem. This procedure leads to the conclusion that both gravitational and cogravitational fields propagate simultaneously in a delayed and in an instant manner. On the other hand, it is also concluded that these potentials thus obtained can be real physical quantities, unlike potentials obtained by Jefimenko, which are only used as a mathematical tool for calculating gravitational and cogravitational fields.
Nanotecnología: avances y expectativas en cirugía Nanotechnology: advances and expectations in surgery
Sara Jaimes,Alisia González,Carolina Granados,David álvarez
Revista Colombiana de Cirugía , 2012,
Abstract: La nanotecnología es una ciencia enfocada al estudio y la manipulación de partículas sólidas coloidales de tama os que oscilan entre 10 y 1.000 nanómetros, que, a su vez, pueden ser usadas ampliamente en el campo quirúrgico como elementos de diagnóstico temprano de lesiones tumorales, marcadores tumorales intraoperatorios o distribuidoras de medicamentos a blancos específicos, entre otros. Nanotechnology is the science that focuses on the study and manipulation of solid colloidal particles ranging in size from10 nm to 1000 nm. The manipulation of these particles and elements can be widely applied in surgery, with elements such as those that allow the early diagnosis of tumor lesions, intra-operative tumor markers, or the delivery of drugs to specific targets, among others.
On the fragmentation of a torus by random walk
Augusto Teixeira,David Windisch
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.1002/cpa.20382
Abstract: We consider a simple random walk on a discrete torus (Z/NZ)^d with dimension d at least 3 and large side length N. For a fixed constant u > 0, we study the percolative properties of the vacant set, consisting of the set of vertices not visited by the random walk in its first [uN^d] steps. We prove the existence of two distinct phases of the vacant set in the following sense: if u > 0 is chosen large enough, all components of the vacant set contain no more than a power of log(N) vertices with high probability as N tends to infinity. On the other hand, for small u > 0, there exists a macroscopic component of the vacant set occupying a non degenerate fraction of the total volume N^d. In dimensions d at least 5, we additionally prove that this macroscopic component is unique, by showing that all other components have volumes of order at most a power of log(N). Our results thus solve open problems posed by Benjamini and Sznitman in arXiv:math/0610802, who studied the small u regime in high dimension. The proofs are based on a coupling of the random walk with random interlacements on Z^d. Among other techniques, the construction of this coupling employs a refined use of discrete potential theory. By itself, this coupling strengthens a result in arXiv:0802.3654.
Comorbilidad entre trastorno bipolar y migra?a: una revisión sistemática
Rueda Jaimes,Germán Eduardo; Gaona Barbosa,Iván Augusto; Martínez Ladino,Yuli Andrea;
Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría , 2005,
Abstract: introduction: migraine and bipolar disorder (bd) are prevalent conditions and of great relevance for the general population. some studies have informed of their association but until now we don’t know if it is real. objective: to conduct a systematic review to evaluate the known evidence of the association between migraine and bd. methods: a search was placed in medline, proquest y lilacs and it was complemented with the direct revision of the references of the found works. results: 12 articles were selected, three of the ones corresponded to reports of the same study. five only presented the prevalence and don’t let us conclude of the migraine association and bd. other five include comparison groups; however, they presented methodological problems, especially in the validity of the diagnoses. we revised the strengths and limitations of the studies. conclusion: the evidence that support the association between migraine and bd is actually weak.
Comorbilidad entre trastorno bipolar y migra a: una revisión sistemática Comorbidity of Bipolar Disorder and Migraine: A Sistematic Review
Germán Eduardo Rueda Jaimes,Iván Augusto Gaona Barbosa,Yuli Andrea Martínez Ladino
Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría , 2005,
Abstract: Introducción: La migra a y el trastorno bipolar (TBP) son condiciones prevalentes y de gran relevancia para la población general. Algunos estudios han informado de su asociación, pero aún no se sabe si ésta es real. Objetivo: Realizar una revisión sistemática para evaluar la evidencia disponible de la asociación entre migra a y TBP. Método: Búsqueda en Medline, Proquest y Lilacs, complementada con revisión directa de las referencias de los trabajos encontrados. Resultados: Se seleccionaron 12 artículos, de los cuales tres correspondían a informes de un mismo estudio. Cinco presentaron sólo la prevalencia y no permiten concluir asociación de migra a y TBP. Otros cinco incluyeron grupo de comparación; sin embargo, presentaban problemas metodológicos, especialmente en la validez de los diagnósticos, tanto de migra a como TBP. Se revisaron una a una las fortalezas y debilidades de los estudios. Conclusión: La evidencia que apoya la asociación entre migra a y TBP en la actualidad es débil. Introduction: Migraine and bipolar disorder (BD) are prevalent conditions and of great relevance for the general population. Some studies have informed of their association but until now we don’t know if it is real. Objective: To conduct a systematic review to evaluate the known evidence of the association between migraine and BD. Methods: A search was placed in Medline, Proquest y Lilacs and it was complemented with the direct revision of the references of the found works. Results: 12 articles were selected, three of the ones corresponded to reports of the same study. Five only presented the prevalence and don’t let us conclude of the migraine association and BD. Other five include comparison groups; however, they presented methodological problems, especially in the validity of the diagnoses. We revised the strengths and limitations of the studies. Conclusion: The evidence that support the association between migraine and BD is actually weak.
Conceptual Content of the Generalized Theory of Gravitation of Jefimenko  [PDF]
Andrew Chubykalo, Augusto Espinoza, David Pérez Carlos
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2018.98094
Abstract: In this work, we make a brief exposition of the Jefimenko’s generalized theory of gravitation, describe its conceptual content, explain the mathematical apparatus used for the formulations of the theory and present the fundamental equations of the theory. We elucidate the main difference between Newton’s original theory of gravitation and the generalized theory of gravitation.
TRATAMIENTO DE LA SíFILIS GESTACIONAL Y PREVENCIóN DE LA SíFILIS CONGéNITA EN UN HOSPITAL PúBLICO EN BOGOTá, 2010 Treatment of gestational syphilis and prevention of congenital syphilis in a public hospital in Bogotá, 2010
Nayibe Vanegas-Castillo,Yenny Nataly Cáceres-Buitrago,Carlos Augusto Jaimes-González,Edith ángel-Muller
Revista Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia , 2011,
Abstract: Antecedentes. La sífilis afecta a la mujer gestante y es transmitida al feto. Hay incremento de su incidencia en países no desarrollados y poblaciones vulnerables. Objetivo. Evaluar el cumplimiento de las recomendaciones del Centro de Control de Enfermedades(CDC) para el tratamiento de casos intrahospitalarios de sífilis gestacional y congénita. Material y métodos. Estudio retrospectivo basado en registros de notificación e historias clínicas de gestantes y neonatos de un hospital público de Bogotá entre enero 1 y octubre 31 de 2010. Resultados Se identificaron 40 casos de sífilis gestacional: 12,5% con diagnóstico de aborto sin control prenatal, 12,5% en gestaciones en curso (una término en aborto), 72,5% durante el parto y 2,5% en puerperio. Sólo 45% estaban afiliadas a la seguridad social, la tasa de analfabetismo fue 12%. El 100% de los casos encontrados latentes y 58% de los compa eros no recibió tratamiento. Se identificaron 25 casos de sífilis congénita. Hubo 2 (8,3%) casos confirmados de neurosífilis congénita. Todos los neonatos recibieron tratamiento para sífilis congénita como escenarios 1 y 2 del CDC independiente del tratamiento materno recibidido. Conclusión. La sífilis gestacional y congénita afecta grupos vulnerables. Se debe tratar integralmente a la gestante y su hijo, ubicar el escenario terapéutico del neonato y realizar el manejo clínico adecuado para curar la enfermedad. Background. Syphilis affects pregnant women and becomes transmitted to their foetuses. Incidence has risen in underdeveloped countries and vulnerable populations. Objective. Assessing compliance with Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for treating intra-hospital cases of gestational and congenital syphilis. Materials and methods. This was a retrospective study based on registries and medical records of pregnant women and their babies in a public hospital in Bogotá from 1st January to 31st October 2010. Results. Forty cases of gestational syphilis were identified; 12.5% were admitted for abortions without prior prenatal care, 12.5% during prenatal care (one case ending in abortion), 72.5% during labour and 2.5% during postnatal care (puerperium). Only 45% of the women had social security and 12% were illiterate. 100% of the cases were found during latent stage and 58% of their sexual partners remained untreated. Twenty-five cases of congenital syphilis were identified between 36 and 40 weeks pregnancy. 20% of the women had low birth weight and clinical examination was abnormal in only 4 (16%) of them. There were 2 cases (8.3%) of confirmed neurosyphili
Luisa Fernanda Torres Jaimes,Guillermo Antonio Correa Londo?o,José Régulo Cartagena Valenzuela,Danilo Augusto Monsalve García
Revista Facultad Nacional de Agronomía, Medellín , 2012,
Abstract: . Monalonion velezangeli is considered one of the most harmful pests of avocado cv. Hass, as far as it attacks vegetative buds, flowers and fruits during all the productive stages of the crop. This situation is aggravated by the lack of knowledge on insect preferences and their relationship with crop phenology. As a contribution to the management of this insect, we studied the relationship between plant phenology and the presence of M. velezangeli, as well as its preferences across tree strata and structures. Data were obtained from six orchards located in the Colombian departments of Antioquia, Caldas and Quindío. After randomly selecting 20 trees at each orchard, 12 branches were marked on each tree, covering the combinations of the four cardinal points with three plant strata (low, medium and high). During a period of 12 months, each branch was monitored by recording its phenological stage (vegetative, flowering and fruiting), the number of individuals of M. velezangeli and the presence of fresh damages on it. An analysis of variance determined that the presence of the insect and its damage were more abundant on the flowering and fruiting branches than on the vegetative ones, as well as in the medium and upper strata of the trees. The damage caused by M. velezangeli was observed to be significantly higher in the reproductive structures (flowers and fruits) as compared to the vegetative structures. Resumen. Monalonion velezangeli es considerada una de las principales plagas del aguacate cv. Hass en Colombia, debido a que ataca brotes vegetativos, flores y frutos, durante todas las etapas productivas del cultivo. Esta situación se ve agravada por el desconocimiento de las preferencias del insecto, así como de su relación con la fenología de la planta. Como un aporte al manejo de este insecto, se estudió la relación entre la fenología de la planta y la presencia de Monalonion, así como sus preferencias por estructura y estrato. Las observaciones se hicieron en seis huertos ubicados en los departamentos de Antioquia, Caldas y Quindío (Colombia). Se eligieron 20 árboles por finca; en cada uno, se marcaron 12 ramas que correspondían a las combinaciones de los cuatro puntos cardinales en tres estratos (bajo, medio y alto). En la rama seleccionada se registró, durante 12 meses, su estado fenológico (vegetativo, floración o fructificación), el número de individuos de M. velezangeli y los da os frescos presentes. Mediante análisis de varianza, se determinó que la presencia del insecto, así como su da o fueron mayores sobre las ramas en floración y fruc
An immunoenzymatic test for IgG antibody levels against 10 serotypes of Streptococcus pneumoniae Estandarización en Colombia de una prueba ELISA para la evaluación de los niveles séricos de anticuerpos IgG contra diez serotipos de Streptococcus pneumoniae
Lucía Carolina Leal-Esteban,Jessica Lineth Rojas,Andrea Lizeth Jaimes,Juan David Montoya
Biomédica , 2011,
Abstract: Introduction. Streptococcus pneumoniae is a major cause of morbi-mortality in early childhood and elderly. However, a test to measure the antibody responses after specific vaccination is not available in Colombia. Objective. An immunoenzymatic test was standardized for the measurement of serum IgG levels against 10 serotypes of S. pneumoniae in response to the specific vaccination. Material and methods. Capsular polysaccharides 1, 3, 4, 5, 6B, 9V, 14, 18, 19F, 23F of S. pneumoniae were used as antigens in a solid-phase ELISA. These responses were characterized in a randomized selected healthy individuals from a Colombian population. Results. The reference and control sera showed great reactivity against all the polysaccharides evaluated, especially against polysaccharide 14 and 19F. The lowest reactivity in these two sera was observed against polysaccharide 3 and 4. Among the children evaluated, polysaccharide 5/19F showed the highes pre-vaccination reactivity, and polysaccharide 14/19F showed the highest post-vaccination reactivity. Among the adults, polysaccharides 14 and 19F showed the greatest reactivity pre- and postvaccination. For all the polysaccharides (excepting polysaccharide 5), an inverse association among high polysaccharide-specific pre-vaccination- and the increase of post-vaccination-IgG levels was observed. Conclusion. This ELISA test reliably quantifies the serum levels of specific IgG against 10 serotypes of S. pneumoniae. According to the responses by healthy individuals, the current study validates parameters used internationally as an adequate the response to the 23-valent pneumococcal vaccine. Introducción. Streptococcus pneumoniae es causante de gran morbimortalidad en ni os peque os y ancianos. Sin embargo, en Colombia no está disponible una prueba que evalúe la respuesta humoral a la vacunación específica contra este microorganismo. Objetivo. Estandarizar en Colombia un ensayo inmunoenzimático para evaluar los niveles séricos de anticuerpos IgG contra diez serotipos de S. pneumoniae en respuesta a la vacunación específica y caracterizar esta respuesta en individuos sanos de nuestra población. Materiales y métodos. Se hizo un ELISA en fase sólida utilizando como antígenos los polisacáridos capsulares 1, 3, 4, 5, 6B, 9V, 14, 18, 19F y 23F de S. pneumoniae. Resultados. Los sueros de referencia y control reaccionaron fuertemente contra los polisacáridos evaluados, especialmente contra 14 y 19F. En los cinco ni os sanos evaluados, los polisacáridos 5 y 19F presentaron los mayores títulos antes de la vacunación. Antes de la vacunaci
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