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Targeting Costimulatory Molecules to Improve Antitumor Immunity
Daria Capece,Daniela Verzella,Mariafausta Fischietti,Francesca Zazzeroni,Edoardo Alesse
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/926321
Abstract: The full activation of T cells necessitates the concomitant activation of two signals, the engagement of T-cell receptor by peptide/major histocompatibility complex II and an additional signal delivered by costimulatory molecules. The best characterized costimulatory molecules belong to B7/CD28 and TNF/TNFR families and play crucial roles in the modulation of immune response and improvement of antitumor immunity. Unfortunately, tumors often generate an immunosuppressive microenvironment, where T-cell response is attenuated by the lack of costimulatory molecules on the surface of cancer cells. Thus, targeting costimulatory pathways represent an attractive therapeutic strategy to enhance the antitumor immunity in several human cancers. Here, latest therapeutic approaches targeting costimulatory molecules will be described.
Serum Biomarkers Identification by Mass Spectrometry in High-Mortality Tumors
Alessandra Tessitore,Agata Gaggiano,Germana Cicciarelli,Daniela Verzella,Daria Capece,Mariafausta Fischietti,Francesca Zazzeroni,Edoardo Alesse
International Journal of Proteomics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/125858
Abstract: Cancer affects millions of people worldwide. Tumor mortality is substantially due to diagnosis at stages that are too late for therapies to be effective. Advances in screening methods have improved the early diagnosis, prognosis, and survival for some cancers. Several validated biomarkers are currently used to diagnose and monitor the progression of cancer, but none of them shows adequate specificity, sensitivity, and predictive value for population screening. So, there is an urgent need to isolate novel sensitive, specific biomarkers to detect the disease early and improve prognosis, especially in high-mortality tumors. Proteomic techniques are powerful tools to help in diagnosis and monitoring of treatment and progression of the disease. During the last decade, mass spectrometry has assumed a key role in most of the proteomic analyses that are focused on identifying cancer biomarkers in human serum, making it possible to identify and characterize at the molecular level many proteins or peptides differentially expressed. In this paper we summarize the results of mass spectrometry serum profiling and biomarker identification in high mortality tumors, such as ovarian, liver, lung, and pancreatic cancer. 1. Introduction Cancer-related mortality is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The most effective treatment to fight cancer is still early diagnosis. On the other hand, it is known that the correct classification of the tumor, coupled to a suitable therapy and to a stringent follow-up, helps to prevent and detect relapses. Cancer is a very heterogeneous disease, and, at the diagnostic level, is defined by many indexes such as histological grade, tumor stage, patient age, sex and, more importantly, genetic background and profiles. Histological evaluation of tumor specimens obtained from tissue biopsy is the gold standard of diagnosis, but often tumors with the same histopathological features respond differently to the same therapy. New generation diagnostic platforms, previously unavailable, have enabled to better characterize transcriptomic signatures that predict tumor behaviour, helping to define diagnosis, prognosis, and the most appropriate therapies [1–3]. Tumor biomarker discovery in biological fluids, such as serum, plasma, and urine, is one of the most challenging aspects of proteomic research [4]. Many researchers have attempted to identify biomarkers in serum that reflect a particular pathophysiological state. Since the expressed proteins, native, fragmented, or posttranslationally modified, quickly change in response to environmental
Active SAR Antennas: Design, Development, and Current Programs
P. Capece
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/796064
Abstract: The paper presents the design guidelines for Active SAR Antennas followed for the development of COSMO Sky Med SAR Antenna Subsystem. They have brought to define the antenna architecture, the RF, and electrical requirements for all the antenna RF, digital and power units, taking into account the available technologies and achievable performance. The antenna design is described for what the main subsystems is concerned, such as RF, power, digital, including mechanical and thermal aspects. Finally the paper reports also a brief description of the most recent development carried out in Canada and in Europe in the last ten years, including the on-going programs.
Molecular imaging: new PET/CT technologies and trends in tracers’ production
Walter Capece
Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine , 2010,
Abstract: Molecular imaging has great potential to image molecular changes that are currently defined as pre-disease states. Disease's early detection leads changes from Reactive (Symptom based Medicine) to Predictive (Preventive Medicine) and consequently a greater chance of cure with less side effects so better quality of life. PET/CT is world wide recognized as the best diagnostic tool for early diagnosis of many metabolic diseases but, recently, capability of assessing therapy effectiveness is giving additional value to PET/CT in Radiation Therapy as well as drug therapy. It is not only about overall patient's outcome benefit t is mainly about cost reduction in managing diseases. It is very well known that the main source of artifacts in PET are related to patient's breathing thorax movements in addition to heartbeats. Motion creates blurring of image and lost of accuracy. PET/CT is all about early lesions detectability: novel techniques to ensure high accuracy in quantitative analysis and artifacts' free imaging are discussed. About tracers, growth of PET/CT examinations still continues to rely on a single tracer for most applications. The introduction of more specific biological probes can further steps clinical applications up. Novel PET/CT techniques in combination with more specific tracers are discussed. New GE solutions for PET tracers productions are presented too.
The tumor suppressor gene KCTD11REN is regulated by Sp1 and methylation and its expression is reduced in tumors
M Michela Mancarelli, Francesca Zazzeroni, Lucia Ciccocioppo, Daria Capece, Agnese Po, Simona Murgo, Raffaello Di Camillo, Christian Rinaldi, Elisabetta Ferretti, Alberto Gulino, Edoardo Alesse
Molecular Cancer , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1476-4598-9-172
Abstract: TSGs often locate at chromosomal regions, which are frequently deleted and/or methylated in tumors. High levels of 17p13 somatic alterations have been showed in several tumors, distal and independent of the p53 locus [1-4].Our group has identified KCTD11 as an immediate-early gene induced by neurogenic signals [5] and encoding a novel adaptor of Cullin3 ubiquitin E3 ligase complex targeting Histone Deacetylase 1 [6]. Importantly, KCTD11 is a novel TSG that inhibits cell growth and is mapping on human chromosome 17p13.2, whose expression is frequently lost in human MB [4].To analyze whether the down-regulation of KCTD11 represents a specific feature of MB, as well to other cancers, we performed a wide screening for KCTD11 expression, analyzing 177 human tumor samples and 177 normal matching samples, representing 18 different cancer types. Normal tissues, including larynx, esophagus, stomach, colon-rectum, urinary bladder, lung, breast, gallbladder and endometrium, exhibited a nuclear KCTD11 positive immunohistochemical staining between 40 to 78% (Fig. 1B), whereas the matching tumor samples showed a significant reduction of 0 to 18% of nuclear KCTD11 staining (Fig. 1A and 1B). Reduced KCTD11 expression was not observed in thyroid and kidney tumor tissues vs normal suggesting a tumorigenic specific role of KCTD11 for the above mentioned tissues (Fig. 1A and 1B and data not shown). Moreover KCTD11 was undetected both in normal and cancer tissues from liver, lymph-node and exocrine pancreas (data not shown). Together, these findings clearly indicated that selective tissues expressing KCTD11 have down-regulated this gene during tumorigenesis.To understand the transcriptional regulation of KCTD11, we identified and analyzed the promoter region. Human KCTD11 proximal promoter is a 623 bp region (Fig. 2A). It turned out to be a TATA- and CAAT-less promoter. The transcription start site (TSS) was previously identified [4] (Fig. 2A). Using the TRANSFACT software, we identifie
A Novel, Non-canonical Splice Variant of the Ikaros Gene Is Aberrantly Expressed in B-cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders
Daria Capece, Francesca Zazzeroni, Maria Michela Mancarelli, Daniela Verzella, Mariafausta Fischietti, Ambra Di Tommaso, Rita Maccarone, Sara Plebani, Mauro Di Ianni, Alberto Gulino, Edoardo Alesse
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0068080
Abstract: The Ikaros gene encodes a Krüppel-like zinc-finger transcription factor involved in hematopoiesis regulation. Ikaros has been established as one of the most clinically relevant tumor suppressors in several hematological malignancies. In fact, expression of dominant negative Ikaros isoforms is associated with adult B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, acute myeloid leukemia and adult and juvenile chronic myeloid leukemia. Here, we report the isolation of a novel, non-canonical Ikaros splice variant, called Ikaros 11 (Ik11). Ik11 is structurally related to known dominant negative Ikaros isoforms, due to the lack of a functional DNA-binding domain. Interestingly, Ik11 is the first Ikaros splice variant missing the transcriptional activation domain. Indeed, we demonstrated that Ik11 works as a dominant negative protein, being able to dimerize with Ikaros DNA-binding isoforms and inhibit their functions, at least in part by retaining them in the cytoplasm. Notably, we demonstrated that Ik11 is the first dominant negative Ikaros isoform to be aberrantly expressed in B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders, such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Aberrant expression of Ik11 interferes with both proliferation and apoptotic pathways, providing a mechanism for Ik11 involvement in tumor pathogenesis. Thus, Ik11 could represent a novel marker for B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders.
Jó António Capece
Griot : Revista de Filosofia , 2010,
Abstract: A presente comunica o é o resultado de uma pesquisa bibliográfica e das constata es do autor derivadas da sua experiência no processo de ensino e aprendizagem, mormente na disciplina de Didáctica de Física. Tomando como pressuposto de que a Didáctica de Física ou a Prática de Ensino de Física, ocupa um papel preponderante no currículo de Forma o do corpo discente e docente na Universidade Pedagógica, o autor trás à tona uma discuss o teórica com vários autores que de algum tempo à esta parte se têm debru ado sobre o assunto. Nesta discuss o, o autor se apegou no seguinte tripé:a)A dicotomia ensino e aprendizagem em Física;b)A prática de ensino de Física: realidades e desafios rumo à novos paradigmas didáctico – epistemológicos e c)Algumas reflex es pessoais do autor, arraigadas na sua experiência profissional e n o só.O desdobramento deste tripé, serviu para cimentar a sua convic o, antes tida como premissa, segundo a qual, o ensino de Física, sobretudo em se tratando de cursos universitários, a actividade experimental precisa ter em conta à aspectos como a descri o das aulas, o modo como s o organizadas, a valoriza o das actividades experimentais desenvolvidas em pequenos grupos, bem como a abordagem que focaliza a demonstra o de conceitos e fenómenos discutidos teoricamente. E ainda, o direccionamento das actividades para favorecer elementos didácticos como o desenvolvimento de habilidades, observa o e interpreta o, entre outros. Para que estes pressupostos ganhem eco na nossa plataforma curricular, é necessário que a forma o de professores de Física, dê maior importancia aos contornos ecológicos, sociais e económicos que bordejam o espa o educacional. A percep o teórica que isso dá ao educador, aglutinado ao saber teórico-prático deste, da realidade que circunda a escola, é a que dá ao educador, premissas e ferramentas para poder equacionar e apropriar-se com eficácia dos ambientes sócio-culturais existentes neste espa o ecológico.
Simulation of Thermal Explosion of Catalytic Granule in Fluctuating Temperature Field  [PDF]
Igor Derevich, Daria Galdina
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2013.15001

Method for numerical simulation of the temperature of granule with internal heat release in a medium with random temperature fluctuations is proposed. The method utilized the solution of a system of ordinary stochastic differential equations describing temperature fluctuations of the surrounding and granule. Autocorrelation function of temperature fluctuations has a finite decay time. The suggested method is verified by the comparison with exact analytical results. Random temperature behavior of granule with internal heat release qualitatively differs from the results obtained in the deterministic approach. Mean first passage time of granules temperature intersecting critical temperature is estimated at different regime parameters.

Service Quality Experience and Customers’ Behavioural Intentions in Active Sport Tourism  [PDF]
Anna Romiti, Daria Sarti
Modern Economy (ME) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/me.2016.712127
Abstract: This paper analyzes the role played by experience in the loyalty and intent to return of sports tourists to a running race. The data for this study were collected through an online questionnaire filled in by 984 participants of one of the most important international running races in Italy. A regression analysis was conducted to evaluate the data. The results showed that aesthetic dimensions (the valence and the venue) were the principal determinant of loyalty for active sports tourists. The principal determinants of the intent to return were the venue and the technical quality (the value and the challenge). This study provides suggestions for future research and gives useful insights into managerial implications for sports tourism management.
Unaccustomed Earth: The West and India in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Narrative Unaccustomed Earth: l’Occidente e l’India nella narrativa di Jhumpa Lahiri
Daria Parisi
Between , 2011,
Abstract: This article focuses on the representations of the West and of India in Jhumpa Lahiri’s fiction through the analysis of one of her more significant short stories, “Mrs. Sen’s”, appearing in her collection, Interpreter of Maladies (1999; Pulitzer Prize, 2000). In this short story, Lahiri uses most of the recurrent discursive strategies, themes, and motifs of her fiction, such as the use of the point of view of children, the female identity and loneliness, strangeness as a means to represent the human condition, and colours and food as cultural difference. “Mrs. Sen’s” is the story of the meeting of two kinds of loneliness and two cultures, that of an American boy, Eliot and that of his Bengali babysitter, Mrs Sen. The analysis of the short story is inducive, in that it focuses on the images of the text as they gradually come to the reader’s imagination. It emerges that the representations of India and the West, i.e. United States in this short story, are antithetically built through the opposition of colour/non-colour, noise/silence, full/empty, hot/cold, covered/naked, and smell/odourlessness. Through Eliot’s unmasking point of view, these antitheses will prove the “accustomed earth”, the United States, to be as strange to him as to Mrs Sen; while Mrs Sen’s India will appear a warmer and more comfortable place, although far beyond their reach. Nell’articolo le rappresentazioni dell’India e dell’Occidente sono illustrate attraverso l’analisi di uno dei racconti più significativi della produzione narrativa di Jhumpa Lahiri, Da Mrs Sen, contenuto nella prima raccolta di racconti dell’autrice, L’interprete dei malanni (1999; vincitrice del Premio Pulitzer nel 2000). In questo racconto sono utilizzati procedimenti, motivi e temi tipici della narrativa della Lahiri, quali il punto di vista dei bambini, la solitudine e l’identità femminile, l’estraneità quale essenza della condizione umana, il cibo e i colori come segni della diversità culturale. Da Mrs Sen rappresenta l’incontro di due culture e due solitudini, quelle di Eliot, un ragazzino americqno, e quelle della sua baby sitter bengalese, Mrs Sen. L’analisi del racconto procede per via induttiva, focalizzando sulle immagini del testo così come esse si presentano all’immaginazione del lettore. Ne risulta che le rappresentazioni dell’India e dell’Occidente sono costruite anteticamente attraverso le opposizioni colore/non colore, pieno/vuoto, caldo/freddo, coperto/nudo, odoroso/inodore: attraverso il punto di vista smascheratorio di Eliot queste antitesi sveleranno che quello che costituiva la sua “accustome
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