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Organic carbon stock in some forest soils in Serbia
Kadovic Ratko,Belanovic Sne?ana,Kne?evic Milan,Danilovic Milorad
Glasnik ?umarskog Fakulteta , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/gsf111230002k
Abstract: The content of organic carbon (C) was researched in topsoil layers (0-20 cm) in the most represented soils of forest ecosystems in central Serbia: eutric ranker, eutric cambisol and dystric cambisol. The soils were sampled during 2003, 2004 and 2010. Laboratory analyses included the soil physical and chemical properties necessary for the quantification of the soil organic carbon in organic and mineral layers. Mean values of the soil organic carbon (SOC) stores in organic horizons of the study soils varied between: 1.01±0.4 kg(C).m-2 (dystric cambisol), 0.90±0.41 kg(C).m-2 (eutric ranker) and 0.94±0.36 kg(C).m-2 (eutric cambisol). Average values of organic carbon in mineral layers (0-20 cm) ranged between: 3.83±1.70 kg(C).m-2 (dystric cambisol), 6.26±3.41 kg(C).m-2 (eutric ranker) and 4.36±1.91 kg(C).m-2 (eutric cambisol). The average value of total organic carbon stock in the study soils (both organic and mineral layers) was 5.77 kg(C).m-2. This paper addresses the methodological aspects of regional estimation of soil organic carbon content as the potential to be applied in the National Forest Inventory Program.
Managing Dynamics in Corporate Networks  [PDF]
Mike Danilovic, Mats Winroth
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2014.21004
Abstract: A crucial issue in collaborating in manufacturing corporate networks between different companies is to identify to what extent different strategic and operational decisions need to be coordinated between the involved companies. In this paper, we elaborate on the issue of synchronization and coordination of information flow based on interconnectivities between companies in order to coordinate a corporate network by the means of DSM, Dependence Structure Matrix. The results show that DSM can be used to identify interconnectivities, dependencies on information flow among actors in a network and to identify which information needs to be shared between companies in the network.
Making the World More Sustainable: Enabling Localized Energy Generation and Distribution on Decentralized Smart Grid Systems  [PDF]
Harrison John Bhatti, Mike Danilovic
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2018.62022
Abstract: Smart grid is an idea of upgradation of the traditional electric grid infrastructure. The efficiency of the existing electrical grid can be automated by integrating with innovative technical equipment such as:?high-tech forecasting system, digital sensors, advanced two-way communication and two-way power flow systems. Smart grid establishes an interface between utility and consumer which helps to use energy, based on the preferences of price, eco-friendly and without technical system issues. It empowers the grid to be more secure, reliable and efficient. The peer-reviewed articles and published government reports have been reviewed, based on the analysis of technical characteristics of power generation systems, eco-friendly sources of power generations, cost reduction, functionality and design of traditional grid versus smart grid. Furthermore, the innovative technologies that enable the grid to integrate with decentralized power generation system efficiently have been considered. This paper claims that in this modern era, it is arduous for traditional grid to fulfill the rising demand of electricity, along with sustainable, eco-friendly and stable power supply, as it cannot be efficiently integrated with decentralized and localized power generation systems and renewable energy sources. The result of this paper shows that decentralized and localized power generation systems are located close to end-users which decrease the transmission and supply cost of electricity. Innovative technologies allow the decentralized and localized power generation systems to be integrated with renewable energy sources which help to reduce the cost of utility services and provide clean energy. Moreover, technological advancement played a decisive role in enabling the electrical system to be more efficient. Electrical reliability can be improved,?greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, renewable energy sources can efficiently be integrated,?and?rising demand for electricity can be met by embedding advanced applications and technological equipment in the electrical grid.
Business Model Innovation Approach for Commercializing Smart Grid Systems  [PDF]
Harrison John Bhatti, Mike Danilovic
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2018.89134
Abstract: The depletion of fossil fuels, increased environmental concerns, rising cost and the demand for clean energy are causing the transformation of energy generation and distribution system, to shift towards the consumption side. Electricity generation sources and distribution systems are drifting from non-renewable to renewable, centralized to decentralized and localized, and traditional grid systems to smart grid systems. New technologies nurture the concept of transformation of energy firms, all the way from energy production to electricity consumption. Smart grid systems are one of the disruptive and emerging technologies that might influence the entire electricity system. This disruptive technology demands a new business model which can be used to commercialize the new power distribution system and thus create value for all stakeholders, from production to consumption. The Smart grid has the potential to revolutionize the electricity industry if it is commercialized successfully. It allows information and communication technology firms to contribute with their modern technology to empower their consumers to regulate the usage of electricity. To investigate the reasons for shifting from the old to the new energy system, the impact of this disruptive technology on energy providing firms, the demand for the new business model and the approach of the new business model in terms of creating and capturing values published peer-reviewed articles, and international energy agency reports have been reviewed. This paper encourages energy providing firms to redesign business models for commercializing new energy distribution system and to offer new services to the energy consumers for their future survival in the new trends of the energy market. These services include integrating with renewable energy sources, electric vehicle services, and demand response services to create more value for the consumers and in return gains more profit for each actor. The services provided through integration of renewable energy with smart grid and the electric vehicle will empower consumers involvement in the electricity system which will give them more control over electricity. CO2 production will be reduced, helping to create a clean environment and will enable operators to improve grid security and network stability. Finally, demand response services will provide multiple electricity package options to the consumers in which they can select an appropriate package according to their need
Design and Calculation for Test Tube with the Aim of Regulation Simultaneous Crystallization Tests  [PDF]
Aco Janicijevic, Nebojsa Danilovic, Branislav Cabric
Journal of Crystallization Process and Technology (JCPT) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jcpt.2012.23016
Abstract: A design for an air-cooled test tube, with a series of modular and movable rings (cylindrical “crystallization comb”), installed in a laboratory crucible furnace is presented. The setup allows easy regulation simultaneous crystallization tests of a series of different crystallization rates in several columns (matrix) of test tubes, enabling fast studies of obtaining crystals. This low-budget, portable device (i.e. adjustable airstream with more simple control options), can also be applied in tube and chamber furnaces. The relations between the crystallization rate and parameters of air-cooled test tube are given and numerically analyzed.
Success Factors in Western and Chinese Born Global Companies  [PDF]
Svante Andersson, Mike Danilovic, Hanjun Huang
iBusiness (IB) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2015.71004
Abstract: Born Global firms are becoming increasingly more important in terms of internationalization, innovation, ability to grow and providing employment. Most of the previous research about Born Globals is done in North America, Europe or Australia, all these being developed industrialized countries but not developing countries or emerging markets. However, the emerging markets in general, and the Chinese in particular, have become very important for the world economy. Our aim is to investigate the differences between Western literature and literature from emerging markets, regarding internationalization process of Born Global firms. We also aim to discuss the various success factors, which underlie Born Globals’ internationalization process, particularly focusing on Born Globals firms in the China. Our methodology in this research has been literature review and interviews with Chinese CEOs of Born Global firms. However, this paper is only based on the litterateur part of our research. Our analysis shows that most of the Chinese Born Globals publications about the internationalization success factors are based on the Western literature and use them as the theoretical platform in the design of their own research strategy and research questions design. The consequence of this observation is important as it indicates that Chinese researchers are reproducing research under different contextual and situational conditions that might lead to unclear conclusions or maybe even wrong conclusions. Furthermore, compared to most Western Born Global companies, which treat innovation as core competence, the innovation culture becomes one of the biggest weaknesses of Chinese manufacturing Born Globals’ internationalization. China has special economic environment. Chinese manufacturing Born Globals not only need to follow the market but also the government policies, since the government greatly influences the industries and the whole economy. To foreign investors who want to exploit Chinese market, they also should take Chinese economic background and government policies into consideration. One important aspect of Chinese born Globals, neglected in previous research on Born Globals, that has been identified in our research, is the critical success factor of Chinese manufacturing Born Globals—the political and economic background and the role of the Chinese Government in the transformation process of Chinese business life, and the Guanxi network.
Assessment of the effect of quality factors on the assortment structure in poplar plantations
Danilovi? Milorad
Glasnik ?umarskog Fakulteta , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/gsf0897127d
Abstract: Quality factors affecting the assortment quality structure in poplar plantations were researched on nine temporary sample plots in the period 1997-2004, from the aspect of the implementation of roundwood standards. Sample plots were selected depending on the factors, the effect of which was studied. The following factors were researched: clonal species, planting pattern, flood risk, pruning of branches, plantation position and age. The study was performed by the original methodology. Based on the study results, it is concluded that knots have the highest effect on the assortment quality structure in poplar plantations, regardless of the site and stand conditions. Their effect rises significantly with the increase of tree diameter. Also, the analyses show that the number of large and rotten knots on the tree trunk increases considerably with the older age. In the flooded area, the sweep of the lower part of the stem is more intensive and multiple curvatures are frequent on the trees growing immediately along the river, whereas curvature decreases with the distance from the river bank. Based on the study results, it is concluded that the percentage of best quality assortments is considerably reduced by the above wood defects.
Effect of quality factors especially of sweep of poplar trees on assortment structure
Danilovi? Milorad
Glasnik ?umarskog Fakulteta , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/gsf0694135d
Abstract: The factors of quality which affect the sawing yield were researched for poplar plantations, from the aspect of the application of national standards for roundwood. The research was performed in the period 2002-2003 on two temporary sample plots, in poplar plantations Populus×euramericana I-214 aged 25 years. The sample plots were selected depending on the clone species, planting pattern, and plantation flood risk, and branch pruning. The analyzed quality factors are: knots, minimal dimensions, sweep, false heart, ovality and tapering. The measured data were processed according to the original methodology. Based on the study results, the significance of quality factors was ranked in two different stand situations. Of all the study factors, knots have the highest effect on log yield, which is especially significant in marking for cross cutting of the larger trees. The sweep of trees in poplar plantations with higher flood risk is greater compared to the sweep of trees in plantations which are in the zone protected from floods. In poplar plantation Populus×euramericana I-214 which is exposed to frequents flooding (OP-2), sweep is the third significant factor, compared to the plantation protected from floods (OP 3), where sweep is the fifth factor according to significance. The effect of sweep in the plantation exposed to flooding is 2.4 times higher than the effect of sweep in the plantation protected from floods. Total value of the assortments made of tree trunk grows with the increase of tree diameter on both sample plots. This correlation is represented by the function Y=a·Xb, and the correlation between the variables is complete. The value of assortments of a certain quality for the study stand conditions can be calculated by the selected model functions, i.e. represented by assortment tables. This study shows inter alia, that there is not a unique model for all poplar plantations when the value percentage of assortments is determined, although they are homogeneous plantations by structural elements.
Trends in linguistics by Milka Ivi
Radovanovi? Milorad
Ju?noslovenski Filolog , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/jfi0864385r
Abstract: In this article professor Milka Ivi 's role in the presentation and explanation of general linguistic concepts, topics, theories, schools and trends is presented. In this concern the focus of presentation is on Milka Ivi 's book Trends in Linguistics, on its various editions in various languages, extended versions that followed general trends in the linguistic science, from sixties to nineties. The inventory of these editions is presented along with the inventory of the related revisions. The general conclusion suggested is that there is not such an unique example within the framework of the current linguistic production.
Fuzzy logic in linguistics: Its basic concepts and terminology
Radovanovi? Milorad
Ju?noslovenski Filolog , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/jfi1066407r
Abstract: In this article the implementation of fuzzy logic in linguistics is concerned, with special reference to so-called ‘fuzzy linguistics’ and ‘cognitive linguistics’. In this respect, some basic concepts and terms are discussed: antonymy (including both gradable and non-gradable antonyms), scales (scalar systems, monoscalar systems, biscalar systems, overlapping scalar systems), qualitative / quantitative scalar adjustment, zero value / point (including subterm, supraterm, mid-zone), granularity, transcategorization, conversion, open categories, fuzzy boundaries, prototypes, centre and periphery, vagueness, an so on. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 148002: Opis i standardizacija savremenog srpskog jezika]
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