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New Approaches for Very Short-term Steady-State Analysis of An Electrical Distribution System with Wind Farms
Antonio Bracale,Guido Carpinelli,Daniela Proto,Angela Russo,Pietro Varilone
Energies , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/en3040650
Abstract: Distribution networks are undergoing radical changes due to the high level of penetration of dispersed generation. Dispersed generation systems require particular attention due to their incorporation of uncertain energy sources, such as wind farms, and due to the impacts that such sources have on the planning and operation of distribution networks. In particular, the foreseeable, extensive use of wind turbine generator units in the future requires that distribution system engineers properly account for their impacts on the system. Many new technical considerations must be addressed, including protection coordination, steady-state analysis, and power quality issues. This paper deals with the very short-term, steady-state analysis of a distribution system with wind farms, for which the time horizon of interest ranges from one hour to a few hours ahead. Several wind-forecasting methods are presented in order to obtain reliable input data for the steady-state analysis. Both deterministic and probabilistic methods were considered and used in performing deterministic and probabilistic load-flow analyses. Numerical applications on a 17-bus, medium-voltage, electrical distribution system with various wind farms connected at different busbars are presented and discussed.
Hydration Water Dynamics and Instigation of Protein Structural Relaxation
Daniela Russo,Greg Hura,Teresa Head-Gordon
Quantitative Biology , 2003,
Abstract: The molecular mechanism of the solvent motion that is required to instigate the protein structural relaxation above a critical hydration level or transition temperature has yet to be determined. In this work we use quasi-elastic neutron scattering (QENS) and molecular dynamics simulation to investigate hydration water dynamics near a greatly simplified protein surface. We consider the hydration water dynamics near the completely deuterated N-acetyl-leucine-methylamide (NALMA) solute, a hydrophobic amino acid side chain attached to a polar blocked polypeptide backbone, as a function of concentration between 0.5M-2.0M, under ambient conditions. In this Communication, we focus our results of hydration dynamics near a model protein surface on the issue of how enzymatic activity is restored once a critical hydration level is reached, and provide a hypothesis for the molecular mechanism of the solvent motion that is required to trigger protein structural relaxation when above the hydration transition.
Accurate Tools for Analyzing the Behavior of Impulse Noise Reduction Filters in Color Images  [PDF]
Fabrizio Russo
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2013.41005

Effective cancellation of noise and preservation of color/structural information are features of paramount importance for any filter devoted to impulse noise removal in color images. In this paper novel full-reference tools for analyzing the behavior of this family of filters are presented. The proposed approach is based on the classification of color errors into two main classes that separately take into account the inaccuracy in removing noise pulses and the filtering distortion. The distortion errors are then classified into two subclasses for a deeper analysis of the filtering behavior. Computer simulations show that the proposed method gives more accurate results than using other measures of filtering performance in the literature. Furthermore, the method can easily yield the spatial location of the different filtering features in the image.

AMPA Receptor Regulation at the mRNA and Protein Level in Rat Primary Cortical Cultures
Cesare Orlandi, Luca La Via, Daniela Bonini, Cristina Mora, Isabella Russo, Alessandro Barbon, Sergio Barlati
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0025350
Abstract: Ionotropic glutamate α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionic acid (AMPA) receptors are the major mediators of fast synaptic neurotransmission. In this work, we used primary cortical cultures from rats as a model system to study AMPA receptor regulation during in vitro cell maturation and after synaptic activity modifications. The levels of AMPA receptor mRNA and protein, along with the alternative splicing and RNA editing of the AMPA receptor subunit (GluR1-4) mRNAs, were analyzed in immature (DIV5) and mature (DIV26) rat neuronal cultures. We observed an increase in the expression of all four AMPA receptor subunits during in vitro neuronal maturation. This finding might be due to the formation of new synapses between neurons during the development of a complex neuronal network. We also analyzed the effects of stimulation (KCl and glutamate) and inhibition (APV/TTX) on rat mature neuronal cultures (DIV26): stimulation with KCl led to an overall down-regulation of GluR1 and GluR3 AMPA receptor subunits and an up-regulation of the GluR2 subunit. Similarly, glutamate treatment induced a significant down-regulation of GluR1 together with an up-regulation of GluR2. In contrast, the chronic blockade of neuronal activity that resulted from APV/TTX treatment up-regulated GluR1 and GluR3 with a parallel down-regulation of GluR2 and GluR4. RNA editing at the R/G site increased during neuronal cell maturation for all AMPA receptors (from 8–39% at DIV5 to 28–67% at DIV26). Unexpectedly, all the treatments tested induced a marked reduction (ranging from ?9% to ?52%) of R/G editing levels in mature neurons, primarily for the mRNA flip variant. In summary, we showed that cultured rat cortical neurons are able to vary the stoichiometric ratios of the AMPA receptor subunits and to control post-transcriptional processes to adapt fast synaptic transmission under different environmental conditions.
Epigenetic Disregulation in Oral Cancer
Massimo Mascolo,Maria Siano,Gennaro Ilardi,Daniela Russo,Francesco Merolla,Gaetano De Rosa,Stefania Staibano
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijms13022331
Abstract: Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral region (OSCC) is one of the most common and highly aggressive malignancies worldwide, despite the fact that significant results have been achieved during the last decades in its detection, prevention and treatment. Although many efforts have been made to define the molecular signatures that identify the clinical outcome of oral cancers, OSCC still lacks reliable prognostic molecular markers. Scientific evidence indicates that transition from normal epithelium to pre-malignancy, and finally to oral carcinoma, depends on the accumulation of genetic and epigenetic alterations in a multistep process. Unlike genetic alterations, epigenetic changes are heritable and potentially reversible. The most common examples of such changes are DNA methylation, histone modification, and small non-coding RNAs. Although several epigenetic changes have been currently linked to OSCC initiation and progression, they have been only partially characterized. Over the last decade, it has been demonstrated that especially aberrant DNA methylation plays a critical role in oral cancer. The major goal of the present paper is to review the recent literature about the epigenetic modifications contribution in early and later phases of OSCC malignant transformation; in particular we point out the current evidence of epigenetic marks as novel markers for early diagnosis and prognosis as well as potential therapeutic targets in oral cancer.
Tissue Microarray-Based Evaluation of Chromatin Assembly Factor-1 (CAF-1)/p60 as Tumour Prognostic Marker
Massimo Mascolo,Gennaro Ilardi,Francesco Merolla,Daniela Russo,Maria Luisa Vecchione,Gaetano de Rosa,Stefania Staibano
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijms130911044
Abstract: In this study we aimed to confirm the emerging role of Chromatin Assembly Factor 1 (CAF-1 p60) as a new proliferation and prognostic marker for cancer and to test the usefulness of the tissue microarray technique (TMA) for CAF-1 p60 rapid screening in several human malignancies. CAF-1 is a histone chaperone, regulating chromatin dynamics during DNA replication and repair in eukaryotics. TMA is a powerful high-throughput methodology in the study of cancer, allowing simultaneous assessment of different biomarkers within large numbers of tissue specimens. We generated TMA taking 3 mm diameter-core biopsies from oral squamous cell carcinoma, prostate cancer, salivary gland tumours and skin melanoma specimens, which had been previously tested for CAF-1 p60 on routine tissue sections. We also analysed, for the first time, 30 larynx and 30 skin squamous cell carcinomas. CAF-1 p60 resulted over-expressed in both the tissue sections and the TMA specimens, with the highest levels of expression in tumours which were more aggressive and metastasizing. Notably, a high degree of agreement was found between the CAF-1 p60 assessment on TMAs and on routine tissue sections. Our findings confirm the prognostic role of CAF-1 p60 and indicate TMA as a really advantageous method for CAF-1 p60 immunohistochemical screening, allowing savings on both tissue quantity and operator-time.
Sexual Dimorphism in the Foramen Magnum Dimensions
Suazo Galdames,Iván Claudio; Perez Russo,Priscilla; Zavando Matamala,Daniela Alejandra; Smith,Ricardo Luiz;
International Journal of Morphology , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95022009000100003
Abstract: the purpose of this study is to assess the presence of sexual dimorphism in the foramen magnum size. we analyzed 211 human skulls from the collection of the universidade federal de sao paulo, with a record of sex and age determined using anteroposterior and transverse diameters of foramen magnum, and their differences by gender (p<0.05) were ascertained. fischer linear discriminant function was calculated and the value for the classification of these variables was determined. all the dimensions were found to be higher, and in men's skulls, the foramen magnum size had low discriminating power and were accurately classified only in 66.5% skulls. our results show that this quantitative indicator is of limited practical value and should be supplemented with qualitative indicators of sexual dimorphism in the occipital bone to improve the accuracy in the sex diagnosis.
Evaluation of the Baudoin Condylar Index Diagnostic Test for Sex Determination
Suazo Galdames,Iván; Zavando M,Daniela; Russo,Priscila; Smith,Ricardo Luiz;
International Journal of Morphology , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95022010000100024
Abstract: this article analyzes the performance of diagnostic tests for sex determination by examining human skulls, using the baudoin condylar index. for this study, 215 skulls were examined, and the maximum dimensions (length and width) of the right and left occipital condyles, were noted. with these data, we calculated the baudoin condylar index and determined the level of agreement between the values for the left and the right side, the sensitivity of the method, the accuracy of the tests and the positive predictive value for each sex. the level of agreement in the diagnosis based on both sides was 65.58% (of which 83.09% were of women, and 63.88% were of men). the overall accuracy was 41.39%, and a greater sensitivity was seen in women (52.1% right side and 64.78% left). the positive predictive value was higher in male skulls (77.6% right side, left side 76.68%). these results question the usefulness of the baudoin condylar index for the diagnosis of sex and discuss the usefulness of their applicability in forensic and anthropological practice.
The effect of Cr concentration and preparation method on the microstructure and electrical characterization of SnO2-based ceramics
Leite, Daniela Russo;Las, Wanda Cecilia;Zaghete, Maria Aparecida;Cilense, Mario;Varela, Jose Arana;
Materials Research , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392003000400005
Abstract: this paper reports a study of the influence of cr concentration and preparation method in the electrical conductivity and microstructure of sno2-based powders doped with mn and nb, prepared by an organic route (pechini method) and a mixture of oxides. all the samples were compacted into discs and sintered at 1300 °c for 3h, resulting in ceramics with relative density varying between 81 and 99%. the powders were morphologically characterized by x-ray diffraction and their specific surface area was determined by n2 adsorption/desorption isotherms. electrical conductivity characterization indicated that the conductivity decreases as cr concentration increases, probably due to cr segregation at grain boundaries, which reduces grain size, increasing the number of resistive boundaries, thus limiting the passage of current.
An unusual case report on the possible role of Warfarin in migraine prophylaxis
Angelo Russo, Sara Santi, Daniela Gueraldi, Maria De Paola, Fabiana Zani and Luigi Alberto Pini
SpringerPlus , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/2193-1801-2-48
Abstract: This case report brings out new questions on the role of the coagulation, especially the blood coagulation pathway, in migraine with aura pathogenesis, and on the possibility to use vitamin K synthesis inhibitors, Warfarin or new generation drugs, as possible therapy to use in migraine prophylaxis.
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