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Managing workforce diversity: an Islamic perspective
Dani Muhtada
Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies , 2012,
Abstract: Workforce diversity is an inevitable phenomenon of the day. Diversity management is then developed in response to this reality. The discourse has been widely implemented in many western countries and some other countries across the world. Yet, it does not sound loudly in the Muslim countries. The objective of this paper is to discover Islamic perspective of workforce diversity management. The results show that pluralism and multiculturalism values are strongly promoted in Islamic teaching. Although, some conceptual problems regarding conservative views on diversity might constrain diversity workforce management, but a strategic solution to this issue is not impossible. This paper basically favors the idea of implementing the Lewin-Schein change model (i.e., unfreezing – change [moving] – refreezing) for managing diversity in the Muslim society context but with a more focus given to the substantive aspects of diversity management (i.e., elaborating Islamic values on diversity). The role of such qualified Islamic scholars is crucial in this regard.
Abrindo espa?o para a China na economia mundial
Rodrik, Dani;
Novos Estudos - CEBRAP , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-33002011000100004
Abstract: the article suggests that economic growth of china (and other developing nations that have gotten hooked on trade surpluses or exports as their "engines of growth") depends on the output of tradables. neither exports nor trade surpluses are key as long as domestic demand for tradables can be increased alongside the domestic supply.
Comida e Direitos Humanos no Presídio Central de Porto Alegre
Rudnicki, Dani;
Revista Direito GV , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1808-24322011000200007
Abstract: this paper seeks to determine the reality of the preparation, distribution and quantity of food offered in the central prison of porto alegre, rio grande do sul, to the detainees. it was developed using qualitative methodology, from on-site observations and interviews conducted in february 2010 with prisoners, officers and technicians who work in thekitchen of this prison. it was noted that prisoners like the food received and did not complain of issues relating to hygiene or quality. so even though the food is not produced in compliance to minimum standards of hygiene, the criticism in this sense comes only by guests (politicians, judges, prosecutors, and defenders of human rights) that belong to another class and therefore have a different taste (bourdieu). so, although human rights are not met in this prison unit (especially with regard to over crowding), one can say that, with regard to food, the service is satisfactory.
O ingresso de bacharéis em Direito na Polícia Militar gaúcha
Rudnicki, Dani;
Sociologias , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-45222008000200006
Abstract: since 1996, it is necessary for those aspiring to leadership positions in the military brigade of rio grande do sul, brazil, to have a bachelor's degree in law and social sciences. thus, the military brigade is the first in the country to require a bachelor's degree from its training officers. through focal groups with students and interviews with officers, soldiers, deputies and teachers involved with the new proposal, the article intends to comprehend the reality concerning the training of the military brigade's new officers, known as "data venia". the text examines the advantages and disadvantages of this requirement to join the corporation, the problems observed during the implementation of this model, the officers' opinions about the courses and the possibility of maintaining this requirement, as well as its consequences for the future of the military brigade.
Goodbye Washington Consensus, hello Washington confusion?: A review of the World Bank's 'Economic growth in the 1990s: Learning from a decade of reform'
Rodrik Dani
Panoeconomicus , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/pan0802135r
Abstract: Proponents and critics alike agree that the policies spawned by the Washington Consensus have not produced the desired results. The debate now is not over whether the Washington Consensus is dead or alive, but over what will replace it. An important marker in this intellectual terrain is the World Bank's Economic Growth in the 1990s- Learning from a Decade of Reform (2005).With its emphasis on humility, policy diversity, selective and modest reforms, and experimentation, this is a rather extraordinary document demonstrating the extent to which the thinking of the development policy community has been transformed over the years. But there are other competing perspectives as well. One (trumpeted elsewhere in Washington) puts faith on extensive institutional reform, and another (exemplified by the U.N. Millennium Report) puts faith on foreign aid. Sorting intelligently among these diverse perspectives requires an explicitly diagnostic approach that recognizes that the binding constraints on growth differ from setting to setting. .
Dani S
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology , 1989,
Pasture customs, collective resources, and development of State structures in the Republic of Siena (15th century). Fruitful ground for an interdisciplinary approach Dogane dei pascoli, beni comuni e sviluppo di strutture statuali nella repubblica senese (secolo XV). Terreni fecondi per un approccio interdisciplinare
Alessandro Dani
Reti Medievali Rivista , 2009, DOI: 10.6092/1593-2214/71
Abstract: The institution of Dogana dei Paschi in the Republic of Siena among the second half of fourteenth century and the first half of fifteenth century, similar in various aspects to the ones of the State of the Church and the Kingdom of Sicily, determined a reduction of the pastures of local communities and an intensification of territorial control of the central power, meaningful if read in the context of long period of the slow modern State’s birth. Nevertheless it is necessary to notice that Dogana’s pasture implied the typical medieval conception of coexisting separeted ownerships, with more rights that insisted on the same good, and the conception of demanium influenced by feudal law. So we must not imagine the territories included in Dogana as full properties and exclusive domains of the State, but as situations in which the usual interlacement of coexistent real rights was complicated by the graft of a further type of dominion, connected with the eminent one that was up to the holder of superior jurisdiction. From the point of view of the juridical base, the Dogana seems to lean not so much on new hegemonic State’s powers, how much on “extensive application” of principles of feudal law: in fact they were the vassals to have on their territories a dominium directum and a dominium utile on natural resources surpluses to the needs of local population, resources that they could also grant in enjoyment to strangers. L’istituzione della Dogana dei Paschi nella Repubblica di Siena tra la seconda metà del Trecento e la prima metà del Quattrocento, simile in vari aspetti alle Dogane pontificie e del Regno di Sicilia, determinò una riduzione dei pascoli delle comunità locali ed una intensificazione del controllo territoriale del potere centrale, significativa se letta nel contesto di lungo periodo della lenta nascita dello Stato moderno. Nondimeno occorre rilevare che il pascolo doganale presupponeva la tipica concezione medievale della proprietà divisa, con più diritti che insistevano sul medesimo bene, nonché una concezione del demanio influenzata dal diritto feudale. Per questo non dobbiamo pensare ai territori doganali come a proprietà demaniali piene ed esclusive dello Stato, ma come a situazioni in cui il consueto intreccio di diritti reali coesistenti si complicava con l’innesto di un ulteriore tipo di dominio, connesso con quello eminente che spettava al titolare della giurisdizione superiore. Dal punto di vista del fondamento giuridico, la Dogana sembra poggiare non tanto su nuove potestà statuali egemonizzanti, quanto sulla “applicazione estensiva” di
The Langlands-Shahidi Method for the metaplectic group and applications
Dani Szpruch
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: I am applying the Langlands-Shahidi method to the metaplectic double cover of Sp(2n). I proved that a Whittaker model of an irreducible admissible representation of this group is unique. As a result I was able to define the local coefficients for this group. I used them to determine irreducibility of parabolic induction. I also found some connections with the representation theory of SO(2n+1). I have defined local gamma factors and proved some properties of them.
Some results in the theory of genuine representations of the metaplectic double cover of GSp2n(F) over p-adic ?elds
Dani Szpruch
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Let F be a p-adic field and let G(n) and G`(n) be the metaplectic double covers of the general symplectic group and symplectic group attached to a 2n dimensional symplectic space over F. We show here that if n is odd then all the genuine irreducible representations of G(n) are induced from a normal subgroup of finite index closely related to G`(n). Thus, we reduce, in this case, the theory of genuine admissible representations of G(n) to the better understood corresponding theory of G`(n). For odd n we also prove the uniqueness of certain Whittaker functionals along with Rodier type of Heredity. Our results apply also to all parabolic subgroups of G(n) if n is odd and to some of the parabolic subgroups of G(n) if n is even. We prove some irreducibility criteria for parabolic induction on G(n) for both even and odd n. As a corollary we show, among other results, that while for odd n, all genuine principal series representations of G(n) induced from unitary representations are irreducible, there exist reducibility points on the unitary axis if n is even. We also list all the reducible genuine principal series representations of G(2) provided that the F is not 2-adic.
Symmetric genuine Spherical Whittaker functions on the metaplectic double cover of GSp(2n,F)
Dani Szpruch
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Let F be a p-adic field of odd residual characteristic. Let G(n) and G`(n) be the metaplectic double covers of the general symplectic group and the symplectic group attached to the 2n dimensional symplectic space over F. Let T be a genuine, possibly reducible, unramified principal series representation of G(n). In these notes we give an explicit formulas for a spanning set for the space of Spherical Whittaker functions attached to T. For odd n, and generically for even n, this spanning set is a basis. The signicant property of this set is that each of its elements is unchanged under the action of the Weyl group of G`(n). If n is odd then each element in the set has an equivariant property that generalizes the uniqueness result of Gelbart, Howe and Piatetski-Shapiro proven for G(1). Using this symmetric set, we construct a family of reducible genuine unramified principal series representations which have more then one generic constituent. This family contains all the reducible genuine unramified principal series representations induced from a unitary data and exists only for n even.

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