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Discourse Analysis in Translation
Dan-dan LIU
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2009, DOI: 10.3968/754
Abstract: Discourse analysis plays an important role in translation, helping us solve many problems in the process of translating. This paper briefly discusses the importance of discourse analysis, including analysis of words, sentence structure, rhetorical meaning and context. Key Words: discourse; words; sentence structure; rhetorical meaning; context Résumé: L’analyse du discours joue en r le important dans la traduction. Elle peut nous aider à régler de nombreux problèmes dans les processus de traduction. Cet article examine brièvement l’importance de l’analyse du discours, y compris y compris l'analyse des mots, la structure de la phrase, les sens rhétorique et le contexte. Mots-clés: discours; mots; structure des phrases; sens rhetorique; contexte 摘 要:語篇分析在翻譯中起著至關重要的作用,它能幫助我們解決翻譯中的許多問題。本文從辭彙、句法結構、修辭意義和語境四個方面著手,對翻譯中的語篇分析作了初步探討. 關鍵詞:語篇;辭彙;句法結構;修辭意義;語境
A time-dependent density functional theory investigation of plasmon resonances of linear Au atomic chains

Liu Dan-Dan,Zhang Hong,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: We report theoretical studies on the plasmon resonances in linear Au atomic chains by using ab initio time-dependent density functional theory. The dipole responses are investigated each as a function of chain length. They converge into a single resonance in the longitudinal mode but split into two transverse modes. As the chain length increases, the longitudinal plasmon mode is redshifted in energy while the transverse modes shift in the opposite direction (blueshifts). In addition, the energy gap between the two transverse modes reduces with chain length increasing. We find that there are unique characteristics, different from those of other metallic chains. These characteristics are crucial to atomic-scale engineering of single-molecule sensing, optical spectroscopy, and so on.
Study on DNA-Protein Crosslinks of Reproductive Cell of Female Mice Induced by Formaldehyde

LIU Dan-dan,WANG Bo,

生态毒理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 为了研究气态甲醛对雌性小鼠生殖细胞的影响,以昆明雌性小鼠卵巢为实验材料,采取动态吸入式染毒方式,应用KCl-SDS沉淀法检测了气态甲醛染毒后所引起的小鼠卵巢生殖细胞DNA-蛋白质交联(DPC)效应.结果表明,较低浓度的甲醛(0.5mg·m-3),即可导致明显的DPC效应(与对照相比,p<0.05),并且随着染毒浓度的升高(0.5、1.0、3.0mg·m-3),DPC系数也逐渐升高.上述结果表明在实验所设浓度范围内,甲醛对小鼠卵巢生殖细胞的DNA损伤可以引起DNA-蛋白质的交联,并且DPC系数随着染毒浓度的增大而增大.DNA-蛋白质交联是DNA分子的一种严重损伤,气态甲醛对雌性小鼠生殖细胞具有一定的影响.
Resource Co-scheduling Algorithm in Grid

LI Dan-dan,LIU Fang-ai,

计算机应用研究 , 2006,
Abstract: Based on the previous DAGs scheduling algorithm, a resource co-scheduling algorithm in the Grid is presented. The goal is to minimize the overall execution time for a collection of applications. In addition,it accommodates emerging notions of advance resource reservations. Simulation results for the algorithm show a greater performance improvement over a baseline algorithm.
Sonar image denoising method based on NSCT circle sample

TANG Chun-rui,LIU Dan-dan,

计算机应用 , 2009,
Abstract: Through studying the characteristics of sonar image which include poor contrast and unrecognizable edges and detail, an effective sonar image denoising method was proposed. Firstly, obtained many sonar images by circles sample for noise sonar image then carried out NSCT respectively, selected appropriate threshold to choose value of transformed coefficient, NSCT inverse transformed to select coefficient, obtained denoised images by image airspace average finally. Compared to experimental data, this method is better than other classical methods and improves PSNR of processing result and edges keeping of the sonar image effect. This method takes full use of translation invariant of NSCT and enhances detail keeping ability.
Improved contract-net cooperation strategy based on auction mechanism

LIU Jun,CAO Bin,TAN Dan-dan,

计算机应用 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on the present study of contract net model, the auction mechanism in Economics was introduced, and an improved contract net consultation strategy based on auction was proposed in this paper. It allocated task dynamically through independent competition. It can indirectly support the dynamically changing capability of each agent, and reduce the cost of communication and the difficulty of acquiring knowledge.
Survey of Methods for Partitioning Video into Shots in Video

WEI Wei,LIU Jing,WANG Dan-Dan,

计算机系统应用 , 2013,
Abstract: Partitioning a video sequence into shots or detecting shot change is one of the key techniques in video indexing. This article summarizes some commonly used methods for partitioning video into shots which are pixel level-based methods, histogram methods, X2 histogram methods, X2 block histogram methods, edge silhouttee rat of changing mathods, and detailedly introduces various algorithms of frames difference value calculation, and introduces the advantages and disadvantages of them, and the results of these algorithms are compared through the experiments, the advantages and disadvantages of Five algorithm at the experiments are very well reflected.
6-Bromo-3-hydroxy-4-oxo-2-phenyl-4H-chromene-8-carboxylic acid dimethylformamide disolvate
Hui-Liang Wen,Dan-Dan Chen,Chong-Bo Liu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808019454
Abstract: In the title compound, C16H9BrO5·2C3H7NO, the chromene ring system is essentially planar. The two dimethylformamide solvent molecules are linked by intermolecular O—H...O hydrogen bonds to the 6-bromo-3-hydroxy-4-oxo-2-phenyl-4H-chromene-8-carboxylic acid molecules.
3,5-Dibromo-2-hydroxybenzoic acid
Chong-Bo Liu,Dan-Dan Chen,Hui-Liang Wen
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536807062320
Abstract: The title compound, C7H4Br2O3, has an intramolecular O—H...O=C hydrogen bond and aggregates to form hydrogen-bonded dimers via O—H...O interactions. The formation of zigzag one-dimensional molecular tapes via C—H...Br interactions and π–π stacking interactions (interplanar separation = 3.42 ) completes the crystal structure.
Thermoelectric Properties of In4Se3 Synthesized by Combing Sonochemical and SPS Method
LIU Dan-Dan, WANG Shan-Yu, TANG Xin-Feng
无机材料学报 , 2012, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2012.00201
Abstract: Single―phase In4Se3 powders were synthesized by a sonochemical method combined with subsequent deoxidizing heat―treatment, and a bulk sample was prepared via a spark plasma sintering (SPS) method. The phase composition, microstructures and thermoelectric transport properties of the as―prepared bulk sample were studied. The bulk sample possesses refined crystalline and obvious anisotropy observed in the different directions, where a large number of fine layered structures exist along the SPS pressing direction. Therefore, the thermoelectric properties of the bulk sample also show significant anisotropy. Owing to higher Seebeck coefficient and lower thermal conductivity, a better ZT is achieved in direction of the SPS pressure compared with the perpendicular direction. As a result, the maximum ZT reaches 0.56 at 700 K, which is comparable with that of the samples synthesized by other physical techniques.
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