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Scientific Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi : Economic Sciences Series , 2011,
Abstract: The concept of integrated marketing communications continues to gain widespread attention and interest among academics and practitioners around the world. Among the objectives of our paper may be considered dealing with changes in the conceptualization of integrated marketing communication and measuring the dimensions of this conceptual area. Two priorities guide our paper: 1) a more complete view for the conceptualization of integrated marketing communication; and 2) an empirical analysis for measuring the concept of integrated marketing communication. The study present a four dimensional conceptualization of integrated marketing communications and empirically develops its measurement instrument with 15-item scale. This paper presents the results of a study that examines integrated marketing communication in the sample of Slovenian companies and it closes with the implications of the findings.
How to Determine Optimal Stock in Production
Mojca Jerman
RUO : Revija za Univerzalno Odli?nost , 2013,
Abstract: RQ: The purpose of the research was to determine the optimal ordering of materials in production, time of ordering and calculating the cost.Purpose: Determination of the optimal order quantity, time and cost of concrete material and optimize the organization and storage.Method: Method of data collection was secondary theoretical sources and data collection on projected needs and value of materials as well as data analysis with EOQ model calculations.Results: The optimal amount of screws was calculated that was estimated at 36,000 pieces that can be ordered every 28 days. In addition, the annual costs of maintaining inventories were calculated to € 357.77.Organization: By optimizing inventory, stock increases are prevented as well as production halts are avoided.Society: Introducing the system of optimization and implementing it into practice.Originality: Originality is in presenting a concrete case of using the EOQ model.Limitations: Unexpected increase in capacity due to increased demand, inventory stock and state of finances.
Optic nerve aplasia: A case report and literature review
Alqahtani Jerman
Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences , 2008,
Abstract: To report a case of unilateral optic nerve aplasia with unusual presentation and to review the literature. Clinical and histopathological features of a 36-week-old gestation male infant were described with review of all cases of optic nerve aplasia in the literature. The unusual findings in this case are the systemic congenital anomalies. Twenty-nine out of forty-two cases reported in the literature are true cases of optic nerve aplasia; the others probably represent optic nerve hypoplasia. Out of four cases reported as bilateral, only one case could possibly represent bilateral optic nerve aplasia. Optic nerve aplasia is very rare anomaly. It is overdiagnosed entity in the literature. Bilateral cases are exceedingly rare.
What Nanobacteria and Nanovesicles May Tell Us about the Origin of Life?  [PDF]
Igor Jerman
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103348
In contemporary, established biology life is almost exclusively treated as a molecular phenomenon. Therefore, the mystery of the origin of life is sought in molecular terms and processes. But according to certain advanced researches and considerations, life has also other essential “ingredients”: active and diffused organized information and a specific physical as well as physicochemical state of matter characterized by long range order and coherent domains. These characteristics should also form the basis of the prebiotic evolution, the phase of more or less organized nano-and micro-vesicular systems that lead from abiotic to living systems. In this view, the complex molecular, physical and physicochemical order replaces the DNA molecule in its capability to maintain the stability of information complexity from generation to generation. Such systems were already found on the present day Earth and even within organisms and were also synthetically reproduced. They are called nanobacteria and in general nanovesicles or nanoparticles. They may represent an actual passage from non living forms to primitive organisms.
Strategic Planning and Values in Secondary School
Damjana Gruden
RUO : Revija za Univerzalno Odli?nost , 2012,
Abstract: RQ: Which factors have a decisive influence on a school’s strategic development?Purpose: The purpose of this research is the improvement of school development and the goal of this research study was to prepare a draft for strategic planning.Method: Qualitative method is used in the first phase of the research study. An annual interview was conducted with secondary technical and vocational school teaching staff. In the second phase of this research study, a survey with one question was distributed to the teaching staff. The question on the survey referred to teachersvalues that stemmed from the interviews. The directed question was on the values that that should be emphasized in assisting the school to prepare a strategic development plan.Results: The results of this research study showed that strategic development of the school is based on values and activities that provide for quality education,professional and practical knowledge, strengthen and develop interpersonal relations and provide good connections between schools, craftsmen, and the economy.Organization: By defining the school’s priorities, it will become easier for the staff to prepare the school’s development strategy and action plans for individual tasks.Society: Awareness and developing values through activities at school provides support to adolescents and young adults in developing their life style. Values lead the behavior of individuals and consequently,are very important for society.Originality: Through the research study the school obtained thebasic values that will be used in drafting a development plan. This will be the first such document for the school. Up until now planning has been performed only in terms of short-term planning within the annual work plan.Limitations: The survey was conducted among the staff of one vocational and technical secondary school. Further research would be required to include parents and students and to start introducing evaluation and self-evaluation in the specific areas of work.
Statistical data on Slovenia and other European countries
Damjana Tizaj
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 2001,
Abstract: The article is about employees in libraries, the stress is on the total number of employees, share of library professionals in libraries and costs of employees. The statistical data mentioned in the article can be compared and is related to the libraries in Slovenia, as well as to the libraries in Europe. Several comparisons, on the basis of which employees in Slovene libraries are placed into an international context, have been made. Most data and comparisons are related to the period 1991-1999. They are based on different periods, types of libraries and geographical location.
The review of the organization of library services for the blind and partially sighted in the selected countries
Damjana Vovk
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 2011,
Abstract: Purpose: Models of organization of library services for the blind and partially sighted from the view of special and public librarianship in selected countries were examined.In addition, theoretical and legislative frameworks, professional guidelines and trends are explored. Some terminological inconsistencies and obstacles in performing the services are also presented.Methodology/approach: The explorative-comparative study carried in the years 2008-2010 includes the comparative analysis of data acquired by the survey and literature desktop research. The research sample included 14 countries - eleven European countries, USA,Australia, and Canada.Results: The findings show great varieties among the selected countries, however,there is the trend of moving the organization of services based on a private charitable association to the formalized state supported system. The majority of countries have applied the centralized model with one specialized (national) library. There is rarely a case of formal inclusion of public libraries in the organization of services. Recent major professional interests in the field of providing library services to visually impaired are broadening the copyright exceptions and user groups, and the implementation of information technology for bigger production of alternative formats and availability of library materials.Research limitation: The low rate of survey response and the differences in the organization of library services influenced on the lack of data and low level of data comparability.Originality/practical implications: The results are useful for designing a model of library services in Slovenia.
Tipi scenarijev in njihova uporaba v prostorskem na rtovanju ; Types of scenarios and their application in spatial planning
Damjana Gantar
Geodetski Vestnik , 2012,
Abstract: Scenariji kot orodje v prostorskem na rtovanju imajo ve plastno vlogo. So koristen pripomo ek za prikaz na rtovanih posegov v prostoru ali sprememb, ki jih bo po pri akovanjih prinesel razvoj, hkrati so pomembni za spodbujanje sodelovanja dele nikov v na rtovalskem postopku ter izmenjavo informacij in znanj o prostoruin procesih. Njihova uporabnost za posamezen namen je odvisna od tipa scenarija. Obstaja ve tipologij scenarijev, v prispevku sta podrobneje predstavljeni dve najpogosteje uporabljeni, opisane so tudi tipologije nekaterih vidnej ih predstavnikov futurologije.Sledijo primeri uporabe scenarijev v aplikativnih in raziskovalnih projektih, tujih in doma ih, s podro ja na rtovanja prostora in varstva okolja, v katerih so orisani razli ni pristopi k izdelavi in uporabi scenarijev. Razprava se dotika primernosti posameznega tipascenarija za razli ne namene uporabe v postopku prostorskega na rtovanja in prina a opozorila na nekatere pomanjkljivosti oziroma slabe strani uporabe scenarijev ; Scenarios are frequently used as a tool in spatial and landscape planning as they enable clear andconvincing representations of planned or possible future development. Scenarios are useful because they enhance public participation and the exchange of information on space and processes. Their use for aparticular purpose in the planning procedure depends on the type of scenario, of which there are several. This paper presents the two most commonly used typologies in detail and also presents those of some prominent representatives of futurology. The paper concludes withexamples of scenario use in applicative and research studies, both foreign and local, in the fields of spatial planning and environmental protection, outlining the various methodological approaches to the design and use of scenarios. The discussion is focused on the use of appropriate types of scenarios for different tasks and draws attention to certain shortcomings and pitfallsof scenario use.
Uporaba markovskih verig za zasnovo scenarija razvoja kulturne krajine
Damjana Gantar
Urbani Izziv , 2009,
Abstract: Scenariji so orodje, ki se vse pogosteje uporablja na podro ju krajinskega in prostorskega na rtovanja, saj omogo a jasno predstavitev mogo ega ali elenega prihodnjega stanja na dolo enem obmo ju. Pri izdelavi scenarijev se uporablja razli no razmerje intuicije in raziskovalnega dela. Prednost scenarija, ki je zasnovan na podlagi raziskovalnega dela in dolo ene metode, je razviden postopek oziroma asovni potek sprememb ter ne samo za etno in kon no stanje kot pri scenariju, ki je rezultat intuitivnega postopka. V lanku podrobneje predstavljamo metodo markovskih verig in njeno uporabo za zasnovo scenarija, primerjamo uporabnost metode in njene rezultate z enostavnej o metodo linearne ekstrapolacije ter na kratko predstavljamo ugotovitve iz izbranih primerov uporabe markovskih verig za prikaz prihodnjih prostorskih sprememb oziroma procesov.
Application of Markov chain method for landscape scenario building
Damjana Gantar
Urbani Izziv , 2009,
Abstract: Scenarios used as a tool in the fields of landscape and spatial planning are gaining popularity, as they enable the vivid representation of a probable or the desired future state of a certain area. Scenarios are usually defined trough a process that combines a differing share of intuition and scientific knowledge. The preference of scenarios based on scientific knowledge and defined methods over intuitively prepared scenarios are the evident course of events and the time line and not just the initial and final situation. The article introduces Markov chain method and its use for scenario building. It compares the applicability and reliability of the results of the Markov chain method with a more simple method of linear extrapolation and will shortly present the findings regarding Markov’s chain method use for the presentation of future spatial changes and processes.
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