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Ischaemic strokes : management in first six hours.
Dalal P
Neurology India , 2001,
Abstract: Cerebrovascular disease (CVD) or stroke is one of the foremost causes of high morbidity and mortality for many nations of the world, posing a major socio-economic challenge in the occupational and neuro-rehabilitational programmes of the ′stroke-survivors′. For example, in USA alone it has been estimated that a sum of 3261 million dollars is spent as direct cost for treatment, in addition to 4104 million dollars as indirect costs, consequent on economic losses of ′stroke victims′. Thus, the new concept in stroke pathophysiology and strategies for stroke prevention have assumed global importance. Among all risk factors for strokes, hypertension is one of the most important and treatable factor. Community screening surveys, by well defined WHO protocol, have shown that nearly 15% of urban population is hypertensive (160/95 mm Hg or more). Though high blood pressure has the highest attributable risk for stroke, there are many other reasons such as patient′s compliance in taking medicine and poor followup in clinical practice that may lead to failure in reducing stroke mortality. In subjects, who have transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs), regular use of antiplatelet agents like aspirin is well established in prevention of stroke. It is also mandatory to prohibit tobacco use and adjust dietary habits to control body weight. Associated conditions like diabetes mellitus etc. should also be treated. It is advisable to initiate community screening surveys on well defined populations for early detection of hypertension and TIAs. Primary health care centres should be the base stations for these surveys, because data gathered from urban hospitals will not truly reflect the crude prevalence rates for the community to design practical prevention programmes.
Minimising disability in stroke survivors
Dalal P,Bhattacharjee M
Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology , 2009,
Nucleation Controlled Growth of Cadmium Oxalate Crystals in Agar Gel and Their Characterization
P. V. Dalal
Indian Journal of Materials Science , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/682950
Abstract: Perfect single crystals of cadmium oxalate have been grown using the slow and controlled reaction between cadmium acetate and oxalic acid in agar gel media at ambient temperature, resulting in the formation of insoluble product Cd(COO)2. Different methods for growing crystals were adopted. The optimum conditions were employed in each method by varying the concentration of gel and reactants, gel setting time, and so forth. Prismatic, transparent single crystal about 20 times larger than the crystals obtained in various other methods at the interstitial by adding impurities in the gel was obtained. The grown crystals was characterized with the help of FT-IR studies and triclinic system of crystals were supported with lattice parameters a = 8.803 A0, b = 22.352 A0, c = 5.706 A0, α = 95.74 A0, β = 90.92 A0, γ = 117.01 A0, and V = 994.69 , calculated from X-ray diffractogram. 1. Introduction Crystal growth in gel is an inexpensive and simple technique for growing single crystals for certain class of materials like alkaline earth metal oxalates [1] and transition metal oxalates [2], because of their low solubility in water [3] and they decompose before melting point [4]. Nowadays many researchers are taking interest in the study of inorganic oxalates due to their applications in analytical chemistry and in industries [5]. Oxalate materials have very wide spectrum for the research topics. It requires deep involvement of both chemist and solid state physicist. These materials have attracted the study of optical properties because of their potential applications in optoelectronics. Inorganic semiconductors stand on the threshold of a bright and exciting future. The synthesis of organic semiconductor has more demand than the inorganic semiconductor materials in electronic industries [6]. Increasing number of studies in the field of mixed-ligand complex formation using cadmium oxalate has appeared during the past decade [7]. The metal di-carboxylate like cadmium oxalate is fairly suitable as a stabilizer [8, 9] of PVC. A study of magnetic behavior of solid gives valuable information about their use as an insulator and for various other mechanical and electrical properties. The magnetic susceptibility provides information [10, 11] on magnetic moment. Ionic crystals [12–15] have interesting features regarding indirect band-to-band transitions. There are not many efforts in the literature, on the growth of cadmium oxalate, by using agar gel method except Chauhan and Arora [16] and Chauhan [17]. However Raj et al. have obtained crystallization in silica gel [17].
Acquired Chiari Malformation: Safety of Neuraxial Anesthesia?  [PDF]
Twinkal P. Dalal, Taruna Penmetcha, Maria Torres, Ramsis Ghaly
Open Journal of Anesthesiology (OJAnes) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojanes.2013.31004

Chiari malformation is a congenital anomaly that primarily involves the downward displacement of the cerebellar tonsils through the foramen magnum and elongation of forth ventricle and lower brainstem. Patients with Chiari I (congenital or acquired) malformation are asymptomatic or may presents with neurologic signs and symptoms. It is always a question of safety of neuraxial anesthesia in these patients. There is potential risk of dural puncture that can initiate the neurologic symptoms or worsen the existing symptoms due to CSF leakage or tonsillar herniation. Other side, performance of neuraxial anesthesia can cause acquired Chiari I type malformation due to CSF leak and intracranial hypotension. We reviewed the case reports and articles regarding safety of neuraxial anesthesia in the setting of Congenital or Acquired Chiari malformation.

Cesarean scar endometriosis - Report of two cases
Goel P,Sood S,Romilla,Dalal A
Indian Journal of Medical Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: Endometriosis is presence of functioning endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity. Endometriosis can sometimes occur in a previous surgical scar. Scar endometriosis is rare and difficult to diagnose. It mostly follows obstetrical and gynecological surgeries. This condition is often confused with other surgical conditions. We are reporting two cases of scar endometriosis following cesarean section, which were misdiagnosed as stitch granuloma initially. Medical treatment was not helpful. Both the patients required wide surgical excision of the lesion. The pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of this condition are being discussed.
Psychiatric aspects of burn
Dalal P,Saha Rahul,Agarwal Manu
Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery , 2010,
Abstract: Burn injuries and their subsequent treatment cause one of the most excruciating forms of pain imaginable. The psychological aspects of burn injury have been researched in different parts of the world, producing different outcomes. Studies have shown that greater levels of acute pain are associated with negative long-term psychological effects such as acute stress disorder, depression, suicidal ideation, and post-traumatic stress disorder for as long as 2 years after the initial burn injury. The concept of allostatic load is presented as a potential explanation for the relationship between acute pain and subsequent psychological outcomes. A biopsychosocial model is also presented as a means of obtaining better inpatient pain management and helping to mediate this relationship.
Enucleation of the solitary epithelial cyst of pancreatic head in an adult: A case report and review of the literature
U Dalal, R Singal, AK Dalal, Y Kumar, S Gupta, P Mendiratta, R Garg
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice , 2012,
Abstract: Solitary true pancreatic cyst is a rare entity, and only a few cases are reported in the literature. We report a case of a 35 year old woman who had a cyst in the head of the pancreas and gall stones and presented with complaints of pain in the epigastric region. The patient underwent open cholecystectomy with aspiration of the pancreatic cyst at some other private hospital. After 4 months, she presented to us with no relief in pain. Repeat contrast enhanced computed tomography of the abdomen showed recurrence of the cyst. The patient underwent enucleation of the cyst at our hospital. During a 2 year follow up after the enucleation, she remained asymptomatic.
Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca , 2007,
Abstract: Indian ber (Ziziphus mauritiana Lamk.) is one of the most ancient fruits indigenous to India. It grows throughout the tropical, sub-tropical and arid regions. There is little information available on the genetic diversity of this important underutilized fruit crop. The reduction of genetic variability makes the crop vulnerable to diseases and other adverse factors. Morphological variation among thirty five important ber genotypes collected from different parts of India were studied at CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India, during 2005-2006. Ten morphological traits viz., powdery mildew, leaf length, leaf breath, leaf area, fruit weight, fruit length, fruit breath, stone weight, stone length, stone breath were recorded and data analyzed by using Mahalanobis's D2 Statistic using Tocher's method. All the genotypes were classified into VII distinct clusters. Cluster I was the largest with nine genotypes followed by cluster IV (six genotypes). Clusters VI and VII were the most divergent with an inter cluster distance of 5.162. This suggests that the parents for hybridization could be selected especially for powdery mildew resistance (Sanori No. 5, Noki and Mirchia) and smaller stone size (Illaichi and Kishmish) from these diverse clusters, in order to develop useful disease resistant and smaller stone size breeding material for Indian jujube.
History and Advancement of the Family of Log Periodic Toothed Planer Microstrip Antenna  [PDF]
Arti Vaish, Anita Dalal
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2011.36039
Abstract: This paper presents the family of logarithmically periodic toothed planer antennas. In this the dimensions of the succes-sive sections were increased in geometric progression for a wide bandwidth usage. A band width of 7% for trapezoid toothed, 26% for zigzag toothed and 50% for cross-toothed VSWR < 2 has been obtained from the proposed antennas. Investigations on the gain and radiation characteristics have been carried out. The investigations show that the pro-posed designs not only offers the enhanced bandwidth but also possesses the same characteristics over the desired fre-quency band at same probe feed position.
Impact of social standing on traffic injury prevention in a WHO safe community  [PDF]
Kent Lindqvist, Koustuv Dalal
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.44033
Abstract: The objective of the current study was to evaluate outcomes of a program to prevent traffic injuries among the different social strata under WHO Safe Community Program. A quasi-experimental design was used, with pre- and post-implementation registrations in the program implementation area (population 41,000) and in a neighbouring control municipality (population 26,000) in ?sterg?tland County, Sweden. The traffic injury rate in the not vocationally active households was twice than employed or self-employed households in the intervention area. In the employed and not vocationally active households, males showed higher injury rates than females in both areas. In the self-employed households females exhibited higher injury rates than males in the intervention area. Males from not vocationally active households displayed the highest post-intervention injury rate in both the intervention and control areas. After 6 years of Safe Community program activity, the injury rates for males in employed category, injury rates for females in self-employed category, and males/females in non- vocationally active category displayed a decreasing trend in the intervention area. However, in the control area injury rate decreased only for males of employed households. The study indicated that there was almost no change in injury rates in the control area. Reduction of traffic injuries in the intervention area between 1983 and 1989 was likely to be attributable to the success of safety promotion program. Therefore, the current study concludes that Safe Community program seems to be successful for reducing traffic injuries in different social strata.
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