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Studies on the agricultural traits and water use efficiency of winter wheat under different irrigation

DONG Bao-Di,LIU Meng-Yu,ZHANG Zheng-Bin,

中国生态农业学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Agricultural traits of root and canopy, and water use efficiency of 10 wheat varieties were analyzed under different irrigations. The results show that different wheat varieties under the same water deficit are almost alike. But there are some differences among 10 wheat varieties. The sufficient irrigation can increase the biomass of winter wheat but decrease the water use efficiency. Two times of irrigation can get the highest water use efficiency and a very high yield. The experiments also show that "6365" is better for water use efficiency, and is the best for drought resistance capacity and yield potential.
Water use efficiency of winter wheat in ridge cultured wheat||spinach-tomato cropping system

QIAO Yun-Zhou,RUAN Fen,DONG Bao-Di,SHI Chang-Hai,ZHAI Hong-Mei,LIU Meng-Yu,

中国生态农业学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Ridge planting and intercropping of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) are important cropping systems in the North China Plain (NCP), in which there exists an acute shortage of water resources especially for crop production. This study analyzed water use efficiency (WUE) of winter wheat in wheat||spinach-tomato cropping system using both traditional and ridge cultivation as the control practices. Traditional cultivated spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) and tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller) system was the control cropping practice for the spinach||tomato intercropping system. The results showed that wheat grain yield under ridge planting and intercropping was 11% less than under traditional cultivation (401 kg·667m-2). The reduction in grain yield was attributed to low tiller number as ridge-edge effect was not fully exploited. Tiller numbers of ridge-planted ridge-intercropped wheat were 13.2% and 8.2% less than traditional cultivated wheat system. Row tiller number was much less in either ridge-planted or ridge-intercropped systems than in traditional cultivation system. Comparisons among the three cropping systems suggested that traditional wheat cropping had the highest WUE (1.039 kg·667m-2·mm-1), and that intercropping had the lowest WUE (0.868 kg 667m-2·mm-1). Ridge cultivation had a smaller WUE (0.944 kg·666.7m-2·mm-1) than traditional cultivation system because between- ridge water was not fully utilized. Yield of spinach was, however, not affected by wheat. Yields of intercropped and traditional cultivation spinach systems were 826 kg·667m-2 and 851 kg·667m-2, respectively, with a difference not statistically significant. However, tomato growth was greatly hampered under the intercropping system. Stem diameter and biomass per plant under intercropped tomato was respectively 27% and 37% less than that under traditional cultivation system. This suggested that after spinach harvest, tomato transplanting should be postponed as long as possible so as to shorten crop symbiosis and make the cropping system more manageable. It was therefore concluded that wheat||spinach-tomato cropping system facilitated di-season vegetable and food production, provided that the wheat and vegetable cultivars were properly selected and cultivated.
Effect of Rhubarb on the Treatment of Gingivitis in Orthodontic Fixed Treatment

DU Jian-dong
, ZHENG Xue-li, YANG Lan, ZHANG Ying-jie, HAN Bao-di

- , 2016, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2016.08.014
Abstract: 摘要 目的:评价中药大黄对正畸固定矫治中龈炎治疗的临床疗效。方法:选择牙周健康者20例(尚未矫治)和矫治6个月临床诊断为牙龈炎的患者60例为研究对象,牙周健康患者20例设为牙周健康组,60例牙龈炎患者随机分为3组:大黄组、明胶海绵组和对照组。分别于治疗前采集4组研究对象的牙周临床指数和龈沟液标本,使用ELISA法测量龈沟液中白介素-1β的含量,比较组间各项指标间的差异。对牙龈炎3组患者,其中大黄组用大黄明胶海绵药条,明胶海绵组用灭菌蒸馏水明胶海绵条,分别置于龈袋内,每周上药1次,共4次,对照组患者龈袋内不放任何药物。于4周后重新采样比较牙周治疗前后上述指标间的差异。结果:牙龈炎组治疗前牙周临床指数、龈沟液IL -1β浓度均显著高于牙周健康组(P<0.05),大黄组、明胶海绵组与对照组比较无显著性差异。治疗后明胶海绵组上述指标与对照组比较无显著性差异,且明显高于牙周健康组(P<0.05)。治疗后明胶海绵组和对照组分别与治疗前比较均无显著性差异。治疗后大黄组上述指标相比治疗前及对照组均明显降低(P<0.05),与牙周健康组比较,龈沟出血指数(SBI)接近正常。结论:中药大黄对正畸固定矫治中龈炎具有明显的治疗效果
Analysis of water use efficiency of different winter wheat cultivars under different irrigation schemes on the basis of yield

DONG Bao-Di,SHI Chang-Hai,QIAO Yun-Zhou,YANG Jing,ZHAI Hong-Mei,LI Dong-Xiao,LIU Meng-Yu,

中国生态农业学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Five drought tolerant winter wheat cultivars were used to evaluate the differences in the effects of harvest index (HI) and biomass water use efficiency (WUEbm) on grain yield water use efficiency (WUEy) under different irrigation schemes. The wheat cultivars included dryland cultivars of "Xifeng 20" and "Jinmai 47", dry/wetland cultivar of "Shijiazhuang 8", and wetland cultivars of "Shi 4185" and "Kenong 9204". The results showed significant differences in WUEy and its changing trends among different drought tolerant wheat cultivars. Dryland cultivars had significantly lower WUEy than wetland and wet/dryland cultivars, with the highest WUEy difference of 42.01%. Average water consumption of the drought tolerant wheat cultivars was 343~350 mm. No significant difference was noted in the amount of water consumption among different cultivars. This suggested that although dryland cultivars were drought tolerant, it did not limit the rate of water consumption. It also suggested that the main factor of WUEy was WUEbm and HI. Dryland cultivars had significantly lower HI than wetland and wet/dryland cultivars, with the highest HI difference of 25.91%. Significant positive correlations were noted between HI and WUEy, and between WUEbm and WUEy. The correlation between plant height and HI was negative (R2 = 0.574). Under no irrigation, no obvious difference was noted in WUEbm among different cultivars. Dryland cultivars had lower HI than the other cultivars. The difference in WUEy among different cultivars was driven by the differences in HI. Under supplemental irrigation conditions, however, wetland and wet/dryland cultivars had higher WUEbm and HI than dryland cultivars. The differences in WUEy came mainly from interactive effects of HI and WUEbm. The results suggested that different drought-tolerant wheat cultivars had responded differently to the same condition and therefore had different adaptation strategies to environmental conditions. Dryland cultivars enhanced WUEbm which in turn led to higher WUEy in extreme drought conditions. Wetland and wet/dryland cultivars, on the other hand, enhanced HI and WUEbm to yield higher WUEy under supplemental irrigation conditions.
Effect of brackish water on winter wheat seed germination and seedling growth

SHI Chang-Hai,LI Yu-Xin,ZHAI Hong-Mei,YANG Jing,LI Dong-Xiao,DONG Bao-Di,QIAO Yun-Zhou,LIU Meng-Yu,

中国生态农业学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Despite the abundance of brackish water in the Bohai Sea region,seasonal(winter and spring) drought is persistent in north China.A pot experiment was therefore conducted to explore the use of brackish water in irrigation before winter wheat sowing or in winter irrigation.Three winter wheat cultivars(irrigated/dry land cultivar Shijiazhuang 8,dry land cultivar Jinmai 47 and salt-resistant cultivar Xiaoyan 81),ecologically adapted to the North China,were used in the study.The modes of seed germination,seedlin...
Analysis of Genetic Polymorphism of 7 STR Loci on Chromosome 12 in Shaanxi Han Populations

KANG Long-Li,GUO Xiong,PING Zhi-Guang,ZUO Hong,LAI Jiang-Hua,ZHANG Bao-Di,GENG Dong,CHEN Teng,

遗传 , 2005,
Abstract: To analyze the genetic polymorphism of 7 STR loci(D12S1718,D12S1675,D12S358,D12S367,D12S1638,D12S1646 and D12S1682) on chromosome 12 in Shaanxi Hans.EDTA-blood specimens were collected from 80 unrelated individuals from Chinese Han population in Shaanxi province.The DNA samples were extracted and relevant fragments were amplified by polymerase chain reaction(PCR).The PCR products were analyzed by ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer.The number of alleles and genotypes observed at loci D12S1718,D12S1675,D12S358,D12S367,D12S1638,D12S1646 and D12S1682 were 7,10,8,8,6,9,11 for alleles and 10,17,18,18,14,18 and 26 for genotypes,respectively.The heterozygosities for the 7 STR loci were 44.28%,66.10%,78.89%,77.89%,73.69%,74.55% and 82.39%,respectively. The distribution of allele frequencies of 7 STR loci on chromosome 12 was consistent with Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and relatively high genetic polymorphism was observed in Shaanxi Han population.
Research progress in soil water/salt dynamics and crop growth under saline water irrigation

YANG Jing,YANG Ming-Xin,DONG Bao-Di,QIAO Yun-Zhou,SHI Chang-Hai,ZHAI Hong-Mei,LIU Meng-Yu,

中国生态农业学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Fresh water resource is scarce and unevenly distributed in China. The use of saline water is therefore an effective way of solving the fresh water shortage. This article summarized the impacts of saline water irrigation on water/salt movement in soil, and on crop growth and changes in crop physiological metabolism. It discussed water/salt distribution in the soil profile, the effect of different degrees of saline water on water/salt movement, and the role of irrigation methods on salt distribution in soil. The paper also epitomized the effects of saline water irrigation on the growth, yield and quality of crops. It further noted effects of saline water irrigation on physiological metabolism; including the changes in praline content, antioxidant enzyme activities, malondialdehyde content, chlorophyll content and photosynthesis.
Modified attractive and repulsive particle swarm optimization

CHEN Bao-di,ZENG Jian-chao,

控制理论与应用 , 2010,
Abstract: To avoid the premature convergence,based on the attractive and repulsive particle swarm optimizer(ARPSO),we propose a novel measure function for the population diversity,and a new concept of the particle's best flight direction.A modified ARPSO(MARPSO)is proposed by introducing a mutation strategy.Moreover,theoretical analysis has been made to prove that the algorithm can guarantee local convergence and global convergence.By comparing the simulation results of four classic testing functions with basic PSO(B...
Image Tag Completion by Low-rank Factorization with Dual Reconstruction Structure Preserved
Xue Li,Yu-Jin Zhang,Bin Shen,Bao-Di Liu
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: A novel tag completion algorithm is proposed in this paper, which is designed with the following features: 1) Low-rank and error s-parsity: the incomplete initial tagging matrix D is decomposed into the complete tagging matrix A and a sparse error matrix E. However, instead of minimizing its nuclear norm, A is further factor-ized into a basis matrix U and a sparse coefficient matrix V, i.e. D=UV+E. This low-rank formulation encapsulating sparse coding enables our algorithm to recover latent structures from noisy initial data and avoid performing too much denoising; 2) Local reconstruction structure consistency: to steer the completion of D, the local linear reconstruction structures in feature space and tag space are obtained and preserved by U and V respectively. Such a scheme could alleviate the negative effect of distances measured by low-level features and incomplete tags. Thus, we can seek a balance between exploiting as much information and not being mislead to suboptimal performance. Experiments conducted on Corel5k dataset and the newly issued Flickr30Concepts dataset demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed method.
Transpositional reactivation of the Dart transposon family in rice lines derived from introgressive hybridization with Zizania latifolia
Ningning Wang, Hongyan Wang, Hui Wang, Di Zhang, Ying Wu, Xiufang Ou, Shuang Liu, Zhenying Dong, Bao Liu
BMC Plant Biology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2229-10-190
Abstract: We document in this study that the Dart TE family was transpositionally reactivated followed by stabilization in all three studied introgressants (RZ1, RZ2 and RZ35) derived from introgressive hybridization between rice (cv. Matsumae) and Z. latifolia, while the TEs remained quiescent in the recipient rice genome. Transposon-display (TD) and sequencing verified the element's mobility and mapped the excisions and re-insertions to the rice chromosomes. Methylation-sensitive Southern blotting showed that the Dart TEs were heavily methylated along their entire length, and moderate alteration in cytosine methylation patterns occurred in the introgressants relative to their rice parental line. Real-time qRT-PCR quantification on the relative transcript abundance of six single-copy genes flanking the newly excised or inserted Dart-related TE copies indicated that whereas marked difference in the expression of all four genes in both tissues (leaf and root) were detected between the introgressants and their rice parental line under both normal and various stress conditions, the difference showed little association with the presence or absence of the newly mobilized Dart-related TEs.Introgressive hybridization has induced transpositional reactivation of the otherwise immobile Dart-related TEs in the parental rice line (cv. Matsumae), which was accompanied with a moderate alteration in the element's cytosine methylation. Significant difference in expression of the Dart-adjacent genes occurred between the introgressants and their rice parental line under both normal and various abiotic stress conditions, but the alteration in gene expression was not coupled with the TEs.It is widely recognized that hybridization between genetically differentiated natural plant populations may cause structural genomic changes (e.g., via homoeologous or ectopic recombination) as well as perturbation of epigenetic state of the recipient genome (e.g., DNA methylation), and both may result in herita
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